tagIncest/TabooI Seduced My Step Dad

I Seduced My Step Dad


I'd been at college for two months when my mom called me and said that my step dad was coming to town on business and wanted to take me out for dinner. I knew this was their way of checking up on me, but I was a student on a limited budget and a restaurant meal was very tempting.

I'd left our little town a bright-eyed virgin, but after 2 months of various freshman fun and initiations I'd not only lost my virginity, I'd managed to try quite a few different things in bed. The problem was that I only ever got to fuck guys my own age and even though they were as horny as me we were all new to it, we were all learning how to do it and more often than not it was over too quickly and without any real satisfaction.

My mom had married my step dad when I was 10. He was a full eleven years younger than her so he was still only in his mid-thirties whereas my mom was entering middle age. I'd loved him from the first day I saw him. He was tall, dark and handsome. He was fun to be with and he always made me feel special. The last couple of years I'd started fantasising about him making me feel special in a rather different way. Mom and Pete had always been noisy lovers and as I grew older I'd laid awake in my bed, fingering myself as I heard them get at it next door. By the sounds of my mom's moans and cries of joy I gathered that Pete was an excellent lover. I suspected he was much better than any of the guys I'd had and now time had come for me to try him out for myself.

The day before he came I went shopping for some new lingerie. I used my emergency money for it, but I figured that this was an emergency. I was going to wear a tight and short black dress to dinner so I needed some black lingerie. I picked up a black lace 36D bra and matching g-strings. There was a special deal on suspenders and stockings so I got them as well. Pete called me from the airport in the morning and asked me to be ready at 5. I was glad we were going for an early dinner, that would only get us into bed earlier.

When Pete arrived I showed him around my dorm and then we went out. He made sure I was wearing a warm coat so that I didn't get chilled in that outfit. I was secretly pleased that he'd noticed how little material had gone into the dress. He took me to a fancy Italian restaurant and we were seated immediately. We ordered our food and started talking.

"How are you enjoying college, Lexy?" he asked. "You hardly ever call so your mom and I figured that you're enjoying yourself."

"It's fun," I admitted. "But I miss you."

"Do you have a boyfriend yet?" he teased me.

"I've been with several guys, but no one that I would call a boyfriend."

"So you're dating a lot then?"

"I don't know if I'd call them dates," I looked intently into Pete's eyes.

"But you..." he started. "Oh."

I smiled at him. "Yes, I'm not the virgin mom sent to college anymore."

"Are you enjoying it?"

"It's nice to experiment, but the boys I've been with haven't satisfied me much."

Then the food was served and Pete moved the conversation on to a much safer topic. No matter how much I tried to get back to the subject of sex he kept resisting. I knew that a different approach was needed.

When we stepped out of the restaurant I knew that he was going to take me back to my dorm and then my mission would have failed.

"Which hotel are you staying at?" I asked him.

"The Regency," he replied.

"Can we stop there on our way back? I'm dying to go to the toilet."

"Why didn't you go in the restaurant?" he sounded a bit irritated.

"I didn't realise how badly I needed to go until we got outside."

He agreed to stop at his hotel. I'd only seen the Regency from the outside before and the inside was as fantastic as I'd imagined. Pete was in a suite with luscious furniture and plush carpets. I ooh-ed and aah-ed over it and Pete gave me a slightly annoyed look.

"Lexy, the bathroom is through the bedroom."

I'd forgotten that I was supposed to be dying for the toilet so I made my way through the bedroom. The bedroom was dominated by a huge bed and in the bathroom I found a Jacuzzi that was big enough for two. This was perfect. I took off my coat and my dress and hung them on the inside of the bathroom door. I washed my face and then I flushed the toilet. I checked myself in the mirror. My tall slim figure was dressed in the sexiest underwear I'd ever worn. The black lace stood out against my pale skin. My full breasts were pushed together by the bra, giving me more cleavage than normal. My ass looked pert with those g-strings and it was all beautifully completed by the suspenders and stockings and my high heel shoes that I chose to keep on.

I opened the door into the bedroom. I could hear Pete pacing in the living room. I took a deep breath and went out there.

"I really like your hotel room," I said and smiled as I saw his reaction to me minus my clothes.

"Lexy!" he gasped. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Get dressed this minute!"

"But it's still early. Why don't we hang out here for a bit?"

