tagIncest/TabooI Take My Brother to be My Husband

I Take My Brother to be My Husband

byNo Panty Girl©

It was Augusta's fifth year in Canada.

The twenty-four-year-old dark hair Portuguese beauty had emigrated after graduating high school in her hometown, Coimbra.

The emigration process had been long and trying but she had successfully been granted Landed Emigrant status and settled in Toronto, the economical engine of Ontario.

Having satisfied the five years of residence rule she had recently been granted her Canadian citizenship.

Augusta had obtained a good job with an advertising agency and had found an affordable apartment in the nearby suburb of Scarbourgh. The pretty buxom girl had met a young Portuguese lad at the Vasco de Gama Club and had been dating him for six months.

Augusta had her new life under control when she received the letter from her brother Sebastian.

Sebastian was two years older than Augusta and had also been trying to emigrate. After trying for several years he had been eventually denied for medical reasons. Sebastian had Parkinson's disease.

Sebastian explained in his letter he had one option left open for his to be granted landed emigrant status, if he married a Canadian citizen.

The chance of finding a Canadian girl who would be willing to marry a Portuguese man with Parkinson's disease was very remote. Sebastian was not very wealthy so he was unable to reward any girl who would accept him as her husband. He pleaded for Augusta's help.

Augusta consulted Bernie Levi, one of Toronto's top immigration lawyers, and told him her plight.

Levi advised her that it would be possible for her to marry her brother. The incest factor would not prohibit their union but it must be a bona fide marriage, not just a sham to circumvent the immigration requirements.

Augusta was even more confused, marry her own brother?

She had never thought of Sebastian in an erotic way even though she found her brother to be a handsome man. But to marry him and consummate their union that would take some consideration.

August pondered her dilemma before contacting her brother. What about the lad she was dating? She had not had sex with him yet and was still a virgin but she really liked him and had planned on giving herself to him.

What would her parents think about their son and daughter marrying each other?

Augusta wrote a lengthy letter to Sebastian explaining the situation and awaited his response.

Augusta was surprised to receive a swift reply accepting her plan. Sebastian had discussed the matter with her parents who had endorsed it. She was to marry her brother.

Augusta visited Levi again to reluctantly set the plan in motion. Was she doing the right thing? Augusta had been raised to believe duty to family was above all other considerations and if her brother needed her she would answer his needs.

The procedure dragged out over more weeks and eventually Sebastian was granted permission to come to Canada and marry his sister.

August waited at the arrival gate of Pearson International as United Airlines flight 812 from Lisbon disembarked. There was a crowd of about a hundred people gathered around the gate waiting to welcome their visitors.

Augusta peered through the glass doors to see if she could catch a glimpse of her brother.

It had been three years since August had last seen Sebastian on a visit home. He was had matured and developed into quite a hulk of a man. Standing a full six foot , tall for a Portuguese man, he weighed a muscular one hundred and eighty pounds and had a full head of jet black hair. Had he not been her brother Augusta would have found him attractive.

Augusta was getting anxious when her brother finally emerged from the Customs and Immigration counter. He had been almost the last out as they checked his papers.

It was a joyous reunion as brother and sister embraced and exchanged greetings.

Sebastian was dragging a large black tattered suitcase containing all his worldly belongings. They made their way out of the terminal and piled into a taxi to go to Augusta's apartment.

On the trip across the city they caught up on all the news and soon were discussing their new arrangement. Augusta emphasized the importance of their marriage being genuine in order to satisfy the immigration regulations. She casually inferred they would have to have sex together.

Sebastian laughed and assured his sister that would be no problem. He would be more than pleased to fuck her.

Augusta was both relieved and concerned with Sebastian's answer. She was glad their sharing the matrimonial bed was understood but apprehensive with her brother's desire to fuck her.

There was so much on Augusta's mind. What about children? Her religion did not permit birth control and they would have to rely on the "rhythm method". Augusta's cycle was very regular so they should be able to avoid pregnancy if they were careful.

Arriving at Augusta's apartment Sebastian unpacked his case showing his sister pictures he had brought from home and her mother's wedding gown that she had saved for her daughter to wear when she was married.

Augusta was glad the family was not there, it would be weird having them attend her marriage to her own brother. This way they could have a simple civil ceremony and no one need to know Sebastian was her brother.

Augusta lost her virginity that first night with her brother.

Augusta's apartment was only a one bedroom and as they would soon be sharing her bed Augusta invited her brother to sleep with her rather than unnecessarily on the couch until the wedding ceremony had taken place. Sebastian readily agreed to the arrangement.

August excused herself and went into the bathroom to ready herself for the night's adventures. A quick shower then fixed her hair and makeup and slipped on the black baby-doll pajamas she had bought for her wedding night. The pajamas were more of a tease than covering as they concealed little of her full figure.

Augusta was big girl, 38C breasts with wide hips. She had a lustrous natural black bush and her aureoles were large chocolate discs. She knew her brother would love sinking his cock into her.

Sebastian's eyes widened as she emerged from the bathroom, "You like?" she asked.

Sebastian was speechless as he gazed at his beautiful sister for the first time seeing her as a mature woman.

"Irmã!" Sebastian exclaimed.

August could see the bulge of approval rise in Sebastian's tight jeans.

"Why don't you have a shower? I will wait in bed for you." she smiled.

Augusta turned down the light and jumped in between the crisp white sheets on her bed. She could hear the shower running in the bathroom as her brother prepared to join her.

