tagGay MaleI Really Wanted To Try It

I Really Wanted To Try It


I have fantasized about sucking a man's cock for some time now. I'm a man who really loves fucking women, but this has been something I thought about for a long time.

I finally worked up the courage a few weeks ago. I hired a stripper.

When I spoke with him on the phone he asked why I wanted a man, and I told him that I thought it would be sexy. He agreed and described himself in graphic detail. He was 24 years old, 6'-2" tall, 200 pounds, dark hair and eyes with a ten inch cock. That clinched it for me. This I had to see.

I went out for dinner and returned all excited to meet this guy. When he finally arrived I was surprised to find him very much like I had imagined him. He was good looking and carried himself with a very cocksure attitude. I would find out soon enough why he was so confident. We each had a beer and chatted a bit before he got to work. He turned on some Sade, and began dancing for me. He was very good.

Down to his underwear, he was a sight to behold. He body was really nice and tan and firm. He wore some silky tight underwear, which showed a fair amount of his package. He looked unimaginably endowed! He rubbed his bulge against me several times and even took my hand and stroked it over his thick package. I couldn't wait to see it.

When he finally began slipping his underwear off I was stunned. As the waistband moved lower and lower, I couldn't believe that the shaft of his penis could be as thick as it looked. More and more of it came into view making me think that it was a gag; nobody was this big. It was as long as a roll of paper towels! When it finally sprung into full view I gasped. It swept up into the air, almost like in slow motion. It was amazing!

It was like one of those oversized works of art; amazingly long, full, and perfectly smooth with flawless creamy skin. The shaft was every bit as thick as the big, pink head. He was completely shaved except for a small patch of soft dark hair above the root of the shaft. His big round balls were tightly packaged in a smooth hairless sack. He was half-erect which made me hunger to see it fully aroused. Showing his cock off, and using it for pleasure was clearly what this guy was born for.

It swayed back and forth a bit as he moved, enticingly. He knew that I was turned on by his endowment and was going to make the most of it. "Look good?" he asked.

"Amazing." I sighed. "It's perfect."

"Make yourself more comfortable."

"I'm fine" I replied, my eyes glued to his massive penis.

"No. I'd really like to see you be more comfortable."

I took his hint and stripped nude, sitting back in my chair. He was a bit longer now and standing up more. He rolled his hips in front of me, which made his cock dance back and forth right in front of me. Beautiful! "Do big cocks turn you on?" he asked.

"It would appear, very much." I returned, noting my full erection.

"Yes. It would appear." He smiled at me, which made me even hotter. "I'm glad that it does. You've got a great cock." He was leering at it.

"Not as great as yours."

"I'm king-size, for your pleasure." He put his hands on my shoulders and bounced his huge tool right in front of me. "And I shoot a load of come as big as my cock."

He leaned way back with his legs apart, so that his cock towered straight up, before rocking forward to his knees right between my legs. His hands were on my knees as he rose up and down making his cock bounce up and down in front of me. "Can I kiss your penis?" he asked, licking his lips and staring straight at it.

"Of course." I blurted out. "You can do whatever you want."

"I like that kind of attitude." He leaned forward and began planting wet warm kisses all over the head of my cock. "God, it's beautiful." He began mouthing the head as he continued moving. "You love getting your cock sucked don't you?"

"Yes I do." I stammered as he began sliding it into his mouth. "Oh man, you're good."

"I love to suck beautiful cocks like yours."

He sucked me perfectly for a minute or two before standing back up and dancing some more. "Feel how hard you make me." He whispered. I reached out and gently took hold of his amazingly thick shaft. "Does that feel good?" I nodded to it. "Does it turn you on?" I nodded again. "Men love my huge cock. Women are always terrified, but men just get hotter than hell. Straight, bi, gay, they all love it. Their fantasy cock. They all get off on sucking it. They can't believe how much I come. I shoot so much come."

We worked together silently for a moment, me stroking gently, him thrusting in between both my hands. "Admit to me how turned on you're getting."

"You can't even imagine."

"Oh, I think I can. Is this the kind of cock you've been fantasizing about?" I nodded.

