tagIncest/TabooI Saw My Parents Make Love

I Saw My Parents Make Love


I want to share this with you in hopes that my beautiful account will "stimulate" some of you to write about similar experiences you might have had.

The first time I saw my parents have sex, or better stated, "make love", was when I was about 18. I am in my late thirties now. The experience was a positive one and I have formed a group (I refuse to call it a "support" group because that sounds negative" of like minded souls who have had similar experiences.

I also invite individuals who never had this experience, but who find it intriguing for whatever reason to speak up and not be ashamed of this interest. To those friends who have had a similar experience than mine, but found it negative, I apologize from the bottom of my heart if I have offended anyone – I wish everyone to be well in whatever comfort / healing zone they are in.

It happened thusly:

I was a pretty normal male who grew up in a very progressive family in the New York City of the 1970s – 80s. my parents where not hippies, but they where a lot more open-minded than your typical Jones or Smiths next door. First of all my mom was (still is) a massage therapist and yoga instructor. Related to this experience, she became a sexologist in early 2001. Nudity and the human body (non-sexual of course) was not a big thing or taboo in our family, and I saw a lot of nakedness while growing up. Affection between my parents towards each other was normal, and they had a pretty good marriage. My parents never abused me sexually, and they never had sex (intentionally) in front of me. It all happened by accident. I have also been getting massage from my mom since I was 12. Non sexual.

As I stated previously, I was 18, and in my last year of high school. I woke up one Sunday morning to do some school work and I decided to do it in the living room. It was about six in the morning when I went into the living room to do my work. My parent's bed room was next door to the living room and when I traveled to the living room I noticed that their door was locked. This was unusual because their bedroom door was never locked – or I never saw it locked because I was probably sleeping when it was closed. After awhile, I paid no attention to it maybe because there had been interior construction that had taken place that day in the house, and maybe they wanted to keep the dust or construction debris from entering the room where they slept. There was also some scaffolding erected in the living room adjacent to their room that had a small portion of unfinished sheetrock. In essence, there was a small opening into my parent's room. I ignored this at the time, and I sat down on the sofa to do my work.

About five minutes or so into the schoolwork I noticed faint sounds coming from my parent's room. At first it was talking in what seemed hushed tones, but then there was giggling and sounds, like, "mmmm". I became intrigued, and looking up I remembered there was a sort hole into my parent's room. I decided to climb up on the scaffolding and investigate but at that very moment I heard the bedroom door suddenly open. Still incognito, I hid a bit more and I saw through a hallway mirror my Italian/Cuban mom, fully nude, mind you, walk into the bathroom and close the door. She carried with her a pink cloth bag and in her other hand a pair of black high heels, or what might be termed as opera pumps. She stayed in there about 30 minutes and at the beginning for about a minute or so, I could hear her emitting these spitting and gargling noises.

Years later I would find out what those particular noises where. She then took a quick shower, and for about ten minutes I heard nothing really just some slight movement and opening and closing of the medicine cabinets. During her last minutes in the bathroom I could hear her walking around, and the pumps making noise as they touched the tile floor. Suddenly the bathroom door opened quickly and she shut the lights. What I saw at that moment startled me. There was my mom (she was in her early forties and beautiful as she still is) walking towards her bedroom door. She was stunning! Her black hair was pulled up with a clip. She had put on a minimal amount of makeup. She was wearing lingerie! She wore the high heel pumps, nude colored stockings, a black and gold lamay garter belt – not a flimsy one, but one almost like a waist cincher/corset. She wore no panties and her pubic patch was exposed. It wasn't too hairy, but it did sport the traditional "v" formation. This was before Brazilian waxing, mind you. She also wore a shelf bra that was open to the nipples. Her breasts where somewhat big, full, but they drooped a bit. I could see the large silver dollar nipples – dark pink and erect. With this bra they stayed taut and they looked like they floated. The bra was also black with gold threads. It was not a tacky ensemble – actually very tasteful and it followed the current designs of the era as featured in Victoria's Secret. I could not believe what I was seeing! I was sweating and my heart was beating. I had a lump in my throat. It felt really weird and exciting at the same time. After about a second or two of fixing her hair or adjusting a stocking she opened the bedroom door, she struck a coquettish pose, and said something, projecting into the room that sounded like, "darling", she walked in, and softly shut the door.

So, my lingerie clad mom walked coquettetishly into the bedroom. My dad was sprawled out on the bed, smile on his face, blowing her kisses, with his erect cock in his hand, stroking away. My mom was also blowing him kisses, and saying something to the extent, "I want you to fuck me sooo hard, I love you and I want you to make me that baby." At that time I did not understand what she meant with the baby thing, but 9 months later I realized what she meant when a healthy and beautiful baby sister was born. Although she was 41, my mom still wanted another child, and they obviously where trying for some time. She told me years later that since she was in such good shape and health the doctor said it was OK for her to conceive. She also used her tongue, sticking it out at him and making it move in waves – very sexual – a gesture relating to oral sex or clit licking similar to what Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS does.

