tagErotic CouplingsI Wanna Be Your Handyman Ch. 03

I Wanna Be Your Handyman Ch. 03


Although this could be read as a stand alone story, I suggest you read chapters 01 and 02 if you haven't all ready done so. All characters are at least 18 years old. This chapter includes slight incestuous and threesome activities. As before, this fantasy world is free of the horror of STDs. Don't try this at home! P.S., I struggled with which category to put this in, so if you don't agree, I can't say that I can fault you.


Well I'm on Christmas break from school. Oh shit, make that 'Winter' break according to our insanely politically correct school system. Any way I'm not real busy since many of the husbands are home much more and many families are spending all their money on gifts etc. However there was always June -- from Marie's overheard conversation -- who is an always horny 39 year old widow that has suddenly found out how to stretch out one job into about 6 or 7 trips by me to her house.

June is probably the most oral woman in the group and gives incredible deep throat! Four out of five times we get it on I don't even get my cock close to her pussy! She simply loves giving me head and never loses a single drop of my copious loads of cum which she takes fully within her mouth, never straight down her throat! She LOVES to swirl my load around in her mouth before making a show of swallowing it down. When we fuck her 34D-25-35 body goes absolutely nuts; she cums like a geyser! All of 5'1" and 112 pounds I just can't figure out why this beauty hasn't gotten remarried! Oh well, guess that is my gain.

Don't ask me why but she asked me to be at her house at 7:30 in the morning. Hell I'm at school by 7:00 so this was no problem. Her 'job' for the day was to install one of the seven ceiling fans/lights that she had bought all at one time. Like I said, I could have done all of them in one or two days but she was going to make sure it took 7, at least. The moment I climbed up onto her ladder she unzipped my shorts (god I love living in the desert southwest) and pulled out my limp dick. In less than twenty seconds I was nearly fully hard and all the way down her throat.

"Jesus Christ June, what's the rush this morning?" I asked as I struggled not to fall off the ladder.

Her lips smacked loudly as she pulled off of me and she said, "My daughter Jessica went on a date last night and I expected her to sleep quite late today. But shit, she got home at 9:15 bitching about the asshole guy that took her out! Hell, you should take her on a date and maybe she'd stop cussing every one of them out!"

"I won't date high school girls anymore! They all think my cock is too big!" June had inhaled my cock when I started speaking only to pull off once more.

"Even Jessica?"

"Well, I did ASK her out once but she just looked down at my crotch and said 'Noooooo way buster!' So yeah, not even her."

"My god she is so dumb!" June gave me a very quick slurp before going on, "Any way, I need to hurry in case she wakes up too soon."

Less than a minute later I heard the shower start upstairs and June sucked down hard while pulling all the way off. "See what I mean! Damn it I wanted to pull at least TWO of your huge loads out of you today! Shit, you'd better cum soon Matt."

And then she dove back onto me frantically working me over as she tried to rip the sperm right out of my balls. We both heard the shower go off and moments later the sound of bare feet walking above us. June used every trick she knows -- and she really knows a bunch of them -- as she frantically sucked and jerked my cock. Moments later I gasped out loud as my balls blasted the back of her mouth with the first of nine huge ropes of cum (the norm when she sucked me off). Like I said earlier, she never looses a drop so neither of us even thought to check her face as she released my shaft and quickly returned me to my shorts.

I went back to installing the fan while trying to hide my still 3/4 hard shaft in my shorts. Jessica trotted down the stairs wrapped only in a large bath towel. "Mom, just what the hell is so great about boys anyway?" she called out as she came down the stairs. "Oh shit, I didn't know you were here Mark!"

"It's Matt." I said looking down and into her eyes. Hell, who needs to get a peek at her tits when her mom's body is sooo much nicer!

"Yeah...whatever," she mumbled as she tightened the towel around her.

"You aren't very nice to your friend..."

"He's NOT my friend, he's a classmate!" Jessica nearly yelled out. "And he's a fucking GUY to boot!"

"Damn girl," I said quickly, "who crapped on your sunshine today?"

"None of your business! Just finish your...whatever and LEAVE!"

"Young lady, I've had just about enough of your mean mouth to Matt," June said from across the room where she had run to after tucking my cock out of sight.

"Hmmmm, 'just about enough'.....I guess that means I can say one or maybe even two more things before it'll be enough." She looked up at me in my work clothes and said, "Hurry up little fixer-up boy and do your work before you end up costing my mom even more money for all the shit you do around here!"

