tagRomanceI Thought She Made You Up Ch. 03

I Thought She Made You Up Ch. 03


This and one more installment should finish it up. Are you with me so far?


I did call CeCe that Friday, and pretty much every Friday for months.

The photos were a big hit. She said guys were actually starting to notice her. She started a collection of biker bar tee shirts, mostly from going out with me once or twice a month when she got home. Others she bought in shirt shops or motorcycle dealerships. She even bought me a couple.

We still had to sneak around, which started bothering me.

Normally she would get home, spend Friday night with her parents, go out with her friends on Saturday because I usually worked at the grill, and spend Sunday afternoon and evening with me.

This went on for awhile. She kept after to me to come up and see her at college but I just never had the time off to do it. Fall turned to winter and spring crept up on us. I was hoping when she was home for the summer we could spend more time with each other, but a course came open she wanted to take and she decided to stay at school. I wasn't particularly happy about that decision.

Did she date others? Probably. We hadn't made promises to each other. Did I date others? Yes. Did I get laid? As regularly as possible. After all, she was determined to stay a virgin, and all we had were some heavy make out sessions. It was fun but frustrating.

I found out she had a jealous streak. She told me she wasn't going to be home one weekend and then her mom called and talked her into attending some social function. She tried to call me but I had made other plans and spent the weekend with a woman I had met through my friends. She was at the Burger Barn and saw us go by on my bike.

Linda was a leggy blond. When we went by all she had on was a pair of cut off jeans and a tube top. And she could really, really, fill up that tube.

Marcy told me she stormed into the bar Sunday looking for me. I wasn't there, I spent all weekend stress testing Linda's bed springs. And her couch springs. And the sturdiness of the legs on her kitchen table. You get the idea. Marcy said she also had some unkind words about my character, but she stayed for two hours waiting for me to come in.

I felt bad about missing her, but I took her at her word she wouldn't be available, and like I said, no promises were made. When I found out she bad mouthed me at the bar I didn't call her the next Friday.

Something about a woman scorned ran through my mind when she came rolling into the dance hall the next Saturday. I was in the kitchen when she asked for me. Mrs. Williams was running the dining room and came back to tell me she was there. It was pretty early in the evening and I was backed up, so I told her it would be awhile but I would be out when I could.

When I got a break forty minutes later I could see the heat rising off her forehead. She started to speak but I cut her off.

"Not in here, I'm about to roast. Come outside with me."

I didn't give her a chance to say no, striding right by her.

We went round to the side of the building to where I parked my bike. I sat down on the steps and looked up at her.

"How are you, Cecilia?"

She hated it when I called her by her name instead of CeCe.

"I'm pissed. Where were you last Sunday? I was home and wanted to spend time with you."

"You said you weren't coming home. I made other plans. You got home Friday, but didn't even try to let me know until Sunday morning when you called the house. As hard as this may be to understand, I don't sit by the phone hoping maybe once or twice a month you will call me so we can sneak around. I like you a lot, Cecelia, but we haven't made any promises. Are you telling me the times you're spending the weekends at school you just sit around the dorms? What do you want here?"

I think she expected me to apologize, not be direct. She got up and dusted off her jeans.

"Well, if that's how you feel maybe we shouldn't see each other. I'd hate to clutter you life with distractions."

She still expected me to apologize, but I really don't think she knew what she wanted me to apologize for. Living a life? Not putting her on a pedestal and being grateful for what little amount of time she favored me with? It suddenly didn't matter anymore.

"Thanks for understanding. It was fun but doomed from the start. You sure are pretty, I can understand why you didn't want to be seen in public with me. I hope the guy your dad picks out for you to marry is worthy of you. Bye CeCe, I'm really gonna miss you."

I kissed her cheek and went back through the delivery door, locking it behind me.

Cecelia did not handle rejection well. She pounded on the door, screaming for me to come outside. When I didn't she came back out front and made a scene in the dining room. Mrs. Williams told her if she didn't behave she was gonna have Willy escort her off the property, and call her daddy. That threat quietened her down.

I could hear her from the kitchen.

She was almost snarling when she sent me a message through Mrs. Williams.

