tagIncest/TabooI Thought I Was Unlucky

I Thought I Was Unlucky


Author's note: This is my first story and I hope that you enjoy it. I'd love to hear your feedback and please vote on the story. Just to let you know, I've never had sex before or seen it in real life and so I don't know how realistic my story sounds. But I really would like it if anyone sees any flaws or thinks of improvements to tell me. If you are good at writing sex scenes I'd like to know so that I could include your inputs in the story in future and name you as co-writer.

Anyway, please enjoy.


It was my Cousin Rick's 21st birthday the next day and that night I was going to go out with him and some of his friends so as to celebrate the event. It was a Friday and my aunt, uncle and my other cousin Melanie were decorating the house and cooking for the large family party the next day. Their house is an fairly large being a two storey house, not including the basement and attic, with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms and it has a large backyard with a pool in it. It was approaching 6 o'clock when I pulled up into my cousin's driveway having just arrived from work. I work part time in between university lectures when I can as a gym trainer and had been doing so for the last year or so.

I am not one to brag, but I do believe that I am fairly well built, being able to bench press 170 lbs. I inherited the best characteristics from both my parents. I have jet black hair, I am 5' 10" in height and my weight was roughly 180 lbs the last time I checked. I rushed out of the car and madly rang the front door bell. I heard the sliding of the door chain and the click of the door unlocking.

"Jake, it's been too long mate," said Rick coming forward with a bear hug. We hadn't seen each other in over a year because my cousin went to a university that was a 5 hours drive away and therefore he had to board there. We were almost like brothers since neither of us had one and we were only 6 months in age apart, I of course was the older.

"Yeah," I replied in between catching my breath, "Look I just came from work, do you think I could take a shower."

"Sure, it's just down..." Rick said before I butted in, "I think I still know where the bathroom is. You haven't been away that long." I dumped my stuff in my Rick's room and took out a change of clothes, towel and toiletries. I stepped out and went to the bathroom which was just down the corridor. However, when I got there I realised it was locked and so I knocked on the door.

"Who is it," rang the familiar voice of Melanie my other cousin.

"It's me, Jake," I replied. Suddenly the door opened and I saw Mel poke around the edge of the door. She had changed somewhat over the last year, becoming fuller in the breast and growing out of her bony looking figure. I was greeted with another hug but not as bad as Rick's.

"I'll be about another 5 minutes in her," Mel said. Naturally I couldn't be bothered waiting that long, so I went to see if the on suite one which was adjoined to my aunt's and uncle's room was free. I found the door to the bedroom partially open, so I stepped in. Apparently there had been some renovating going on here since there was a new king size bed stationed along the far wall. The layout of the bedroom is such that when you walk in there is an inbuilt wardrobe that is around 3" deep which is to the right and to the left is a wall.

I stepped in I looked around the corner of the wardrobe to the right to see if anyone was in the room. What I saw stunned me. My aunt Julia was in the bathroom applying some sort of cream to her lightly tanned legs. I had never thought of her in any way other than an aunt before but I had this sudden swelling in my shorts. I knew what was happening and that it was wrong but I couldn't resist. The sight of her long brown wavy hair hanging down her sides, her tanned body in a white laced bra that cupped her rounded breasts and her white partly see through panties that moulded her tightly curved ass were amazing. It was only a side on view but it still had a significant effect as my hormones let loose. Luckily she couldn't see me due to that fact that her head was turned to the side. I quickly regained consciousness and hurriedly stepped out of the room. I decided to wait for Mel to finish and so I went down stairs to see if my uncle Dave was home.

He was in the kitchen choosing a beer from the fridge. Uncle Dave heard me come in and turned around.

"Come her my boy," he said whilst, I hate to say giving me a bear hug twice as bad as Rick's, "how'd you like a beer to cool you down." Uncle Dave and Aunt Julia, my mother's younger sister, had taken care of me when I was young. My mother had for some time breast cancer and was always in and out of hospital. Dad of course would always be with her and as such I would stay at my Cousin Rick's house, thus, why we are so close.

"No thanks," I said, "I'm just waiting for Mel to finish in the bathroom."

