tagLoving WivesI Screwed Up Again

I Screwed Up Again


I had screwed up again. My wife, Lacey, came home Friday night after work to find me and some buddies sprawled on the sofa playing Xbox. She took one look at the scene and snarled. All she said was "Oh" before she stormed out of the room with a totally pissed off look on her face. That's right, I remembered. I had promised to take her out tonight when she got home. We heard her go into the bedroom and start slamming things around, cursing to herself. Talking about me, no doubt.

Shawn and Hamal looked at me and started laughing. Shawn and I used to work together and we had both knocked off work early to shoot some hoops. Hamal was a guy Shawn and I knew from the basketball courts. After a few games we decided to go back to my place to play some video games. Hamal wasn't too into the game so he was just sitting back and drinking beer.

When Lacey came back into the room she was wearing a short skirt and was putting earrings in. "All right, boys," she said. "Play time is over." I looked at her and was about to respond when she turned and walked back down the hall to the bedroom. We heard her yelling to herself while she continued to get ready.

Hamal giggled, "she's got you on a short leash, don't she?" I made some comment about her knowing who wore the pants in the family, meaning me, and then chugged a beer for emphasis. Shawn laughed and said, "yeah right, you lay down the law buddy? She's got you wrapped around her little finger."

When Lacey walked back into the room half an hour later she was all made up, her hair was done and she was wearing a short skirt and heels, obviously ready for a night on the town. Shawn and I were still on the couch playing Xbox and Hamal was in the easy chair drinking a beer. She started bitching right away about broken promises, lazy bastards, etc. Shawn and I were getting close to the next level so I was only half paying attention to her.

Finally she was furious enough that she walked in front of the screen blocking our view. I paused the game and sat back. "John, you need to turn off that goddamn game and send your friends home." Shawn and Hamal shot me a look that said "are you gonna take that?".

The beer and me trying to look tough in front of the guys lead to my next mistake. Lacey started to lay into me again about not being ready to go out when I said, "Honey, if you're going to have your mouth open why don't you do something productive with it?" I was trying to be macho but I think I crossed the line on that one. Lacey stopped her cold in her tracks. Even Shawn and Hamal were stunned.

Lacey became very still and then she nodded stiffly. "Fine," she said. With that she strolled over in front of the couch and dropped to her knees in front of me. In surprise I instinctively leaned back as she reached for my crotch. Then she suddenly switched direction and grabbed Shawn's sweatpants and tried to yank them down. Shawn looked at me as Lacey tugged at his waistband. I just stared back in shock.

When it was apparent that she couldn't get Shawn's pants down while he was sitting, she changed tactics and pulled open the loose leg at the crotch exposing his flaccid cock. Like a bird of prey she dove down and engulfed the entire length. Shawn glanced at me and then leaned his head back and groaned. Hamal leaned forward on the easy chair and said, "aw yeah!"

I started to say something as I watched my wife bringing Shawn's cock to life with her tongue and mouth. I'm not sure what it was because Lacey looked at me, with my friend's hardening dick between her lips, and said sarcastically, "is this something productive I can do with my mouth, honey?" Only with her mouth full it was harder to understand.

I sat there stunned, not knowing what to do. I felt like pushing her off of him but on the other hand I noticed that my dick was starting to rise too. Okay, so my wife is giving my buddy head, I thought. So she'll make her point, I lose the argument, and Shawn gets a free blowjob out of the deal. Fuck her, I thought, I'm not going to make a scene out of it because that's what she wants.

Hamal came over from the easy chair to get a better view and he started uttering words of encouragement, like "yeah, that's it" and "suck that cock, baby". We watched Lacey get Shawn's dick totally hard. The shaft was smeared with her red lipstick which she had just put on. Once Shawn saw I wasn't going to do anything about it he leaned his head back and just enjoyed himself. Lacey was kind of savage at first, jerking and sucking, trying to get him off quick. But then she glanced over at me and saw the look of determination on my face, saw that I wasn't going to rise to the bait and show my anger. So she decided to tease me a little more psychologically. And tease Shawn sexually. She began giving Shawn's cock long slow licks and kissing the shaft up and down while staring me in the eyes.

My own cock was making a tent out of my sweatpants. When Lacey saw that she laughed around Shawn's meat and then very deliberately turned away from me, ignoring me. She took Shawn's dick completely in her mouth, her pouty lips making an 'O' around his thick shaft. I could see her jaw working as her tongue flicked the underside. Within minutes Shawn tightened and thrust upward with a grunt. Lacey's throat worked overtime swallowing as she milked his cock with her hand. Some of his cum escaped and dribbled down her chin.

Lacey let Shawn's prick fall out of her mouth and she made an exaggerated "aaah" sound of satisfaction. "So nice to be 'productive'," she said. Shawn made a sound of agreement. Lacey turned to me with a smug grin on her face and started to get up.

Hamal, however, had other ideas and stepped up next to her while she was still kneeling putting on hand on her shoulder to keep her down. For the first time I saw that he had his dick out as well. She turned when she felt him holding her down and was accidentally met by his prick slapping her in the face. Hamal liked that and he grabbed his long shaft with one hand and grabbed the top of Lacey's head with the other and slapped his dick on her face a couple more times.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you?" he said. By Lacey's expression I couldn't tell if she did or not, but she did open her mouth and flick her tongue over Hamal's cock. Hamal groaned and grabbed her head with both hands and said, "yeah, that's it. Take it bitch." Lacey grabbed his dick and guided the tip between her lips.Hamal collapsed on the sofa forcing Shawn to move out of the way.

Hamal's hands started seeking other targets. While Lacey blew him, he reached down and managed to get one hand in her blouse. With his other hand he reached down her back and tried to reach up her skirt. Lacey squirmed away at first until Hamal told her to "stop squirming, bitch."

