tagLesbian SexI Want to Cum on Your Face Ch. 01

I Want to Cum on Your Face Ch. 01


I was eighteen and had just become a nanny when I got my first placement with a wealthy young family who lived not far from my family, so it seemed like the perfect situation. I looked after their two young children and they were very generous toward me. After working for them for three months John and Cindy, the parents, told me that they were moving to Germany for John's work and asked if I would consider going with them. I said yes as I would get to travel and see the world while getting paid for it. Within a month we were gone.

Germany was very nice and I found myself picking up the language quite well. John's workload increased more and more at his new job, frequently having to jet off for a few days to other countries, and I could tell that it was getting to Cindy. We had become close friends now that we were living in Germany, as Cindy now didn't have any friends there and therefore had far less to do with her time, and one evening when the children had been put to sleep for the night, was when we first discovered just how close we could be.

I was sitting on the couch reading in front of the fire when Cindy came and sat beside me and began to talk to me. The subject soon got on to how lonely she now was that John was working and away so much. I tried to be understanding and listen to her thoughts. She asked me if I was lonely, as I really didn't have any friends in Germany, let alone a boyfriend. I said that at times it was hard for me too. The next thing I knew she had begun touching me lightly on the arm. I wasn't worried and it kind of felt nice and comforting. We kept talking and I was just thinking that it was nice to talk to her when she leaned in and kissed me.

I was a little shocked and the look on my face must have shown that. Cindy leaned in again, and kissed me gently and longer. Something within me started to stir and I found myself kissing her back. We began moving in closer to each other and the kissing became far more intense. My brain began to function and I pulled back. She looked at me with both confusion and desire in her eyes. I told her that we shouldn't be doing this because she was my boss who had a husband, and that I had never kissed a woman before. Cindy began to caress my arm and told me that she had always been a bi-sexual and that I had always turned her on and that her husband wasn't here, but I was. She then leaned in and kissed me again. My tongue began to swirl with hers and I could feel myself getting wet. We stayed like that for a while just kissing and touching each other. Suddenly Cindy, who was kissing my neck, whispered in my ear that she wanted to take me up to her room and make love to me. By this stage I was incredibly horny and to be honest I could think of nothing better.

She led me upstairs to her room and once the door was closed she began to undress me slowly. When I was down to my bra and g-string I began to undress her and I noticed the differences between us. She was slim where I am curvier. I have large double D breasts and she has a small B cup. I have natural olive skin and dark brown hair where she is very fair with blonde hair. What a sight we must have been. Having not had sex for quite some time, I was incredibly horny and the fact that I was about to do it with a woman, which had always been a fantasy, made my pussy dripping wet with anticipation of what was to come.

Cindy began to softly bite my breasts through my bra, which made my large nipples get so hard that they hurt. She began to talk very dirty to me, which I discovered made me even hotter. She was telling me that I was a hot little slut who had been teasing her ever since we met. I began to talk dirty back and told her that my pussy was dripping wet and that I wanted to cum all over her face. That really got her going. She began to kiss me again and was touching my ass and started to feel up my pussy, which had soaked my panties. Her breathing became rough and I pulled away and took my panties and bra off and then moved toward her and then helped her take hers off.

I was in another world and laid her back on the bed where I kissed my way down her body. I loved her small breasts, so unlike my own, and sucked and licked them which she loved. I asked her if she was a horny and what she wanted me to do to her. She told me that she wanted me to lick her pussy and make her cum loudly. Even though it was my first time with a woman, I knew that making her cum would not be a problem. Cindy was so incredibly horny and her chest was rising and falling with her rapid breathing. When I reached her neatly trimmed blonde pussy, I could feel the heat from it. I teased her a bit licking her outer lips and kissing her thighs, but couldn't keep it up for long. Her pussy was open and ready, and glistening with her juices.

When I began to lick her pussy the moaning began. She was so wet and didn't show any signs of slowing down. Cindy was loving it. I stopped and looked up at her and she stopped pinching her breasts and looked at me and said please don't stop. I continued to eat her and inserted one and then two fingers which really started to send her into the 'oh my god' place. I continued to lick her tasty little pussy and finger fucked her and a faster pace. She started to moan louder and louder and began to cum. I continued my assault on her pussy and she came very hard all over my fingers. I let her subside for a second and then slowly kept licking her pussy. She wriggled a little bit because it was still so sensitive but soon she was moaning quietly again while I licked her hot little pussy clean. She pulled me up from her pussy and licked her cum of my fingers, which was such a turn on. We kissed passionately so she could taste her pussy in my mouth. I was so horny and she laid me down and said that because I was such a good little slut she was going to make me cum hard.

She then made her way down my body, stopping for a very long time at my breasts. I asked her if she liked my titties and she said that she loved how big they were, and that she was always checking them out, and that she had often fingered herself while thinking about sucking on them. I was blown away and told her so. I told her that she was making me horny, and that she needed to lick my pussy and make me cum. She went straight to it and buried her face in my pussy. She licked and sucked on my clit like there was no tomorrow, determined to make me cum. She was loving it, and so was I. I was so wet and horny and it didn't take me long to cum all over her face like I told her I would. I don't think that I have ever cum that hard before. Knowing I was being sucked by a woman, who happened to be my sexy boss must have done it. When my waves of orgasm subsided she came up and we lay there together on her bed, kissing and touching each other, playing gently with each other's tits and pussies.

After a long time of this I got out of the bed and said that I had better shower and go to my own bed just in case one of the children came to look for either one of us. Cindy said okay reluctantly, and thanked me for everything and said she hoped that we could do it again. I looked over at her laying there naked and walked over and kissed her passionately and said that I could hardly wait till I could fuck her again and that if I had been a tease before, now she was in big trouble and she would have to get used to having a wet pussy.

To be continued...

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