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I Swear to You


The ceremony was perfect, a dream day made real for her. As Jennifer was carried into the honeymoon suite by her new husband, Keith, she felt a strong pang of sexual excitement. She could feel her skin flush and nipples harden. It was the greatest arousal she had ever felt with Keith.

"It must be the context," she said to herself. A girl only gets married for the first time once. Sure, she intended to divorce Keith and leave him for Christian as soon as Christian's lawyer buddy said the divorce would net them Keith's future fortune, but there was no harm in enjoying herself a little in the process.

She was truly in love with Christian. The two of them met in a sex club, years ago, where they were both the guests of wealthy, older lovers. Both of them were from humble beginnings and had intended to sleep their way into good fortune. They certainly had the looks for it. They were both tall and slender with handsome faces. Christian also had the physique of an Olympic athlete, and Jennifer had a spectacular ass and big breasts as well.

Their plans were interrupted by the attraction they felt for one another, and they soon began to fuck with wild abandon. Their meal tickets found out and had them cast out from the local circle of the rich and powerful, but they were too consumed with passion to care. At least, in the beginning. Soon they realized that love was not enough. They wanted money as well.

Since neither possessed any marketable skills, they worked some menial jobs where they could find them, but that was never going to get them anything they wanted. They started to fight and things were a bit rough between them, for a while, until they decided to return to their original plan, seducing someone rich, marrying them, and then divorcing them for the money. They made a firm pact and went for it with all the instincts they had.

As luck would have it, Jennifer was sitting one day with her old friends from school talking gossip about everyone from the old days, when the conversation turned to the subject of Keith. Keith was a bookish nerd that had a terrible crush on her. He skipped a grade in elementary school and was the youngest in their class by far. This allowed him to skip under the radar of all the bullies and jocks, and even Jennifer and her friends considered his puppy dog attachment to her as cute.

When he left school in junior year, and went to college, Jennifer was a bit relieved to be rid of her stalker, as harmless as he was. It was embarrassing to think that a kid two years her junior could honestly believe he ever had a shot with her. She stood over him by at least an inch, even without heels, and she could probably break him in half if she felt like it.

Time changes everything, and so it changed Keith. Jennifer was astonished to learn that he graduated from medical school and was coming to town to do a residency in eye surgery. What peaked her interest was the information that he invented and patented some kind of diagnostic test that was going to make him rich.

She discreetly found out everything about him and talked to Christian. They decided Keith was the perfect mark and hatched a plan to gain a big chunk of his wealth. Jennifer seduced him without effort. In just over a year, she took them from being old friends, to lovers, to fiancés, and then to what they had just become, newlyweds.

Keith set her down with a grunt and smiled. Jennifer smiled back and moved to the bed, detaching her train. She did not mind having sex with Keith, and Christian was not jealous in the least, particularly after she showed him their sex video, and Christian could see just how much bigger his cock was than Keith's. He could also plainly tell she was acting with Keith. It was true.

Keith had grown into a man, but he was not the man Jennifer wanted. He was a nice guy, smart, of average size and looks, whereas Christian was...

Jennifer snapped back to the here and now and reminded herself this was just another part of the act. Tonight, she had a role to play, just like almost every other night this past year. The plan was for her to fuck Keith and sneak out and make love to Christian after Keith fell asleep. She could feel herself juicing at the thought of it all.

She turned back to Keith and saw his pants were tenting. "This is all too easy," she thought. Keith closed the door and now regarded her with a hunger she never saw before in his eyes. "I guess he wants a little something in return for all the bucks he shelled out for today," Jennifer mused.

She fixed him with a determined look and began rolling her glove down past her elbow, revealing the white, unmarred skin of her elbow. To take off her other glove, she had to remove the ring, and as she did so, she felt silly for being so turned on by Keith. As she dropped the other glove, Keith took her hand in his, and put her ring on again.

Her wedding ring was part of a matching set that Keith had said ran in his family. She had put the other one on his finger during the ceremony. He showed her a proper wedding band, with a very fashionable cluster of diamonds, that she would wear everyday, but insisted they use these ones for the ceremony. He said if they were worn while the marriage was consummated on the wedding night, the marriage would be a happy one.

