I Want to Play


Her surprised gasp drove him to grasp her hips more firmly so she could feel the full length of his arousal. She clasped her fingers behind his neck and drew him in for an even deeper, hungrier kiss. In the middle of their heated kiss, her voice echoed in his ears.

"I want you."

Still wrapped in one another's arms, kissing in near desperation, he found his voice. "Don't undress... yet. I want to see you bent over the bed."

Stepping from his embrace in her quiet way, she turned to follow his instructions while holding her skirt above her hips. Her long legs were spread, their lean muscles drawing his attention up to where they both wanted him.

Looking over her shoulder, she murmured, "Take me like this, but I will want to see how well an Irish girl can ride a stud like you later."

He moved behind her, running his hands up her thighs and over the smooth, warm globes of her ass. Stooping just a bit, he kissed the tender flesh at the junction of her thigh and ass on each leg before slowly drawing his tongue through the glistening pink folds of her inviting pussy.

His cock throbbed, eager to be inside her warm well. He stood and opened his jeans. At the sound, her body went rigid and she gasped. Pausing, he had the sudden thought that she might not be entirely ready. "Brandy, do you... should I...?"

She smiled to herself, knowing what he was asking. Motioning with her head, she indicated a small toiletry bag on the dresser. "Yes, please. There are condoms in the bag right there."

That was something he hadn't had to worry about in a long time, yet his desire to take her was so great that he grabbed a few foil packets and dropped the extras on the nightstand. Again standing behind the sexy brunette and entranced by the erotic view before him, he tore the packet open and slid the condom onto his aching shaft.

Guiding himself forward, he rubbed his head through her silken folds and took a deep breath. Pressing his hips to hers, he was momentarily stunned at the pressure of her walls. "Oh, shit," he breathed. "You're so... tight."

Once he was fully seated, he held still, fighting for control. He was surprised by the tight embrace her pussy gripped him in. Fighting not to erupt right away, he distracted himself by caressing her lower back or kneading her supple ass.

Her gentle voice dropped in tone when she moaned upon his entry. "Oh... my... god... you feel so good, Liam. You're... oh, you're... so big."

Even with her body quivering around his cock, the sound of her voice calmed him enough to start a slow, steady pumping, allowing him to savor the experience of being enveloped within her. His hands roamed her smooth skin, absorbing her warmth while feeling the lean muscles bunch and flex.

She pressed back, meeting his thrusts and gasping for air. The sensations he was creating deep in her core were surprising to the point that she feared she might pass out. He was able to rub his head over her G-spot so deliciously. Slipping one hand down the bed, she reached for her clit in the hopes that it would distract her enough to remain conscious. His touch, the glide of his throbbing shaft in her pussy, everything about the night, it was all so much more than she'd ever dared to hope.

Just as she was thinking that, he bent forward to take hold of her breast. Moaning at the feel of his hand, she was amazed at how well he already knew what she wanted. His instincts were in tune with her desires, and he seemed to understand that he would get more out of her if he started with the underside of her breast instead of going straight for her nipples.

He'd been watching her full breasts sway beneath her. When she reached between her legs, he couldn't resist the impulse to cup the rose-tipped orb in his palm and feel its weight; it was perfection, and he wanted to see and taste it.

Slowly withdrawing to the point that only his cockhead remained in her well, he slammed a few strokes home before pulling out entirely. When she cried in displeasure, he reminded her, "You wanted to see about riding me."

With a delighted laugh, she teased him. "I was afraid you'd forgotten about that."

"Not a chance," he laughed back. "I'm dying to see you on top of me."

She rolled over, still smiling and laughing. On her back while he watched, she spread her knees to show him her lewdly gapping pussy. "I know you want back in here," she purred, her accent tormenting him. "Lie down, Liam, and let me see what you can do."

Excitement flowed through his body. Placing one knee on the bed, he leaned over her, kissing between her breasts.

Trailing his lips up her neck, he lowered himself to press her to the bed. Her hands took hold of his hips; while one traced a sensual path over his back, the other found a sinuous path to his cock. She gently grasped him, feeling the thick shaft and kissing her lover with a heightened passion.

"Be careful not to get me too excited there, beautiful lady," he groaned.

He rolled to his back, bringing her with him and giving his hands freedom to explore her supple body. Almost worried she might not have time, Brandy sat up and threw her leg over his waist, straddling him.

"God, she even does that gracefully," was his only thought.

Her smile lit up the room. "Hmm, let's see what I've got here," she purred while running her hands over his broad chest. Combing her fingers through the soft hair she found there, she lightly tugged at it. "Oh, I think I might like this. I'd love to know what this feels like on my pretty nipples."

He could only release a choked gasp. Gripping her hips, he guided her down his body until his cock was bobbing against her back, making her giggle.

"Ooh, did I forget about something?" Her soft voice and the glow in her eyes assured him that she was gently teasing him. She reached back to take hold of his cock then lifted her hips. "I'm looking forward to this..." she sighed.

Leaning forward, she guided his tip to her center and brushed him over her clit a few times before granting him entry. They both gasped at the pressure created when his head slid inside her welcome caress. When she slowly sank down, impaling herself with his rigid shaft, they sighed together.

His fingers dug into her hips, and he started to buck into her. Placing a hand in the middle of his chest, she silently asked him to stop, to let her do the work. She leaned forward, dropping a series of almost shy kisses along his jaw.

