tagIncest/TabooI Turned 18 on Halloween

I Turned 18 on Halloween


Everyone in this story is 18+. Any similarities to real people, places or events are strictly coincidental.


My name is David and I am a nobody. Physically I could be a linebacker, I work out a lot and run a few miles a day. My problem is I have zero confidence. I can't talk to girls, even my sister or mom. That's a problem for a kid in high school where most of the teachers are women.

My parents are old fashioned, and weird. We don't have cable TV, DVD, or blue ray. The TV isn't even a flat screen. At school I have been labeled a loser and have no friends. This morning is Halloween, my birthday, and I turn 18.

I am woken up by my mom and dad. Mom kisses me on the cheek. Mom is crying, "You will understand shortly. We love you and Gail (my sister) very much." Mom grabs my left hand and dad grabs my right hand. They say a few quick phrases and in a flash, they are gone. What the hell!

However, I now have their entire sets of memory in me. I am now a sorcerer, an accountant, a blacksmith, and a programmer. I have job skills. I am also the worlds most experienced virgin. Sadly, I also no longer have any parents. They lived for over 350 years, they were tired, and had to wait for my birthday to pass on their knowledge.

The last several years they endured a lot of pain from cancer, I understand why they did it. I have their memories, they planned this out and gave it a lot of thought over the last several years. My sister was told right before me. She like most other sorcerers have limited powers.

I leave my room, walk down the hall and Gail comes out of her room. Normally, she ignores me and takes a shower. Today, she stops to look at me.

Gail asks, "Are you ok? Mom and dad came to see me first, I knew their plan and why. I am sad, but I didn't want them to suffer."

Glumly, I reply, "I know. They put a lot of thought into this. They were protecting us."

Gail looks surprised at me, "You look different today. Sad, which is typical but ... your talking to me?"

I snicker, "Uh ya, I guess. Is it ok?"

Gail responds cautiously, "Sure. It just that ... you haven't said this much to me in like six months."

While talking I add several protective spells to her like mom and dad did every day of our lives. Interesting, their habit became my habit.

I tell her, "Dad was the same way at my age and I now have his experience. I feel a lot less uptight and have his knowledge and confidence. Have fun in the shower."

She steps into the washroom, then closes the door on me. Since my bed is next to the common washroom, I know the shower is her favorite place to masturbate. I leave her with a spell from dad that he often used on mom. When Gail sticks a finger in her clit, it will feel like a cock. If she rubs her lips, it will feel like a tongue expertly eating her out. This shower will be special.

Mom enjoyed that spell often on her. I see mom cast it on Gail for her last few birthdays. That really surprises me. I go down and start making breakfast the way mom did, she was a great cook.

My sister comes back down, starts to eat and says, "So, are you going to start explaining now or must I hurt you?"

I give her a feigned look of shock, "What do you mean?"

I knew where this was going.

A frustrated Gail replies, "Don't fuck with me, I know the difference between a finger and a cock. Someone did it to me once before, I never knew who. I couldn't very well ask them who was helping me masturbate, could I? Was it dad?"

I shudder, "That would be creepy, dad cast that spell on mom often. When you turned 16, mom gave you a nice birthday present. Since they passed today, I thought you might enjoy it. Mom molded the cock after dad, she always smiled knowing that your dad was fucking you."

Gail is really annoyed, "That is really sick. I can't believe our mom would do something like that."

Embarrassed, I offer, "I only had myself to use as a mold, sorry if it wasn't as good."

Gail, "I didn't say it was worse, just different, you stretched me out more."

Knowingly, I add, "No, it just felt like I did. You are still a tight virgin." I smiled at her. "Eat while it is hot. You may never get this again."

We both ate, then she went to her room.

So, what does a powerful sorcerer do? Win the lottery, run my own company, get all the women I want, do all the drugs I want, never allow my teams to lose? My parents left strict instructions. DON'T DRAW ATTENTION. I am not ready yet. They wanted me to play it smart and lay low while I learn. One thing I always wanted was a girlfriend.

I can have any woman I want but as I learned from dad, it's only sex, not love. I know how mom and dad loved each other, I know the difference. I can't make someone love me. I want a woman that wants to suck my cock, not one that does it with a happy smile and contempt in her eyes. I can't put lust in their eyes with magic.