The shower stopped and she pulled the covers up under her chin awaiting her brother's entrance.

Sebastian walked into the bedroom completely naked! In the dim light she could see he had an enormous erection.

"Oh god, will that fit in me?" she wondered.

Sebastian pulled back the covers and got into the bed beside his sister.

August felt Sebastian's cockhead touch her bare thigh as he cuddled up to her and a chill went up her spine.

Sebastian reached over and cupped her left breast in his big hand. Even through the thin material of her top his grip excited her and a quiet moan escaped her lips.

Her brother leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth while his hand slid down to her crotch. Tunneling under the waistband of her panties his hand closed on her pussy. His fingers begin to explore her damp crevice as their tongues intertwined.

Augusta's pussy started to get wet as Sebastian's fingers found her engorged clitoris. He started strumming it like a miniature punching bag.

"Oh yes!" Augusta moaned as her brother took control of her body.

Sebastian climbed on top of his sister. It was the moment of truth. Carefully he guided the head of his hard cock into the wet slit between her legs and parting her virgin lips he pushed.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeooow!" the pain was excruciating bringing tears to Augusta's eyes as her brother's cock penetrated her pristine passage.

Augusta's fingernails dug into her brother's back as she gritted her teeth and bore the battering of her barrier.

In one powerful plunge Sebastian's cock was buried in his sister's vagina.

Sebastian lay still with his cock buried in his sister allowing the pain in her pussy to subside then slowly started to fuck her.

The sensation of her brother's cock sliding in and out of her created feelings stronger than Augusta had ever felt self-pleasuring herself. Her pussy began to lubricate making the presence of Sebastian's cock more comfortable. Soon Augusta found her hips gyrating in rhythm with her brother's plunges.

"Oh yes!" she moaned, "Fuck me!"

Augusta's cunt had adjusted to the size of her brother's cock and now he was sliding in and out of her painlessly. Augusta's body thrashed underneath her brother.

Augusta felt Sebastian's cock ejaculate into her, the sensation of warm cum filling her womb.

"Sebastian, you didn't come in me did you?" she cried.

"I couldn't stop." Her brother confessed.

"Oh my god!" Augusta thought, "His first night here and he could have made me pregnant!"

"You shouldn't come in me, you might make me pregnant!" Augusta chastised her brother.

"Sorry." Sebastian mumbled half-heartedly.

"Do you want to fuck me some more?" Augusta asked not having reached her climax.

"In a little while." Sebastian answered.

Augusta lay beside her brother almost naked with his spent cock in her hand. Gently she stroked it I hopes of bringing it back to life.

"Do you want me to suck it?" she asked out of desperation.

"Would you?" her brother smile.

Augusta felt her brother's cock twitch at the suggestion that she suck it.

Augusta had never sucked a cock before but it couldn't be all that difficult, many other girls did it.

She moved her face down to her brother's cock. She could see her blood smearing it and it shined with a coating of their juices. Courageously she took it into her mouth.

Parting her crimson lips Augusta's tongue came out and the tip tasted the head of her brother's cock like a serpent's. The sharp taste caused her face to pucker and she took a longer lick to accustom her taste buds to be assaulted.

Augusta's tongue provided a warm, wet ramp for Sebastian to enter her mouth. Sealing her lips around her brother's cock she inhaled deeply enclosing him in a war, wet vacuum.

Augusta's tongued explored Sebastian's shaft as she suck his cock. Up the underside feeling the bulging veins, up over the smooth helmet and around the circumference of the mushroom and back up the underside of the head to catch any precum he may surrender.

Sebastian's cock quickly became hard again in his sister's mouth. Realizing it was ready to bring her more pleasure she removed it from her mouth and her hips straddled his hard cock as it waved between her legs.

Lowering her crotch she held his cock in line to enter her pussy.

This time her brother slid into her easier. With only mild discomfort her pussy swallowed Sebastian's entire cock.

"Fuck me brother!" Augusta pleaded.

Sebastian's hips thrashed upwards driving his cock up into his sister's nest. Augusta's body trembled in anticipation of reaching her orgasm this time.

"Make me come, make your sister come!" Augusta begged.

Sebastian gripped his sister's hips and drove his cock up into her womb.

Gone was all care of fertilizing Augusta's womb, her brother's sperm squished in her vagina as she ask for another load.

"Give me a baby!" she finally beseeched Sebastian.

The sin of impregnating his own sister was too much of a turn on for Sebastian to resist and he was going to make his sister come this time.

Augusta had never imagined fucking could be so good. She had heard other girls talking about it but until she felt her brother's cock inside of her she thought they were exaggerating. Now she knew a hard cock inside her pussy was the most exhilarating feeling she had ever experienced. She rode Sebastian's cock like it was a mechanical bull.

A weird feeling was growing deep in the area around her brother's cock, a hint of the ecstasy to come. August felt the feeling growing stronger and stronger as Sebastian's cock rammed in and out of her at an ever-increasing speed.

"Harder Sebastian, harder!" she cried anticipating her orgasm.

Gripping his sister's hips securely Sebastian thrust up into Augusta's hungry cunt.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh!" August cried as her world spun out of control.

The sky was a kaleidoscope of multi-colored stars and a powerful rhapsody thundered in her head as her brother's cock spewed his seed into her once again.

This time Augusta welcomed it, her greedy pussy gulping up every drop of the creamy fluid.

Absolutely exhausted Augusta collapsed on top of her brother.

"I think I am going to like living in Canada!" Sebastian smiled.

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