tagLoving WivesI Shared My Girlfriend

I Shared My Girlfriend


Carter was a good friend of ours. By "ours" I mean myself and my girlfriend Lindsay, whom I have been dating for two years. Her and I just moved in together three months previous.

I had known Carter for about six years, since high school. The three of us all graduated together and were now 23 years old.

Ever since we moved into the new place, we'd invite him over to watch and bet on football almost every Sunday during the NFL season.

Lindsay would usually cook and have a few drinks with us.

However, this time she picked up a fairly large amount of alcohol for the evening.

Lindsay is a beautiful petite girl, skinny waist and abs with large breasts and a nice ass to boot.

I loved showing her off to everyone so I made sure she dressed sexy when Carter came over.

Carter had been in a relationship with a girl named Amy for about three years. However she went to university out of town and was only home occasional weekends.

During the evening we got on the subject of Amy. He said he hasn't seen her in over two months.

I joked with him about how he isn't getting laid. He said all he's got at the moment is phone sex and Skype with her.

The drinks were flowing and we were tipsy at that point. Lindsay was a little past tipsy.

I joked with her and said "Poor Carter, Lindsay, you should show him your tits."

I had the occasional fantasy about Lindsay with other men or even some of my friends but I ignored them as it made me feel like a pussy.

Without missing a beat, Lindsay lifted up her shirt, showing off her cleavage that was pinned up by a cute pink bra.

Carter was surprised.

"What the fuck is that?" I joke. "Take the bra off, actually show him something."

Again, she instantly jumped to it. Undoing her bra, and showing her beautiful tits to Carter, who was slightly overwhelmed by it.

We all got a good laugh from it.

"You like?" She asked.

"Very much." Carter answered.

I was getting extremely turned on by it all and thanks to the alcohol, I thought "fuck it, lets try and take it to other level".

"Why don't you go over there and give him a little dance?" I ask her.

Lindsay gets up and walks over to Carter, grinding her tight behind against Carter's lap.

She was loving it almost as much as he was. I couldn't believe it.

Thanks to a little bit of alcohol and a little bit of encouragement, my little good girl was unleashing her inner whore in front of my very eyes and enjoying herself doing it.

"This is fucking crazy. Honestly, I've jerked off thinking about fucking you Lindsay." Carter opened up.

"How ironic" I thought, "I've jerked off thinking about him fucking her too."

"What about Amy?" I teased him.

He laughed it off and continue to enjoy the lap dance he was receiving from my girlfriend.

She hopped off his lap, revealing a hard rock erection bulging down the side of his leg.

Carter sat there in shock as Lindsay started to rub it with her fingers.

"Take it out." I told her.

She pulled out a rock hard erection that, while I consider myself to be well-endowed, was noticeably bigger than mine. And she noticed.

"Looks like a got myself a bigger cock now, Brad, it was nice knowing you." She said with a smile.

"Fuck you." I replied with a grin.

"I'm just joking, you know I love you babe."

She spit on his cock as she worked his shaft. Her petite hands made it look like even bigger.

She paused for a moment to take off her shirt. Then proceed to spit in between her exposed breasts. She then cupped her hands together and held then in front of Carter's face.

"Spit." She demanded.

After Carter spit into her hands, she began to rub it onto her tits. She then began sliding Carter's cock into between her moist tits, up and down.

"Getting jealous yet?" She turned to me and asked.

"A little." I responded.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you eventually, I just need a few more minutes with my new toy." She joked.

I've never been so turned on in my life. There she was casually stroking away at other man's cock, winking at me from five feet away.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" She casually asked him as she jerked him up and down.

"This is unbelievable, you're a goddess." He said, eyes closed, relaxed.

"Be right back." Said Lindsay as she abruptly got up off her knees, gave Carter a wink and proceeded to the bathroom.

I followed her into the bathroom and closed the door behind us.

Her hand latched onto the erection bulging in my jeans.

"I think we're both enjoying this way too much." She said.

"You think, babe?" I sarcastically responded.

"So are you going to fuck him?" I asked.

"Can I?" She asked with a smile.

"Take him upstairs." I told her. "I'll be up in a little bit."

We left the bathroom and entered the living room where Carter was sitting alone, playing with himself.

"C'mon, Carter." She said has she grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom.

I decided to stay down in the living room/kitchen area for a bit. If I had gone up there with him, I don't think I would of lasted very long.

I began rolling a joint on the kitchen table. I was so worked up, I figured a little smoke would calm me down.

A couple puffs into my joint, I began to hear Lindsay screaming in pleasure. She was screaming Carter's name in excitement. This only turned me on more.

After smoking half the joint, I made my way upstairs.

I opened the bedroom door to see Lindsay on top of Carter, shoving her breasts into his face. He had a death grip on her ass and was pumping his cock into her pussy has hard as he could.

I noticed Carter wasn't wearing a condom. This didn't bother me, in fact it made it all the more hotter.

I quickly got undress and joined the two.

She hoped off Carter and turned around to give me some oral action. From here, Carter proceeded to take her from behind.

After about two minutes of sucking. I had to stop her. I was on the brink of orgasm. However, the experience was too good to end for me that fast. I told them to continue as I'd watch from the chair in the corner of our room for a little bit.