Gail came back down, she was dressed for a date.

I stop Gail and say, "Gail, we need to talk about safety. As of this morning, mom and dad are not protecting us anymore. People don't know my power and will come after me and possibly try to use you to get to me. I have layered you with protections. If you feel a buzzing, get home quick, there are years of protections here.

"I am attuned to you and will know if something is wrong. However, it could be a trap. Even if you don't see me, I will know, and I will be close. Tonight, you should stay home. Friends can come over, but I don't want you going out. I am going to the mall to test my power, I will be back for dinner, and I will cook again."

A car pulls up outside and honks. I get a blank stare from Gail.

Gail smiles, "Life is going to be weird I guess. I can't get over you speaking to me. I got a date, I will be back before dark."

She ran out. I go up to a mall and walk around. At this mall most people don't know me. I send out feelers for power but find none. I can filter out the uninteresting to concentrate on cute girls. My defenses are on high. I flirt with a few girls that think I am interesting, nothing comes of it.

I produce bubbles at a fountain which little kids chase. Some cute girls watch and are amused but they have zero interest in me. I guess some things don't change. I decide to check up on my sister, I know where she was going.

She is at a movie theatre near home with her new boyfriend. He seemed harmless. By the time I get there they are inside watching the movie. I sit in the parking lot and listen to the radio. I can feel someone poke Gail's protections. It's not an attack, just checking. Imagine a clear plastic flexible bubble around Gail and someone just took a finger and touched the sides to see if it was there. I feel the push. I start a scan.

It's inside the theatre. I cloak myself and walk through the walls until I am near them. I sit down a few rows behind Gail. Nobody has a clue I am here. It's her freaking boyfriend. I first paralyze her, I don't want her to over react. I then let his thoughts drift into her mind, this boy is sick.

Danny's thoughts: "This girl is so fucking hot. Look at those big puffy boobs. I know she is a virgin, I can't wait to rip her open. I love it when they scream and then cry. Ha, ha, ha. She is going to be my cum slut. She will bend over and suck my dick and let me fuck her whenever I want. Maybe I will do her at school, then everyone will know I own her. She will know what I am doing but won't be able to stop me.

"Hmm, I don't understand why she won't strip for me and suck my dick. All the other bimbos bend to my will. She must be protected or resisting me. Fuck you slut, I am going to share you with my friends. That's what you get for resisting me. Maybe I will share you with the whole movie theatre, a gang bang. That would be cool, using my new slut, to please the town. Man, I can't want to get in her cunt."

I then feed thoughts into Gail's mind and transport her thoughts into Danny's mind.

Gail's thoughts to her boyfriend, "You should be careful of who you mind fuck, boy!"

I released Gail, she is staring at him. She is pissed beyond words and wants to kill him. I don't let her talk.

Gail's thoughts: "How fucking stupid can you be? You probed my defenses and you still tried that shit? Take off YOUR clothes!" He did. "Stand up. Really? Is that all you have? Can you even fuck a woman? You think your something special? That is the smallest most pathetic dick I have ever seen. You're a pathetic loser. No wonder you use mind control on women. You couldn't get lucky in a whore house. Now get the fuck out of here, walk home to your slut mother."

He left with a look of hurt on his face, embarrassed, and naked. I then wiped his memory of Gail, me, and the movie theatre. I also wiped all surveillance cameras of us.

I sat down next to my sister. I surprised her but then she had a huge sigh of relief on her face.

I quietly whisper, "Is the movie any good?"

Gail whispers back, "It got scary, I think I want to go home."

I take her hand and we leave.

On the way home Gail asks, "Did you follow me?"

I defensively answer, "I felt your defenses get probed. I sat outside until I sensed danger. Then I came in and well, you did the rest."

Gail chuckles, "I wish. You froze me, let me hear him, then you got revenge. That was pretty dam cool."

I respond confidently, "That was your revenge, I just carried out the sentence and wiped his memory. He has no idea who did that to him. You will be safe at school."

Gail, "His thoughts were scary. I would have been his slave, shared to his friends, known it but not been able to do anything. I should have killed him."

I instruct Gail, "Power is scary, he is immature, he now knows humility and there are others of us."

Gail questions, "Could you do that stuff to me?"

