tagIncest/TabooI Wanna Be Your Handyman Ch. 02

I Wanna Be Your Handyman Ch. 02


Previously our hero Matt had learned that there were other, more enjoyable, methods of payment for his handyman services. You may want to read "I Wanna Be Your Handyman Ch 01" if you haven't as yet. Remember, this is a fantasy land where STDs do NOT exist. Read to enjoy, just don't expect this to happen to you.


One Sunday after noon I was lounging out by our pool after having done all the chores that needed doing around there. I couldn't believe how my life had changed in just over four months. I have gone from the high school junior who can't get ANY girl to go down on him much less fuck him (too big they always said) to a high school senior who was fucking a woman every day of the week and usually two of them. On Saturday's I had to really get an early start as I had lots to do in addition to getting blown or fucked by the lady of the house. That meant I was going to fuck or get sucked off by no less than four women each Saturday! (Hey, it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!)

My bank account wasn't growing as fast but who the hell cares! Instead I had a group of horny women aged 26 to 43 who couldn't get enough of my cock! Although they were not all what you would call beautiful none of them were ugly and none was worse than 'full figured'. Each in her own way was incredible to be with and they taught me much about love making and giving pleasure to my partner. I know that what I learned works because when I would put these things into practice with other partners my pleasure would increase in conjunction with my partners! Talk about a win-win situation.

Anyway, some of these women only had me work at their house once a month, most of them were twice each month and then a few were like Janet and Traci where I was working (ahem) at their house at least twice each week. In short I was getting tons of fucking and sucking every week and loving every minute of it.

Mom walked out and sat next to me with concern written all over her face and I said, "Mom is something wrong?"

"No...yes...I don't know!" She looked at her hands for a moment and then into my eyes as she softly asked, "Matt, are you gay?"

"WHAT! Where the HELL did THAT come from?!" I basically yelled at her.

"Quiet down please son. It's just that you never seemed happy when you'd come home from your dates and for months now you haven't even gone on a date! I don't care if you are, but I am..........curious."

"Okay, I'm sorry for yelling but shit mom that was completely out of left field! And the answer is 'NO'; I am most definitely NOT gay! I am far, far from being gay!"

"But you were always so sad after taking a girl on a date, and I just thought..."

"Look mom, I was unhappy because every time I thought I might get some she would suddenly get cold feet and tell me no!"

"But why would a girl do that? I mean good grief you are good looking and a nice friendly young man. Why would you suddenly get told no?"

"God mom, this is really getting personal you know."

"But I was just trying to help you with this problem!"

"Mom, please don't take offence but I DON'T have a 'problem'! You might, but I don't."

Mom looked at me for about five seconds and then said, "Oh my god, they all said no when they found out how small you are! Don't worry son, you'll find a girl who will appreciate you for your other great qualities!"

I burst out laughing as I stood up to go. "Oh god mom you are so funny! No I am NOT my dad! Oh shit mom -- I didn't mean to say that! Oh god I'm sorry! Shit I have to go, Marie asked me to come over and help with something at about two o'clock so I have to scoot."

Mom didn't say anything more, she just sat there red faced as I hopped into my truck and drove over to see my sister. She was just driving into her garage when I got there so she waited for me before heading into her house with her packages.

First thing she did was grab a cold beer out of a bag and hand it to me saying, "Here, you seem mature enough to me." Then she got one for herself and we each took a swig before we worked at putting away her groceries.

"Where's your 'ever-loving' at now" I asked using the term I always used for her husband, Chuck.

"Oh I just dropped him off at the airport before grabbing these few items. Let's go sit in the family room for awhile."

So off we went beers in hand. We sat across from each other talking and laughing while the beers flowed free. I was finishing my third and felt I'd better stop with them or I would be in no position to do any work for her. "So tell me my dear sister, what tasks do you have in store for your little brother today?"

"Oh I think we should talk some more. I heard a few rumors that have started me to thinking..."

"Oh shit, I hate rumors off the fucking grapevine!"

"Yeah I do too normally bro, but these made me wonder about some things."

Okay, so I bit when I asked her, "Okay, so tell your little brother what these rumors are."