As I spectated from the corner of the room, gently stroking myself, I couldn't help but get chills from the words she was screaming with my friend inside of her.

"Fuck your pussy, Carter!"

"You own this pussy!"

"I love this cock! I need this cock!"

Her screams of joy were separated by passionate mouth to mouth love making between the two. They took turns as she sucked on his tongue, licked his chest while he kissed her neck and sucked on her nipples.

I jumped back in for a second round, this time I fucked her on her back and licked on her hard nipples as she sucked Carter's cock from the side.

Lindsay eventually called for a break from the sucking and fucking as she was completely exhausted and drenched in sweat. Her pussy was dripping wet down between her thighs.

She then had us lay on our backs and she jerked us off with each hand.

She casually conversed with me while she stroked us both.

"I love you so much, Brad. This is unbelievable." She proclaimed.

"We need to do this more often. I need both of your cocks inside of me. I feel so sexy and so dirty. You don't mind sharing me with Carter every now and then do you?"

My eyes lit up. "I'm enjoying this too much." I told her. "Since Amy's hardly ever around, I can't see why Carter can't use you as his little cum slut."

Carter nods his head in agreement.

"Perfect, you can use this pussy any time, any place, it's yours babe. As long as I can worship that beautiful cock of yours." She says, excited. "It'll be our little secret that we'll keep from Amy. She might be your girlfriend but I'm going to be the worthless little cum dumpster you can use and abuse."

Secretly, this is what I've always wanted. A second lover, a new dildo to pleasure my girl and make her feel like the beautiful cum dumpster whore she really is deep down inside.

The double hand job quickly became a double blow job as she had Carter and I position ourselves closer to one another.

She squeezed our cocks as close together and took them both in her mouth at the same time.

She then pulled them out of her mouth and playfully rubbed the two heads together with a smile.

Neither Carter or I seemed to mind that our cocks were touching.

"I'm going to have to get my ass ready for double penetration for next time." She says, leaving the invitation open for Carter. "And don't worry Carter, my tight little ass will be yours whenever you want it, baby."

"Sounds like a plan." Said Carter, delighted.

The thought of Carter's giant cock stuffing my girl's tight ass blows my mind.

I haven't even fucked her in her ass before and she's already giving permission to Carter to use it whenever he wants.

Her dirty contract she gives to Carter is so hot, it makes me light-headed.

"Whenever, you need those balls unloaded, just give me a call, I'll be there to service you and milk you dry. I'm going to be the worthless bitch who has a mouth, ass and pussy for you to use and degrade.

I will worship that big beauitful cock and do anything you want. I'll eat pussy for you, I'll let you cum inside of me when I'm not even on the pill, hun."

"What the fuck?" I think to myself. "Where is all this coming from?"

Either way, it's too hot for me to say anything.

"I need your cum, Carter. Feed your new slut girlfriend your delicious cum" She says has she focuses on getting all of his large cock down her throat.

I position myself behind her and fuck her doggy style. I then grab a hold of her head and push it down farther on Carter's cock.

She begins to gag.

"Do you like tasting your new man's throbbing cock?" Carter asks her.

Carter begins to moan loudly as I force her to deep throat his cock which has become a ticking time bomb about to explode down my girlfriend's throat.

"I'm gonna cum!" He yells as there are now four hands on her head and neck forcing her to deep throat the entire cock.

He begins shaking has his cum starts spewing out from between the vacuum seal that is her lips wrapped around the base of his shaft.

She comes up for air, hyperventilating, eyes tearing up.

Immediately she begins licking up every drop of cum that didn't already end up down her throat.

For good measure, she places her mouth around the head of Carter's cock and begins squeezing up and down the shaft, milking him for every last precious drop of cum.

The sight of seeing my girl act like a piece of trash whore, licking other man's cum off his balls and shaft had me ready to explode. She turns herself on her back and forces Carter's head into her breasts for him to suck away.

"I want your cum inside of me, Brad!" She yells.

Lindsay then grabs Carter's head and begins to kiss him. The sight of seeing my girl passionately swap spit with her new boyfriend was all I needed as I grabbed her hips and forced her into me and thrusted as hard as I could one final time as I shot hard and deep inside of her. This was like no orgasm I've ever experienced before. This was pure ecstasy.

After the orgasm, I felt a little awkward but felt like I was free and I just found myself involved in an exciting new world.

The three of us lay there, exhausted. Carter and I gently caressed Lindsay's beautiful body, taking turns passionately kissing and making love to her.

"Can you stay the night?" She asks Carter, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

"I can't see why not." He responds.

"Okay, good, I'm not done with you yet. I swallowed you. I still need to feel your big cock unload in my pussy." She says with a grin.

"Brad has to be at work by nine tomorrow. So maybe we can take care of that in the morning after he leaves. I'll wear something slutty and sexy for you."

"Fuck, I should call in sick tomorrow." I joke.


Carter comes over whenever Lindsay's in the mood for him. Which is about 4-5 times a week. He practically lives with us now. Sometimes I'm there and I join the two, other times I'm not home. I get to hear all about what I missed out on when I do get home though.

I love being in a relationship with a true slut like Lindsay, how many guys can say that their girlfriend has another boyfriend?

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