tagFetishI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa!


I heard a noise down stairs and crept down the stairs to see what was going on. As I sat at the top of the stairs with eyes wide open I saw mommy and Santa in the lights from the tree. I saw the red nightie rise above her 22-year-old ass, so pert. I saw his hand grabbing her ass, as his mouth smothered hers. I saw her go down on her knees in front of him. Her mouth level with his crotch. I saw her take his hard cock in her mouth. I moaned as I saw this. Fortunately neither of them seemed to notice. She slid it deep into her mouth; he caressed the side of her face, his hands running back guiding her head back and forth over his cock. I rubbed my crotch watching all of this. I knew I should not be watching but at 21 I'm an adult right?

My lips parted slightly as I watched her taking it all deep in her throat then back to the head slurping loudly now. I heard Santa moan. I saw him touch her shoulder and she stopped. He leaned over whispering something to her and she turned around on all 4s. I could see her tits hanging down; her legs parted as Santa positioned himself behind her. He drove it in hard; he drove it in deep. I heard him grunt as he filled her box full with his cane. I could stand it no longer and reach in side my PJs, I knew if they caught me I’d be in big trouble but I just had to! I pulled out my cock and began to stroke it in rhythm with him sliding his cock in and out of her box. He went in I went up, he went out and down I went. I watched as her eyes started to glaze, her moans became loud and she drove back hard on his cock. I knew she must be close and I slowed to watch her face in the lights from the tree, to watch her concentration and the joy she was feeling as he was stuffing her. She threw back her head and let out a long low moan that escalated into a silent scream.

As I watched so intently I suddenly realized her eyes had locked with mine I was caught. I knew Id be punished. I saw Santa pull out his cock all gleaming with her cum. They beckoned for me to come down to them. I stood my hard cock waving in the air, and walked slowly down the stairs. What a sight I must have been in those special PJs she has gotten for me. All pink, fuzzy and feeted, a zipper in front and the drop in the back. Santa met me at the bottom of the stairs and scolded me for being such a bad, bad boy. Momma just sat back and shook her head. I never did know how to behave myself she said. Santa grabbed my shoulders forcing me to my knees, my cock jumped as he pressed his hard cock to my mouth.

I could smell her hot pussy juices all over his cock and licked it, then took the whole thing into my mouth. I heard her next to me telling me what a good boy I was. I felt her cool fingertips on my balls and cock them felt this tightening around the base. I started to object, but he grabbed my head and thrust his hard cock deeper into my mouth. I knew I was theirs now. Oh why had I been such a bad boy? I felt her undoing the snaps in the back of my pjs. My ass muscles tightened, what did she have in store for me now?

Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth, and she pushed me over so quickly I barely had time to put my hands out and catch myself. I heard a squishy noise, her moan, and then I felt the warm tip of his cock between my ass cheeks. My heart raced, my mind wanted to scream no, my muscles tightened and I concentrated on relaxing. I felt her hands spreading my ass for him. His lubed up cock pressed into my ass. I braced myself as he popped just the head in. Then he grabbed my hips and thrust all 8 inches of his cock deep into my ass. I groaned and my cock twitched underneath me. He reach under and teased me. Slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of my ass.

She slid under my body and took my cock in her hot wet mouth. I started to lower my mouth to her hot wet pussy, but he grabbed my head and told me no. He seemed to know it would have been a lot easier for me to not think about cumming if I was preoccupied they wanted me to feel the whole affect of what they were doing to me. I felt his cock puling out to the head then driving back in hard again. Then I felt/heard the vibrations start. His balls vibrated against mine as he drove in then back out. Her nice hot wet mouth working on my cock all the way to the head then back, licking my balls, back to his. I could smell the heat from her box but couldn't lick it, or taste it. My balls throbbed.

Please, please let me cum I begged. Are you going to be a good boy they asked at the same time? I promised to be such a good boy. He pulled his cock out of my ass, the pain was such pleasure as I had never known before but was sure I would revisit. They had me roll over and like the good boy I really am I did. Santa dropped her strap on cock onto the floor, loosing the coat she stood straddling my very hard cock. I could smell the heat of her box and see her juices shining in the lights. She lowered herself down over my cock. Mom leaned over kissing her, caressing her fine tits, I groaned. Then she stood and positioned her hot box over my mouth telling me I’d eat one while fucking the other. I agreed, I really had no choice.

My tongue flickered in and out of her hot box. Her juices covering my face. I could feel Santa riding my cock. I could tell from their strides that they were kissing each other using me to get themselves off and enjoying each other just the same. Santa went all the way to the top then slammed down filling her self full. My balls throbbed and I wanted to cum so bad, I realized they had never removed the cock ring. I tried to request it around Moms muff, but I just mumbled into it making her grind harder onto my mouth as squealed with delight. I had to keep licking or be suffocated. I pumped up to Santa hoping she’d realize I was still unable to cum, but it was no good it just encouraged her to ride me harder. Suddenly I felt them both start to shake on top of me and knew they were gonna cum so I worked harder at getting them off hoping they would let me soon. I felt Santa's cum running down over my cock and balls, I heard her moaning. I took a deep breath and drove my tongue deep inside Mom and felt her pussy quiver and let loose all over my tongue.

They ground themselves on my tongue and cock for what seemed like forever cumming and cumming my tongue and cock was so sore. Finally they climbed off. Santa reach down, caressed my cock and balls, but Mom slapped my balls with her hand brushing my swollen balls with her fingertips. I yelped in pain. She told me I’d be a good boy form now on and I agreed. Then she pulled the ring from my cock and balls. They both sat back on the couch, they commanded me to jerk myself off, I could cum on both of their tits. I stood before them in my pink pjs and stroked my cock a few times, I arched my back, my balls jumped, the cum flew from my cock onto them. I finally quit cumming, and looked to see them licking it off of each other. Man do they know how to drive a poor boy crazy! I could tell that my new friends and I would have a wonderful relationship.

PS Mommy isn't really my mommy she's 22 and very pretty but role-playing is role-playing.

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