tagMind ControlI Want to Play a Game: The Sequel Pt. 02

I Want to Play a Game: The Sequel Pt. 02


Chapter Five: The Game Continues

Officer Reynolds sat through the whole video in a morbid silence. He had watched many of these games before of course, but only ever on recorded film, never live. The feeling of helplessness he felt just watching the two girls suffer and knowing there was nothing he could do to help made him feel sick right down to the pits of his stomach. He wanted to put a bullet through Michelle's head right there and then but he knew the only way to save his sister was to play the game her way for the time being.

Michelle was first to break the silence.

"Such a shame," she began, voice filled with a mock disappointment, "I guess they just lacked that will to win. Don't you agree inspector?"

"How can you do that to innocent people?" replied Reynolds coldly.

"I didn't 'do' anything Inspector, I was here watching with you. If they had truly wanted to walk out of there unchanged, they could have."

"You're a monster." Reynolds' voice had become nothing more than an emotionless monotone. "Kidnapping these poor girls to play your sick games. You know they won't win, its almost impossible."

"Not everybody loses Officer, those who want it most will not lose."

"You're wrong. You make games that people cannot win, nobody wants to end up like that."

"I beg to differ Officer," smiled Michelle, "The losing girls embrace their new lives, no longer bound by heavy thoughts and pressures to be upstanding women of the community. A life of sex and giggles comes as a comfort, not a curse." She paused for a moment before adding, "Just ask your wife."

Reynolds felt his blood turn to lava at the mention of his wife. Red mist fully descended, he reached for his gun and aimed it straight a Michelle's head.

"Don't you dare mention my wife again!" He screamed, face beetroot with rage and finger curled around the trigger. "I should just shoot you right now and end this whole charade."

"We both know why you won't shoot me officer," Michelle didn't even seem to flinch as she smiled back at Reynolds, "Kill me and it's game over for everyone else. You wouldn't want that on your conscience now, would you?"

Reynolds hand began to shake as he tried to hold his shot at her before he finally yielded defeat and lowered his aim.

"That's better officer," Michelle was beginning to sound like a mother addressing a small child, "Now let's just sit down quietly and continue with the game."

Reynolds was trying to think of a way to fight, but was out of options. All his bluffs had failed, there was still no word from the tech team about the victims' location and there was only just over three hours left to save his sister. Until he could come up with something else, he had no other option but to play to her rules. Without saying a word he sat back down and as if on cue, screen three maximised once more and a new game began.

Chapter six: Sucks to be You

Monica and Jessica came to at around the same time. The last thing either of them remembered was having yet another huge fight in the park behind campus and now here they were, prisoners trapped in a narrow corridor.

The girls, like those from the previous game, were bound facing away from each other. This time though instead of being on all fours they were positioned on their knees with hands cuffed behind their backs around a pole that ran from floor to roof. Each girls' calves were strapped down in order to make it impossible to do anything but kneel and stare at the blank screens each had in front of them.

As the grogginess lifted from them, both girls quickly realised they were in the company of the other and, more scarily, they began to realise their predicament.

"Monica?" Jessica was first to speak, "Is that you? Where are we? What is this place?"

"Yeah it's me Jess, and I don't know where we are. Last thing I knew we were in the park."

"Same here. What the fuck is this place?"

"I don't know, but we've got to find a way to get out of here."

"How are we supposed to do that? I don't know if you have noticed but I for one am strapped to the spot!"

"Don't you dare start getting fucking bitchy with me Jess. I'm just trying to think positively. For all I know it's your fault we are in this mess."

"Well that's just typical of you isn't it Mon? Always blame someone else, never yourself."

"Oh I see, so it was all my fault that you told everyone I had slept with my Dad."

"Well you shouldn't have said made up that lie about me having a foursome with Mike, Brad and Steve should have you?"

"You stole my boyfriend! You expected me to just taking that lying down? Do you not know me at all Jess."