After that he managed to pull her skirt up exposing a pair of black panties. When his fingers snaked around the side and slid under the material by her crotch Lacey let out a moan.

Shawn got up and moved to the easy chair for a better view of my wife's panty-clad ass waving in the air. He soon became frustrated though and knelt down behind her and pulled down her panties. Lacey started squirming again and reached back with one hand to hold them up. "Uh uh," she said around Hamal's throbbing dick but Hamal held her head down and said, "be still, bitch." She looked over at me with wide eyes. Oh god, I thought, I let this go too far. But Hamal managed to pull her hand loose and Shawn pulled her panties down to her knees.

Hamal's fingers found their way again around her ass and started rubbing her smooth cunt. Lacey was still looking at me but when one of his fingers slid inside her tight hole she closed her eyes. Soon he was leaning over her and finger fucking her while she sucked on his cock. Lacey started moaning and really starting working on Hamal's dick. I think she was trying to get him off quickly but again Hamal had other ideas.

With his free hand Hamal unfastened Lacey's skirt and pulled it free leaving my wife kneeling naked from the waist down sucking on his dick. "Goddamn woman, you are one nice piece of ass," he said admiring the view. She tried to say something but it was muffled by his cock in her mouth. "Stand up so I can see that little pussy," he said. Lacey kept sucking but when Hamal pushed her head away she sighed and slowly stood up, her panties falling the rest of the way down her legs around her high heels.

Hamal whistled and told her to turn around to let everyone get a look at "that little pussy." To avoid tripping she stepped out of her panties and made a slow turn. My cock was about to burst out of my pants I was so excited. Here was my wife wearing only a blouse and high heels letting my buddies get a good look at her assets. Shawn's eyes stared straight at her exposed pussy and I could see that he was hard again. Hamal stood up next to her, his erection poking her in the stomach, and twirled her around so that she sat on the couch next to me.

Lacey leaned forward to suck Hamal's dick again but he pushed her backwards into the cushions and lifted her legs off the floor. She lay spread with her ass on the edge of the sofa and her cunt opened to Hamal. He knelt down quickly and lined up his thick shaft with her very wet pussy. When Lacey realized what was about to happen she started to protest, "No, don't um, um..." But she couldn't immediately remember his name. She looked wildly at me for guidance. The split second hesitation allowed Hamal to slide the head of his cock between her cunt lips. She tried to struggle but with two swift thrusts Hamal was buried to the hilt in her sweet snatch.

On the second thrust Lacey leaned back and groaned. Hamal lifted her legs from behind her knees to get more leverage and her high heels waved in the air. He said, "oh yeah, you like that don't you bitch?" He slowly pulled his dick all the way out slammed it home again. Lacey grunted. "I said, 'you like that bitch' don't you? You like my dick in your little pussy," he asked again. Lacey moaned.

Again Hamal slowly slid his dick out of my wife's cunt, this time pulling too far. It popped out and sprung to the side. I noticed that it was very long and noticeably curved to the right before he grabbed it and pushed it back into her opening. "Say it, bitch. Say you like my dick," he commanded. Lacey just moaned again at which Hamal pulled all the way and started slapping his cock on her pussy lips. Her cunt gaped for a second before closing and Lacey groaned in what sounded like frustration.

"You want it back, bitch? Say you want my dick in your little pussy. Tell me you want me to fuck you," he commanded.

Lacey opened her eyes and looked up at him. "Please fuck me. Please fuck me with your beautiful cock. Please stick your dick in my little pussy," she said. I was floored. She had never been into dirty talk before. Yet here she was, my bitchy wife with her legs spread, with Hamal's cock slapping her cunt, asking to be fucked. No, the way she said it, she was begging to be fucked.

"That's right, bitch." Hamal slapped her clit once more and then slid his entire length into her. Lacey bucked and started to whimper. At first I thought he had hurt her but then her whimper built into a familiar crescendo and her hips starting humping up and down. She was cumming! Hamal recognized it to and started to slam into her. He rode out her first orgasm with her cunt stretched around his thick pole, but he didn't cum himself.

Hamal kneeled on the floor in front of the couch pounding into her Lacey for about five minutes before he slid her lengthwise onto the sofa and climbed on top of her. I was forced to move and I got a good view of his dark cock splitting the creamy-skinned lips of her pussy. Shawn and I both had our dicks out by that time and were stroking furiously as Hamal nailed my wife. Lacey began to cum again, her voice rising, punctuated by each thrust of the prick deep up in her cunt.

Hamal began to quicken his pace grunting with each slap of their bodies together. His body tightened and he growled out, "I'm fucking cumming, you bitch." His ass started clenching as he thrust himself deep inside my wife's cunt just as Lacey screamed out and bucked up against him.

At that point I realized that Hamal was cumming in my wife. Lacey and I practice the rhythm method and she's not on birth control. I assumed that when he came he would pull out. But I could see by his jerky movements that he was shooting his cum deep into her unprotected snatch.

Her legs were spread wide with one heeled foot on the back of the sofa and the other one the floor. The image was too much for me and I blew my load all over the carpet, splattering some on her shoe and foot.

I watched Hamal pump my wife for another minute and Lacey went completely limp underneath him. They lay there together for awhile until Shawn began to get impatient. He tapped Hamal on the shoulder and Hamal finally pulled himself up. Lacey just lay there with her legs spread. Her smooth cunt was red and swollen and a stream of cum was oozing out of her stretched hole.

Shawn grabbed a pillow off of the sofa and cleaned her up a bit before climbing between her legs and sliding his cock into her gaping cunt. Lacey moaned and looked over at me. There was a hint of victory in her eyes and I suddenly felt like a complete moron as I watched my friend fuck my wife. Yeah, I screwed up again.

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