"You tell him he can't just walk away from me. This isn't over, not by a long shot."

Then she went outside and kicked my bike over.


I was pissed beyond description. Fuck that bitch. Who did she think she was? Damn, I missed her.

But I made myself go on with my life. I dated, hung with my friends, and worked, as much as I could. I graduated from my community college. My parents and my sisters were there for the ceremony. At one time I thought I saw Barb and Joanne. I looked for them but I must have been mistaken. What I didn't expect was CeCe.

She came up out of nowhere while I was with my family and just molded to me before I could react.

She gave me one of those kisses that make you want to run your tongue over your teeth to make sure they're all still there.

Breaking the kiss, she congratulated my parents on my success. Then she introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Cecelia Morgan. You might know my dad, Warren[everybody either knew him or knew who he was]. I've been Jimmys' girlfriend for a while now. I'm glad to finally meet you. We've tried several times, but what with his schooling, work, and me being away in college it just hasn't worked out. But I'm here now, and I want us all to go to the Angus House to celebrate, my treat."

She had what could only be described as a G.I. Joe Kung Fu death grip on my hand. My fingers were numb. Damn, that woman had the strongest hands I've ever seen.

"CeCe, what are...."

Before I could get anything out she leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Shut the fuck up and play along. Don't ruin this moment for your parents, look at their faces. We'll talk later, I promise."

I don't know what my parents were more pleased about, me being the first in the family to get a college degree, or the fact that I was dating the daughter of the richest man around.

She insisted my sisters ride with her to 'get the dirt on me', and since we had to go right back by the college on the way home, I rode with my parents. Of course the third degree started just as soon as we got in the car.

My mom started it off.

"So, Warren Morgan's daughter. How long has this been going on? Are you serious? Have you met her parents? What's she like, is she as sweet as she appears?"

"We've been seeing each other off and on for about a year. I've met her dad but not her mom. Usually, but she does have a temper."

I dodged the are you serious part.

I said that about her temper remembering I had to get my tank repainted after she kicked my bike over. The rest of what I said was pretty much true.

My dad picked up on my non answer.

"So, is this going anywhere?"

I decided to tell the truth.

"I have no idea. We hit a rough patch a little while ago, but it looks like we're on the mend."

Mom smiled and said "true love will always win out".

The Angus House was the most expensive restaurant in our small town. By the time we got there my sisters were flocked around CeCe like mice to the pied piper. My youngest sister, eleven years old, was holding her hand and had a genuine case of hero worship.

She punched my arm.

"The girls tell me you were a meany to them when you were young. I can't understand why they love you so much."

I had no reply to that.

She entered like she was royalty, and they treated her that way. We got the best table in the house. She let the girls and my mom order whatever they wanted, but insisted my dad and I get the biggest steak on the menu. She also ordered everyone dessert, Mississippi Mud Cake , the house specialty. And not once did she let space get between us.

She had them eating out of her hand. When she mentioned the recent 'spat' we had, four sets of feminine eyeballs pierced my soul, and my dad gave me a disapproving stare. I was an instant asshole.

But when she said we were working our way back to each other, all was forgiven.

We ate until everyone was stuffed, and she ordered a whole cake for my parents to take home.

When my family finally piled into the station wagon, she gave them all a kiss, even my dad. They were lifetime members of the Cecelia Morgan fan club.

We stood by her car and waved as they pulled out.

As soon as they were out of sight I tried to get my hand back. That didn't happen, it felt like she had coated her palm with super glue.

"Give up, Jimmy. I'm not letting go until we talk."

I snorted.

"Talk? About what? You need your secret toy back? Those college boys not doing it for you, are you looking for a working class hero? What, exactly, do you want CeCe?"

She was honest to god crying.

"I was wrong, all right? I was mean to you and took you for granted. Not if, but when, we go out again, you're going to pick me up at my front door. My dad is gonna shake your hand and my mom is going to inspect you. Next Saturday, 7:00, and don't you dare be late. The only thing I ask is that you drive your car, please. I think the bike may be pushing it on our first official date.