"Welllllll.......rumor has it that my little brother isn't really so little after all!" Marie was looking right in my eyes when she said this and I saw the twinkle in her eyes that she always had when she was the winner of a 'gotcha moment'. "And rumor also has it that I just may be over paying for the work you do around here!"

That pissed me off as I only charged her half of my other customer's rates, and only then because she insisted on it. "What the fuck sis, I never even wanted to charge you and you know it! Don't start any crap about being overcharged!"

"Calm down big brother, calm down. I never said I was being overcharged! I was at the market last week and happened to see June and Pam talking with Jane (all three of them customers of mine on the far edge of my area, but close to where Marie lives. None of them knows she is my sister due to her different last name.) So I stopped to listen to them before joining in. Well I was shocked to hear what they were saying about their handyman."

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and she looked at me while I downed my beer in one swallow. "Anyway, I stepped up and asked if they were talking about the same handyman that I used and they ALL said the most incredible things about you my dear big brother!"

"Look sis, I can explain, really I can," I said trying to get her to stop this nonsense. Shit I did NOT want my mom to find out about the arrangements I had going.

"Oh I'll just bet you can! So I asked just what extra services you were doing and the things I heard you would just not believe! Then Pam looked at me and said, 'You mean you and Matt haven't done 'IT' yet?' and when I said no they said nearly in unison, 'Girl you just have GOT to change that!' Now why would they tell me something like that?"

"Please sis just let me explain....."

"I said you will get your chance later to 'explain' this. So then June said, 'why Marie you just have to negotiate a better rate.' And Jane piped up with 'Oh gosh yes, you will never regret it.' Now why would that be?"

"Sis please, I never wanted to charge you in the first place so if you want a better rate then I'll do the stuff you need for free!"

"Oh I don't think that is good enough, big brother!"

"How the hell is FREE not better than paying!" I was getting pissed and I had never been angry with my sister in my life. "Well?"

"I think I like the exchange rate those girls are getting a whole lot better! Especially if they are even close to telling the truth!"

I looked at her both shocked and perplexed that she was hinting at her and me fucking. Shit, she's my sister and I love her to death, but damn...she's my sister! Guys don't do those things to the sister! But then I remembered laughing at one of my pals in school who said the best piece of ass lived in the room next to his and he dipped his Willie into it every chance he got, and he later claimed to get the chance at least once each week! This sounded no different to me.

Slowly I looked my sister in the eye and said, "First of all, I am your little brother, not your big brother! Second, just what sort of exchange rate did you have in mind?"

"That's the spirit Matt! Now you're getting with the program!" Marie said excitedly. "In answer to your questions; yes you USED to be my little brother but from what I hear you have turned into my very BIG brother! As to your second question, I think I want what every other customer of yours is getting!"

"SIS?!?! Are you crazy? You're my sister!"

"Yup, I sure as hell am. I'm also your frustrated, horny, climbing the walls sister who needs...no make that WANTS to become your FUCKING sister!" Marie looked at me her face tense with the strain of having to tell her brother that.

"B-but sis, you are married to a great guy whom I really like!"

"Oh yeah, he's a great guy! I love Chuck and I really LIKE him too. But he sure is a disappointment in the sack! Shit, I can't believe I have to beg you to fuck me!" My sister dropped her head into her hands as she started moaning out, "God damn it, I've had six boyfriends that I let fuck me and one husband and I have yet to know what it feels like to cum with a man inside of me! And now the one man who seems able to do it turns out to be my pig-headed stubborn as a mule big-cocked brother and he won't do it!"

I sat there in shock, mute as a statue in the park as I mulled over what she had said. Marie bent even lower and wither face in her hands softly said, "Oh shit, I'm sorry to have mentioned this! Just get out......GET OUT!"

Slowly I rose up and as my shorts and boxers dropped to the floor I stepped over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. Her body shook as a sob racked her through and through then she said softly, "Matt, please, I told you to just leave. Now go!"

I reached down and put my hand gently under her chin and started lifting it up. She pulled away and started to again tell me to leave when her eyes rose up and she was staring right into my one eyed member. "Oh my god Matt, they didn't lie to me!" she said in shock and amazement. Instantly her hands grabbed my shaft and she stroked me from tip to base as she groaned, "Oh god, it's unbelievable!

