tagLoving WivesI Think You Should Do It

I Think You Should Do It


It had been over 2 hours since she had left, closing the door quietly behind her, smiling over her shoulder at him as she followed Kate down the stone steps and to her car. He had watched them back out of the drive way and drive down the street, estimating the time it would take them to arrive at the rental house:10 minutes or so and they she would be with them.

Earlier that evening he had showered with her, kissed her face and neck and washed her hair and slick curves, inspected her shaving job, her legs, her pussy. While she dried off and brushed her hair, he went into her closet looking for the right outfit. He imagined her in her the low-cut black dress, thin fabric you could almost see through, v-neck almost indecent. It was August and humid and while he knew she wouldn't be wearing it for long, he thought she might be more comfortable in a skirt and top. He found her tight black pencil skirt with the back slit and kick pleat, the one that highlighted her ass, the folded fabric bringing the eye up to her round bottom. He could imagine the look on Bill's face when she walked in the room with that skirt on. He smiled and set it aside on the bed. The shirt he was unsure of, but he knew it needed to be button-down. She would wear it unbuttoned one button too low, but not indecent. She was like that: to the edge, a hint, a suggestion, a subtle invitation. He ultimately decided on a light blue short-sleeved fitted blouse with tiny pearl buttons.

She came in the bedroom towel-drying her hair.

"Is that what you want me to wear?" she asked. "Isn't it too formal? I mean, I don't plan on wearing my clothes for very long." She picked up the skirt and held it against her hips. "I look pretty good in this though."

"Yes, you do," he said. "I really want you to wear it for me." She shrugged and slid the skirt on over her hips.

"Well, I'm oblivious. You know what looks good on me. I have no idea." He laughed and handed her a black lace push-up bra and black lace panties.

"Trust me. You look great in that outfit. They will be floored when you walk into the room."

She put on the lingerie with his help and buttoned up the shirt then modeled nervously for him. She looked amazing, and when she slipped on the 3 inch black leather heels she looked spectacular. The look on her face had changed. She was still nervous but a cast of sexual excitement had entered her eyes.

"I can't believe we're doing this," she said looking at him intently. He stood up and and wrapped his arms around her, feeling her warm body pressing against him, his cock hardening at the thought of what was to come.

"You are going to be awesome with them" he said, imagining her blouse half unbuttoned, her breasts spilling out of her bra as Kate sucked one nipple and Bill the other. A scene he wouldn't witness in person, but one he had orchestrated and made happen through months of patience and planning.

The thought of his wife with another man made him harder than any airbrushed model or over the top pornographic image he could imagine. He had kept his desire to himself for years, not wanting to offend her or make her think he cared less for her. He wanted her to have the confidence to understand that his fantasy came from a place of lust and love, not indifference or coercion. When he finally confessed to her, she was not only surprised, but flattered and excited. Needless to say, their sex life instantly went into overdrive as they opened up to each other.

The serendipity surrounding his wife's friend asking her to join them in a threesome was unfathomable to him. One evening in early summer she had come home from a day at the beach and announced,

"Kate wants me to have a threesome with she and Bill."

He was floored.

"She does? Have you been telling her about my fantasy?" He was slightly irritated at the thought of his wife sharing this intimate secret with her friends.

"Oh no! I would never do that. This is the second time she's asked me. She asked me last fall and I was mortified, but this time, I actually thought about it and told her I would get back to her."

His mind was racing. While the thought of her with another man was extremely exciting to him, the reality of it actually happening was a different story. He couldn't imagine her finding Bill attractive. He wasn't classically good looking, or particularly outgoing or smart or funny, all traits she seemed to find attractive in friends and lovers. And what about Kate? Would the two women play around?

"Would you do it? Are you considering it? What has changed from the first time to now?" He was very curious what had given her pause to even consider a threesome with her friends.

"You. I am considering it for you. Before it was out of the question because of the whole marriage taboo. It was unthinkable. But now that I know that you like me a touch slutty, now that I know you get off on me getting off on other people, I feel like that would be a great safe way to test out this fantasy of yours." He would never forget how hard his cock was at that moment. His stomach twisted in a knot of fear and excitement. He went dizzy for a moment, then kissed her.

"I think you should do it."


So here he was, a month later, looking at the clock, imagining her on her hands and knees, ass in the air as Bill fucked her hard from behind while Kate kissed her. He had started out the night reading, but he couldn't concentrate on the story. He had made her promise to get a picture of Bill's cock in her mouth, a small token, proof of her indiscretion. He decided to wash the hardwood floors, the kitchen floors, finish up the dishes. He pictured her bent over the couch his hands on her hips; her kneeling in front of him as he guided his cock in and out of her mouth as she eagerly licked and sucked him; on her back, legs spread as Kate sucked her clit and Bill fucked her mouth; Bill stroking himself until he came all over her face. The images were incredible because any one of them could have been true, any one of them could have been going on as he thought of them. His wife was giving this guy his fantasy, yet he was getting so much more out of it than Bill ever would. Another hour passed and he was in blissful agony waiting for her to come home to him.