In thirty minutes I have to leave to get back to my dorm, no one knows where I am and I don't want to worry my friends."

"In the meantime, you will keep your lips planted on mine. No argument, no negotiation, do you understand?"

"Do I get any say in this?"

She gave me a cold stare.

"Not in the least. Put some chap stick on and get to it. And I mean right now. You're about seven weeks behind."

I couldn't really argue, could I.

When we finally came up for air she had one more requirement for me, non negotiable. In the next five weeks I had to see her at college.

We went on a few dates. I always got her back on time, her father would be waiting up for her, checking to see if a hair was out of place. Disapproval dripped off him like sweat in August, but he never actually said anything.


Two weeks after our last date I was on the road to her school, Mountain State University. It was mostly a teacher factory, with a little engineering and fairly decent chemistry department.

I took some vacation time, Thursday through Tuesday. Thursday I cleaned and shined the bike, got my hair trimmed to look a little more presentable, and packed my saddlebags.

Friday I was on the road at seven.

CeCe had mentioned before that her last class was at one on Friday, and she was usually back at the dorm by two thirty. It was just under four hours away, but I planned on stopping for breakfast.

I guess I was anxious, because I was at her dorm by 12:45. She didn't know I was coming, it was going to be a big surprise.

Her dorm building was actually an old motel off campus. It had gone belly up just when there was a housing shortage at school. The university snapped it up and refurbished it. It was a sprawling, two story affair with a large courtyard in back. It was women only, but boys were known to stay over on occasion.

It was May, just before the end of the quarter.

Sunny and cloudless, it was a great day to be riding a bike.

Girls were everywhere when I rolled into the parking lot, but they seemed to freeze momentarily. Some actually had their mouth hanging open when I took off my helment. I always favored a full face helment, to the derision of my friends. Most favored half shells and sunglasses. I always said it was because if I ever went down I could still have a funeral with an open casket. Plus, I had never liked the feel of bugs hitting my exposed face at sixty miles an hour.

I stood for just a second enjoying the breeze on my face after wearing the helment for hours. I combed my hair and beard out with my fingers and walked towards the closest girl.

"Hi, could you tell me where....."

That's all I got out before she gave a small cry and ran. Oh well, maybe she didn't live here. I knew her room number, 204, was on the second floor. Glancing up I saw 210, so I started up the stairs. Girls got out of my way like I was carrying a hatchet and a decapitated head.

I knocked on 204 on the off chance she had cut class. The door opened and slammed back shut immediately. Seconds later it opened again, with the safety chain on. A petite blonde peeked around the door.

"Can I help you?"

I tried to give her an 'I mean you no harm' smile and asked for CeCe.


I realized my mistake.

"I'm sorry, I meant Cecelia, Cecelia Morgan. I'm Jimmy Wilson, she invited me up for the weekend. Is she here by any chance?"

"You're Jimmy Wilson? Damn, I thought she made you up."

She was about to undo the safety chain when she paused.

"Show me your tattoo."


"Because she told me what it was. That way I'll know if you're real."

Damn, it would be easier to break into a bank, but I rolled up my sleeve.

She seemed satisfied but nervous. I decided the best thing I could do was go to a restaurant or bar and kill a couple of hours. I told her I would be back around three.

"No, wait. You caught me with my pants off. I thought you were one of the girls. Most of us run around in panties when we're home. Go down to the courtyard, I'll be there in just a second."

I told her she didn't have to vary her routine on my account. She turned red and slammed the door.

They gave me my very own table, and sat just as far away from me as they could. It was just a few minutes before she came down and sat.

I offered my hand.

"you must be Amy. It's nice to meet you."

She took my hand.

"It's nice to meet you, non figment of my room mate's imagination. We all really thought she made you up. I mean come on, you and the Virgin Queen? You know that's her nick name, right?"

She giggled. Again with giggling.

"Looney Tunes and the Virgin Queen. Has a ring to it, doesn't it. Tell me, did you really almost ride your bike off a pier?"

I told her the whole story. Her laughter was like music.

