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I Want to Eat You


"What are you reading?"

Elle laughed. "You wouldn't believe what this guy is writing to me. I can't believe he didn't read my profile. It clearly shows I'm not single."

Tara grinned. "Wish you were?"

Shaking her head, Elle kissed Tara full on the lips. "Not a chance. Here, come sit by me. You can read his sad attempts at flirting."

"So if he's bothering you, why don't you just ignore him?"

"Oh, he's not bothering me, per se... These guys... they're all so single minded and cliche. I suspect the only reason he's talking to me is because it says I'm with you."

Tara wore an amused expression. "I'm sure there are other people out there who are better conversationalists than..." She leaned forward and began cracking up. "...SmokinCock69? What kind of name is that? Why do people even add the 69? Isn't it like overdoing it?"

Returning the laugh, Elle whispered dramatically. "That 69 lets others know he's in heat."

Tara snaked her hand under her wife's skirt. "Are you in heat, love?"

Purring, Elle parted her knees and leaned back in the chair slightly. "Aren't I always with you?" She made to close the instant messenger when Tara stopped her. "What?"

"Keep talking to him. Make his day."

"Like cyber? I've only done that a few times and only with you."

Tara smiled sweetly. "I like the idea of someone trying to get into your pants when I'm between your legs."

"You're so bad!" Elle sat up and crossed her thighs with a measure of indignation.

"Sweetling..." After pushing Elle's legs apart, Tara pressed her cheek against her lover's thigh. "There's no harm in this. And besides, aren't you up for a little fun?"

Sighing, Elle tapped the keys lightly. "Fine. I just asked him what he was wearing."

"You didn't! That's cliche!"

"Shush. I doubt it will take much prompting anyway. See? He's naked."

Tara didn't miss Elle rolling her eyes. "You need to be more in the spirit. Talk dirty to him. Tell him," she giggled, "that your wife is about to eat you out."

"I will not!" Glancing down, she added, "You really want me to talk dirty? To him?"

Elle felt rather than heard the answer, sighing softly as she felt firm thumbs pulling her panties down. She raised her ass off the chair to help.

"Uh... now what should I say?"

"Whatever. Just read me his replies." Tara positioned herself on the floor, kneeling, gazing tenderly at the dark juncture of her wife's smooth thighs. She trailed a few fingers up and down Elle's legs, delighted when she created goosebumps along the skin. Stroking Elle's thighs, she nestled herself between the knees, hands moving down affectionately to grasp Elle's ankles. Squeezing the ankles, Tara leaned forward to fill her face with sweet pussy when Elle made a derisive snort.

"He's er... naked. And he wants to taste me. And I think he's masturbating since it took him so long to type that."

Resting her forehead against her wife's smooth skin, Tara chuckled. Sometimes Elle just couldn't get into the spirit of things. Sometimes she needed encouragement. "Sweetheart. Love. Elle baby, I want to taste you. I want to suck you into my mouth until you come, wet and shivering. But dearest, for my sake, talk to the poor bastard. Keep those hands occupied and let me do as I please with you..." Exhaling, she added deviously, "from down here."

With her head under Elle's skirt, Tara heard an acquiescent murmur to proceed.

"I want to eat you."

Tara nodded as she licked Elle's inner thigh. "In due time, lover. Maybe after I get you to come."

Elle stirred distractedly, "No, no.. that's what he typed. I was just telling you what he's saying."

Tara kissed her way up until she felt the soft tendrils of hair tickling her nose. "Mmm hmmm..." She was patient. She was teasing. Instead of ending the kisses between Elle's thighs, she worked her way back down. When Elle was ready, she would squirm and moan in the seat. Neither came to pass yet, so Tara ignored the inviting pussy. It took some willpower. But she really wanted to draw this out. There was also the fervent hope that Elle would get into this whole chat thing.

"I want you to beg me to eat you."

Was it possible, but did Elle sound just a bit breathy?

"I want you to grab my face and bury it in your cunt."

If there was any breathiness, any sign of being aroused, it dissapated with the word "cunt".

"I can't believe he typed that! I hate that word. I don't think this is going to work. Tara. Tara... Hey!"

