I Want ...


I want a ride down a dark country lane with you, the smell of the sultry summer night wafting in through the open windows. I want to hear hard, pounding rock and roll playing on the stereo, the bass line thrumming, vibrating and pulsing though my body. I want to tease you, to torment you, to tempt you, to make you ache with wanting me before I even kiss you as you drive through the darkness.

I want to slide my fingers slowly up and down your jean-clad thigh, edging ever closer to your fly with every circuit. I want to unfasten that button, lower the zipper and slide my hand inside. I want to free your cock and explore the hard smoothness of you with my hand. I want to play my fingers over the length. I want to reach under my skirt and shimmy out of my panties and drape them over your erection. I want to caress you through the sheer pink silk of my panties. I want to see you grow harder and harder and hear that gasp as I touch you again and again. I want to feel you thrust yourself into my hand.

I want to touch my breasts through the diaphanous fabric of my blouse, stroking and fondling them until my nipples are rosy and firm, aching to be touched, to be licked, to be sucked. I want to unbutton each one of those tiny pearl buttons on my blouse, one by one, and turn slightly so you can watch as my breasts, swollen and aching for your touch, your tongue, are revealed. I want to slide my fingers inside my open blouse and gently flick and pull my nipples with one hand while the other one continues to caress your cock through my panties.

I want to gather my skirt up, up, up, ever so slowly, up my legs until you can see the shadow of the curls at the apex of my thighs. I want to brush my fingers over my curls and then I want to slip my finger into the wetness of my pussy and circle my already throbbing clit with my juices. I want to skim that finger, creamy and scented with my arousal, across your lips and whisper "Taste" as I nibble your earlobe and kiss your neck.

I want you to brake the car, pull over to the side of the road and slide the gearshift into park. I want you to get out of the car and tuck my panties into your pocket as you hurry around the front of the car. I want you to open my door and grab my hand, pulling me out of the car and tight against you as you kiss me. I want you to kiss me. Slow, easy, soft kisses and even slower hard, urgent kisses. I want to taste my taste on your mouth. I want to feel the texture of your shirt, its soft cotton rubbing my sensitive nipples. I want to feel your erection, long and thick and hard against my bare skin.

I want you to open the back door and slide onto the back seat, pushing your jeans down and freeing your cock. I want you to pull me onto your lap, one knee on each side, my skirt bunched around my waist. I want you to hold my hips and guide my wet core onto your erection and then thrust up into me, hard and fast until I gasp with the sensation of fullness.

I want to feel your mouth, hot and wet, on my mouth, my neck, my breasts, on me. I want you to suck on my nipples, licking and nibbling, as I rise and fall, riding your cock in rhythm to the music playing in our ears. I want your hands on my bare ass, rocking me back and forth, grinding my clit into the base of your cock. I want you to growl "Fuck me," the words echoing in the darkness. I want to feel my clit pulsate, throbbing and aching as I whimper "More! More! Harder! Harder!" into the night. I want to feel your back arch, your hard cock pushing deeper and deeper into me as you begin to cum. I want to tangle my fingers in your hair as I raise your mouth to mine. I want to kiss you, my moans swallowed by your mouth as I cum, my pussy quivering and pulsing around you.

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