tagInterracial LoveI Thought My Wife Was Perfect

I Thought My Wife Was Perfect


I had been married to Leanne for 3 years and I guess you could say our marriage was perfect. We were both 27 at this point and were now trying for our first child, something we had discussed a lot recently. Leanne had just got a great new job and we had some friends over to celebrate.

I loved Leanne from the first moment I saw her. Not everyone's ideal woman I suppose, but maybe that's why I fell for her. Leanne is very short with a full figure and a wonderful, dazzling smile. Her cropped brown hair gives her a slightly mischievous quality and her gorgeous brown eyes are just stunning. We had a good sex life, but with trying for a baby it had become more of a means to an end just lately.

Our gathering was coming to a close and people had been steadily leaving for a while. There were just a few of us left and Danny and Louise were just telling us they were heading off. Louise could drive herself but Danny would need a lift home so I volunteered to drive him. That would leave just my wife and her friends Helen and Jake in the house until I returned. Well, I'm sure they could amuse themselves for a while.

Just as I was about to get into the car Louise offered to drive Danny home herself. Not only did this save me the effort but it could also lead to something, those two had been single for a long time, so I let them go off together and crossed my fingers for them. As I was locking the car back up I realised that Helen was also heading off so I waved goodbye and started to make for the house again. Suddenly I stopped and thought for a moment. Helen leaving meant that my wife was alone with Jake inside. Nothing strange in that perhaps but I had been nervous of him the moment he arrived. I had never met him before and I was stunned to see how much he had flirted with Leanne at the party. He just couldn't seem to take his eyes off her all night and he was really pissing me off. She did look stunning tonight, in her little green summer dress and brightly coloured pink nails, she was like a ray of sunshine, but I wanted nobody eyeing her up but me. And Jake was not the kind of guy you wanted eyeing up your wife. He was well over 6 foot, a huge muscle-bound black man with short black hair and bulging arms.

The whole night I had been slightly curious about whether Leanne was in the least bit interested in Jake. We were happily married and neither had ever strayed and I was confident neither of us ever would, but Jake was no ordinary man on the street. I decided that instead of going back inside the house I would peer in through the window, just to check on them and make sure nothing would happen. In all honesty I think I hoped that Jake would make a move on my wife, just so I could be certain that she would turn him down and remain faithful to me.

I watched them through the window. They were just talking innocently on the sofa, holding their drinks. I checked around me to make sure nobody else was nearby. They weren't, everyone had gone home and our house was pretty secluded. I continued to watch and then I noticed how flirty it was getting. Something about Jake's body language unnerved me and then he put his drink on the table, leaned over and tried to kiss my wife. I stood, spellbound. I knew he was after her! Thankfully my fears subsides as she pushed him away, looking slightly shocked. But then he leaned over again and this time her efforts to push him away did not stop him. Jake continued to try and kiss Leanne and she struggled to push his face and body away from her, but Jake was far too strong for her and was holding her arms as he slowly kissed her face and neck.

I was frozen to the spot, aware that this man may be about to forcefully take my wife, but I just couldn't stop watching. Before long Jake's groping hands were all over my wife's body and were beginning to struggle to remove her clothing. Leanne was wearing that loose green dress and his hands slid beneath it as he felt for her pussy. My wife was still struggling but it was no use, he had her in his grasp and now had his hand permanently under her dress, probably caressing her clit.

He continued to kiss my wife's neck and face and slowly her fighting was subsiding, perhaps she was starting to surrender. I thought about rushing back into the house, after all, she had more than proven her fidelity to me, and suddenly the realisation of what was happening in front of my eyes was clear. I was planning what I would do as I threatened him...but then I watched the mood change slightly. Leanne was no longer struggling against him, but her face had turned from fear into something else. Jake was now fingering her with one hand and caressing her breasts with the other, slowly sucking on the nipples. Leanne was facing the ceiling...and smiling. Leanne was smiling?

His mouth left her nipples and crept up her chest and neck to her lips. He started to softly kiss her lips time and time again with no reaction from Leanne. She suddenly appeared lost in a dream, unreactive to what was around her, but then, to my amazement my wife started to kiss him back, softly at first, and reluctantly, but then it grew more passionate. For the first time her hands left her side and actively started to stroke Jake's body and pull him closer to herself. Jake's hand was still on her pussy and I wondered if maybe he had turned her on too much to resist.

