I Thought I was Straight


I eagerly retrieved every last drop of his cum before Bubba noticed. "You look like you need some release."

Taking his cock out of my mouth, I whimpered, "God, yes."

He chuckled, "Sorry man, I am no faggot, but you can go ahead and get yourself off."

As soon as I grabbed my stiff erection I felt my orgasm building and three quick pumps was all it took and I shot the biggest, most satisfying load of cum all over myself.

Bubba, with a smirk after I was finished, said, "You should probably go and clean up you look like a real faggot with cum all over your face."

I stood up and felt my cum slithering down my leg and my ass feeling suddenly empty. In the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and stared at my cum covered face. Instead of washing my face, I scoped the cum from my cheek and put it in my mouth. I was mortified by my actions and yet was already craving more of his cum.

I washed my face and legs and went to my room, noticing Bubba's light was now out. I lay in my bed, my ass suddenly quite sore and yet feeling empty. I closed my eyes and fell asleep wondering how I was going to face him on the morning.


I groggily I woke up the next morning and as I rolled onto my back I felt a sudden pain. I was jolted awake as the memories of last night replayed in my head. Had I really sucked Bubba and then allowed him to fuck me? The feeling in my ass was clear evidence I had. I lay in bed trying to figure out how I was going to confront Bubba. This had clearly been a drunken mistake, even though even as I tried to convince myself that was true my cock was already growing.

I got up, threw on some clothes and went to have breakfast, praying Bubba wasn't up yet...of course he was.

Bubba was naked, at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of cereal. He looked at me and asked with a smug smile, turning his chair towards me and opening his legs to showcase his limp cock, "Want some breakfast, faggot?"

In just four words he clarified our relationship and I didn't fight it. In four words I accepted, now sober, last night was not just a drunken mistake. My mouth was watering and my ass was tingling. I had become exactly what he wanted...his faggot.

I walked over to him, fell to my knees and without a word took his cock in my mouth.

Bubba spoke, "You are such a good little faggot, a good little princess."

Such degrading words only enhanced my desire to please and as his beautiful cock grew in my mouth. While on my knees, Bubba's beautiful cock in my mouth, I knew Corey had seized to exist and had been replaced by Coraline.

Bubba moaned, "Fuck you are such an eager little slut. By the way faggot, when here you will be naked at all times. Is that understood?"

I took his delicious cock out of my mouth and submissively agreed, "Yes, Master."

As I eagerly returned to sucking Bubba's cock, bobbing up and down like the cum craved faggot I was turning into, he said with a chuckle, "Master, I love that."

A couple of minutes of fast-paced cocksucking and I was rewarded as I felt his load rocket into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed every last drop and craved more.

Bubba pulled his cock out of me and complimented, as he stood up, "Fuck you are a natural born cocksucker, Corey."

"Thank you," I replied, before asking, "What about when we have people over?"

He replied, "I will let you know when we will have guests, but otherwise you will be completely naked at all times."

"Of course," I replied, accepting the bizarre new world I was now living in.

He left me there on my knees, the aftertaste of his cum still lingering in my mouth. I waited till he was gone before moving.

Standing up, I shook my head, my still cock begging attention, thinking to myself, 'it was only yesterday I thought I was straight.'


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by Anonymous

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by Corky194212/21/17

Hot Story! Been There...Sort of

Very hot, and very well written. As a former high school and college athlete, I can tell you that sex between male teammates is not that rare. During the final three years of high school I was regularlymore...

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by Anonymous10/05/17

Loved It

Great story. I am female but Love men loving men. I prefer relationships with bi and gay and trannies. Besides being fucked by a man, nothing turns me on more than 2 men fucking and sucking. Like mymore...

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by Anonymous09/07/17

Hypnotic black cock

White boys just can't keep from worshipping black men with big black cocks. That black cock hypnotizes us and turns us into submissive cocksuckers. Just one look and we are immediately thinking about it,more...

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by Rwa476808/10/17


I always enjoy your stories. I can't get enough of your cocksucking stories and the ones on hypnosis. I have been watching some hypnosis videos online about cock worship and it is very similar to themore...

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by kneelnakedforbbc06/07/17

All whites will suck black cock if given the chance

Another superb story about the inevitable submission of white men to black cock. Even if one had never read another SSL story before, there was never any question whether the white guy would end up suckingmore...

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