tagIncest/TabooI Screwed My Brother

I Screwed My Brother


This is a letter that someone sent me. She said I could post it. We were chatting on Lit and I suggested that she fuck her brother. A few hours later, I got this in my in-box! - fflow

Dear Sam (and Jeanny),

First, let me say that I can't believe I'm writing this. I can't believe how things can happen so fast, and change so dramatically. When we were chatting, I told you I needed to take a shower. Well, I had to do a few last minute things, which delayed me a bit. I didn't get into the shower until just a few minutes before my bro got home. Now, I was in a hurry, so I kind of threw my clothes onto the floor and jumped into the shower. It must have been moments later that he got home. I heard him moving around in the house. I must have been distracted, or excited, or something because I got some soap in my eye, rubbed it, and my contact popped out. I must have let out a yelp because, next thing I knew, there he was at the shower door asking if I was ok. I quickly turned off the water and asked him to help me find my contact. (honestly, I couldn't see a thing!) I tried to be modest, naked as I was and soapy, by covering my breasts with one arm. He opened the door and started looking around as I stood there shivering. After a few moments poking around on the tile floor, he stood up and began to check me out. To our mutual surprise, he found my contact. It had stuck itself to the top of my right breast. He plucked it from me, and stepped out to get a contact case. I followed him, standing there all wet, and plucked the other contact from my eye, giving it to him as well.

Now, I was standing naked in front of him, all pretense of modesty abandoned, and my heart was beating so fast, and so hard, that I almost felt like I was going to faint. My pussy had been soaked all morning from thinking about fucking him and here he was, with me naked. I knew he wouldn't do anything unless I started it so, very slowly, I reached out and grabbed his wrist. I looked up at him (he's a lot taller than me, about 6'4" in bare feet) and the following words came out of my mouth. "Willie, I can't see a thing! Will you help me finish my shower?" Thinking about it now, it is so lame, but it worked. I never knew a boy could strip so fast! In seconds, he was just as naked as me and, even with soapy eyes, I could see that his slender cock was already hard and long.

I pulled him back into the shower, turned on the water, and faced away from him. I put both hands on the tiled wall in front of me. After a moment of tense waiting, he moved up behind me and began soaping my back. His big hands felt so good on my body. I'd been aching for the touch of a guy ever since I'd dumped my boyfriend… Was it 6 months? His hands were slippery with the soap and they roamed freely over my body. Down, over my hips, onto my ass, which I shamelessly pushed back toward him. His fingers probed my ass crack and I thought I'd die from the pleasure. Feeling bolder, I guess, he moved forward. My small breasts seemed even smaller in his big hands, and my nipples were so sensitive as he brushed over them. I could feel his cock pressing against the small of my back, and I began to bend forward, presenting him with an easy target. I reached between my legs, grasping for his cock. It felt so big in my hand, and I guided the head to my wet pussy lips. I didn't want him to enter me right away. I held it by the shaft and rubbed the head up and down between my lips, teasing my clit, my pussy gushing at the contact. I didn't know what he was thinking, but I could hear his breathing coming in short gasps. He was obviously enjoying himself as much as I was.

Eventually, my pussy sopping wet, I began to pull on his shaft, working it into me. I think, for a moment, he thought I was going to tease him, or maybe jerk him off, but when he felt my pussy open up around his cock head, he moaned loudly, grabbed my hips, and began to work his length into my tight little cunt. I know it was a strange position for both of us, because he's so much taller than me, but as he sank into me it felt so good. He began thrusting into me, pounding me hard, and it seemed as if he was afraid I'd come to my senses and stop him before he got off. I had other ideas, though.