How little he knew. As he stepped back to sit down, she felt her arousal mount again. She ran her naked hands over her bodice and began to sway to and fro. She gyrated to an imaginary beat as her hands fumbled with the buttons behind her back. When she finally unbuttoned the bodice, she held it up with her hands and inched it down her bosom, revealing more and more of her breasts.

Keith shifted impatiently in his seat. She noticed he had to adjust his boner, and she felt her panties were getting wet at the thought of what her body was doing to him. She let the bodice go, and it folded over her abdomen, revealing her white, strapless, push-up bra. Keith sighed in disappointment and Jennifer grinned at the control she had over the young doctor.

She turned around and bent over at the waist to step out of the dress. As she turned around, she smiled at Keith's gob smacked face. Not only was she wearing french cut panties of see-through white lace, her white stockings were cinched at mid thigh with lavender colored bows. She stood still and enjoyed feeling his eyes roaming all over her. She felt a drop of moisture slowly trickle down the inside of her left thigh.

"Darling," Jennifer intoned sweetly, "Could you undo my bra, please?"

Keith cleared his throat and stood up to do just that. His fingers on her shoulders felt like tiny lightning strikes. Her bra fell off and Keith put his hands on her sides. He started to kiss his way down her spine, leaving her shuddering with each hot breath he let out. He massaged each of her buttocks for a few seconds before unceremoniously ripping her panties down her legs.

Jennifer squealed as the sudden motion made her lean on him for balance. She was so hot and bothered she was starting to get dizzy. She pushed away from him and threw herself prostrate on the bed. The cool sheets felt ice cold on her skin. "I'm burning with desire," Jennifer thought. She looked over at Keith undressing.

Jennifer had been this aroused quite a few times before, but those were always with Christian. Now she studied the man hurriedly undressing before her eyes. Keith was a guy with average looks and average build. He had a handsome face and was very sweet and considerate, but he just didn't do it for her. To Jennifer, he was just a meal ticket, so why was she so aroused? She told herself it was because the plan was coming to fruition, or because she was going to get properly fucked later by Christian, but it was starting to feel like a bunch of little, white lies.

Keith stripped of all clothing, including his socks, and knelt beside her on the bed. His hands started to roam all over her body, like he was getting to know her all over again. His touch soon turned from exploring to deft. His hands seemed to tell his brain about all of her erogenous zones as soon as they came across them. He kissed the sides of her rib cage, caressed her neck and tickled her elbows in ways even Christian rarely did so well.

As Keith's hand slid down the back of his thigh, Jennifer knew she would go wild with lust if he but touched the back of her knee. Just as his fingers got there, they curled up and merely tugged the fabric of the stocking tops, passing on the lightest of touches to the sensitive skin on the back of her knee. Jennifer growled in unladylike frustration.

Keith smiled and turned his attention to her breasts. He gave them a couple of clumsy squeezes before refining his touch. Unlike all the other times before, his touch was perfect. He rubbed them in all the right ways, with just the right amount of pressure, and she started to moan.

"This man is driving me insane," Jennifer thought. "When did he get so good?" She started to pant in breathless excitement, her body was squirming of its own accord.

Keith finally leaned over her and kissed her. It was a tender kiss and contrasted with the passion she felt in an almost confusing way, before he started to plunder her mouth in earnest. He had never kissed her like that before. The whole experience was overwhelming to Jennifer. His touch was so perfect on her skin, it was as if he had received coaching on pleasuring her from someone that was even better at it than Christian.

"Holy crap! Being married really makes a difference." thought Jennifer. Keith's timing and the way his hands roamed all over her body set the pace of her growing arousal and drove the thoughts of Christian waiting for her to the back of her mind. Jennifer felt like a bomb was going to explode inside her if she didn't get fucked soon.

"Please, please, please, oh please," she begged in earnest, "fuck me now!" Keith stood directly over her with a triumphant expression on his face. She didn't care, she just wanted to get fucked, her vision was starting to get blurry on the edges. She felt as if her womb would incinerate.