"Even better." I whispered.

"Yeah? Then tell me how much you love my big beautiful penis."

"I love it." I whispered back, stroking the soft skin. "It's so fucking big!"

"Have you ever touched another man's cock before?" he asked. I simply shook my head. "Ever wanted to?"

"I've fantasized about it before." I spoke to his penis as it throbbed in my hands. "Stroking one; maybe sucking one."

"Suck it, then." He was running his fingers through my hair. "Be my lover tonight. We'll both have such a wonderful time. I want to spend all night with you."

"Oh yeah. I want you to stay all night. I've never been this turned on."

"I will. I want to make love with you all night long. Have you shower me in your thick hot loads. Drown me with you come. Fuck! I'm so hot right now. Give me your head lover. I can't wait to feel your nice warm mouth around my cock. Suck me baby."

I began kissing the big head. "Fuck! You're so big." I whispered, as I smooched and licked it. "God, I love it."

"Oh yeah? I'm so turned on right now." He hissed. I slid about a quarter of his cock in my mouth. "Umm, yeah! Suck it! You're so good. You've thought about this a lot, I can tell. You watched videos of men sucking other men, haven't you?" I moaned and nodded. "You learned well. For a straight man, you suck cock like a champ." I groaned my exquisite pleasure at the feeling of it. "Make me shoot." He whispered.

"Do it. Shoot it." I said breathlessly.

"I want to show you what a really large mouthful of come feels like. You ready?" I nodded, my mouth filled with thick cock. I was loving it and wanted his ejaculation deep in my mouth. "Oh, you are gonna drink so much of my hot come tonight..."

"Umm hmm." I moaned. His hips were fucking my mouth deeply.

"Then you're gonna do the same for me, aren't you? Feed me loads of your sweet cream?" I nodded. "First I'm gonna empty my full balls into your mouth. Get ready. Oh, I'm almost there. Take it. Suck that cock, baby! Use your tongue. Oh, yeah! I'm coming. Oh, yeah. I'm coming. Take it all!"

He wasn't kidding when he claimed to shoot huge loads. It was unlike anything I'd expected. I gulped and swallowed and gulped some more. It shot out and poured out and flowed out it thick spurts. It felt like a teacup's worth. I savored the incredible arousal that came from making him come in my mouth. Heaven! My mouth was completely coated with his sweet cream and I loved the feel and taste.

He kept thrusting in deeply as I gagged on his huge tool. It was softening which made it easier to take in. I caressed his big balls as he finished coming. "Oh, baby! Oh baby, yeah! You are a born cock-sucker, for sure. I love your mouth." I didn't want to release him. Not yet. It was all too delicious. "Welcome to the wonderful world of sucking a man's cock." Finally he pulled away. His beautiful shiny cock, still thick and full. I tenderly stroked his balls as I planted soft kisses on his hips and thighs. True to his word, his big balls had flooded my mouth with his warm creamy semen. I leaned in and gently kissed each one. 'My personal horse-cocked stud', I thought. My throat was coated with his heavy cream.

"Now it's your turn. I need some hot come, right now! I'm gonna love this!" He dove face first into my lap and swallowed me to the hilt. I sat there and let him deep throat me for awhile before giving up my sweet juice. He gulped it like a mad person. 'Dying of thirst in the desert' I thought. He kept forcing me into his throat, until I could take no more and pulled away.

The music was still playing as he stood and began swaying to the beat again. His penis was half staff again, looking enticing. He pulled me to my feet and turned off the lights, leaving just one burning candle. He pulled me to him and we dirty danced together in the dark. We stroked each other's bodies and french-kissed deeply. Both of us were getting hard again.

He moved around behind me and began thrusting his massive tool between my legs. I could reach down and stroke the head. He held my hips and thrust in and out, finally reaching around to jack me off. I reached behind me for a thick, hard handful, twisting my head around so we could french-kiss some more. "You want some more of my cock don't you?" he asked. I responded by pushing him back into an overstuffed chair.