"The bathroom is free Jake," shouted Mel.

"Talk about timing, maybe I'll have that beer later," I said to Dave. I went up to take my shower but I couldn't get the image of Julia out of my mind. I was just about to start masturbating when a knock rung on the door.

"Hurry up in there, I need to use the bathroom," said Rick. I decided that I had to wait till later and I quickly finished up, getting dressed in some casual jeans and a shirt. I put my stuff back in my bag in the bedroom then went downstairs, planning on taking Dave up on his offer of a beer.

"Where's the beer you promised," I said to Dave.

"Right there on the bench and chilled," he responded. As I went to pick it up I saw in the reflection of the window, Julia coming down the stairs. I crept back and hid around the corner of the door. She walked in without seeing me and I stealthily snuck up behind here. I quickly covered her eyes with my hands and in doing my arms touched slightly against her breasts.

"Guess who," I said.

"Is it Tom," she said

"No, try again," I said

"Is it... Johnny," she said. I knew at this point that she was mucking about but I didn't mind as I slightly applied a bit more pressure to my arms against her breasts.

"Hmm... This is tough... Is it Jake," she said with a joyful tone in her voice. I removed my hands and she turned around and gave me a warm motherly embrace. In doing so she pulled close to me and I could smell the honey and almond scented cream that she had applied before. My dick pushed against my pants and lightly into her stomach and my leg came into contact with her pants through which I could feel the warmth radiating from her treasure and an unusual sensation that felt like moistness. I blamed it on my hormones.

"It's lovely to see you again, I'm just going to start cooking dinner. I am making your favourite, lasagne," she said whilst pulling away from the embrace. I sat down with Dave and Rick on the lounge to watch some T.V. The movie Terminator 3 with Arnold Schwarzenegger was playing. After some time dinner was ready. We all sat down and started eating.

"It's great," I said and was then supported with a, "Yeah," from Dave and Rick.

"Thanks to Mel's help I could make it quickly," Julia responded. I asked Mel who was next to me to pass the salad. But when she crossed her arm over the table, it knocked over my glass of water.

"I'm so sorry," Mel said.

"Don't worry," I assured her, "I'll clean it." I went to the kitchen and tore off a couple of sheets of paper towel. I then went back to the table and bending down I started mopping up the water. As I turned my head up I was greeted with a view up Julia's knee-length skirt. I saw her tanned thighs and I could see her hair behind the laced panties. There was a moist part in the centre that hugged her puffy lips.

I was frozen in the instance until Mel said, "Are you alright."

"Yeah," I said, "I just need more paper." I went back to get some more paper but when I came back I saw that Julia's legs were crossed and obstructed my view. I had to be satisfied with the short glimpse that I had. The rest of the night was uneventful. Everyone went their own ways, I was tired and decided to get some extra sleep for the following day which promised to be a good one.


I was woken in the morning by Dave who said, "Wake up sleepy head, we have a lot of work to do and breakfast is already ready." I got up and went down for breakfast. I always remembered loving breakfast here. There was bacon, sausages, hash-browns, fried mushrooms pancakes and eggs were being cooked on order. Not to mention toast and cereal for whoever felt like it. I asked for two bullseye eggs and poured myself a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I dined like a king and only stopped when I nearly felt like I'd blow up.

I collected the dishes and started washing up when Julia came up and said, "Don't worry about that. Why don't you help Dave set up outside?" I ran upstairs and put on some clothes to work in. Rick was busy cleaning up the house whilst Mel was helping Julia in the kitchen.

Downstairs Dave was setting up some picnic tables for the food and so I asked him what I could do. He said that I should start cleaning the pool and so I did so. Apparently the pool hadn't been used for sometime because it was filled with bark and dead leaves. I helped out a bit more with a few other tasks. However, after sometime I began thinking of what I had seen the previous day. A bulge started growing in my pants and knew I had to relieve myself. It was close to 12 o'clock and I said that I was going to get ready. I went up to Rick's room and picked out the clothes that I was going to wear. I got my toiletries and towel and went to the main bathroom.

