I Turned 18 on Halloween


He pulls down his pants. He is a big, well-hung guy. He is going to split her open. The guy points to her hands and feet. People grab them and pull taunt. Her legs are spread wide, everything is on display. She shaved, I can see her pink pussy even from my vantage point. Her pussy is open and inviting to this stranger. She is overdosing on the crowd.

I want to run down there and kill that guy and take his place. Why didn't she pick me? I am crushed. My self-esteem is gone. I am a loser again.

A tear is rolling down my face, Emily holds me tight. I am entranced with my sister. The guy kneels and puts his cock at her entrance. Gail nods her head yes. He slowly and lovingly pushes forward at a slow pace. Nothing like Bella got. Eventually the guy does a quick thrust and the hymen is broken.

Gail shrieks and the crowd releases many "OH's."

She is in pain, lots of pain. I want to go to her, Emily stops me.

Emily is insistent, "No, you can't, you will ruin it for her. No spells."

I want to save her and make it better. She doesn't need me, I am nothing in her mind.

He eventually starts to press in again. I can only imagine what that must feel like. He is all in and pauses so she can adjust.

Gail smiles, "Fuck he is big. Took forever to get in there."

There is a collective giggle. The guy pulls out and blood comes with it. It was probably very little but with a white dress and the water, it soaked up the blood and it now looked like a murder scene.

Several couples were so turned on they stripped their spouse and started having sex. The guy fucking my dear sister is fucking her slowly. This is a sign of love and now I am heartbroken. I want to die.

I thought I knew everything about my sister. It seems at college she found a friend, a new lover, a husband. Why didn't she not tell me? Did she want to humiliate me? What did I do to her? We had done so much together, I thought I would be her first.

I understand her wanting her own man, her own family, a husband, and not wanting to share with Emily. I get it. But with all we have done, I am still shocked she selected to do it this way. My streaming tears are landing on her below me. She looks up for a moment and smiles at me and then goes back to enjoying the royal fucking she is getting. I mean nothing to her.

The guy is great, he is going slow, allowing her to enjoy the moment. Finally, he picks up some speed. She is grunting now and has a huge smile on her face. I want to turn away, but I can't. I love seeing the pleasure on her face. I am shaking from crying. No longer single tears, it's a river. He picks up more speed, I close my eyes. I can't watch this any-more.

I open my eyes to see the climax. Gail arches her back, flops around a bit. She is being held tight, but her hips buck up and down.

Gail screams, "OH FUCK YES!"

The guy uses an exaggerated thrust making it clear that rope after rope of cum is shooting into my sister's virgin pussy, impregnating her. This will change everything. When done, the guy pulls out, kisses her softly on the lips, easily picks her up in one arm, takes his axe in the other, and takes her into the sitting room where he closes the doors.

An orgy ensues after the live entertainment is done. The crowd was crazy with lust after that performance. Wives are shared and passed around. It's a pile of bodies fucking each other. Bella is being fucked and whipped again. Nobody has clothes on, some very attractive women are there. Yet only one is on my mind, my heart is broken. I don't feel anything.

Emily takes my hand and leads me down the stairs.

A nice attractive man comes up to Emily, takes her hand, "May I?"

Emily delicately replies, "I belong to David, heart, body, and soul. He is the only man will ever use me."

We walk on. That comment did amuse me a bit, but I was shattered. I didn't even realize I was walking. Emily brought me into the sitting room. Gail was laying down, she was exhausted. The hooded man was next to her. I had a burst of energy, I wanted to kill that SOB. Emily sensed my intentions.

Emily firmly instructs me, "Oh no baby, that would ruin it all. Be patient and behave yourself."

The man turned to me, and took off the hood. I wanted to know who this bastard was, I was going to make his life a living hell. Then I had no feeling at all, I was frozen with shock. I was looking at me. I look at Gail, my mouth hangs open. My double comes to me and offer his hand for a shake.