Her mother was rapidly moving towards her saying "Jessica, you stop RIGHT NOW or by god I swear I'll...I'll rip that towel right off of you!"

"MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!" Jessica screamed as she moved away from me towards the stairs.

"Forget it June, I don't give a shit about stupid high school girls anyway! And besides, who wants to see her scrawny ass.....sheeeeittttttt, not me!" After saying that I returned to my task at the ceiling while mother and daughter got in each others face.

All of a sudden Jessica gasped "Mom, what is THAT?" I turned to look and saw her finger move quickly to June's lip and wipe off some of my cum. She looked at it and then put it to her lips before crying out, "Oh my god mom...you gave HIM a blowjob!" Her eyes bounced rapidly between her mother and I before she finally said, "Hmmm, that tasted kind of good!"

June didn't know what exactly to say so she said nothing. Jessica still looked from one to the other of us then to my crotch then my face then my crotch and finally to her mom as she softly asked, "Mom, you really sucked him off? You sucked THAT? That's impossible!"

"Excuse me but just how the hell would you know what is possible and what isn't?" I said glaring at her. "Shit of all the guys that I know you dated the longest cock in the bunch is barely 5 inches long! Just shut the fuck up you dumb assed bitch! Hey June, I think I'll go home and finish this later when you are alone."

I climbed down the ladder as I spoke and June grabbed my arm saying, "Please don't go yet." Then she turned to her daughter and asked, "Just why were you home so early last night, young lady?" I couldn't help it as a snicker slipped out of my mouth at the term 'lady'.

Jessica glared at me before saying "I don't want to discuss it in front of MARK!"

"You WILL discuss it and you will do it right now!"

"I went out with Rich Havens and we ended up at the point (local lover's lane). After about 15 minutes he talked me into climbing into the back seat and then...oh mom, do I HAVE to?"


"Shit." Jessica glared at me for a minute while I smiled at her, then with all words running together she rapidly said, "And then he fucked me for about a minute and then he brought me home all gushy and horny!"

I burst out laughing and saying "Holy fucking shit!"

June put her arms around her daughter and said softly, "Oh you poor baby, I'm so sorry! What I think you need is a good handyman!"

"My god no! From what I hear Mark here...I mean Matt is really huge and last night Rich hurt like hell when...well you know."

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" I said looking right into her eyes. (By the way, not once did I ever even try to peek at her towel encased body.)

"I...guess...so. I mean I had to tell mom in front of you so why not! Ask your question and make me feel like more of a fool!"

"Just what did Rich do before he...um...hurt you?"

"Um, we talked and he kissed me a few times and then he pleaded with me again to get in the back seat and we did and then he pulled off my panties -- shit he KEPT THEM -- and then he hurt me and then took me home. Why?"

"Jesus H Christ, what an asshole!" I said.

"Oh my god, you poor thing," her mother said.

"I have one more little question if it's okay with you." June was hugging her as tears ran down Jessica's face. All Jessica could do was nod her head. "With any other guy or guys that you've been with, was their 'technique' pretty much the same?"

"Well, yeah, I mean how else would they do it? Well, some of them were a bit quicker than Rich was but otherwise they were all the same." She wiped her eyes and asked "Why?"

"That's what I figured. June, if it's alright with you I have an errand to do but I'll be back just as quick as I can, probably less than 30 minutes. That's a promise."

"Um...sure thing Matt. But just hurry back because I still think my girl needs a handyman of her own."


Twenty three minutes later I walked back into her house after giving her my usual single loud knock on the door. June called to me from downstairs where I had left them and now they were both sitting on the couch.

June just looked at me pensively while Jessica tried to make certain she was well covered. I walked up to them and reached into my pocket before pulling out a crumpled piece of cloth. "I believe this belongs to you, miss," I said as I dropped it onto Jessica's lap. "Sorry about the blood."

"What is this...oh my god, what happened to your hand?" she asked when she saw my knuckles all scraped up and bloody. Then she looked at her lap and asked, "H-how did you get my panties?"

"Rich and I had a little...um...talk at his place, him and two of his buddies. Let's just say that his nose bone sure is sharp!"

"You punched him"

"Sure as shit did, broke that fucking nose of his right in front of his mom and dad! I think I did the same to his loser pals too!" June looked at my hands then jumped up and hugged me tight while Jessica sat there staring at her panties in her hand.