As I started unchanging I heard a faint noise coming through the wall. I knew on the other side was the on suite bathroom. As I scanned the bathroom I saw a faint light come through the wall in the corner. There I discovered a narrow sliver of a crack in the wall. I remembered that was from when Rick and I had been running around when we were younger and I had slipped in the bathroom and fell into the wall, causing the thin wall to partly crack. As I looked through it I saw Julia standing in her bathroom with a short towel tied above her waist. I was confronted with a full bloom view of her breasts. It was as if they were sculptured by Michael Angelo himself. There was the rounded areola and her nipples were stiffly poking out. She then suddenly took off her towel and threw it to the side. As such, I was awarded with the full view of her ass. I immediately made sure the door was locked and then returned to my secret view point. I finished taking my clothes off and held my dick in my hand. I started sliding my hand up and down, slowly at first, taking in everything I saw and storing it to memory for later. Then she walked over to the sink and bent down to the bottom drawer. When she did so I saw her pussy in all its glory. Her pink fleshly lips were gleaming from wetness. Then she did a strange thing. She pulled the drawer out of its slot and bent down to reach towards the back of the cupboard. I realised why she did so when she stood back up holding a dildo in her hand. Then with no hesitation, she took it and gently slid it into her vagina. My mind went raving mad at this point and I was now jerking off faster than ever. Gradually she started thrusting the object faster and deeper, with a great force. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was me she was holding rather than the inanimate object she had. Without warning her body started shaking and I could tell she was going to have an orgasm. I couldn't hold back any longer and we both cummed simultaneously with her giving off a little moan. Luckily my towel was still in my hand and I protected the cum from spraying everywhere by catching it in the towel.

Julia hurriedly put the dildo back into its secret hiding place and then she started applying the same lotion as last time to her legs. So that is what you were doing last time I thought. I hurriedly took my shower and got changed, not wanting the rest of the family to become suspicious why I was taking so long. When I went done everyone was there, including Julia, and it was no more than 10 seconds before I finished coming down the stairs when the door bell rang. Within the next 10 minutes all of the family started pouring in. Our families weren't overly large like some others and this then allowed all the sides to know one another. So it was no surprise when all of Dave's family came over. It was now about 1 o'clock then and once everyone was in, lunch was started. There was a huge buffet with dishes ranging from roasts and meats to salads of different sorts. Afterwards, there was Julia's famous apple pie and lemon meringue that was thought of as the best tasting by anyone who had it. The party was great fun and I had a chance to catch up with many of my relatives who I had not seen for a while.

It was all over by mid-afternoon with people leaving in dribs and drabs. After everyone had gone, the work was left to us to clean up. But since everyone was exhausted after the party we thought we'd wait a bit and clean up afterwards. Only the food had to be put away but the deco and other stuff could be done later on. We had about a one hour break before Rick's friends rang up. They said to me that they were going to be at the place arranged for in 20 minutes. I told Rick it was time to go and we said our goodbyes to everyone.

As we were walking out the door Dave said, "Try to keep an eye on him won't you."

"Don't worry about it," I said.

"We're we going," Rick impatiently asked.

"You'll see when you get there," I said. We drove for 15 minutes before I parked the car. As we got out, Rick's 3 friends came up to wish him happy birthday. I led the group down the street until we stopped outside a strip club. It was originally my idea to come here. I had of course asked Dave and Julia for their consent and after having received it, I rang up Rick's friends and told them the plan.

"In here," I said as I watched a grin come across Rick's face. I went up to the bouncer and told him who I was and he looked on his list and saw my name. He looked at Rick and his group of friends and nodded at Rick, asking whether he was the lucky guy. I answered with a simple nod back and then he winked to me and opened the door. The inside was full of people. It was mainly tables and chairs but there was a long bar on the side with a stage at the far end of the hall. Different people were going up and doing their thing. I had a table close to the stage reserved already and asked one of the barmen to show me which one it was. I bought a round of drinks for myself, Rick and his friends. Then one of the dancers came up to our table and asked which one was Rick. She was dressed in thigh length black stockings, a black thong and a black silky bra. The black theme emphasised her long hair and face as well as her somewhat fair complexion. Rick shyly put his hand up and then the dancer got on top of the table and started dancing for Rick.