There was a small bench seat in the shower, and I slipped away from him and urged him to sit down. I kneeled between his legs and took his head into my mouth. I could taste myself on him, and it made me kinda crazy. I was sucking his cock like a total slut, pulling on his balls, and jerking on his shaft. I had to pull myself away, because I wanted his cum in my pussy. I stood, turning around, and gripped is shaft again, lowering myself on to his cock. He leaned back, giving me more room to push down, and soon his entire shaft was deep in my cunt. I began to move my hips in tight little circles, and the knob of his head rubbed the insides of me in ways I've never felt before. I began to move up and down slightly, not too much, and continue my circular movement. Waves of pleasure washed over me, and I started talking: "Oh yeah Willie fuck your baby sister! Fuck my wet cunt, you stud! Fill me with your big cock!" In no time at all I was cumming around him, my body quivering from head to toe as I impaled myself on his member. Then, something occurred to me that shook me to my core. My studly bro hadn't shot his wad yet. He hadn't cum. Slowly, I stood, letting his cock slide from my quivering pussy, aftershocks of pleasure still making me twitch. I turned, looked him in the eye, and said, "I want to make you cum, bro. Tell me what you want, and its yours!"

Now, having just had a big orgasm, plus not having my contacts in, I may not have been seeing as clearly as I normally would have but, just as the words left my mouth, I could see his shaft get extra hard, the cock head swell.

Without saying anything, he turned me round again, so I was facing away from him, and he began to soap up my ass. As his hands kneaded the muscles of my cheeks, I could feel his fingers slipping lower, deeper into the crack, until they played over my tight virginal rosebud. Now, you have to know that I dumped my boyfriend because he wouldn't stop begging me to take him into my ass. On the other hand, you had said that it was one of your favorite things and that, after a while, your daughter was even growing to like it. So, I decided that, if anyone was going to take my anal cherry, it should be my bro.

I tried to relax, to breathe deep, to think of other things. All the while Willie was working some hair conditioner into my ass. It felt smooth and silky, and I could feel his fingers pushing deeper. It didn't hurt, really, but felt strange, like I was shitting in reverse. I can't describe it really, but he worked a total of three fingers into my ass, and I felt like I was gaping open. I reached down and grasped his shaft once again, positioning his head against the slippery opening of my ass. I began to sit down on his cock, putting more and more pressure onto his head, feeling my hole stretching tight around it. It felt like a cramp, or an ache, or a Charlie-horse of somesort deep in my ass but I didn't stop. I kept pushing down, taking more of him into me, feeling him fill my guts with his hot meat. Inch after inch slid into my tight ass and, eventually, I felt his thighs touch mine. I settled into his lap, gasping and moaning, feeling his chest against my back, his hands moving between my nipples and pussy. I rested, trying to get used to this crazy new feeling.

Before I could regain my composure, he gripped my hips and began moving me around on his lap. Each push made his cock dance in my ass, and I couldn't help but finger my pussy at the same time. My own brother was fucking my virginal asshole.

"That's it, bro, fuck my tight ass! You're my first there, you've got my ass cherry, willie!"

He pushed me forward and I fell to my hands and knees, and he moved with me, not slipping from the tight grip of my ass. Now that we were in the 'dog' position, he began fucking me really hard. The pounding of the hot water from the shower, and his rough fucking, began to overload my brain and I just started cumming and screaming and yelling for him to fuck me fuck mefuckmefuckme! I never knew it was possible to cum from an assfuck, but I was still fingering myself so that may have helped. I could hear him behind me, "oh god oh shit sis you guna make me cum oh Christ take it all take it sis"

Suddenly, he pushed me over onto my back, pulling out at the same time. Before I knew what was happening, he moved over me, his cock spurting hot cum all over my face. He pressed his cockhead to my lips and, even though I knew he wanted me to suck it, I couldn't bring myself to open up and taste my own ass. Still, it was sexy as hell watching his cock drain all over me.We both collapsed together in the shower, our bodies trembling as the water beat down on us. We didn't talk much, just held each other for a while. Then, with a start, he jumped up and out of the stall. He only had a few minutes to get back to work. He threw on his clothes and left me there, sticky and wet and very well fucked. I took a finger and dipped it into his cum, tasting it for the 2nd time in my life. This was very different, though, and I could easily see us doing this again, and often. Well, like I said before, I can't believe I'm writing this. My ass is still a bit sore, and my body is still a bit shaky, but that has to be one of the greatest fucks of my life.

Thanks for your encouragement.



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