"Anyway, none of them will say anything about last night or they know what will happen to them! You might not like me, but no girl deserves that!"

"Gosh, I don't know what to say! I can't believe you are that nice to me!"

"Like I said, what he did was NOT right!" I turned to go back to work as I said, "You don't have to worry about him bragging at school about how great he was, trust me about that!"

"Well don't just sit there girl! Get up and go thank the man properly!"

June watched as her daughter got up and walked over to me and took my hand in hers as she said softly, "Thank you very much for doing this for me!"

"Oh my god, no wonder you said what you did about high school girls!" June stared at her daughter in disbelief before finally saying, "Jessica honey, the man in front of you is the best man I've ever had! He's a great handyman but the best tool he has is NOT in his tool box...it's in his shorts!" Her daughter gasped loudly at that and looked quickly at my crotch. "Now either you are going to really thank him by fucking him..."

"June, that's n..."

"Hush up Matt. By fucking him or at least by sucking that marvelous tool of his. And if you aren't smart enough to do it then I will by god while you WATCH us!"


"I mean it!"

"Excuse me but I think I have a say in this also!"

"No you don't," Jessica said.

"Bullshit!" I yelled. "My tool goes into no woman who doesn't want it there! That goes the same for little girls like you."

"I'm NOT a little girl! I'm at least 4 months older than you are!"

"Whatever, I do believe it will be June and I that fuck. But I'd rather NOT have the unwilling audience!" I looked at them both for a few seconds before I said, "Of course, I think the problem for Jess is that all the guys she would let fuck her had no idea how to get her ready for it! Trust me Jessica, begging you to let them is NOT getting you ready. So how about I give that a try for no more than...um...let's say TEN minutes. If you still don't want to do it then so be it! If you are willing to try it with me, then I suggest a five minute trial to see if each of us wants to continue."

"Why five minutes?" her mother asked.

"Why 'each 'of us?" Jessica asked. "You are a guy, OF COURSE you will want to continue IF you aren't done by then!"

"June, she hasn't heard a thing either of us has said, and as of right now I for one do NOT want to continue. However, the ten and five minute times are still on the table, so to speak."

"Look Matt," Jessica said, "I already know you guys can't last even half that long so just cut the crap. I don't want another stinky gooey mess between my legs so I'll pass on the 5 minutes. But since I've no idea what the other feels like you can go ahead and do that."

"Oh gee, I'm so excited to hear the thrill in your voice!" I said as I finally climbed back down off the ladder. "Jessica, lay on the couch with you hips on the arm rest and your legs hanging out in the air. I know you don't like me so that way you won't have to see who is doing this to you. June, please be a dear and keep the time, and don't you dare let me go over the ten minute mark!"

Jessica looked at the couch in the rec-room and then at me uncertain what she should do. Unlike her diminutive mother who is tiny but has boobs that have little sag to them but still are way too big for her size, Jessica is about 8 inches taller and 5 or 6 pounds lighter. Her legs looked quite thin, muscular but still thin, and I had no idea about her boobs. At school she kept them well hidden and the towel was doing a good job today.

"Come on girl, drop the towel or your ten minutes will be up while you are still standing there!" I said sharply. This whole situation was getting to be a huge drag.

"Oh gosh, I'll be naked in front of you! I...oh...I didn't...oh no..."

She had stepped to the end of the couch and I grew tired of the game she was playing so I said, "Damn girl, suit yourself. June, there's NINE minutes left!" Then I gave Jessica a push on her shoulders and she fell backwards onto her back on the couch, her ass on the arm and her legs flailing in the air. I pushed up the towel and said, "This I have to be able to see! Not bad, better than I was expecting."

Then I dropped out of her sight except for the top of my hair as I slid my tongue and lips gently around her pussy, mainly letting my hot breath hit her sensitive skin. Jess gasped when I slipped my tongue into the bottom of her slit and slowly licked my way almost to the top. Instead of reaching her clit I reversed direction and plowed my way to the bottom of her slit and then beyond as I slurped down to her anus and shoved my tongue into her ass four times.

"SHIT! What are you doing down there?!"

"Just let the man work!"

"He's a teen aged BOY!"

"Hush. Seven minutes left Matt."

I grunted in acknowledgment as I moved back up to her pussy, this time my tongue plunged deep into her little tight fuck hole and stabbed at her incessantly. "Oh goodness me!" Jess gasped as her hands gripped my head tightly. After giving her about twenty deep tongue fucks I slurped my way up to her clit and eased my lips and tongue onto it as her hands tightened even more and then fell suddenly from me.