"Happy Birthday," I said to Rick but he was so astonished that he couldn't reply and the mesmerised look on his face told me more than words could. Rick's friends and I had pooled together some money to pay for the entertainment. She was a pretty good dancer and well worth the money. Rick never took his eyes off here as she slowly danced, swinging her hips to the music and sliding her arms up and down her body and through her hair. She lingered over her breasts as she slowly undid the buttons eventually causing the bra to gently slip off. She had one of the best racks I had ever seen, not too big and well rounded. She reminded me a lot of Julia and the images of Julia masturbating kept popping in my head as I watched on. All the while there was cheering not only from our table but from surrounding one's as well that were looking on. She came off the table and pulled Rick up close. All the time still dancing as she slid up and down Rick's body, which was stunned and stood stiffly still. The bulge in his pants was obvious, especially when she started to rub close to Rick. When she was done, I got a photo of her with Rick.

Yet, my luck, or so I thought, had run out. A group of podgy bikie thugs came our way. The leader, whose body was covered with tattoos, came straight up to Rick. The whole hall fell silent and all eyes were on us.

"You're in my seat," he said with a hoarse voice. Rick was too shocked to speak so I stepped forward.

"We are not bothering you. Leave us alone," I said to him without a trace of fear in my voice. Rick and his friends were pretty well built, all of us taking care of our healthy. If we were to take these guys on, we should be able to do so without too many problems.

"Make me," said the bikie leader with the distinct smell of tobacco and liquor in his breath. And with those words, he swung a fist at me. Luckily I saw it coming and was able to step out of the way. Then this guy's friends stepped forward, but the entire hall had seen that it was not us who had started the fight. Pretty soon Rick, his friends and I were fighting a group of 5 thugs. We were evenly matched, when suddenly Rick was hit in the jaw and fell on his side on the floor. Seeing this I charged the one who had hit Rick and with a round-arm punch, I knocked him out on the floor. It was just at this time that the bouncer I had seen at the door came in and helped us tackle down the gang. In a couple of minutes the cops came and interviewed us for reports but since there were witnesses to testify on our behalf, we were let free. Rick said he had a severe pain in his shoulder, and I suspected it may have being dislocated, so I told him I'd take him to hospital to have it looked at. His friends left, cheering him up with their comments as they did and as we walked out of the club we were given a heartily applause. I thanked the bouncer who said it was no problem and that they usually had some problems with these people who sneak in around the back. It was not long since the joyfulness came back into Rick's face from all the adrenaline that had being pumping through him that night for a variety of reasons. On the way to the hospital, I rang Dave.

"Hey, Dave," I said as the phone answered.

"What's up," he said.

"We got into a bit of a tangle with a group in the club. Rick is injured, nothing too serious I think, we are on our way to the local hospital," I stated.

"OK. We'll see you there," he replied with a deep sigh.

At the hospital I asked if there was a doctor on duty and thankfully there was. Whilst the doctor was examining Rick's shoulder, Rick's family walked in.

"How is he," Julia asked the doctor.

"Well he seems to have a dislocated collar bone. It can be put back in place but it will be a little painful. He'll be able to leave sometime tomorrow," replied the doctor, "I'll let you be for the time being."

"Thank you," we all said. I told Julia, Dave and Mel what had happened that evening, excluding anything of course before the fight, thinking it not necessary to tell thme in any detail at all about the dance. Dave thanked me for looking out for Rick and was especially pleased when I told him I knocked out the guy who hit him. Mel sat by Rick's bed just watching him. Julia of course acted like the typical mother, asking thousands of questions with little relevance at all and quite often repeating herself.

After some time I asked, "Who would like to stay here the night? I think I'll go back if that is OK with you Rick?"

"Of course," he said, "and thanks for the gift and your help."

"No problems. I guess you'll remember it now," I replied. Rick and I started laughing when I said it.

"I think I'd like to stay," said Dave.

"Me too," confirmed Mel.

"Well I'll go back and finish cleaning up," said Julia. We said goodbye and started for home. Julia was quite on the way home, didn't say a word. When she got back she started to clean up straight away so as to forget about Rick's injury.

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