tagGroup SexI Want To Cum

I Want To Cum

byDr S Crow©

I want to cum.

(This is not a story... it is the horny depraved mind-ramblings of a man as he masturbates)

I want to fuck, I want to be surrounded by dirty fucking horny nasty naked sex. I want horny, yearning slutty school girls to fuck - just craving to become depraved, I want to see my wife being pounded by black cock and to really experience what a fucking slut she is for that irrisistable temptation. I want to wank off in her face as she cums around her fetish totem pole. I want to fuck my married groupie slut and hear her beg her Fuck Master. I want to see you and my wife being gang banged by a bunch of fucking horny shiny black men with huge ebony cocks. I want to hold one of those cocks and feel the soft hard meat. I want to suck it too, to feel and taste it in my mouth, to see what it's like to be a whore for black cock.

I want to cum.

I want to be covered in oozing cunt and tits... big tits to fuck, little pert ones to suck. Black, white, brown bodies. I want to suck on your big slutty pussy lips and to lick your clitoris. I want to see my big white cock sliding into the tight juicy cunt of an 18 year old black slut. I want to see my wife sucking at your cunt as she gets hers pounded into by huge black dick. I want to wander around naked and delirious wanking all over this fucking scene. I want to have an orgasm that lasts and lasts with my spunk shooting and shooting... non-stop cumming... huge wads, spurts, dribbles, more spurts... an impossible orgasm producing pints and pints of my spunk splattering over all you fucking moaning, grunting animals.

And as I stagger around cumming and cumming I order my school girls to fuck my areshole with their tongues, to suck on my sweaty balls, I bury my face into sloppy cum filled cunts, I tell my sluts to cum for their black masters who are using you both like rag dolls.

And my cock keeps on spewing its cum...

Then I would want to become transformed into a horny woman and to feel what it's like to have a hungry cunt wanting to be filled by big cock. I would be the biggest slut on earth and let any man with a big cock fuck me. I would let myself have multiple orgasms as I fucked and sucked on big black cock...

I want to cum.

If you and I were in the same room right now I would tell you to get into the most obscene positions and I'd fuck you like a dog, fuck the bitch. And I'd pump my fucking hot spunk into the depths of your slutty cunt and you would fucking scream so loud as I held onto your hips with my thumb fucking your arsehole. And I would put it into your mouth and you would suck on it tasting your ass as you came so fucking long and hard, your cunt opening and closing around me, spasming, a spastic hand milking my cock.

I want to cum.

I want you to drive my cock crazy with your mouth. I want you to spend hours working on me. You know that power you have, slut, don't you? I would surrender to it. To see my cock being slowly swallowed, my balls filling your mouth, your tongue licking around my anus, to hear you sniffing at me like a dog. Amazing mouth sensations, no idea what you are doing to my cock to make it feel like that but don't want it to stop. Taking me to the brink of orgasm... I am tottering about to fall... and then something else which holds me back. And then I feel your big soft tits wrapped around my cock, wanking it. I can hear you worshiping it...

I want to cum.

I want you to build me up slowly to that Big O as I watch my wife slut cumming and cumming on her black cock. I want to hear him telling her she is his slut for black cock and I want to hear her agreeing and begging for it. And then you make me cum in your mouth and over your face...

I want to cum.

I need sluts....

Dr S Crow

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