tagLoving WivesI Want You To

I Want You To


At night in bed with her husband, she would whisper to him about her lover.

"His cock was so hard today," she told him. "So huge. He fucked me until I could hardly breathe from coming."

She rocked and shimmied her cunt against her husband's prick, staring down into his face. His eyes glittered in the dim light. "Tell me," she demanded. "Tell me how much you like me to talk about him."

He gazed up at her, then closed his eyes. "Yes," he muttered.

"Open your eyes," she said. "Tell me while you're looking at me."

His eyes fluttered open. "Yes," he said. "I like it when you tell me about him."

Her rhythm was building now. "When I tell you about his cock," she said.


"Say it!"

"I like to hear about his cock," he told her.

"It's long and hard. And hot, and oh..." She came, breathing hard and shuddering. "God," she said. "Grab my shoulders."

Obediently, his hands came up and gripped her. She ground her pelvis against him. "You know," she told him. "He gets to come inside me."

"I know," he said.

"At first I wanted him to wear a rubber, like you do."

"I know," he said.

"But she wanted to feel him bare."

"I know."

"Who wanted to feel him?"

"You did," he said.

"My pussy did," she corrected him. "She wanted to feel him inside her, his warmth, his hardnees. She wanted to swallow his cum and feel the wetness."

He put a hand on her breast. She leaned down and kissed his lips.

"And of course you wanted that too," she told him.

"I did," he agreed.

"You didn't know it at first, but you knew how it had to be."

"God," he said. "I need to come."

"Not yet," she commanded. "How did you know?"

"Know what?"

"How did you know?" she insisted. "That you wanted him to fuck me bareback."

"Um," he said. "Because you wanted it?"

"Because I needed it," she corrected. "Because my cunt needed it. She craved it, she needed it so bad. To feel him inside her. How does it feel when I come home all full of him?"

He stared up at her.

"It feels great! Doesn't it?"

"Oh my God," he said. "Please."

"In a minute," she said. "My cunt, my mouth, all tasting like him. I should make you lick my ass, then you'd know that tastes like him too."

"When?" he said. "Please."

She rocked again, fucking him, her brow furrowed. "Tell me," she said. "I need to hear it."

"I love it when you fuck him," he said. "And come home tasting and smelling of him."

She moaned. "Yes, say it."

"I want you to fuck him again," he said. "Fuck him again and again."

"I will," she said. "Whenever I can."

"Good," he said. "Now..."

"Almost," she said. "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Yes!" he said. "I want to."

"Him. He will," she said. "Oh my God. Oh." She collapsed on top of him.

He paused. "Now?" he asked.

She rolled off, pulling him towards her. "Yes," she said. "Now."


He was in a meeting with his boss when he heard the chirp that meant a message from her secret phone. He flushed and swallowed hard.

"Excuse me," he said. "I have to... the john."

"Oh," his boss said, staring at him curiously. "Of course."

He raced to the men's room, locked himself in a cubicle and opened his phone. There was a photo, he tapped to enlarge it. A man's cock, dripping cum, hovered above a woman's spread legs and cunt. He unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock but didn't stroke it.

The phone chirped again, a text this time.

"He's still hard," it said. "I want to feel him in my ass."

He swallowed and took his hand off his cock. "Yrs," he tapped on his phone. Then corrected the spelling, "Yes".

He stared at the screen, waiting. His hand went back to his cock.

The phone chirped. "I really want to," the screen said. "His cock's all slick. Do you want me to?"

"Yes," he typed, breathing hard.

"Yes what?" came the reply.

"Yes he should fuck you in the ass," he wrote. "I want you to."

Then there was silence, no more chirps. He still held onto his cock and scrolled back through the text history.

The very first message, before he even knew about the secret phone, just that a message had arrived, "I've done what you wanted me to do." He looked at the message for a moment, then scrolled down, making sure not to tap on any of the voice messages, with their wails and hoarse descriptions.

He tapped on a random shot and it enlarged to a photo of her hand gripping a cock, not squeezing but just holding it. Her thumb was resting on the cockhead. He swiped to the next photo. Her breasts covered in ropes of semen, the necklace he'd give her on their fifth anniversary nestled among the come.