His legs were wide apart as his penis stood up proudly. He sat there wide open to me as I knelt before him to worship at the staff of pleasure. I had never dreamed of being so turned on. I would have done anything at that moment. He just sat there contentedly, watching my desire grow, and my need to suck his cock increase. I took him gently in my hands and stroked him softly. I remember feeling the deep need to have it choke me as I tried to swallow it.

I knelt between his legs for about 15 minutes, as I stroked my mouth up and down his huge tool. I would draw him out so that I could lick his full, tight balls, which were wet with my saliva. "I can't believe that I'm actually sucking on a man's cock." I told him. "And a huge cock, at that. What a fucking gorgeous, huge penis you have."

"Umm. Thank you." He hummed.

"How'm I doing?" I asked.

"Exquisite! Wonderful head, baby." He smiled. "You ready for more come?"

"Umm hmm." I moaned loudly. "Force me." I whispered, as I placed his hands on my head.

"Yeah?" he asked, smiling. I looked into his eyes and nodded. His big right hand found the back of head.

"Oh yeah. Take it deeper, you cocksucker! Blow me. Get me in your throat." He forced. I was gagging, but was very turned on by the sensation. "C'mon. Swallow it. Deep throat me. Let me fuck your tight throat with my huge cock." I could feel the big head lodged between my tonsils. I had to fight him to catch my breath. I could feel it trying to get into my throat, but there was no way in the world that it would make the turn and go down.

He was trying to suffocate me, with the worlds most gorgeous cock, but I was loving the feeling of it to much to stop. When he began ejaculating powerfully, I had to just let it go or drown. I pulled him out and let him shoot all over my face. Warm, thick jets of his come continued to splash my face. It was amazing. I suckled the head some more and let him try and force it into my throat a few more times, to no avail. He pulled my face to his and licked the come off of it. We tongue kissed deeply.

After a brief rest he took me to my bed and made gentle love to me. He laid me on my back and, kneeling beside me, stroked my body very gently. Using his fingertips he caressed my feet and legs, moving up over my stomach. I kept reaching over to stroke his bottom or his thighs, which he loved. At one point he was on his hands and knees stroking down my legs, and I cupped his big balls and caressed them gently.

"I love the way your come tastes." I told him.

"Ummm. That turns me on to hear you say that. I love that gentle touch on my balls." I continued teasing them. He suddenly swung over the top of me, settling them onto my mouth. "Ooh, baby. Suck them, please." I took each one tenderly into my mouth, nuzzling them with my tongue. "Ooh. I love that." He leaned forward, taking my cock in his mouth. We sixty-nined for a minute as I stroked his nice round bottom with one hand while stroking his erection with the other.

He pulled off of me and straddled my leg as he began gently tickling my balls. It felt so good. I took his huge tool in my hand and just held it and took in it's beauty, while he caressed me. "Don't move." He whispered. He got a bottle of lube and worked some onto my cock and began stroking it firmly but slowly, making me very hot. I just kept playing with his. "Fuck! I'm so turned on right now." His eyes burned with an incredible sexual intensity. He moved up over me and leaned down for another passionate french-kiss.

He reached around behind him and guided my cock to his ass, and began sitting backwards onto it. I've fucked girls in the ass, and knew the tight sensation, but his was really tight! I didn't think it would go in. We gazed into each other's eyes as he tried to work me into him. "I've had people finger my ass, but never had a cock in there. Right now, though, I want you in me." He kept pressing downwards. "I've never wanted to fuck before." I felt the head pop inside. "Oh, yeah!" His eyes rolled shut. I took hold of his ass and spread him open, the way I do with girls, and thrust upwards a bit. I could tell that he was torn between the pain and pleasure, just like my girls. "Oh, yeah! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!"

He leaned down and we kissed some more. "You are such a sweet lover." He whispered to me. "Your cock feels soooo good." I was now about halfway in him and wanting more. He sat up and came down further. I grabbed his massive penis, which was hard as a rock. Fluid had begun to ooze out the head of his cock. It made him so slippery in my hands.

