tagErotic CouplingsI Think He Sent Me an Angel

I Think He Sent Me an Angel


I love when you come over in the middle of the night and surprise me. You have no clue how that turns me on so much. How you so gently climb on the bed and spread my legs apart and put your mouth on my pussy. What a way to wake up baby. When you are licking me so sweetly, and oh so thoroughly. Its amazing how well you can lick my pussy. Knowing just where to put your tongue. The way you tease me when you run your tongue up the middle of my cunt until you reach my clit barely flicking it but knowing it drives me insane. Ummm even when you put your fingers into me and pump in and out so slowly while your mouth is on me drives me crazy. I can feel every inch of your finger on the walls of my pussy and your tongue flicking my hard clit. Baby when i beg you to lick my ass and then you stroke your tongue from my asshole to my clit...you have me screaming and begging you for release.But you never let me cum . You love to torture me so much! You love when I am begging you to get me off, screaming at you to fuck me so hard, crying to have you pound your rock hard cock into my dripping wet tight pussy. You never do though. You always keep me on the verge of cumming. How do you do it knowing how hard you are knowing how badly you want your cock in my wet cunt. How do you hold back?

I try and put my own hands on my pussy but you wont let me.You let me just get so close to touching my aching pussy and you grab my hands away slapping them gently. Why do you have to be so strong baby....why do you always do this to me?

You love it when I am tearing your mouth off my pussy and clit and pulling your hips up to meet mine. You know I want you to fuck me so hard and so fast and to feel all 8 inches of your cock pumping deeply inside me. I want to feel every damn inch of you pounding into my tight wet pussy...and you want it to Baby...I know you do...you tell me every time how this is your pussy nobody's going to fuck your pussy...

At this time I always take your cock and rub it between my legs from ass to clit...you love when my juices are dripping down my thigh and onto my clean bed sheets. You always tell me how that turns you on and gets you so excited to know that only you can get me so wet the bed sheets are dripping with my juices. God, baby you make me so HOT!

I love it even more when you thrust your cock so deep inside me I cry out in pain...I beg you not to go so deep as you pound your 8 inches into my juicy wet hole. The feeling of you bouncing your cock into my cervix is pain and pleasure all rolled into one. I beg you to please slow down and not to hurt me. You look me in my eye and whisper that this is your pussy and you can do what you want and will fuck it as deeply, slowly, quickly and as hard as you like, all the while still fucking me like I'm a whore and mean nothing to you. You are right though, this is your pussy and I would never say no to you or really stop you no matter what you want to do with me. You got it like that and we both know it.

When you slow down and I put my legs on your shoulders and I watch as your cock moves in and out of my soaking wet pussy I cant help but go over the edge...I cant help it that you make me cum so hard.....and you cant help it when you feel my pussy tighten on your cock and you feel me shooting my cum all around your dick that you shoot your load so deep inside me. I feel it shoot inside and hit every wall of my pussy.....that is so hot baby....I think God sent me an Angel.....remind me later to make you a key....

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