tagLoving WivesI Sent My Wife on a Date

I Sent My Wife on a Date


My wife, Chris, is a beautiful blonde, 45 year old. She has a great body, 5' 6" with full 36 C boobs, and an infectious personality. Wherever we go, she lights up the room and is the center of attention. We always joke that she is the life of the party. Believe me, she gets plenty of attention from men. Most of the time, she is clueless to the fact that they want to get in her pants.

We had met Gary through our hobby of raising canaries. He was a nice looking guy and seemed very friendly. Gary was interested in starting his own collection and had called to see our aviary. Chris and I met him and I knew immediately he was attracted to my wife and wanted more than canaries.

Over the next few months, Gary bought some birds and called with questions. He invited us to go to a local honky talk and we went with him a couple of times. It was fun, but I didn't like him being there every time we went out. I knew he was more interested in seducing my wife.

Chris told me one afternoon that Gary had called and asked if we wanted to go hear a band on Friday night at the honky tonk. Chris said she thought we could go, but would check with me. I didn't really want to go, but Chris enjoyed going, so I didn't want to put her off. Besides, the sex was always great when we got home. She is an outgoing person and alcohol really loosens her up.

Thursday afternoon I told Chris I probably wouldn't be able to go Friday night but I would try to get there if I could. I had to work late, but I told her to go ahead and go. She wasn't very happy with me. No, she was pissed. I knew it could be risky sending her by herself, since Gary was hot after her. I did find it a turn on to know that she might end up fucking another guy or that he would put the moves on her. I trusted her, but I was interested in how she would handle things.

Chris, maybe to keep things in control, invited Jackie, one of her girl friends to go along. Jackie asked me why I wasn't going and I told her I had to work. I commented that Gary wanted to get in Chris' pants and Jackie screamed at me.

"If you think that, you are an idiot. You should be going with your wife and not sending her out with Gary."

"She is a big girl," I replied. "I trust her."

We were going through a rough stretch in our marriage. There was a lot of pressure from work and we had 3 kids to deal with at home. Chris is a stay at home Mom and felt the pressure of taking care of the kids. Money was tight at times, but we did ok. She thought I was ignoring her and not really interested in what she was doing.

Friday night, Jackie picked up Chris and they left for the honky tonk. Jackie was going to drive because Chris was going to drink and would be in no condition to drive.

I busted my ass to get my work finished so I could meet them at the club. I was able to finally leave about an hour and a half after the girls left. I drove to the club and parked at the back of the parking lot. Being a Friday, it was crowded. I walked into the club and it took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. The band was cranking out a fast country song and the dance floor was crowded. I looked for Chris, Jackie and Gary.

I spotted Chris and Gary first. They were coming around the dance floor. She likes to dance, but I'm terrible and don't do it unless I have to. I've always wished I was a good dancer. Gary was a great dancer and he was leading my wife around the floor. I moved to the side and back into the shadows so I could watch them. Gary was spinning and turning her and they seemed to be having a great time. There was a huge smile on her face.

I spotted Jackie and saw they had a table near the dance floor. Rather than head right over, I settled into a chair and ordered a beer. From my seat I could see their table and most of the dance floor. I didn't think they could see me and I wanted to watch my wife for a little while before I let them know I was there.

Chris and Gary came back into view just as the band was finishing their song. Gary picked her up and spun around 2 or 3 times. They were both laughing and he let her slide down his body. Her breasts were pressed into his chest and he appeared to pull her into him as her feet touched the floor. Like most cowboys, he had on tight jeans and I could see that his cock was causing a bulge. I wondered what was going to happen if I stayed out of sight.

Before they could head back to their table, the band started into a slow song. Gary pulled her close and started to dance. Chris seemed stiff at first, but soon rested her head on his shoulder. His hand started in the small of her back, but he began rubbing up and down, occasionally moving across her ass. He continued to pull her closer to him and I knew she had to be feeling his hard on.

This was a slow love song and most of the couples were not moving very much. They tended to stay in one spot, melding into each other. Gary was not leading Chris around like the previous dance. His hand moved to her ass again and stayed there. She looked up, smiled, said something and he moved his hand to the small of her back. She put her head back on his shoulder and the music ended. I decided to stay where I was and see what developed.

They went back to their table. My wife is not much of a beer drinker, but she does like wine and margaritas. It looked like they had a pitcher of margaritas on the table. Sure enough, Gary poured her a glass. Tequila has a real effect on my wife's libido. The band was on about a 20 minute break and Gary made certain her glass was full the entire time. She must have had 2 or 3 glasses during that time. She seemed to be laughing a lot and enjoying the company.

The band started playing again and Gary had her out on the floor. They danced a couple of songs and then sat back down. My wife's face looked a little flushed and her margarita glass was full again. They sat out a few songs and continued to down the margaritas.