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck my butt. It feels so good." I continued thrusting, as he took every inch of me up his ass. His precome was really flowing now, and I leaned way forward to lick the head of his cock, and get a taste. He moved forward a bit and lodged about half in my mouth. I couldn't hold the position very long a laid back again. I held his hips as he bounced up and down on me. "Oh, god! I love your cock up my ass!" he whimpered. His huge tool was bouncing up and down in front of me as his sticky fluid dribbled out onto me. It really began pumping out and finally he shot his load in long thick streams onto my chest and face. Neither of us made a move to touch his cock, as it continued shooting. We both just watched it throbbing in the air, as it spurted long arcs of come onto me. It lurched upward wildly with every spurt of his creamy semen. What an incredibly sexy image. I followed him to orgasm, a moment later, filling his tight ass with my come.

We lay there intertwined for a long while relaxing and calming. We both slept deeply for an hour or so. When I awoke I heard him in the shower. I went and joined him. It was exciting to get into the shower with another man while we were both nude. 'What the hell' I thought, 'We're lovers now.' I washed him and he washed me. Our touching got more sensual as we became turned on again. I wanted to suck his gorgeous cock some more. I took a seat on the bench in the shower and gently washed his impressive thickness. He was growing harder and harder as I stroked him gently. I caressed his balls at the same time reveling in their fullness. He had warned me about the volume of his ejaculations, which was proven out by the flood of delicious cum he had given me previously. I wanted more. I turned him into the water and washed off all of the soap and slowly he turned to face me, his penis pointing straight at me wanting to probe the depths of my throat again. I kissed the tip and look up into his eyes.

"That's it lover," he whispered, "love my cock." I did as he asked, slowly now though. Gently I licked and mouthed the big head. "Ooh yes, sweetie. Make love to it. You love sucking my cock, don't you?" I nodded to him, my mouth filled with his delicious thickness. "You look so good like that" he whispered. He continued lovingly thrusting gently into me for awhile, then pulled me up and kissed my mouth. "Come with me." He said.

We got out of the shower and dried each other. We headed for the living room, just wrapped in our towels and I made us a couple of drinks. We sat opposite each other and made small talk about ourselves and my wife and his girlfriend. We discussed his normal routine with other male clients, which usually consisted of them sucking his dick and taking his cum, either in them or on them, and then that would be it. He admitted to having sucked a couple of cocks in his time, but never being as turned on as he was tonight. I had to admit that I had never even really seen another man's cock before tonight, a glimpse of one here or there, but never really 'up close and personal'.

"So, did I cum as much as you hoped?" has asked me. I admitted that it was unbelievable how much cum he produced, and that I would love to watch him shoot it through the air, because of the force it felt like he produced. "It's kind of amazing," he admitted, "Kind of like watching Peter North, if you know who that is." I did and was even more convinced that I wanted to watch him shoot his cum, all over me.

I noticed that the bulge under his towel was growing. "Show me that cock, stud." I asked. He slowly undid his towel and simply folded it open, letting his massive penis bob and bounce free. "God!" I admitted, " I am in love with your gorgeous cock." He reached down, and with a slight smile began to toy with it. I watched as he gently tickled it with his fingertips. I had never really even looked at a cock before, and now was dying to spend the rest of the night with it lodged deeply between my lips. I opened my towel and let my painfully erect penis free as well. He smiled widely when he saw it. We sat there for awhile and watched each other stroke ourselves. It was so erotic.

We began to describe for each other how sexy it was, both to suck cock and to watch each other sucking cock. He loved the sight of my lips stretched around his thick shaft. I loved the watch him deep throat me so effortlessly. He loved to watch me face as I gagged on the length of him. I loved the flood of sweet, creamy sperm that flooded my mouth, almost to overflowing, when he shot off for me. He loved the tight feel of my cock squeezing into his ass and then the hard fucking that made him hotter than ever before. His beauty was fully and powerfully erect by now and the skin was shiny with its tightness, holding in the thickness of his beautiful penis. The head looked so satiny smooth that I longed to caress it with my tongue. I wanted to feel him cover my entire face with his warm sperm, streaming onto the over me out the tip of such a gorgeous cock. He wanted to lick my face clean and share the taste of his cum with me.

I told him that I couldn't take much more of this teasing. He agreed.

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