Tara had nipped the soft skin behind a knee. Not even bothering to come up from under the skirt, she mumbled loud enough to be heard. "Nothing wrong with 'cunt'. You're just being difficult. There's two people right now who want to service you but nothing is going to happen if you don't let it."

When Elle finally responded, it was in the form of angry staccato taps on the keyboard, fingers stabbing at the letters.

Tara was going to give this another five minutes but if another setback was forthcoming, she was going to call this off. If Elle couldn't get into this, then it just wasn't the right time. There would be other chances, other days.

Elle bit each word out, "I want to feel your fingers in my hair. Pulling me closer." There was a pause. More tapping. And then, "I love that. I'm so hard but I won't let you have my..." There was reluctant sigh. "...cock. Yet. I push your knees to the side. I lower my mouth... oh yes..."

Upon the word 'mouth', Tara had travelled back up and breathed on Elle's pussy, even going so far as to press her closed mouth to it.

"...to your cunt. I'm going to taste you." Elle's voice had become husky, her breathing faster.

"My tongue invades you. It's the sweetest I've ever tasted."

Tara allowed her tongue to flick over the hardening clit before pushing inside Elle. It was a feeling of great satisfaction to hear that first moan. Maybe this would work out after all.

"Oh yes... uhhh... I lick you slowly. Then faster... oh oh... spreading your warm hole with my tongue." She was beginning to sound choked. "I take your cunt lips between my teeth. You love it when I nip them. Pull them. Lick them... god... uhhh... with... uh... tongue. My tongue."

The aroma of arousal was strong. Tara tongue was coated in slick juices as she acted out the desires of a stranger. Hearing her wife read his wants aloud, in her excited voice, in her aching whispers, made her clamp her own thighs together. There would be a time for fulfillment, but now, all the attention was focused on the silkiest pussy that kept arching into her mouth. Tara loved it when Elle got this turned on. When slowly all barriers were stripped and she just gave in to wanton lust.

"I stuff two fingers into your hot cunt. I move my ahh... yes yes... mouth to your swollen clit. Moan ... oh... for me... it gets me so hard."

Scissoring her fingers in and out, she stretched Elle's pussy, working until she could add another finger. The juices were everywhere. Everything smelled like sex. And the taste of it! Tara sucked hard on that clit, hard enough to ellicit a ragged cry and a pelvis thrust at her. With her left hand, she positioned it under Elle's ass, squeezing, kneading, nails gripping the flesh. She imagined it was tough to remain chatting. The motion alone of Elle grinding her hips in response to the finger fucking was sure to make it difficult to keep typing. She was impressed. Somehow Elle managed. All of a sudden Tara felt cold air on her face. The skirt had been hiked up, and turning her head to the side, Tara saw Elle close her eyes and bite down on her lip. A dead giveaway she was close.

Tara added another finger and was pleased to hear her lover gasp for air.

"Oh... oh.. oh baby... mmm.. I fuck you with my hand. Oh! Uh huh... yes... I fuck you with my mouth. God! I'm waiting for you to beg me... ohhhhh... beg me to let you come. God yes oh yes please!"

Four fingers were deeply embedded. And pistoning. Her tongue lashed at Elle's clit furiously, teeth grazing, lips kissing lips, her own ragged breaths adding to the heat. Twisting her wrist to gain further entrance, progress was impeded by slippery knuckles and her thumb. Rotating her hand, she sought to reach deeper. It wouldn't be long now. Her wife was bucking, threatening to evict her entire hand. Tara jerked her hand back from under Elle's ass and used it hold on to her hip, trying to keep her close.

One last final stab at the keyboard, and Elle wailed. "Bring me there! YES! YES GOD!"

At the moment Elle slid over the brink, Tara curled her thumb in close to her palm and pressed in hard. Elle's orgasm jerked around Tara's slim wrist and clenched so tightly, for a moment Tara feared she'd never be able to use her hand again. Raising her head, it amazed her to watch Elle writhe violently. Her face was contorted, her bottom lip sucked in, her cheeks flushed.

When the spasms subsided, Tara gingerly withdrew her hand, provoking several shudders and a strained sob. Glancing over her shoulder, she noticed that SmokinCock69 was still waiting for a reply. Flexing her fingers, admiring the wet clusters of come, she typed, "Looks like I'll owe you one. I need to fuck my wife now."

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