"Does this mean..." and I nodded my head. She jumped to her feet and pulled me by my cock as she excitedly cried out "My bedroom, now!"

Hopping to get out of my clothes around my feet I somehow kept up with her as I didn't know just how strong her grip could be and didn't want to chance a disaster! "Slow down sis! SLOW DOWN!" I yelled and finally got her attention.

"You need to know one thing to begin with. I never hurry when I'm making love to a beautiful woman! Never!"

"You've never told me I was beautiful."

"It never crossed my mind that you would even want me to say that, but I have known it for years! Hell, the first time I jerked off it was to the memory of your top falling off out by our pool!"

"But, but you were only about 11 then!"

"Yeah and you were all of 16 and the hottest creature I had ever seen!"

"Thanks, I never knew you felt that way. And what about now?"

"Well, I have seen many more creatures," I said and then paused for affect. "But you are still right there fighting for the top spot!"

"Do you really mean that or are you just saying that to make me feel better?"

"Jeez sis, when have I ever lied to you just to make you feel better? In the end that shit just comes back and bites you in the ass!"

"I'm sorry Matt....you have always been that way haven't you. So my 'take it slow' brother, just how slow is slow?"

"Well," I said as I stepped right up to her, "I'll show you." Then I kissed her with a lover's kiss for the first time in our lives. About a minute into it Marie groaned into my mouth and tightened her arms around me as our bodies pressed tight together. My hands weren't still as we kissed, instead I worked her buttons on her blouse and finally slipped it off her shoulders and then down her arms till it dropped to the floor. She groaned into my mouth once more as I unhooked her bra and moved her so I could wiggle her out of it.

I released her lips and kissed my way down her neck to her collar bone and then even lower as I kissed all around her firm and perky tipped left breast. "Oooooooohhhh goddd yesssss," she gasped as I sucked and nipped at her nipple, my tongue flicking at it as it rose up even higher and got nearly rock hard.

After giving her left nipple one last hard suck I slipped my tongue down into her valley between her breasts and kissed her there. "God sis, I've always loved your tits! They are simply incredible!" By then I was kissing all around her right breast while my right hand was massaging her left tit. When I sucked her right nipple into my mouth she gasped into my hair and then kissed the back of my neck.

"Wow...your tits are fantastic," I said as I eased her onto her bed. As I pulled up she tore my shirt over my head and flung it aside leaving me buck naked before her. She shuddered and gasped as she took in my nakedness. I kissed each of her breasts once more before slowly trailing kisses down her stomach and then her abdomen. As I pushed her jeans down further I was presented with her hot moist sex, her arousal obvious by her heady scent.

Marie used her legs to finish removing her jeans and underwear while I slowly licked and kissed all over her perfect pussy. The moment I slid my tongue up her gash she gasped and said, "Are you really going to eat my pussy? No one has ever done that! Oh god you ARE! Oh my god that feels heavenly. Oh my god don't stop; oh fuck don't you dare stop!"

Instead of stopping I bore down onto her centering all my attention on her slit and her clit. "Oahm, so good," she softly moaned. "Oh my god bro." My mouth and fingers kept alternating between those two spots as I pushed her towards her first brother induced orgasm. It took less than three minutes for her to cry out, "Oh yes I'm CUMMING!" Her hips were bouncing and thrashing all about as I pushed her higher and higher until her body exploded in a tumultuous climax.

Suddenly Marie screamed my name and held it while her body arched high in a wrestler's bridge, her body shaking as I stayed locked to her sex making certain her climax was fantastic. After about 40 seconds she dropped like a rock with my face following right along with her.

Marie moaned a soft mantra of "Oh my god" and "Holy fuck" over and over while I easily pushed her legs up and back onto her chest thus giving me unfettered access to her still quivering pussy. My lips locked onto her clit once more and I gently worked my tongue on it like I never had to any woman before. I pushed the fingers of my right hand back into her drenched pussy and then pivoted my hand to allow me to rub directly on her g-spot. The first time I stroked her there she cried out again. When I centered my fingers' attentions there she cried out gibberish as her legs shot straight up in the air and shook like wild.