"You still haven't gotten over that! It was nearly a year ago for fucks sake. Why can't you just accept that..."

Jessica cut herself off mid sentence, distracted by the Barbie doll head which appeared on the screen in front of her. Monica will to argue also fast dissipated as she slowly came to realise the significance of the figure on the screen. They were fucked.

"Hello Monica, Hello Jessica." began the low mechanical voice. "I want to play a game."

Those were the six words that ripped through the heart of any kidnappee who heard them, the six words that confirmed only one thing: they were victims of the Barbiemaker. Aware of their fate, they also knew there was only one way to give themselves the best chance of survival, stay quiet and listen to everything the doll had to say. They had to win the game.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your little argument, but some things are more important than the silly squabbles of two petty girls. Please do not mistake this apology as proof I am here with you, but seeing as you can't go two minutes in each others presence without fighting, it is only fair to assume you were both screaming at each other even in the dire straits you find yourself in now."

Both girls kept quiet, trying to take all the words in as the voice continued.

"It's hard to believe that just twelve short months ago, you two were best friends. That was, right up until that fateful incident when you let a man come between you. A man you turned a decade of sister-like friendship into a year of rumour after vicious rumour. Whether it was accusations of orgies, incest or sex for grades, you each said whatever you could to cast the other in a negative light. You took spite to a level that shocked even me."

The girls both shuddered at the judgement that was being passed on them. Regardless of whether they deserved what was coming or not, they knew they were guilty as charged. It was now time for them to discover exactly what a year of spreading bile had gotten them into. The voice continued...

"A few moments after this video ends, the conveyor belt you are strapped will activate. At this point a twenty minute timer will also begin to count down. When it hits zero, the conveyor will cease moving and a very special gas will be released into the hallway. Trust me, after a few breaths of this you will become a whole new person."

"This can't be happening." said Monica,

"Shh!" went Jessica, "We have to listen to this."

The doll continued to explain the game: "Uninterrupted, the conveyor belt would transport you to the door in about ninety seconds and once there all your bonds would automatically unlock. However, before you reach the end you will pass by four doorways, two on each side. When you are in line with one of these doorways, the conveyor belt will grind to a halt and the door will slide open to reveal somebody you know."

Both girls wanted to scream, but their voices felt frozen by fear.

"That person and that person only, has access to the controls that will restart the conveyor belt and they have been conditioned to only restart the conveyor belt when somebody swallows their cum. All four have been injected with a drug so that they will neither recognise you or even remember this event happening. They will just be in a constant state of high arousal and readiness to push the button when needed. Therefore I advise that you do not try to reason with them, you will just be wasting your time. I will be there to give you a short introduction to who is behind each door but other than that, you have all the information you need to win the game. So I suggest you just close your eyes, suck like you've never sucked before and make sure not to spill anything. Let the game begin."

When the screen faded back to black, both girls were still too stunned to speak. Both just knelt there trying to comprehend what had just happened and dreaded to think who may be behind each door.

Finally Monica spoke, "We can't seriously be about to do this can we?"

"Do you have a better idea?" replied Jessica, "You've seen the videos of the girls who lost these games, we both have. Do you want to end up like that?"

"Of course not, but... it's sick! Who could come up with something like this?"

"I know it's sick," Jessica was trying to speak in an as reassuring tone as she could as she spoke, "I don't think you'd find a more twisted person on this entire planet but still, from what I've read about other girls who had to play these games I think we've got off easy."

"How can you say that!" choked Monica.

"Look I'm not saying its gonna be a fun day out or anything, but we've both sucked a couple of random dicks in our time. It could have been a whole lot worse than this."

"But these won't be rand..."

"I know that!" cut off Jessica, doing her best to curtail any negative talk no matter how futile, "But we can make them random. The video said that they won't remember this ever happening so we both just keep our eyes closed the whole time and we'll never know either."

"You really think that could work?"

"It's the best chance we got, we have go to do what we can."