Jake stood up and began removing his clothing. His shirt came off to reveal a body builder's physique and as he was removing everything my wife quickly slid off her dress and panties to uncover the beautiful body I had made love to so many times. Jake slid down his underwear and I could see my wife's face gain in excitement as we both saw his cock. It was huge and I knew exactly what he wanted her to do now. I wondered whether she would decline to suck him off because she never gave me head anymore. Not a chance. He slapped his dick into my wife's face and she started to caress his shaft with her little fingers and cute, bright pink nails. She ran them along its full length and massaged his balls and then began to lick it all over. She tried to take the full length in her mouth but couldn't fit it all in. I felt utterly inadequate as I watched her pleasure this man in our own house, completely unaware that I was within 10 miles.

She sucked his huge cock until he gently pushed her face away with his hands and lay her body down onto the sofa. She had a lustful look on her face now as she watched him manoeuvre his body over hers. He sat up and gently pushed his dick inside her pussy. It was too big for her and she looked uneasy at first. He began to slide it slightly deeper within her each time until he could completely sheath his cock inside her beautiful white body. She gasped each time he entered her, half through pain, half through ecstasy. He held her legs apart and thrust into her rhythmically, every thrust driving my wife utterly insane with joy. She held his huge thighs with her hands as he pounded her and his eyes held the lustful desire I had noticed all evening.

He pulled my wife's legs up vertically and rest her feet on his huge chest as he pounded her. Her cute, bright pink toes grasping at his flesh as he pleasured her inside. Then he started to hold her feet and stroke them before guiding one up to his mouth and he seductively sucked on her toes. She bit her lip as he licked her feet all over and sucked them. She loved it. I couldn't believe it! I had always worshipped her gorgeous feet and perfect toes but had never been brave enough to try anything in case she thought I was weird, now here I was watching another man suck her toes, getting off on it and her laying back and loving it. He sucked on one foot, and then the other, licking her toes, the sole, the heel, everywhere, before taking them in his mouth and sucking softly.

I could take it no more, I slid my hands down my pants and started jerking myself off, watching this live sex show in my own house, feeling like a dirty voyeur staring through the window, but this was my wife I was watching. Somehow it felt ok.

Jake lowered his full body on top of my wife's and slid his arms under her neck. He gripped her firmly and was thrusting with more vigour and purpose now. He caressed her body as he pounded her and she was exploring his back and his ass with her fingers. Her fingers settled on his ass and she gripped him tightly and forced him deeper and deeper inside of her pussy. I'd never seen her this passionate while making love and her passion was getting the better of her. Even through our thick windows I could hear her gasps and short screams.

"Yes Jake, YES!" She screamed as she refused to release him from her tight grasp. His body was now pounding her so fast and hard that I couldn't believe he was still going and hadn't cum yet. In fact he started to slow down and then removed his dick from her pussy, causing an audible groan from my wife, apparently disappointed. But her disappointment didn't last long. He lay down in her place and she climbed on top of him and straddled him with her legs. She lowered herself on top of his huge black cock and began to ride him. He gripped my wife's thighs with his giant hands as she rode him and she rested her hands on his enormous chest, pumping up and down, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body with every thrust.

"Come on baby!" My wife gasped. "Come on baby! cum inside me! come on!"

I could see that Jake was close, he was beginning to groan and my wife looked deeply into his eyes as she rode him. Her pink fingernails delicately caressed his huge, heaving black chest as he gripped her waist tightly. She was riding his cock, caressing his body, it was all too much for him. His groans became louder.

"Cum inside me Jake, cum inside me!" I heard my wife scream at the top of her voice. It seemed to give permission for Jake to finally do it as his cock pulsated, pumping load after load of warm cum deep deep inside my wife's soft pussy. He held her tightly in place, completely still as he continued to unload himself inside her, groaning with every pulse and eventually his groans subsided and Leanne collapsed on top of him and they embraced closely.

I felt a rush of excitement too and I unloaded into my pants, a pathetic result compared to the show I had witnessed. I watched as my wife eventually got up, slowly releasing Jake's cock from her pussy, and with it a wave of semen slid out of her pussy and ran down the vast length of his shaft. Suddenly my wife seemed to realise what she had just done and seemed eager to clear up the mess and see Jake out of the house. They left the room and reappeared later cleaned up and clothed, my wife looking sheepish.

They came to the door and as they said goodbye I saw him kiss her on the cheek and tell her he'd see her soon. My wife didn't look so keen. It's then that she saw my car, still sitting there on the drive. She looked around for me but I remained hidden. As she re-entered the house I wondered how I should confront the issue.

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by MightyHorny01/04/18

... 'Confront the issue'?

What 'issue'? He got exactly what he wanted, didn't he?

He wanted to know if his wife would willingly submit herself to another man, and he got proof that she wouldn't. But, way more importantly, he wantedmore...

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by sas644607/20/17


You're another sick ass-wipe!!!

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