The other antelope, seeing the lion didn't eat one of the herd, or rape her and sell her to white slavers, slowly drifted over. In an hour there were eight girls around the concrete picnic table, and we were telling Cecelia stories. When I told them how she got pissed off at me once and kicked my bike over, they couldn't believe it.

Amy asked how old I was. I had just turned 22. With that revelation eight girls wanted me to go buy them liquor. I tried to get out gracefully.

"Sorry girls, I don't know where the liquor store is."

They all offered to give me directions and drive me. Amy finally overrode the clamoring.

"Back off, bitches. You want the Virgin Queen to kick your ass? She's bigger than the rest of us and apparently has a hot temper she's been hiding from us. However, as her official best friend, I'm willing to risk her wrath and go on the run with him. You keep your hot little asses here and wait for us. AND NO BOYS! Not at least until I get back. Come on Looney, let's go. Oh, and we're taking your bike."

"Sorry, my saddlebags are full. We'll have to take your..." That's all I got out before four girls started pulling my stuff out. I thought they were gonna knock over my bike. Amy told them to put them on Cecelias' bed.

So even at a college four hours away I couldn't run away from my nickname. We went on the run. Just for general information, you can get three half gallons and two fifths into collapsible leather saddle bags. Plus two pints of peppermint scnapps, which Amy told me CeCe loved.

By the time we got back CeCe was there, holding her hands on her hips, smiling a million dollar smile. She walked over, and when I cut the bike off she yelled.

"Amy, you little slut. It took me a year to get my ass print into that seat. Get off before you fuck it up."

She pointed at me.

"You! If you touch this little slut I'll pick her up and beat you with her. Now, let's have some sugar."

She grabbed my head and gave my tonsils a five

minute tongue bath. I think all fifty two girls that lived there plus a few others were watching.

I made sure to rub her butt a few times to give them a really good show. Then she picked up Amy and twirled her around.

She sat her down and laughed.

"Still think I made him up?"

We distributed the booze and went up to their room for a bit. She put my clothes in the dresser with hers. I intended to stay in a motel but didn't want to say so in front of Amy.

By five word had spread that a party was about to happen. Guys showed up. Money was pooled for hot dogs and chips. They had a couple charcoal grills going. I told CeCe I wanted to take her somewhere nice but she wouldn't hear of it.

"Are you crazy? Thanks to your 'CeCE's a crazy bitch stories' I've achieved almost legendary status. We're staying right here and I'm rubbing you in their face every chance I get. Get ready to put on a show."

I gave up any plans for a good meal and ate burned wienies instead. I wasn't much of a liquor drinker, so I gave Amy money to get some beer.

She insisted we go with her, and she talked CeCe into letting me go into the store with her. College kids they both knew worked there. We got a buggy and loaded it down with more chips, dip, and five cases of beer. When we got to the checkout line and it was one of Amys' friends, and she hung on me like wall paper. His eyes were


Right in front of him she said "Don't drink too much honey, I want you ready to go later."

The girl from the next register was almost breaking her neck to check me out.

I got into the spirit. Reaching into my wallet, I thumbed through a few hundreds[I didn't know what we were going to do that weekend so I brought plenty of money]before handing him one.

After he gave me the change I looked back at Amy.

"Don't worry baby. The time comes I can't drink two cases and still fuck you blind will be the day I trade my Harley in for a moped."

The lady behind us dropped her orange juice.

I grinned at the cashier.

"Cleanup on aisle five."

Then I surprised them all by picking Amy up and slinging her over my shoulder. I winked at the cashiers and looked down at the bag of chips, then back up.

"I know what I'm gonna eat first when I get her home."

I pushed the buggy out the door with Amy still over my shoulder. She looked back and yelled.

"Bye Tim! I'll see you in lit. class Monday. Maybe."

I had already made up my mind if she giggled I was gonna drop her, but she laughed nonstop all the way to the car. CeCe said there must have been ten people at the window when we left.

When we got back Amy told the story. It was a smash and went around the campus the next week, getting more outlandish as it went. When people would ask her about it she would look down and act embarrassed.

"I really don't like to talk about it. I'm still not sure how to explain the tattoo to my parents, but the location it's in makes it pretty safe from discovery. All I can say is I was drunk at the time."

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