Gary took her hand and led her back to the dance floor. He moved her skillfully around the floor. The band slowed things down and he pulled her close. This time, he put both arms around her and pulled her into him. She put both arms around his neck and rested her head against his shoulder. This time she didn't look up when one hand went to her ass. He pulled her into his hard on and they both kind of swayed and ground into one another. Gary did move her to the other side of the dance floor where it was a little darker. I left my table and moved to where I could see them.

Gary brought his left hand up to her side and back down again. His right hand was on her ass, squeezing and pulling her pussy into his cock. She was pushing back into him. His left hand went back to her side and I know he was trying to feel her tit. She pushed his hand down with her elbow, but did nothing about his hand on her ass. As the song ended, Chris looked up and Gary looked down. He kissed her softly on the lips.

Chris stood still for a second and then seemed to respond by kissing him back. As luck would have it, the band started another slow song. Chris turned like she was going back to the table, but Gary kept her in his arms. Gary wrapped his arms around her, almost like a bear hug. Chris put both arms around his neck and snuggled into him.

They weren't moving around the dance floor, but their hips seemed to be moving into each other. Normally, my wife doesn't like displays in public, but I knew she had enough margaritas to overcome that. Gary put both hands on her ass and pulled her even tighter into his cock. He received no resistance from my wife. Gary leaned back so he could see her face. She looked up and he kissed her again. This was not a gentle kiss like before and I could see his mouth open. Chris responded to his kiss by opening her mouth. Their tongues were dueling with each other. His left hand went back to the side of her breast and his right hand was squeezing her ass cheeks and pulling her into him. The music stopped and they broke their embrace.

I glanced at Jackie to see how she was reacting to this show, but I don't think she could seem them across the floor.

When I looked back up, Gary was leading Chris out another door to the patio area. She probably thought they were going outside to cool off, but I'm sure he was hoping things would heat up. I got up and went out through another door and made my way around to the patio. He led her to a bench under a large oak tree that was at the back of the patio. They sat down and he put his right arm around her. They were talking and he leaned down and pulled her to him. She hesitated a bit, but he kissed her again.

They were frenching and his left hand moved to her tits. She put her hand on his arm and moved his hand down. They broke their kiss and she was looking around. I know she was afraid someone would see them. Gary kissed her again and put both arms around her. He nibbled on her neck and then went back to her mouth. She was eagerly responding to his kisses. He cupped her face with his hand and continued to kiss her mouth, eyes, neck and the swell of her breasts. She had one hand behind his neck, playing with his hair, and one on his chest. He took his left hand and pushed her right hand down to his lap. She pulled back, but didn't move her hand. She looked around again. Covering her mouth with his, he placed his hand on top of hers and pushed his jean covered cock into her hand. I could see her hand begin to move on his dick through his jeans..

Gary moved his hand back to her right tit. She didn't move his hand this time, so he cupped her tit and gave it a gentle squeeze. She has very sensitive nipples and responds wildly to having them pinched. She leaned back on the bench and Gary moved his hand down and up under her blouse. I could see him rub her bra covered tit. He moved the material to the side and pinched her nipple. Her nipples were responding like I had seem them many times, they were rock hard and as big as an eraser.

Chris always wears a front clasp bra and Gary must have recognized this. He undid the clasp with a quick flick and pulled the bra cups apart exposing both tits to the cool night air. Gary lowered his mouth and sucked on a nipple. I saw Chris inhale deeply. She opened her eyes and took another glance around the patio. It was deserted except for me watching from the shadows.

Gary took her hand that was working his cock and moved it to the top of his jeans. He undid his belt and unsnapped his jeans. He was pushing her hand down his pants when she pushed him away. It wasn't that she didn't want to go ahead, she was afraid of being seen. I saw her mouth the words "not here!"

Gary stood and helped her from the bench. He didn't bother to rebuckle his belt and her bra was hanging open under her blouse. He led through an opening into the parking lot. Again, I followed them from a safe distance. I saw Gary's suburban parked along a side wall. He opened the back door and helped Chris step into the car. As they climbed in, I saw that the seats were down flat. I wondered if he had planned for this possibillity.

I moved around to the wall where I could see through the front window of the suburban. The lighting from the club gave me a clear view into the suburban. Chris was sitting as Gary got into the car. He pulled her to him and laid her down as he kissed her. Their tongues were obviously twisting around each others. Their heads were toward the back of the suburban.