"Not with you dressed like that!"

I looked down at myself. "You're right; I'm wearing far too much." I reached back and unhooked my bra. I slowly pulled it off, revealing my young and firm mounds with their small pink peaks.

"Lexy, put your clothes back on this minute!"

"What was that Pete? You want me to take more off? OK!" I pulled off my g-string and showed him my neatly trimmed bush that was the exact same shade of chestnut as my hair.

I could tell that Pete was struggling with himself. He kept swallowing and he tried not to look at me.

"Lexy, sweetheart," he begged. "You don't want to do this. I beg you, please get dressed and let me take you back to your dorm."

I walked over and caressed his lips with mine. I stroked his coat off his shoulders, followed by his suit jacket. My nipples were stiff against the fabric of his shirt.

"Oh, but I do want this, Pete. I want to do this more than I've ever wanted to do anything. I've fantasised about this for years. I'm not a girl anymore. I'm a woman now and I'm coming to you."

Pete's demons were still struggling inside his head, but he didn't protest as I pulled off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. I pulled the shirt off his shoulders and kissed him again, my nipples touching his muscular chest, hardening more with the feeling of his sparse dark chest hair against my soft skin. I could feel his budding erection against my stomach and I undid his belt. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down. I pulled off his shoes and socks and he stepped out of his pants. He still didn't say a word, but he'd stopped protesting.

Finally, I pulled off his boxers, revealing a cock that in its semi-erect state was bigger than anything I'd had so far. As Pete stepped out of his boxers I kneeled before him and closed my mouth around his cock. I was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. I slowly sucked more and more of him into my mouth, running my tongue across his veins and tasting his salty precum. I sucked him deep inside; his cock had grown bone hard by this time. His size overwhelmed me and produced a gagging reflex, but this seemed to please him even more. I soon felt Pete's hands in my hair as he held my face in place as he fucked it.

He picked up the pace and soon he was in control. He fucked my mouth deep, into my throat and back out again. He went like a man possessed. I could hardly breathe, but I'd brought this on myself, I'd wanted this and I loved every moment of it. I could feel my pussy juices trickling down the insides of my thighs. I couldn't wait to feel this big cock in my cunt. Then he pushed deep into my throat and stopped. With a loud moan he released and shot his load straight down my throat. I swallowed every last drop.

Pete pulled out of my mouth and pulled me up in his arms and kissed me deeply, my breasts squished tight against his chest.

"You're a wonderful cock sucker Lexy," he said against my lips. "I haven't had my cock sucked that good for a long time."

"I'm glad," I smiled at him.

"But you're a very naughty girl," he said, in a threatening tone of voice.

"I'm sorry," I prayed that he wasn't going to send me packing now.

"We are going to have to punish you," he continued and I smiled. It was going to be alright.

"Punish me?" I asked as innocently as I could.

"Yes, punish you. For years you've been teasing me with those firm young tits and that luscious ass in minimal outfits. And not until today did you actually strip off for me."

Pete walked ahead of me into the bedroom, when I caught up with him by the side of the bed he kissed me and then he pushed me on my back. I was lying on the bed and watched him crawl between my parted legs. He parted them wide, taking time to look at my wet snatch in detail. Then he slowly lowered his head, breathing in deeply, smelling my sex. I could feel his breath on my snatch when he suddenly opened his mouth and licked the length of my slit. I writhed with pleasure and started teasing my tits. He teased me with his tongue for a while and then he used it to part my lips, encountering more wetness than before. He lapped up my juices and started flicking his tongue across my clit. I moaned out louder and louder. He seemed to know exactly how to please my hungry cunt. He sucked on my clit for a while and then he slid his tongue inside my tight hole. He tongue fucked me, faster and deeper, applying pressure to my clit with his nose. I pulled at the sheet with my hands, I wrapped my legs around his shoulders and I thrust my hips up to feel more of him. When I couldn't hold back anymore I cried out loud and my pussy juices showered his face as I came.

He crawled up next to me and kissed me deeply, sharing my juices with me. I could feel his cock getting hard against my hips again as he lowered his head and started sucking my nipples. It felt so good. He sucked and bit my tits, pulling them and kneading them. I was soon on fire again. I wanted his cock so badly.

"Fuck me, Pete," I begged breathlessly.


"Fuck me, daddy," I tried.