Soon after eleven car lights swung into the driveway and his stomach twisted in excitement. He couldn't wait to see her, but he forced himself to sit casually n the couch, his cock throbbing, dying to get his hands on her. The door opened and she walked in.

"Hello? Your wanton wife is home." Oh how he loved this woman....

They didn't make it past the couch; she was on him within seconds of walking through the door. She was warm and sexy and slightly tousled, but otherwise looked happily devilish.

"I bet you want to know what I've been up to," she said straddling him grinding slowly against him. He moaned into her neck, smelling perfumes and sweat that did not belong to her. She pulled back and looked him in the eye.

"We started by having a few drinks in the livingroom and talking. Oh god we talked. Talked too much about nothing. Bill was so nervous, you should have seen him. It was like he had to get up and make a speech. He was so excited but so intimidated at the same time." She unbuttoned her shirt and he had his hands on her breasts almost immediately, pulling down her bra cups to expose her nipples.

"Did he do this?" he asked pinching her nipples hard, just the way she liked it. She grinned.

"No, he just sucked on them really hard." He moaned and put his mouth against her breast and flicked his tongue against one then the other, sucking hard and then teasing her a little.

"Mmmm...yes like that. You do it much better though. He really liked having two sets of breasts to play with. He might have been a little distracted." She laughed. "After all that talking we finally went into the bedroom and the first thing he did was take our shirts off and suck on our nipples."

"What about Kate? Did she suck your nipples too?" Being able to play with another woman was a fantasy she had hoped to come true that night.

"No. She told me in the car that this was for him and that she was not interested in women. I was a little disappointed and after I saw her naked I was really disappointed, but just being with her and being able to watch her work him was really fun." She ran her fingers through his hair as he caressed her naked back under her shirt.

"So what next? Where was he? Were you guys standing or lying down?" He was getting impatient.

"He was sitting on the edge of the bed and we were standing in front of him. He was licking and sucking us and he had one hand on me and one on Kate. He was rubbing my ass and sliding his hand up my skirt. I'm pretty sure he was doing the same with her."

"Were you wet?" He knew she was. She was always hot and ready when he sucked her nipples. She laughed.

"Ummm...yes...He even commented because he slid his hand right up between my legs and was rubbing my pussy through my underwear and I was so hot...he said 'wow, you are really wet' and I said 'You should put your fingers in my pussy and really feel how wet I am.' Which he obviously liked because he pushed aside my underwear and slide two finger right up inside me." He couldn't hold himself back much longer...he pushed her off of him and pulled out his cock.

"You have to suck me a little...You are driving me crazy." She stood and held his cock in her hands, stroking him as she kissed his neck, his hands squeezing her ass over the fabric of her skirt.

"Are you sure you are ready for that? My story is just beginning?" She slowly sunk to her knees and jerked him off slowly, her lips grazing the tip of his cock. He fought hard against the urge to slide deep into her mouth. She was teasing him and he would cum in a matter of seconds if he wasn't careful, and he really wanted to fuck her. She sensed his tension and smiled up at him. "Let's lie down and I can tell you the rest of the story."

They resettled on the couch, his hands caressing her hips and ass.

"So, he was fingering you," he said. "What was she doing?"

"Oh he was fingering her too. He was working me with one hand and working her with the other." He could only imagine what was going though Bill's mind during that.

"Did he like it? " he asked.

"Oh yeah. He kept saying stuff like 'So much sweet pussy' It was really crazy. So then we pushed him down on the bed. This was about giving him a treat after all." She grinned, but looked a little nervous. "So we all took off the rest of our clothes and were totally naked. We helped him out of his jeans. He was really hard. He kept looking at Kate but always had a hand on me. He was really psyched."

She held his cock in her hands and looked at him intently.

"Did you suck his cock?" he asked. He knew she had but wanted to hear her say it.

"Yes, I did. We lay him down and I just couldn't help myself. He's smaller than you so I could take all of him in my mouth but I loved it. Kate kept saying stuff like 'Bill's got such a sweet cock, how do you like it?' and I obviously liked it. I told him that I loved sucking cock." He looked at her, surprised.

"You told him you liked sucking cock?" He grinned. She sat up and turned a little white.

"Well, I do. Was that OK? That wasn't too cheesy was it? It just sort of came out." He almost laughed at how perfect it was that she would say that.

"No no! That's awesome! You told another guy that you love giving head. Continue...this is great!" She looked at him sideways, unsure but lay back down against him.

"OK. I just want to make sure I'm not crossing any lines. " They both looked at each other and started laughing. "OK, I mean, not doing or saying things beyond the lines we have already crossed. Anyway, so we were both on him for a while: his dick in my mouth, his fingers in me, then she would switch with me, but he always had a hand between my legs. Then he sits up and looks at me and tells me to lie down, so I roll onto my back and Kate is sitting next to me. He spreads my legs and lays down and starts going down on me."