Monica took a deep breath, "Okay, let's do this. Let's win this bastard's game."

"That's it, we just need to stay as positive as poss..."

Jessica was interrupted by the conveyor belt whirring into life. A digital timer at the end of the hallway flashed red with the number 20:00 and immediately began to count down. The game had begun and both girls closed their eyes.

About thirty seconds later the girls ground to a halt by the first door, it was facing Monica.

The voice returned, "I know the clock is ticking so I will brief, Today is the day that you both learn the harm lies can do. Monica, you told everyone in college that Jessica had a foursome with three of the most unpopular guys in your class. Not only did it cause embarrassment for your former friend but it also seriously upset all the guys involved to be the butt of such a cruel joke. So now you can go some way to putting that right. Sadly we can't fit all three behind that door so I had to make a choice. As it turns out, even though all three had their feelings hurt, only one was still a virgin so I decided you should give him a very special apology. So lets see who is behind door number one..." There was a slight pause before the voice added, "Oh I forgot one thing, each person chosen has been taught a special phrase for the occasion to help talk you through the game. Good luck."

With that the voice was gone.

"You said if we closed our eyes we could pretend they were somebody else!" cried out Monica. "How are we supposed to do that when the guy tells us who everyone is?"

"You're just going to have to find a way to get over it." insisted Jessica, "You have no other choice but to be strong and take what's coming."

Both girls by now had opened their eyes, realising there was no point in keeping them closed and Monica's eyes went wide with shock as the door in front of her slid open to reveal Brad, stark naked and looking down at her smiling. His erect penis bobbed a few centimetres from her face.

"Suck it slut!" he said, his face never breaking from its Cheshire-like smile.

Monica was taken aback by what she heard. "What did you say to me?!"

"Suck it slut!" repeated Brad although it was clear from his eyes that there really was nobody home right now.

"How dare you talk to me like that!" screamed Monica.

"He isn't talking to you." cried out Jessica, "He's been conditioned to say that. It's just a trick to put us off, you need to ignore it."

"That's easy for you to say," replied Monica, "You aren't the one having to do this."

"I will be soon if you can get your head straight. You need to just get this over with, please. For both our sakes."

Monica knew Jessica was right. Glancing at the clock she could see they were already down to just over eighteen minutes. She had to just suck it up and ... suck it up.

Every few seconds Brad repeated his phrase "Suck it slut!" but Monica tried her best to block it out. She tentatively leaned forward and took her classmates cock in her mouth. Luckily for her, it was not too big so she was able to suck all the way down to the shaft and after a few seconds of trying to adjust to her enforced situation, her mouth was pumping up and down as fast as her bonds would allow. If she had to do this, it was going to be over with as quickly as possible.

Jessica could hear that her co-captive had started and tried her best to shout words of encouragement to get her through the ordeal.

Monica didn't need long though, an oversexed virgin injected with a sex drug was never going to last very long and very soon Monica could feel his hot cum hit the back of her throat. Her first reaction was to gag and spit but she was able to control herself in time to keep sucking and swallow every drop.

Her first task over, she emptied her mouth of Brad's cock and made sure he could see his load had been consumed. Brad just continued to smile blankly as he pushed the button beside him which caused the door to slide back shut and the conveyor belt to restart.

It didn't travel very far though as ten seconds later it was stationary in front of the next door: this time for Jessica. Once again the voice returned.

"Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. Just like Monica you never gave a thought to who else you hurt with the rumours you spread. As long as your former friend got a bit red-faced it didn't matter who was caught in the crossfire and nobody is a better example this than Professor Harris."

Jessica let out a short gasp in reaction to that name but the voice went on undeterred.

"Both you and Monica were straight A students, both top of the majority of your classes. You however decided it would be fun to suggest that Monica had to indulge in a little extra curricular activity in order to earn her mark."