Confidently, I reply, "I can make any woman my slave, but not my lover. However, I would never do that to you or your friends."

Gail giggles, "I sure would like that power over guys, then I could have them please me whenever I want."

Knowingly I reply, "No, you wouldn't. First, you would be no better than that asshole ex-boyfriend. Second, it's just acts of sex. You want to be loved, to have someone do the things you want because they WANT to. Mom and dad were ... experienced, I have felt the difference and love is awesome. That's what I want. It will satisfy you deeper and you will be more fulfilled."

Gail complements me, "Dam, you have grown up to a wise old man in one day."

As we are walking into the house, Gail stops me and gives me a quick soft kiss on the lips.

Gail whispers in my ear, "Thank you for saving me. Dam, that was some kiss, I see what you mean now."

After she made it up to her room, she got another satisfaction spell. I will never tire of hearing her scream.

An hour later Gail yells down at me, "I am having some friends over. Do you have enough food for four?"

I yell back, "I will go to the store. I want some stuff for the trick or treaters anyways. This year is going to be magical."

I left, bought food for tonight and lights for outside. When I got home, I started prepping dinner. I got to thinking, I have never met Gail's friends before. Mom and dad have, but not me. I knew they were both a bit over five feet tall, one blond, one a light brown, both slender, probably a B cup, popular at school, and killer smiles. Both are cute.

With this being a Saturday, we had kids stop by for candy, they did well at our house, I love Halloween. Gail's old boyfriend stopped by in front of the house. He was escorting several little kids. I got a funny look and a smile from him. After they left, the next kids at the door were Gail's friends. I greeted them and let them in. I introduced myself and they were shocked that I talked to them.

I explained, "I am taking my meds." That, they could deal with. I gave them both a satisfaction spell.

I casually tell them, "Dinner in an hour."

They nodded as they looked me over. They went upstairs on their own. I watched the end of a football game and listened to them scream upstairs. As I hear the screams of an orgasm, I refreshed the satisfaction spells.

I was minding my own business when Trudi came down and sat on the couch next to me. She is wearing a halter top, no bra, (she had no need), and what most people would call shorts. I had my doubts, they weren't far from a thong. No shoes or socks, just some nice slender athletic legs. She never said a word, she took my hand and got up. I did as well.

She pulled me into the kitchen and then into the back yard. She stood in front of the picnic table, and pulled down her shorts. She wore no panties, was clean shaven, bent over at the waist, spread her legs, and laid her torso down on the picnic table. I had a spectacular view, full access to the goodies, and an invitation to sample the goodies.

I got down on my knees and started licking her pussy. Technically it was my first time, but I had dads experience with mom and a few hundred others, OMG DAD! He was a master and Trudi didn't last two minutes until she was wracked by a hard orgasm. I had to hold her up so she didn't fall off the table.

When she recovered, I asked, "More?"

An exhausted Trudi, "Take it all!"

I could feel three other sets of eyes on me upstairs in Gail's room and the next-door neighbor's wife up in her bedroom. Interesting. Yet again, zero experience personally but dad's knowledge was tremendous. This girl is half way there already, I need to get going.

I cast a spell on her so that as I fuck her, she also got fucked in the ass and in the mouth. A virtual triple penetration. A side effect of the spell is it takes her longer to orgasm. That was smart thinking by someone, otherwise there was no chance to climax together.

I pulled my pants and shorts down and gently eased my cock into her velvet canal. It slipped in easy, she had ridden many cocks including some big ones. Still, it was great to me. I started with a gentle pumping of my hips.

I technically knew everything but getting my muscles to do it was another thing. We were racing to the end quickly, I sped up and enjoyed it immensely. That was nothing compared to my climax. The pressure, the curling of the toes, the release, the feeling of the fluid shooting through the tubes, then the feeling of several ropes of cum shooting into the depths of this wonderful and beautiful creature.

Quick check, she is on the pill. As I am pumping many globs of cum into Trudi, she orgasms as well with a scream that deafened both houses, followed by this wonderful feeling inside her body where her vagina starts stomping on my cock. It started off hard but as time went on, it faded. She quickly went to her knees and cleaned me up.

When done she stood up and asked me to bend forward, towards her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and as I straightened up, she clung to me with both arms and legs. She softly and slowly kissed me. Again, my first and again, I thank dad for his experience. She broke away from the kiss.