She paused and watched his face for a reaction, but he only smiled, envisioning the scene and how she must have tasted to this other guy.

"Was he good?"

"Yeah, he was really good and he really liked it. Kate was just sitting there watching him licking me...it was a little weird. I so wanted to reach out and touch her but I knew she wasn't into that, so I just concentrated on him and his tongue on my clit." He imagined Kate watching them: pin-up curvy with long dirty blonde hair. She could be quiet in public but from the stories his wife had told him, she obviously had a devious dirty side to her. She loved sex and it was obvious to him.

"Did he finger-fuck you too?" he asked, knowing she liked that.

"Yeah a little bit, but he got up and rolled on his back and asked Kate to give him head then pulled me over to him to straddle his face. He went to town on me like that. I was leaning against the window sill and pretty much riding his tongue in me and on my clit while she sucked him. It was crazy."

He almost fell off the couch.

"Holy shit....that's crazy. How long did this last? Did you cum?"

"15 or 20 minutes. Yeah, I came like 3 times." She giggled. "I didn't think I would be able to because I wasn't concentrating. The whole time I was thinking about you. Not in a bad way or a guilty way, but in an excited way. I was having a lot of fun, but I just couldn't wait for it to be over so I could tell you about it. I just couldn't wait to tell you and be with you and I couldn't wait for you and I to do this with other people too." She swung a leg over him and lay him flat on his back. He slid his hands up along her thighs under her skirt. She wasn't wearing underwear.

"You ho...No underwear?" He teased. She lifted her body up and held his cock against her warm slit. Her clit slid against him slowly and he ached to just slide deep inside of her, but he knew the story wasn't over.

"So we all end up sitting on the bed and then Bill says 'I need to fuck' and looks at Kate and Kate looks at me. 'You have me every night so you ought to fuck her first' she says, but she kind of looks like a deer in the headlights." She grins. "I was ready for him though, but we have to do the condom thing and Kate still looks funny, but Bills gung-ho about it and has me lie on my back and I pull him to me and then suddenly his cock is in me!" He kisses her then. He alternately wants to punch the wall and make love to his wife. It is a crazy feeling and as it settles in his stomach he realizes it is raw lust for his wife, raw desire and sex. He grabs his cock and slides it down until he feels it settle inside her. She sighs and slides down the length of him until he is deep inside her.

"So you fucked another guy." He says caressing her stomach and breasts, being very careful to make sure she understands he likes it and is not mad about it. She is moving in slow tiny circles.

"Yeah, I did...but only for five minutes or so. Kate was really weirded out by it. We had to stop."

"Were you OK?" He could imagine how intense it was watching your spouse with someone else. You had to be prepared for it and ready to experience some crazy emotions.

"I was fine. I was relieved really. Kate was OK, she just kind of stood up and said it was more than she could handle right then, so we stopped."

"Oh how could he have just stopped," he said, pushing her up, grabbing her hips as she moved her body so his cock was barely inside of her, then settled back down against him, moved her hips slightly, riding him quick and fast.

"Mmmmm...I didn't care. I was ready to come home to you. It wasn't so bad. We talked a little more and got dressed. I think Bill was a little disappointed. He kept talking about the next time we would get together." She leaned back and he could see his cock, wet with her, sliding in and out. He rubbed his thumb against her clit and felt her clench him deep inside.

"Of course he was disappointed." he said a little breathlessly. "He got to taste your pussy, you came on his tongue and all he wanted to do was fuck you while his wife watched. He wanted you badly but had to stop halfway." He pushed her off of him and lay her on her back with her legs in the air, slowly sinking his cock inside of her. She gasped as he fucked her hard.

"I got your picture...."she said gripping his ass, "Of his cock in my mouth. You'll love it. I only wish it was of him coming on my face..." and then she came hard, the waves of orgasm gushing over him as he pulled out and stroked his cock against her mouth until his cum poured against her lips and tongue cheeks and hair. They ground against each other, exhausted, then unwound their bodies and held themselves against each other, laying very still.

"That was really fun." She sighed.

"Your crazy threesome where you kind of got fucked?" He laughed.

"No...that....coming home and telling you about it and fucking you silly."

"I have to agree," he said then added, "But being home alone and knowing you were out there getting wild with another person or two was pretty amazing too." He was glad she was back but a part of him was thinking about the next time, who it would be with, hoping she would get really fucked, how he would feel knowing she was enjoying it, and how amazing it would be when she came back and told him the story. He imagined the possibilities and the options: the two of them going to a bar separately and him watching her dancing with other men, her going to another city and calling him to ask permission to give a guy a blow job, her making arrangements to go on a date to fuck someone else, the two of them with another couple where he would get to watch her with another guy and she would watch him with another woman. The first step had been taken.

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