"That's better," he smiled. "Pull your legs up and open yourself wide for me."

I did as I was told. I grabbed hold of my legs and pulled them wide apart, showing off my dripping cunt. Pete kneeled by my cunt and jerked his cock, getting it really hard. He ran his cock head the length of my wet slit and then he entered my cunt with the thick head and stopped there.

"Oh yeah, baby," he gasped. "You're so tight. I'm gonna love fucking your cunt."

"Oh yes, daddy," I moaned. "Fill me with your thick meat."

"Are you on the pill, baby?"


"Do you use condoms with the other boys?"


"Good, only I get to take your cunt without rubber. Remember that!"

With those words he slowly started burying himself deeper inside my cunt. I felt myself stretching to accommodate his full size. He felt great inside me. This was what a cock was supposed to feel like. This slow, torturous pleasure was what fucking was supposed to be like. When he was buried all the way inside my cunt he stopped, smiled at me and started sucking my tits again. We lay like that for minutes. His cock was firmly lodged in my hungry cunt and he was sucking my nipples. I was impatient to feel more but he refused to move. He was in control of my pleasure.

When he was ready he placed his hands on either side of me to give himself support and then he slowly slid his fuck meat almost completely out of my cunt. Only the tip was still inside my hole and I moved my hips upwards to get him back. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to fill me again.

"Fuck me, daddy, pleeeeeease!" I begged him.

Then he quickly pounded back inside me again. His balls slammed into my ass as he filled me. He pulled out again and slammed back inside. With an ever increasing pace he was burying his cock deeper and harder inside my tight hole. He slammed inside me harder and harder and every thrust went straight to my clit, sending an electric shock through my body.

I was breathing faster and faster. I couldn't believe the pleasure he was giving me. I was loving every moment of fucking. I moved my hips to meet his thrusts, to get as much of his fuck meat inside me. I could hear the sounds of our fucking get wetter and wetter as my hungry cunt worked overtime to produce more juices. I knew that I wouldn't last much longer.

"I've gotta cum, daddy," I panted.

"Oh yeah, baby," he whispered against my skin. "Cum for daddy!"

With those words I felt my pussy contracting tight around his shaft. He kept fucking me at the same pace as before while my pussy shivered and convulsed around his thick meat. When I was done cumming he pulled out and put me on my hands and knees. He wasn't done yet. His cock was still big and hard and he was going to get satisfaction from my cunt tonight.

He easily slid his cock into my waiting hole. I was ready to take his size this time. He managed to get even deeper from behind. He slammed harder and faster now. Each thrust sent his balls crashing into my sensitized clit. Then he pulled me up by my tits. With my full breasts in his hands he nibbled at my neck.

"Your cunt is so sweet and tight, baby," he whispered as he kept pumping into me, hitting my womb with every thrust. "You make daddy feel so good."

I couldn't speak. I was moaning with delight every time I felt him fill me and complete me. His wonderful cock was giving me pleasure unlike anything I'd felt before. His enormous piece of meat owned my body.

My breathing grew heavier and I knew that I was about to surrender to his fucking once more. My cunt squeezed tight around his cock and my body shook. I moaned out loud and Pete stopped his fucking. With my cunt gripping his cock hard and milking him he thrust deep inside me and roared as he released his spunk straight up my hungry cunt.

When we'd both stopped cumming he pulled out of me and collapsed next to me on the bed. We were both sweaty from the exercise and he pulled me tight into his arms.

"I always knew you'd be a great fuck, baby," he said and smiled.

"I grew up hearing you please mom, I've wanted you for so long."

"I wish I'd known sooner. I wish I'd been there to take your cherry. Your mom's limp cunt gives me none of the pleasure you give me."

I kissed him as I heard those wonderful words.

"Do you think you'd be willing to see me if I start coming out here on business more regularly, like once a month?" he asked me and caressed my breast.

"How about once a week?" I asked and started stroking his cock again. I wanted more.

"I'll see what I can do," he smiled and rolled over on his back.

I straddled him and he guided his cock into my cunt. I rode him fast and furiously as he played with my bouncing tits. After I'd cum he took me into the shower and fucked me again. We came together with the water pouring down our naked bodies.

It was nearly midnight when he brought me back to my dorm. On my answering machine there was a message from my mom hoping that Pete and I were having a good time.

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