It was a reflex, I had no control of my body, I was in shock, confused. I took his offered hand, then he floated around until he merged with me. I then had his memories and my cock was sore from fucking Gail so well. I remember vividly fucking my sister, breaking through, feeling that tight pussy. I stood motionless for a few minutes retrieving that glorious memory and the feelings I now have.

I eventually snap out of it and look at Gail.

Gail proudly announces, "I heard of this spell where I could clone for you 30 minutes. I worked hard to get it, learn it, and then cast it."

She got up and came to me and hugged me.

Gail giggles at my suck, "You had to be my first, my only. You know I love you more than anything. Emily and I concocted this plan almost a year ago. You fucked me, got me pregnant, and now nobody will know. They saw you up on the balcony, it couldn't be you that got me pregnant.

"You know I am right? Just like Emily. We can have a normal life now. The tears were a nice effect, but it broke my heart. Nobody will ever suspect you are the daddy of my child and you have the memories of taking me because you did."

Gail and Emily went home. I went back out and set Bella to revert to her old self at midnight and she would remember none of this.

An irate Lizzy asks, "Why on earth would you take those memories from her?"

I smugly reply, "Lizzy, suppose we just did all of this to you. What would be the next thing you would do?"

Lizzy is surprised by my question, she answers, "Probably kill myself."

She looked sad.

Excitedly I reply, "Exactly. I had fun tonight. It looked like everyone else did as well. With her having no memory, we can do this again next year."

Now an amused Lizzy says, "You are one devious son of a bitch. I like the way you think. I also take back all those things I said about you. She hugged me. Boy and a girl in 9 months?"

I answer whimsically, "We shall see..."

The huge smile on my face confirming her guess.

I walk up to Lizzy, use my finger to trace her lips, and she falls to the ground. Her body starts jerking around.

I announce to the room, "For the next fifteen minutes she is sucking my cock, being fucked by my cock, and being fucked up the ass by my cock. She will have five orgasms and be unable to move for ten minutes afterwards. If any other woman has permission from her husband, you can have the same."

All but two women came to me. I set them on the ground, traced their lips (for effect) and we soon had a bunch of happy, although tired, women.

A few days later while at dinner, Gail asks me, "After we left, I know you fixed Bella. What else did you do?"

I played dumb, "What do you mean? I fixed Bella and then came home, you saw me."

Emily is annoyed and asks, "Don't fuck with us. It took you thirty minutes to do a five-minute walk."

Bashfully I answer, "I said good-bye to people."

A not so amused Gail demands, "So why are all the women coming over during the day looking for you and calling at night. You did something, didn't you?"

I gave them my dejected look, like I was hurt. I looked down, I frowned.

Emily knows me too well, she continues the interrigation, "Good try, now tell us or else we hurt you."

Playfully, I reply, "Okayyyyyyyyyy. I may have cast the Triple P spell on a few of the women."

A confused Gail asks, "Triple P?"

I answer smugly, "Yes, my cock in the mouth, pussy, and ass simultaneously. Guaranteed five orgasms in fifteen minutes."

Gail's smile went wide.

A questioning Emily asks, "Exactly how many women is a few?"

Now very shyly I respond, "Um, maybe it was more than a few. Maybe it was all but two."

Gail's curiosity asks, "Was it good?"

I puzzlingly answer, "How would I know?"

Emily grins and commands me teasingly, "Cast it on Gail."

I did. She fell to the floor, unable to speak as she was being triple penetrated. Emily laughed so hard she started to cry. I gave her my evil smile.

A scared Gail try to command me with, "NO! NO! No!!!!!!!!"

I did. She too was on the floor for fifteen minutes.


To this day Bella still hosts the best Halloween parties. Everyone loves a good fuck and whipping of your most hated rival. Emily and I are married now. Emily had a boy and Gail had a girl, we all live together. It turns out Emily really is submissive, we built a dungeon in the basement. Maybe next year I will tell you that story.

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by UltimateHomeBody09/02/18

Not quite

Story could be very good, but needs work on the delivery. Ignoring mistakes the story does not flow with the sentences being very terse and disjointed. Like police giving evidence to the court.

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