Trudi breathing hard, asks, "I came to ask you how long till dinner."

I too am breathing hard and reply, "20 minutes, want to set the table?"

Trudi playfully replies, "I would do anything you ask but first, I need someone to eat the cum out of me, I will be back in 10."

Confidently I commend, "Come here." She did, I touched her shoulder lightly. "You will now enjoy it more, go have your fun."

The touch was unnecessary other that for her mental benefit, she will associate my touch to the spell effects. She ran upstairs. I started grilling the chicken breasts I prepped, three different kinds of marinades. I baked croissants, pan fried some fresh green beans, and prepared a fresh garden salad. I also made a dark chocolate milk shake with marshmallows and cherry cheesecake for desert.

Emily came done to set the table.

A smiling Emily explains, "Trudi is unable to move, I came down to help."

Concerned, I ask, "Is she ok, do I need to check up on her?"

Emily smirks, "You satisfied the school slut, that is some feat. She was unable to cope with the feeling and fell asleep. Gail will bring her down. I do hope you can help with one thing though."

I hate to ask but I do, "What?"

Emily has a big smile on her face and says, "Can you do something about that dam smug look of satisfaction on her face?"

Relieved, I reply, "Sorry, I can't work miracles. She should try men that care for her not just want to use her."

A thoughtful Emily, "Gail sure was right about you, you have changed a lot. I like it. Any chance you might like a girl like me?"

I smile as I say, "Oh, I think there is a chance."

She responded with a huge smile. I like this one, she took the time to talk to me and see if she liked me.

I turn over the chicken, add more sauce, they look perfect. Kids at the door, give out more candy. I call the girls down. Trudi seemed to float more than walk. Gail looks mad. I go to her, wrap her in a hug, I kiss her on the forehead softly.

I then ask Gail, "Have fun?"

She pulled her head away from me and almost giggled.

Gail deadpans, "It was ... ok."

Emily is shocked, "OK! Did you say ok? That was fucking fantastic. Literally fucking fantastic."

An amused Trudi adds, "For me, it was his cock."

Trying to be clinical, I add, "Of course, it was. With the power of persuasion, a light touch, and planting a suggestion in your mind subliminally, it works. Kind of like ventriloquism. Wait till you see dinner."

We sat down to eat. The marshmallows in the drinks were animated to do tricks in their cups. The room filled with fog and I used candles to light the table for effect. A spider spun a cotton candy wed in the chandelier. I had a series of wicked witch laughs and shrieks to scare the girls during dinner. They were thrilled with dinner. It was starting to get dark out when we finished.

I instruct the girls, "You girls are staying the night. There are reports of weird events on TV (yes, I lied), so I think it you better stay inside the house."

I use my mind to impress on Gail how important this was, she nodded her understanding. I had a bad feeling about her last boyfriend. I erased his memory, someone else could put it back. Three or more of them vs. one of me is bad. I need to review what I can do.

Twice I am interrupted by children wanting candy. I have fog machines going outside and lights on the roof casting pictures of ghosts in the fog. It was creepy. Ohhhh, duh! I summon the ghosts of my parents. I can do that on Halloween.

I quickly find out that the ex-boyfriends parents have been tormenting my parents for years. They were both unwilling sex slaves for parties and had incredibly humiliating things done to them. Thankfully that was left out of my memories. Their hope what that by giving me their combined energy, I could beat Bella. She was strong and mean but didn't kill. They reviewed strategy with me, it was probably just a matter of time.

Killing was too quick for Bella, she wanted her victims to know defeat and be humiliated. She teased them with being used sexually and with pain. She was a dominatrix with way too much power. I knew their house, it was huge and gaudy. It had nice items but no taste in displaying them, it was over the top and out of place. I was so shy, she didn't bother with me, I wasn't worth being fucked, I wasn't worth anything. I was a colossal disappointment.

Another ring at the door and this time it is the one I was dreading. No, not my smelly aunt, or drunk cousin, it was Bella, her husband, her son, and a little kid at the door. They were on the sidewalk, outside of my protections. I gave the kid some candy, he was dressed like a policeman. Cute kid. I know the husband has no powers. I can feel Bella slipping past my defenses, she wants my mind.

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