As her second climax faded I eased up on her and helped bring her back to earth. Marie's legs and feet flopped wide spread on either side of me and she let out a huge breath of air. I could tell she was trying to speak but couldn't so I lifted my head out from her pussy and smiled up at her and asked, "So, how am I doing so far, sis?"

She tried to again speak only to resort to weak hand motions for me to move up to her face. I stopped with my face directly above hers and said, "Well?" Her answer was the most toe curling passionate kiss any woman had ever given me. (In retrospect, it still is although there has been some stiff competition since then.)

Finally she pushed my face back and still looking straight into my eyes said, "I've just had the two best orgasms of my life and you ask how you are doing? My god Matt, fuck me! Slam that big cock of yours into me and show me what I've been missing all my life!" I repositioned my hips putting my cock head right at her entrance and paused as I gazed down at her. Marie's voice took on a raspy guttural sound as she grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her as she growled, "Fuck me now!"

"Oh god sis," I groaned as I entered her taboo sex. My hips pulled back till I was barely within her and then I slowly pushed my shaft into her, not stopping until I bottomed out with my shaft fully inside of her and her clit crushed between us.

"Jesus Matt, your cock feels huge!" Marie kissed me quickly before looking down our bodies to watch as I resumed slowly pumping my cock fully in and out of her. "Ooooo, shit you feel good like that! Oh god don't stop, oh please don't stop!"


Each time I bottomed out Marie moaned into my neck, her hands clutching tightly to me. I lifted my hips so that with each stroke in or out my cock was rubbing hard against her g-spot and my sister softly gasped, "Oh my god!" with each of my movements. My pace quickened and so did her gasps until those three words melded into one long unbroken sound which ended only when she cried out "Oh god yes, I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Don't stop, oh fuck, oh god Matt FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!"

My hips were pounding hard and fast into her as her entire body shook as she had her first ever cock induced orgasm. My sister's head flew side to side while her stomach lurched up at me as each huge spasm shot through her. Marie grabbed my head and pulled me down for a kiss that morphed into a tight hug as she moaned and gasped while her orgasm continued consuming her. A huge sigh signaled the end of her climax and my hips slowed to a stop with my shaft deep inside of her warmth.

Sis opened her eyes to look at me, then refocused and uncrossed them and gave me a big grin. "Holy fucking hell, I have GOT to thank those 3 gals! My god that was incredible!"

"I'm glad you liked it. I wanted this to be the absolute best for you sis, because I love you with all my heart!"

"Oh you sure did that my wonderful BIG brother! You definitely know how to ring my bell, but you sure don't cum very much."

"Oh really. Just why do you say that?"

"Because I hardly felt you cumming at all! Shit even Chuck does better at that!"

"Okay, ground rule number one; if we are going to continue doing this neither of us will mention HIS name! Is that understood?" She mumbled a very soft yes. "Good, now the second ground rule is every time I cum YOU will know it for certain!"


"I haven't cum yet, not even close! But you feel damn good around me like this!"

"But...but you fucked me so good and I came so hard -- thank you very much."

"I know full well that you came...I wanted you to. That has nothing to do with my cumming. I will when I'm ready."

For the first time Marie noticed that my hips had resumed giving her small two inch thrusts deep within her. "Are you kidding me? You're good for more! Oh my god, stop wasting time and fuck me! Oh please Matt, fuck me some more and make me cum! PLEASE make me CUM!"

I chuckled softly as I rapidly picked up the pace until I was pounding down into her so hard I thought she might have bruises on her back. I grabbed her legs and pushed them out wide and then back as I used them for leverage as my hips continued pounding relentlessly into her. My sister's eyes bugged out as she gazed up at me in shock just before she cried out as her second cock induced orgasm slammed through her sweat coated body. It was impossible to tell if her scream had any words in it...definitely none that I recognized.

As she came down from her climactic high my sister reached up and grabbed my face then pulled me down for a deep tongue kiss. As we matched kiss for kiss I held onto her ankles which put them still spread wide and high above her head pressed tight against the sheets. My hips kept right on fucking into her upturned pussy as we both moaned into the others mouth. Her climax ended but didn't abate real far and my insistent pounding of her pussy was again pushing her higher and higher up the pleasure mountain.

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