"Not only was this accusation baseless, but it led to the teacher in question: Nigel Harris, a respected Math Professor of twenty-five years to get suspended pending an investigation. Although he was eventually cleared, his reputation was left in tatters and within months, he was forced into early retirement. A fun little joke had ended a man's career and you didn't have the decency to come clean or even offer an apology. Until now that is... Jessica, lets see who's behind door number two."

The door slid open to reveal the old professor in all his glory. As with Monica's situation previously, he was smiling down at her with his erection bobbing in front of her face. "You're a grade A whore." he said, face never wavering from its empty smile.

Jessica was a strong minded girl, she knew this was coming and she knew what she had to do. She was also expecting the second round of guys to be much harder than the first and given Monica's hesitation the first time round, she knew she had to get this over with as much time on the clock as she could manage. Therefore the naked professor had barely finished saying the word 'whore' when Jessica's mouth wrapped itself around him and began to suck away as quickly as she could.

Monica's gags of disgust at the thought of what was going on was a stark contrast to the encouragement and help she had received but Jessica was paying no attention anyway. She had one clear goal and was not going to let any situation or circumstance deter her. It was a determination that paid due dividends as like with Brad before, a sexagenarian widower of ten years was not going to need very long at all to blow their load and that was exactly how it played out. With still more than thirteen minutes left to go, Jessica was already gobbling down her first portion of cum and after showing her empty open mouth to the professor, the button was soon pressed and the conveyor belt sent the girls another ten seconds down the corridor to door number three.

The voice returned once more to give its introduction for Monica's second and final door.

"Congratulations girls for getting this far. I hope you have a lot of time on the clock.

"Monica, this is your final door and we found somebody special for you. It is my belief that for you two to get over this conflict and resolve your differences you need to face the root of the problem. So here he is... Monica, let's see who's behind door number three."

Monica didn't want to believe that she was about to see who she thought she was about to see.

"Please don't be him," she whispered to herself, "Anyone but him."

Monica knew she was kidding herself and her fears were confirmed when the door slid open to Jack, her ex-boyfriend and reason why the best friendship she ever had turned to hatred overnight.

Every time Monica saw him since that day, she had to fight back the urge to fly off the handle at him yet again. If there was one guy in the world she swore that she would never ever be intimate with again, it was him. But now here she was, kneeling before him knowing that the route to freedom passed straight through his traitorous cock.

She looked up at his blank, smiling face and he looked back down at her and said "Jess does it better."

For Monica, that comment was the straw that broke the camel's back. She'd been trying so hard to stay together through all this but now she just wanted to break down and give up.

"Fuck you and fuck this!" she screamed, "I can't do this! There is no way I am ever touching that bastard ever again."

"Monica, you have to," pleaded Jessica "You can't let them win."

"I don't care! I'm not doing this anymore."

"Please Monica! You can't give up now. I know what happened was terrible for you but you have to put it behind you. For the next ten minutes at least anyway. You don't want to become like those other girls we saw in the news articles."

"But you don't understand what you two put me through."

"I do understand Mon, I really do. It was terrible what I did to you and I am sorry. But you have to do this, I promise if you do then you never have to speak to or hear from me again."

"But I can't."

"You can Mon, I know you better than anybody and you have the strength to do this. Now it's time for you to show how strong you are. You can do this."

Jessica's words were starting to get through. Monica looked up at Jack who was still repeating his mantra of 'Jess does it better' and decided that today was not the day, she was going to let him or anybody else win.

With a new found determination she looked Jack square in the eye and then took his cock into her mouth. She began slowly at first but soon was able to fall into the rhythm and technique that she remembered he liked. Even though Jack's words were just part of a conditioned trance, she was determined to prove to him that in fact it was Monica who does it better and in Jack's over sexed state it only took two or three minutes for Monica's work to bear fruit.

Jack's body began to spasm and grunt and spray wave after wave of hot cum into Monica's waiting mouth who swallowed it all down fast because her life actually did depend on it. She once again displayed her empty mouth and Jack pushed the button with still a whole nine minutes left on the clock.

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