tagRomanceI Thought You Were A Gentleman Ch. 01

I Thought You Were A Gentleman Ch. 01


"On time as usual?" He said, dryly.

"Of course. Its not my fault you always plan these things too early!" She challenged.

"On the contrary, my dear, I planned it exactly right." He grinned. "Reservations for two, 7:30."

She scowled at him. He concealed his smug grin with an elaborate eyebrow lift and a motion towards the table. Shall we, my dear?"

The waiter was unfortunately less successful at concealing his amusement, a slight chuckle escaping from beneath his carefully groomed mustache, although he did take a careful look at her ass moving to and fro as she moved in the curve-fitting black dress. She glared at the waiter, and the waiter quickly motioned them to follow and lead them to their table.

The table was, of course, the best in the house, with a perfect view of the indoor waterfall, but far enough away so that its noise didn't obstruct conversation. He quickly pulled back her chair and motioned for her to sit, winking at the waiter behind her back. The waiter nodded in response, and walked away. She sat, still somewhat disgruntled, but beginning to take the events in stride, until she reached for her napkin. As she swiped the napkin into her lap, her eyes caught the glint of some sort of shiny paper beneath it. She picked up the package, exasperated, and glared at him yet again.

"What's this?" She asked suspiciously.

"I'm not sure. Find out."

"Oh, should I? But I just picked it up here! Someone must have left it!" She said, with thickly faked innocence.

"Well, you know what they say about finders and keepers..."

"And here I thought you were a gentleman. "

"You're telling me you're not the least bit curious?"

She explored the lip of the envelope with a delicate fingertip for a moment. He couldn't help but appreciate the artistry of her every appendage and movement, his eyes tracing the subtle lines of her knuckles, down her slender wrists to the folds of her oh so tantalizingly form fitting dress, the bulge of her breasts concealed by his shadow as he leaned over her, but still discernible. He followed the lines of her body back up to her eyes, which he realized were looking straight at him.

He raised his eyebrows as she smiled mischievously, knowing she'd caught him.

"Have I told you yet, my dear, that you are breathtakingly gorgeous." He said, grinning

back at her.

She smiled back saying: " No, and I've been waiting anxiously for you to notice."

"Oh, I noticed, but my breath was so taken away by your radiance and my wits so scattered, I wasn't able to speak of it till now without being overwhelmed."

"Nice save"

"I rather thought so. If you don't open it soon, it might spoil."

"Oh!" Now reminded of the packet she opened it with alacrity, at first trying to carefully separate the lip of the envelope, but giving up like a kid and Christmas and tearing it open.

"Ah, careful there my dear. "

She poured the contents out onto her palm, which sparkled lightly. First she picked up a plain silver key.

"Where will this lead me?"

""Wheverever you wish of course-"

He caught her hand and gently brought it to the purse at the side of her chair. "But that’s for later."

"Optimistic of you" She said, humorously.

"Always" He turned her face towards his and kissed her very softly. Looking into her eyes, he let his hand wander down her neck and then side, where he paused to caress her breast gently. She gasped and pressed her lips together, amused, angry, and aroused all at once. His eyes wrinkled in deep irony as his hand continued down her arm to the hand holding the remaining contents of the packet, which he extracted deftly, and brought up between their eyes.

"Look closely."

She focused on the dazzling translucent object carefully. It was a tiny rose of some white crystal with a very light trace of silver along each petal and leaf, as though the veins of the plant. Hanging off the edges and tracing the lips of some petals were small dewdrops of a slightly pinkish cast. The whole thing was perhaps the size of a dollar coin, mounted on a long silver stem. He carefully placed it in her long black hair as the waiter returned to the table momentarily.

"Perhaps madam would like to borrow this?" The waiter asked, placing a silver mirror in front of her.

"Oh! Its so beautiful! I love it!" She gaped at the jeweled hairpin in the mirror, astonished at the perfect contrast it made with her black hair and pale skin.

"Yes, it is beautiful." He said, still staring at her eyes. He moved closer to kiss her, but suddenly cracked up.

"Hahahaha- I'm so sorry love, but I've been planning that line for weeks and I couldn't come up with anything less cheesy than that... lord, I'm hopeless."

"Somehow, I'm not at all surprised and you ARE hopeless. "

"As long as you like my present, you can call me whatever names you want."

"I will, and I love it, now are you going to kiss me or not?"

So he did, and dinner progressed satisfactorily with each course accompanied with the appropriate wine, quite music in the background. The two flirted leisurely and teased each other's table manners and peculiarities. After the main course, a large meat platter covered with a superb sauce with a side of cow tongue and potato (it was just that kind of restaurant) he suggested they walk around a bit and appreciate the scenery of the restaurant while they tried to find room for dessert. They walked around a bit, covertly groping one another. As he bent over to smell a particularly lush looking rose in an alcove by the waterfall, she smacked his ass heartily. He stood slowly, turned around, and looked her straight in the eye.

"I hope you realize this means war." He said in his best bugs bunny impression.

She cracked up. "Oh yeah?"

""Yeah" He moved closer, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Meanwhile he slid his hands down her back and began gently kneading her ass through her dress. She pressed her large breasts against his chest, moaning and writhing slightly.

She began to kiss more sloppily and with more fervor, grinding her hips and lower body obviously against his now. Suddenly she back away, her hand dropping down the length of his chest until she gently squeezed his hardon through his pants.

"Well what's UP doc!" She exclaimed, mockingly.

"Whats a hot little bunny like you doing in a place like this?"


"Good idea."

He grabbed her around the waist and led her behind the waterfall, pushed her back until she sat down on the back lip of it, and continued making out with her. He moved his hands up and down her body, caressing her through the smooth fabric of the dress. He cupped her breasts, bouncing them gently and then exploring with his palms and fingertips, finding the nipples through the fabric and manipulating them carefully. He kissed his way down her face to the side of her neck, eliciting a deep moan. He listened carefully to the sounds she made, finding out where and how to caress her body's sensitive areas.

"What if they hear-"

"Not behind this waterfall they won't. By all means be as loud as you'd like. I love an appreciative audience."

At this spread her legs and let out a loud moan as his fingers traced the lines of her labia through the material. She began to grind against his hand, telling him she was ready for more stimulation. He found her clit and began to carefully circle it. Her eyes closed to feline slits as she bit her lip, trying to restrain a full out scream. His hand began to move faster and faster until she let out a loud moan and her cleavage flushed bright red. He sucked at the exposed flesh of her cleave for a moment, continuing manipulate her clit gently as she came down from her orgasm until her breathing went back to normal. The he kissed her gently, holding her close. After a few minutes she broke away, leaning back to regain her breath.

"I thought you said you were going to eat me." She said mischievously.

"I was but I'm a messy eater. I'd have gotten my meal all over your nice dress and you didn't seem prepared to take it off."

"True, but a courteous man would have still finished up his meal. And here, I thought you were a gentleman. "

"You wouldn't want me to spoil my appetite for later tonight, right?"


He grinned at her. "Come on, we still have to have dessert, and... a few other things. And I'm getting really REALLY hungry...

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