Her eyes were open, as if asking his permission to continue. Whatever she saw in his face let her know that he was willing for her to do what she felt best.

She began to rock.

The slow movement brought a deep moan from her willing victim. He found himself amazed at how well this woman drew him along. Her rolling hips were a marvel, and when she rocked them from side to side, he thought he discovered a new power source.

Her skin was a drug. He skimmed his hands over the contours of her slim body, outlining her narrow waist, taking hold of her full breasts. Whatever was in reach, he found it and drank in her warmth through his hands.

The change in pace seemed to happen when he first palmed her nipples. He loved their rosy hue and wanted to see how that would change with their level of excitement. Interestingly, not only did they deepen in color, but the lithe brunette on top of him started gently bouncing.

"Yes," she hissed. She ground her hips to his on each down stroke, moaning all the while. "More... please play with them more."

Feeling his balls tightening as his cock throbbed within the velvet glove of her pussy, he knew he wasn't far from coming. If a little nipple play helped her, he was more than happy to oblige. Besides, that accent could probably do it for him on its own.

She bent at the waist, leaning in to kiss him. His hands still on her breasts, he drew his feet up the bed in order to piston into her. He was ready and her little moans told him she was, too.

They kissed, their tongues matching the near desperation of their fucking. He could feel her silky walls begin their tell-tale convulsions, massaging his pulsing shaft. His own crisis was building and he knew it wouldn't be far behind hers.

He wanted to feel her come around him. Her little sounds were so beautiful he wondered what she would sound like in full orgasm. He slipped a hand between their bodies, reaching for the little nub he knew he'd find at the apex of her slit.

Locating her clit, he held it and gently pinched until he felt her body undulating more forcefully. "That's it, let it go, gorgeous," he breathed. "Let me feel you."

She couldn't breathe. She had to sit up, just a bit, to work for air. From somewhere she could hear his encouragement paired with... her own soft curses. Just below her belly, she could also feel the imminent arrival of a glorious orgasm.

When her dam finally burst, he was astonished by the treat she provided for his senses. The glow in her face and torso; the feel and delicious scent of her warm juices rushing over him; and the low sound of her hummed cry combined to send him over the edge, and he came with a cry of his own.

He missed being able to taste her until she collapsed over him, pressing her sweet mouth to his in a deep kiss. Pulling his hand free, he wrapped his arms around her trembling body, holding and kissing her until the shuddering subsided.

When his softened cock finally slid from her, he rolled to his side, carrying her with him. Her long fingers were again combing the hair she'd decided she liked playing with in the middle of his chest.

"Are you okay?" he whispered.

"That was amazing," she breathed in the voice he loved hearing.

"It was... I just have one... okay, two questions."

She raised her eyes to his, silently telling him he could ask.

"No, I have two questions and a hope." Brad paused while his lover laughed. God, he hoped she never stopped laughing. "First, please tell me this," he indicated the brown hair framing her face, "is a wig."

"That was the hope, right?"

"Yes, my questions are based on your answer to that. I want to know, first, where did you get it, and second, can I take it off you now? I've been dying to get my hands in your hair since I pulled you off those rocks."

Anna's green eyes glowed with love for this man who was willing to let her play out her fantasies, and could even add to them. "Yes, baby, it's a wig. I borrowed it from one of the girls in my book group."

"So I can take it off?"

"As long as you're very careful in getting to all the pins that are holding it on... please, take this thing off me."

Sitting up, they laughed while sorting through the dozens of hair pins keeping the short brown wig anchored to her own red locks. "You didn't think I'd really change my hair like that, did you, Brad?"

He dropped the wig on the nightstand and sank his fingers into her thick hair, freeing it from its coiled state to run between her shoulders. "I wasn't sure what you'd done. It looked good, but I'm glad it wasn't permanent."

He bent in to kiss her, but was distracted by an odd pinching sensation. Reaching down with a chuckle, he removed the condom and asked, "Why did you insist on...?"

"We were supposed to be strangers, remember?" Her face shone with the memory. "I thought it worked pretty well."

"It did." He lay back down, bringing her with him. "What do you have planned for tomorrow?"

"More of this, but without the condoms," she laughed while she curled into his side. "Seriously, summer on the Oregon Coast is short enough. We have three days, so we could go up to Cannon Beach --"

"Ooh, The Goonies, right?" He gave her his full-on geeky grin.

"Yes," she giggled, "although I don't know exactly where the old house is, and it's further up the coast anyway. We can also go on a winery tour and hang out on the beach."

He tenderly held her and dropped a series of kisses around her face. "Anna, if today was any indication of what summer is like here, I'm thinking some hiking and walking along the beach would be perfect."

"I like the sound of both those ideas. I need to get a couple shots, but I can get those in the morning after breakfast." She was about to explain how well things had been going for her project, when he yawned. Changing the subject easily, she asked, "How was your flight?"

"Long," he sighed. "And then I got here and met up with this hot little sex-bomb, so I'm kind of tired."

They laughed, snuggling and kissing, simply enjoying being together. He moaned softly and she caressed his cheek. "Go to sleep, baby. We'll re-start our summer vacation in the morning."

Already falling asleep, he murmured, "I love you, Anna."

For the first time since she left on her assignment, they both slept peacefully.


Thank you for taking the time to read my little story. While I do this because I enjoy it, I also enjoy seeing your comments. Please let me know what you thought of it, or vote... it is an entry in Lit's Summer Lovin' 2012 contest.

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