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I Still Wonder


It is as a matter of fact a true story. The story which turned me into a man from a boy. I was working with a hotel. To be a virgin, shy and reserved boy at an age of 20+ is really surprising.

And so were my friends. To them I was suffering from some disorder. But not exactly, it was a complex. I was afraid of the circumstances that one has to face in the Indian society. Though many of us had girl friends and use to go out for enjoying each other.

Lust -- was trapping me slowly and so was my loneliness. Being a kitchen trainee, I used to spend 16 to 18 hours in the kitchen so that I should not be caught in the trap of any dirty thought resulting a wet dream. Now the incident happened accidentally and all of a sudden I was being trapped.

It was around mid summer. I was deputed at an out door party far away from the hotel. It was a beach party and I was handling a live salad counter. Slicing, shredding and tossing various vegetables with various dressings were a passion to me. As many of the clients were very important to our organization, we were being instructed to be concentrated on the job rather then watching here and there for holes to park our poles.

Well all of a sudden, a lady came with a nice figure and asked for the salad. I started tossing without looking at her. Suddenly I hear a screaming shout,

"you stupid asshole. What do you think you are? A film hero or what."

I looked up and was surprised to see that the lady in front of me was shouting like crazies over........me?

I was surprised and asked what's wrong with her? She said nothing but took the bowl off my hand and turned banged it on my head. The bowl broke along with my silly head and resulted into a drain of blood coming out. Looking this I fainted on the sand. Though I am not such a coward but the sequences happened so frequently that they did not allowed me to balance myself.

I regained my consciousness after half an hour or so and when I did, I saw my self lying over a huge bed with a bandage on my head. I cried a little which I think disturbed the lady who came in with a cane in her hand. "No, no please don't hit me again." I was scared like a small puppy.

She laughed aloud and then all of a sudden she sat on the floor, crying, sobbing and weeping.

"I apologize for what I did." She said.

I was surprised to hear that as I did know nothing about that lady.

She said, "I was the cause of this wound. Had I not made a bet, (she started sobbing) this would not have been happened."

"What the fuck is this?" I shouted "and what do you think I am? A man or a play thing to be bet over."

To my surprise I was angry like any thing.

"And where are my colleagues? Where are they?"

"They are being sent back but as you were wounded and unconscious, I brought you to my place with due permission of your chef in charge."

I was getting confused of the circumstances happening around me. And all of sudden I decided some thing,

"I want to go back to my room," I announced as if I was the master and the owner of that house.

"Sure you can but not now. You take rest tonight and then move in the morning. See ....... I consider my self guilty for what has happened and want to apologize."

Saying this she went to a wooden wardrobe and came back along with an envelope.

"This is the amount I won of the bet. And I feel that I am not the one who deserves it. So this is yours."

I was surprised to see plenty of 1000 Rs. Notes in that but all of a sudden I heard my self speaking,

"How much is it?"

"50,000/=. And if you feel the amount less I can add more. But please for god's sake, forgive me. Please."

All of a sudden, I started enjoyed the situation. I knew that she is really sorry for what happened, I wanted to punish her.

"Well madam, do you think that money is a matter to bet over for hitting one over his head, to result his broken head which could have been a cause to kill him?"

"well." She started "the bet was not to hit you but to make you crazy by showing you naked breasts which should have been resulted in a sexual encounter. But to our surprise, I was proved right as you did not bother about it."

"W ... What? You mean that you people bet over dignity of a person like that? H.. how can you? And do you think that I'll accept this money? Never. Never ever Ms. I am not a thing."

Though I was shouting which she thought that was because of what they did but exactly it was the pain, the grief of losing a chance to be man.

She started sobbing and seemed to be really embarrassed. I stood of the bed and said,

"Alright madam, I will take your leave and you need not to worry as I will not inform the police regarding this."

I was feeling like a cat that lost his hunt because of his own negligence. With heavy heart I started moving towards the door.

All of a sudden the lady pounced over me and put her lips over mine. She kissed me in such a passion that I ejaculated immediately in my pants.

"I had only this to prove that I am really sorry." She said and started weeping bitterly.

I was shocked to get such a token of apology and watching the wet spot appearing on the front of my pant. I walked towards her slowly and said,

"You robbed my first intimate moment."

"What?" she was confused.

I replied, "I had always thought that when ever I will gift my first kiss to some girl, I will make her feel that she was the one who deserved it. But you, you robbed that moment of my life. You made me feel good but gifted me a complex, such an inferiority complex that I can not stand to even a kiss. Perhaps, my friends were right and a have any disorder."

She was still, still like an idol. Slowly, she stood up with apologizing posture, came to me and said,

"I am sorry for what I did. But don't feel demoralized as for the first time this happens."

And she slowly started removing my shirt. I was speech less and so she was. Her lips traveled over the track of my navel to my dick and kissed it over my pants. The journey of her lips ended at my lips again and she kissed me full again, Deep, slow, passionate kiss. She explored my mouth with her tongue and made me do the same. Her mouth tasted like a honey pot full of honey. I was gaining the erection when she broke the kiss and said,

"I hope that now you are satisfied that you can stand much more than a simple kiss. And also thank you for obliging me with your first virgin kiss."

I still was under a kind of spell when she removed her top, skirt, her under garments and slowly moved towards me. She kissed my lips, my cheeks, my back, my nipples and every possible place. She licked my body, nibbled it, and smooch it and her every action resulted in to a little more erection. All of a sudden she removed my pants and kissed my dick.

"A real virgin dick for an honest wife, who can not give up for the greed of it." She said and gulped down my dick.

I felt like in heaven and surrendered my senses to the time. I was enjoying every passing second and it seemed that she was also. She then slowly made me lay on the bed and took my dick in her love pot. Slowly she started moving, taking every inch of my dick into her.

She fucked me slow; she fucked me fast she fucked me every possible way before I ejaculated my semen in her. She slowly stood up and wiped her clean. I was in the trance enjoying the moments, those moments which she gifted me. She went to the bathroom and came back wearing her dress and said,

"thank you for allowing me to deflower you. Bye."

All of a sudden I regained my senses and asked her,

"Why did you do that?"

"To me this was the best way to apologize." She said, "And more over you are the first and last person with whom I had sex except my husband. If I robbed your first intimate moment, I gave you the most precious gift a woman has, her dignity and her own self. Bye."

"What's your name by the way?" I asked.

"Robber" she said and quietly left the room.

I have never seen that lady since that day but I still surprise that why she did that.

To actually apologize or.........? Do you have any answer?

- Open eyed dreams

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