tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersI Really Don't Know Ch. 03

I Really Don't Know Ch. 03


After a good rest the Sara and I get up and join Jana in the bedroom. She's gotten up and is sitting on the bed, looking rather happy.

Jana "I was trying to give you some alone time while I recovered, I've never had an orgasm before." We both look at each other and to her.

Sara "Well Jana, you are going to get a lot more with us." All three of us giggle to one another. I take a quick look out the window and notice the sun will set soon and it's getting dark. Sara looks over to me, then to the window. I see a devilish grin form on her face.

She slips into a dress which has magically changed to fit her body, all of her clothes have, and all of mine has been replaced with women's clothes and lingerie. Jana giggles as I ruffle through my dresser looking for my old clothes.

Sara "Here." She says tossing me a skirt and long sleeve shirt. Giving Jana something similar. Jana and I are pretty much the same height and build so she grabs a matching dress to mine.

Sara "Don't worry, you won't be wearing it too long." I throw on a pair of flats as Sara drags us both out the door and into the car. I sit in the back as we head out into the country, we live downtown in a high rise so it's a bit of a drive.

Me "Where are we going?" Sara stays silent, Jana looks back to me with some concern in her eyes. Sara is determined and drives out to the middle of nowhere and pulls over. Shutting the car off, and putting the 4 ways on.

Jana "Master, where are we?" Sara looks over to her and gets out of the car. We follow suit. Sara walks into the field right beside us. 'what are we doing out here Sara?' I ask her using our new ability. 'we are going to have some fun.' She says to me in my head. We come to about the middle of the field to a series of hay bales. 'Kiss Jana, make out with her, enjoy yourselves. The two of you will be spending a lot of time together, don't be shy.' Sara says to me in my head. I grab Jana's hand and pull her close, it seems that Sara told Jana the same thing, Jana runs her fingers through my hair, gently pushing my head towards hers. I lean forward kissing her innocently at first, then more and more passionately with each kiss. As our tongues intertwine she finds her hands to my breasts and my hands to her ass. We massage each other as we kiss. Sara breaks us off and has us get on our knees before her. She smiles down to us, her massive hard on poking through her dress, tearing into the fabric. Jana pulls the dress away as her precum soaks the material. Sara's massive member pushes out and stands between Jana and I. We look at each other with a smile on our faces, we each take a side of her, licking and sucking on it.

Sara puts a hand on each of our heads, and I feel something rubbing my clit -- Sara.

Sara "Ohhh, Mmmm. Yesss, suck it...." I get it all slick and use my hand to stroke it, Jana follows suit. Must be quite a site to see, two girls working a foot long dick in the middle of a hay field.

Sara "Ok girls, that will do." Both of us stop and look up at her like two puppy dogs that had their favorite toy taken away from them. Sara Smiles at us and chuckles.

Sara "Ok Jana, lie down on the bale, it's time you felt what it was like to be a woman." Jana gets up on the bale, lying down as she was told. Sara gets up to her and drops her head down to her pussy.

Sara "Mmm, you smell sweet."

Jana "I did it for you Master." Sara licks her pussy once, tasting her juices, then goes to lick at her clit.

Jana begins to moan, thrashing about as she gets licked. 'Sara, I think you will enjoy this.' I say to her mind. I move over to Jana a suck on her nipple, teasing the other with my fingers. Jana moans louder, deeper, she's going to cum!

Jana "AGHHH!" She arches her back and collapses, out cold.

Me "Wow, she cums hard."

Sara "She does." Sara says wiping Jana's juices off her chin.

Sara "You're turn Ashley." She picks me up by her hips and puts my torso on the hay bale, leaving my butt hanging off. She pulls my dress up running her fingers over my ass.

Me "mmm."

Sara "One day, you'll know just how wonderful anal sex can be." She whispers into my ear.

Sara "I had Jana leave in your prostate gland so it should be a super orgasm when I fuck your ass. But for now..." I feel her cock press against my wet pussy, sucking her off got me going. She pushes into me more, my pussy lips force open and she slides inside me.

Me "Dear God! You're so big!" She pushes into me more, it's a good feeling but it's like I'm being torn in half.

Me "Ahh! Ohh! Jeez! So big!! Uhhh." I feel her legs press against mine, her balls dangling between us.

Me "Oh Sara! I've never ... felt so ... Ohhh..."

Sara "Yes?"

Me "I uh... Did ... Ahhh ... Uhh." She leans down pushing her large breasts against my back. She nibbles on my ear.

Sara "Yes??"

Me "Fuck me." I whisper back to her. Sara pushes all the way in and pulls back slowly. again and again, going faster each time. a look of sheer lust all over her face. This burning feeling inside of me, growing from deep within me.

Me "Oh God! I'm cumming!!!" My world fades to black. i come back to reality only to feel another orgasm come on from Sara's member, making my go all fuzzy.

After innumerous orgasms as a woman (which beats the hell out of a mans) I lie on the bale of straw as Sara uses my tired pussy to cum herself. My body beyond spent just lies there, receiving massive pleasure with each thrust, but I can't do anything beyond blink and drool.

Sara "Babe!! I'm cumming!!" He cock engorges, pushing me over the edge yet again then I feel warmth, lots of it, filling me up, so much of it! It's gushing out of me. Sara pulls out, spent and a torrent of her seed follows. Sara and I pick Jana up and slowly make it back to the car and go home, all of us tired from sex. Sara drives, as I get some energy back I lie my head in her lap and lick the stick mess off her dick. She runs her fingers through my hair as I clean her up.

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