My right hand moved to her sex and I slipped one finger into her as I sucked down hard onto her clit making her gasp out loud. June softly said, "Five minutes," and her daughter gasped in response.

I swirled my tongue around and around her now much larger clit then I sucked onto it super hard while pulling back with my head until I sensed it was stretched as far as it would go. At the same time that she groaned in pleasure from that move I slipped a second finger into her pussy and no more than twenty seconds later pumped a third finger deep into her super moist cunt.

"Oh my god that feels incredible!"

"Three minutes."

I switched places for my fingers and lips as I drove my tongue all around inside her slit and pussy hole while my thumb and forefinger mauled her clit. "Oh fucking hell that feels SO good!" Jessica gasped as her body started to shake slightly.

My mouth and hand switched places once more while Jessica grabbed her legs by her ankles and pulled them way back by her face opening her sex fully to me. I pulled my left hand up to me and sucked my index and middle fingers into my mouth quickly getting them covered in spit then clamped my mouth back onto her clit before she noticed I had left it.

"Oh god...oh god yes...oh shit...oh god Matt," she groaned until I slipped my left index finger into her puckered hole about an inch. "OHMYGOD! WHAT! Oh god what are you doing? Oh god yes that feels so fucking good. Oh Matt, oh god YES!"

"Two minutes."

My tongue was flicking faster and faster at her rock hard clit while my left index finger pressed into her ass all the way to my hand. After giving her three more strokes like that I eased my middle finger in with the first one and gently pushed them both into her ass. "Oh my goddddddd! Oh shit! Yes, fuck my ass with your fingers, fuck my pussy, suck my clit, oh my god don't stop! Oh god YES!"

MY right hand pivoted around so I could rub her g-spot hard with my fingers and the instant I stroked it Jessica cried out "OH MY GOD!" I gave her alternating strokes with both my hands while I sucked harder onto her pulsating clit.

"One minute!"

I sucked even harder as my teeth lightly bit onto her clit while my tongue mimicked the wings of a humming bird on speed. Her hips jerked and spasmed while my right hand stroked her g-spot super hard and my left hand plunged hard and deep into her ass. It took around forty seconds before "Oh my fucking god I'm going to CUM! I'm going to cum...oh god...I'm going to cum so fucking hard! Oh god...Oh god...Oh my god it's so..."

"Time!" and June grabbed my shoulders then she pulled me forcefully away from her daughter and I sprawled onto the floor about four feet from the couch.

"OHNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! OH GOD MATT I NEED YOU! Oh Matt please fuck me! Fuck me Matt, PLEEEEEEASSSSSSSSE!" Jessica cried out as her three fold orgasm causer was torn from her super sensitized body. She rolled from the couch and half crawled half ran to me, naked as the day she was born. By god she had tits...probably about a 32C but it was hard to tell as she was on me so quickly they were lost from my view.

Jessica clamped her lips to mine as she kissed me frantically while her pussy humped my left leg. Breaking the seal of her lips slightly she gasped "Damn it why are you still dressed? I need your cock! Fuck me Matt, fuck me and make me cum!"

"I don't think you mean it!"

"Oh god I DO...I REALLY DO!" she desperately pleaded with me. "Oh my god nobody's ever made me feel like that! PLEASE FUCK ME MATT! FUCK ME WITH YOUR HUGE COCK AND SHOW ME HOW A REAL MAN DOES IT!"

Her hands were frantically trying to undo my belt but she had become all thumbs and couldn't seem to get it. "Help me please Matt! Oh god PLEASE fuck me like the incredible MAN you are!"

"Now you're talking, honey!" her mother said. "Go ahead Matt; I'm sure she really means it!"

My hands undid my belt and waist snap then Jessica yanked my shorts and boxers down in one move as she gasped, "Oh god, your cock looks so good! Shit it's so big and hard and hot! Oh god I'm going insane with desire! Please fu-UCK!" she squealed as I centered my shaft and then pushed into her nearly half way making her voice rise noticeably.

Jess moaned and groaned as I gave her several 5 inch thrusts before I asked, "Are you alright? Can I give you more of my cock?"

"Oh god you feel SO good! Fuck me! I want it ALL! OOOF! OHM! GAWD! OAPH! OH FUCK YES!" she cried out as I gave her six hard and deep thrusts making my cock head press tight against the back wall of her young pussy.

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