His cock rubbed across her pussy lips and she became as taut as a bow string. Every part of her body now tingled in anticipation. She didn't care about money and things anymore. There was only this moment and the inescapable pleasure that was a thrust away. He flicked his cock over her clit twice and then took careful aim.

The thrust was forceful and her breath escaped her body unbidden. She was seeing stars behind tightly clenched eyelids. He twisted around a little and started to thrust in and out, hitting all of her pleasure spots. The perfect rhythm of his thrusts was mirrored by her screams of ecstasy. The repetitive motion was see-sawing across her clit and her consciousness at the same time, bringing her higher and higher. The stars were painting a pulsating tableau of pink and teal flowers in her eyes and Jennifer mentally braced for the best orgasm of her life.

She was just a thrust away when Keith suddenly changed his grip on her arms, pinning them above her head and pulled out. The emptiness came at the crucial moment, and Jennifer teetered over the edge of orgasm for what felt like an eternity. She felt like a volcano that was going to erupt if only a speck of dust fell on top of it.

But there was no touch on her genitals. She let out a shriek of frustration as her pleasure started to slip away from her. She looked up at Keith's grinning eyes. She tried to grind herself against him, but he knelt up and put himself out of her reach.

"Wanna cum?" Jennifer was flabbergasted that he would even ask such a thing. She could only suck in desperate gasps of air as he smiled broadly now. "Yes, you do, you dirty little minx. Well, I can do something about that, but only if you do something for me."

She was a ball of frustrated energy, desperate for release from her lust, so she could only stare at him incredulously as her breasts heaved for air. "I want to tie you up and claim you as my own," Keith said. Jennifer was torn between squirming out of his grip and finishing herself off and giving in to his request. She was driven to the point of insanity by his assault on her body and she could not come to a decision. She needed to cum right now, but how? By her own hand or by Keith's cock?

Keith took her hesitation as approval and he pulled her up to the head of the bed. He quickly hobbled her arms together with twist ties. She offered no resistance as he secured them to the bed frame. Keith pulled a delicate chain from under the mattress and snapped the cuff around her ankle. The unusualness of the situation finally broke through the haze of Jennifer's lust and she realized she was in uncharted territory. Vanilla Keith never even suggested he might be into things like this before.

Jennifer quickly ran through her meager options. She had but one leg free and she could not free herself on her own. Fighting with Keith in her position was very unwise. She still wanted to cum very badly. To her surprise, her newfound predicament actually added to her arousal. She guessed Keith must have hidden this side of him from her in order to not scare her before the wedding, and felt secure enough to let it out now. If only he knew how pedestrian this was for her, lying in a pool of her own juices while her lover tied her up.

She let him chain her other ankle to the other bedpost and begged him to fuck her quick. Keith again focused all his attention on her. He ran his hands up and down her arms, rubbed the insides of her stocking adorned thighs with his erection and nibbled on her nipples just the way she liked it.

She started to beg him in earnest. The tension was unbearable. She could feel her pussy lips open and close, she was that eager to cum. But Keith wouldn't fuck her. He knelt above her and kept driving her wild with his hands and mouth. The heat in her loins was threatening to consume her. He held her hips down with one arm and tickled all around her clit with the other. His mouth kissed all sides of her tits, just not her nipples.

Inarticulate groans left her mouth as he kept her exactly on the edge of orgasm, never letting her cross the peak, but never letting her fall down, either. Her perception constricted to just that cycle. Nothing else mattered in the least. A big part of her wanted this torture to go on forever, she wanted to lose herself in this clarity.

"For mercy's sake, man!" Jennifer shrieked, "What do you want?!"

Keith looked up and scrunched up his face, as if deep in thought. "I want you to swear to me, on our wedding vows," enunciated Keith, "that you will obey me forever."

Now she finally saw how to cum and she jumped at the chance to indulge in that white hot explosion of pleasure that was brewing under her skin. "Yes! Yes, I do! I will! I'll obey!"

Keith pinched her outer lips, causing her to flinch and scream in pain. "Not like that, say it like a formal oath. Swear to obey me. Swear it on our wedding vows."

She wanted this orgasm like she never wanted anything in her life before that. Besides, what was the harm of swearing in private something she already swore before a hundred people that afternoon? "I swear to obey you! I swear it on our wedding vows!" she screamed hoarsely.