All of this was going on and I was already up on the scaffolding looking into the room. They could not see me. It was an incredible moment because I was able to see my parents at their most private, their most human, and it was so alive and primal. There was a positive and balanced combo of love and positive lust – the way I guess all loving couples should act. I was feeling really strange. It was weird, but it was somewhat arousing. I could not help get turned on.

Next thing I know I see my mom plop herself on the bed and position herself with her stockinged legs open and up in the air. At that time my dad, still stroking himself knelt down and began to lovingly to worship her pussy. He licked for awhile, and you could see him concentrate fully as he multi tasked by inserting his middle finger into my mom's vagina while at the same time paying attention to her clit. Mom was in an ecstatic state and she did not hold back in expressing herself with various squeals, moans, occasional "I love you", and "harder", and "fuck!". While the sucking was going on my mom also reached over to the nightstand and took out a small vibrator that she used to great success as she inserted it into her pussy. I could see my mom shudder about half a dozen times, this was I knew her reaching multiple climaxes. A little later into this, both parents switched and decided to do oral in the 69 position. This went on for awhile and all I could see was a nude man intertwined with a beautiful woman clad in lingerie. My mom kept her heels on all the time by the way. Moaning and slurping was all I heard. My dad's cock was thrust into her mouth rapidly and he stated that he was about to cum. At that time my mom separated herself and just about the time he was to ejaculate she skillfully takes her hands and performed what is known in sex therapy as the "squeeze technique" by squeezing his cock to stop the flow of orgasmic ejaculation.

After this they started the actual intercourse and at first it was in the missionary position very loving and soft, with kisses and such. My mom had her arms raised above her head and my dad kissed her exposed armpits. Later, for what seemed like an hour they evolved into doggy style. The sex now became more animalistic and aerobic. It was pure fucking and they actually looked like a well oiled machine at full speed. My mom looked majestic. She glowed as she got rapidly pumped. Her ass cheeks where like jello and her breasts were jiggling a mile a second – it looked painful for her but the special bra kept the tits somewhat firm. You can imagine – the bed shook, the moaning was all over the place, and I could hear my mom scream, "Fuck it, fuck it, fuck me!" it looked like she was crying. "I want this baby! Fuck me!" My dad was like in an altered state. You could see the sweat running down his body as he rapidly penetrated her. He was all moans except when he started to scream, "You want it baby, you want it, you have to work for it!" He slapped her jelly moving ass as he said this and in a Marilyn Monroe like voice on steroids my mom kept saying, "Love it, I love it, fuck me, fuck me harder!"

My father did not let down – he did not slow down, he actually went faster as he built up to the climax. All of sudden everything became chaotic as if the world was going to end or they would explode – he finally came – in a loud moan he held on to her ass cheeks and he shot his furious load into my mom. They fell on each other on the bed and you can see my mom crying, sobbing for joy, shuddering. My dad was still on top of her and he kissed the back of her head lovingly. After a while they got up. My mom still in her lingerie and still wearing her heels – what a goddess and lady she looked liked even after intense pummeling. Her eyeliner was running down her face – it looked cute although on another woman, in another situation it would look sad. She had her hand on her pussy which she let go and as she did this most of the syrupy semen shot inside of her slid down her leg – the pussy naturally farted and spurt, and my dad knelt down and licked all the cum into his mouth – there was a lot of semen. They kissed and both shared the cum – swishing it around their mouths until my mom swallowed it. My mom took her lingerie off and very tenderly they spoke and kissed. They smoked a joint (something I did not know they did – but one of the many things my mom and I like doing together now) and after awhile of what is called "after play" they fell into a deep sleep which lasted way past noon.

I went to my room – in shock and awe and masturbated about three times – I was so excited that each orgasm was fast and better than the other.

Years later, after my dad passed, I was having a massage session with my mom. I told her what I saw. She was not mad, she was actually overjoyed. She was right, she said it was a very educational experience for me. We spoke about it. She told me everything and more.

She told me that the gargling noises from her in the bathroom was the cum that she was expelling that went down the wrong "pipe". Years later she actually became a sex therapist. She is very radical in the education of young adults regarding sex. She got her doctorate when she wrote a groundbreaking thesis titled, "Holistic Sexual Education for Parents and Today's Youth". That night when I told her what I saw years ago, my mom and I took our first bath together.

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by Alwaystaboo09/04/17

Beautiful story of love.

All mothers and sons should experience such uninhibited love.

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