Gary's hands went to her tits. He moved her blouse up and squeezed both tits, rolling both nipples between his fingers. He broke their kiss and moved his mouth back to her nipples. He would suck on one and then move to the other. His tongue would then circle the hardened tip and then flick across it causing her to arch her back. Her hands were holding his head to her breasts and she was running her fingers through his hair. Gary moved her blouse up past her neck and my wife pulled it over her head. She shrugged off the bra straps and she was nude from the waist up. His mouth went back to her nipples where he hungrily sucked on each nipple.

Gary kissed under her tits and then moved down to her stomach. He replaced his mouth with his hands on her firm tits and twisted her nipples. I knew this always turned her on. Gary reached the top of her jeans and was flicking her skin with his tongue. He brought a hand to her jeans and undid the button. There was no resistance from my wife. She loves having her pussy licked and she was obviously ready. Gary pulled down the zipper and opened her jeans. He tugged on them and she raised her hips so they would slide down and off her legs.

Chris was now laying in the back of his suburban in only her bikini panties. She reached for Gary's shirt and undid his buttons. As his shirt came open, she sucked on his nipple. Gary removed his shirt completely and laid Chris back down. His hands went back to her tits and his mouth moved to her belly. He tongued her belly button and then moved down to her panties. I saw him inhale my wife's sex. He hooked her panties with his fingers and tugged them down.

She had barely gotten them off of her feet when Gary's tongue went to her pussy. From my vantage point, I could see straight into her sopping wet cunt. Her lips were swollen and she was responding to Gary's tongue. He couldn't have eaten her for more than 15 seconds when she came hard. Her body began to twitch and shake. Gary was twisting her nipples and lapping at her pussy. At this point, she is usually ready to fuck. I saw her pull on Gary's head trying to move him up and in to her. He kept licking away at her soaking wet cunt. At the same time, Gary was kicking off his jeans and underwear.

He was going to make her come a second time with his tongue. He was going much slower and teasing her to another climax. His tongue was lightly flicking on her clit. She moved Gary's hands from her tits and replaced them with her own. She twisted and pulled on her nipples, as she ground her pussy into his face. I knew now she was really drunk. She will do that with me, but she has to have had a lot to drink. Gary moved one hand to her pussy and inserted one finger. He took her clit into his mouth and sucked as he fingered her. He added a 2nd finger and I think found her G spot. She came harder and longer than she had the first time. His face was covered with her juices.

Now Gary was ready to fuck. He moved up and hesitated with his dick at the entrance to her pussy, teasing her with the head. I saw her say, "fuck me!" Gary continued to move the tip of his dick up and down her slit. She was practically begging and moving her hips trying to get his dick in her hot pussy. Her hands went to his dick and wrapped around his shaft. She moved it up and down her opening. She was pumping his dick with her hand and trying to put it in. Gary readjusted and moved where she could bury it in her pussy.

Chris directed his dick into her pussy and moved her hips to meet his thrust. Gary slammed into her hard and it looked like she was starting another orgasm. He grabbed her hips and moved her to meet his thrusts. She had her hips off of the floor to meet his movement. I couldn't believe he wasn't ready to come. Chris wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles. She had her eyes shut and was biting her lip. Gary was ramming her for all he was worth. By raising her hips, I could see his dick plunging in and out of her wet hole.

Gary tensed, pulled his head back and shot his load into my wife. She was also coming again. When they had cooled down a bit, Chris rolled Gary off of her and onto his back. I felt like I had been hit in the stomach as she took him into her mouth. This was something we never did. She sucked her juices from his dick like a woman possessed and in no time he was hard again. She would take his entire dick into her mouth and then flick his opening with her tongue as he pulled it out. She turned over and was on all fours. She loves fucking doggy style and it looked like that was what she wanted. Gary moved behind her and took his dick in his hand.

He put his dick at her pussy and let her push back. He stayed still as she fucked herself with his dick. She was moving against him and varying the speed. She lowered her head to the floor and began rubbing her tits. She was pinching and pulling her nipples. I almost came when she reached back with her hand to rub her clit. Her finger was rubbing and flicking across her engorged clit. She had never done this with me. Her body convulsed with her 4th orgasm of the night.

Gary tensed and I knew he was ready to come again. He pulled his dick out and shot all over her ass. He rubbed his come with his slick dick. Chris laid face down and Gary laid on top of her. She turned to look at him and they kissed. After laying there for a few moments, they began to get dressed. As they got out of the car, she kissed him and then they went back into the club. I looked at my watch and realized they had been out there for an hour and a half. The club would be closing in 30 minutes, so I went to my car and drove back home.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/15/18

not too wise

For an owl of any age. Obviously he did not care what his wife did...mentioned going through rough patch. Read like two had something going for some time.

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by Anonymous05/15/18


this is a silly story since he did not stop Gary - Unbelievable!

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by FreeJohn05/03/18

Why do so many Lit authors quit?

Here's another story that didn't get finished....too bad.

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