"Not like that," said Keith, "say it in one sentence, and I'll make you cum as soon as you do it right."

The domination and the anticipation were driving her insane. She imagined that, if he didn't make her cum quick, she would become a bitch in heat, running around without clothes and rubbing her pussy against anything and anyone she found.

"Alright!" Jennifer looked right into Keith's eyes and spoke as he mouthed the words at her. "I swear to you," she gulped some air, "on our wedding vows, that I will obey you forever."

Keith sat back on his haunches and smiled in triumph. He started stroking his erection. "Hey!" Jennifer screamed. "You promised!"

"Be quiet," he simply said, and Jennifer suffered in mute frustration. She was hornier than hell and he was stroking an erection himself, when it could be so nicely stroked inside her velvet pussy. "Swear to me, on our wedding vows, that you will never lie to me."

"I swear to you, on our wedding vows, that I will never lie to you," Jennifer said without even thinking.

"Good," sighed Keith, "now tell me all about this little plot you hatched with Christian."

Jennifer lay there in horror listening to her voice tell the truth about the whole charade. She couldn't stop herself. She could not shut up. She could not even embellish anything. She just spilled her guts, while Keith slowly masturbated. She could not comprehend what was going on. Why was she telling him the truth, and why was she still desperate to cum? It was all a nightmare, but she forced herself to ignore her predicament and focus on thinking up of a way out of this.

When she finished with her summary, Keith merely nodded. "I figured as much, just wanted to make sure I had all the angles covered." He regarded her with affection, "Silly rabbit, thought you could pull a fast one on me, didn't you? Now, I bet you're all confused and scared, so I'll do some explaining too. You see, the rings we're wearing are magical."

Jennifer shook her head no. She wished she could tell him how insane he sounded, but something kept her from voicing her frustration.

"Yes they are. After a church official weds a couple with them, their magic comes into effect. The first effect is the one that felled you, the rings transfer the man's arousal to the woman. My erection made your pussy weep and your mind become as one-tracked as a guy's is. Took you right over, didn't it? Limited your intellect and turned you into a bitch in heat, right quick."

A cold dread pierced her to the very core of her being. She tried to deny his claims with all her being, but a small part of her mind recognized the truth in his words.

"The second effect is that whenever one of the spouses swears anything on their wedding vows to the other spouse, as you just did, it becomes true to them. Hence you cannot lie to me and you must obey me. By the way, swear as you did before, that you will never ask or allow me to swear anything to you on our wedding vows."

Jennifer's mouth did as ordered, despite her mind's protestations. She wished she would wake up from this nightmare. She wished Christian would brake down the door and save her. She imagined him consumed with lust for her. She pictured him giving in to jealousy and abandoning their plan. Keith's voice stopped her fantasy.

"Good girl. Now swear to me, on our wedding vows, to never remove or allow either of our rings to be removed." Keith leaned in close and whispered to her, as if taking her into his confidence, "It cancels all the previous vows."

Jennifer swore that and he also made her swear that she would never communicate any of this to anyone, not in any way possible. All hope left her. He had covered all his bases. She was now his slave forever.

"I'll soon send you to break Christian's heart in the cruelest way possible, but before that, you have to answer me one question." Jennifer's heart nearly stopped beating, she was so scared, all of a sudden. "Do you love and could you see yourself falling honestly in love with me in the future?"

Jennifer shrieked at herself to lie, to say yes. Maybe, if she managed to lie about that, he would have her go easy on Christian. Her voice said no, and Jennifer silently wept.

"That's all right sweetie," Keith said rubbing her stomach tenderly, "I do love you." He sighed, "Swear to me, on our wedding vows, that you love me with all your heart and being, now and for all eternity."

As Jennifer swore it, she realized it was true. A radiant smile split her face as she gazed adoringly up at the face of her Keith. She sniffled. Tears of joy were drying on her cheeks. She felt such serene happiness, she could not imagine why she was so scared earlier. The fire in her loins reminded her, she must have been afraid her husband would not let her cum, so she had started to cry. She squirmed against her bonds before his eyes and reveled in his lusty gaze.

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