The door opened and someone came in. He heard the sound of pissing, then a flush and hands being washed. The door opened again and closed. He stared at the screen, then zipped up his pants and slipped

the phone in his pocket.


"Did you jack off?" she asked him. She was lying on top of him, his cock erect against her belly. "When you got the photo?"

"No," he said. "Of course not."

"But you wanted to."

"Of course," he said. "Of course I wanted to."

She sighed and wiggled herself up on his chest a bit, then reached down and started to tease herself with the tip of his prick. "I love that I can trust you," she told him.

He didn't reply.

"I like your cock," she told him. "It's not overly large but it's got its uses." She giggled.

"I want to fuck you," he told her.

"I know," she said. "In a minute. Why don't you put on your condom?"

He gritted his teeth and rolled away into the darkness, feeling in the drawer of his nightstand.

"Do you ever wonder?" she asked him. "Why I never show our faces in the photos?"

"Cause you don't want, um, I don't know. People to recognize you?"

"Right," she said. "That's why I never show my face. But why don't I show his face?"

He laughed. "Cause it's all about his dick." He rolled back to her and she straddled him again.

"It is," she said, "an amazing dick. But there's another reason. So you won't recognize him."

He paused. "Do I know him?"

"Yes, of course," she said. "Isn't that better? So he knows whose wife he's fucking?"

He hesitated. "I guess so."

"Only guess so?" She was sliding his cock around her entrance now.

"Yes," he said. "It's much better that way. But I didn't, I thought..."

"And if I took another lover," she continued. "Wouldn't you want him to be someone we knew too?"

He swallowed. "Yes," he said softly.

"Do you want me to have another lover?" She stopped moving and stared down at him. "Another man to fuck me?"

"Yes," he said.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes," he said. "I want you to take another lover."

She resumed her progress. "We'll see," she told him. "I'm already a pretty busy girl."


Valentine's Day he took the afternoon off. She met him at the door when he got home, wearing a new dress, short, cinnamon heart red. He kissed her and reached around to unzip her.

"No," she told him. "Not yet. You need to get your present first."

He grinned. "I thought that was my present."

"You go in the bedroom," she told him. "And undress. I'll meet you there."

He was lying naked on his back on the bed when she came in with a bag. "Sit up," she told him, "And look away from me." He heard a rustle and then a black cloth covered his eyes.

"Is that my present?" he asked. "A blindfold?"

"That's part of it," she told him. "Now lie back down on your back."

She took his hand and guided it under her dress. His breath came faster as felt her thighs and then her mound and cunt. She spread her legs a little.

"You shaved," he said.

"That's not your present," she told him. "That's his. He wanted me bare outside just like I like him bare inside me. But I thought you might like to feel it too."

"God," he said, starting to roll towards her.

"I think he should be the first to fuck me like this. Don't you?"

He subsided. "Yes," he said softly. "He should."

"Okay, then," she told him. "I'll be back in a while. No peeking now."

He thought she'd be gone for hours but it was less than twenty minutes later that he heard the front door open and close.

"We're here," she called from the hallway. He covered his cock with his hand. "Good boy," she said from the doorway. "I knew you wouldn't peek."

They came into the bedroom.

"God," she said. "I can't wait." He heard the zipper of her dress and the rustle as she pulled it over her head.

"You always told me how it turned you on to think about me with another man," she told him. "But I think maybe you meant you wanted to be there too, didn't you? Watching?"

"Yes," he admitted.

"But I tell you all about it," she said. "I tell you the best parts." He could hear from her voice that she was crouched on the floor now. He heard shoes being untied and then a belt being unbuckled. "Isn't that even better?"

"I don't know," he said.

"But I do," she said. A zipper, then pants being pulled down. Elastic snap of underwear. A kiss. She stood up. "It's much better. You even get souvenirs delivered right to your phone."

She sank onto the bed and took his hand in hers. "So I thought, why should you have all the fun? That isn't fair, is it?"

"No." he said.

"I get kind of turned on, too," she said. "Thinking about watching you with another man."

"No," he cried.

"Hush," she said. She drew his hand across the bed. He felt the long hardness of a cock and pulled away.

"I don't want to," he said.

"Hush," she repeated. "It will be nice, I promise." The bed groaned as her lover got on. She took his nand again and guided it now to her pussy. "You can keep your hand on me," she told him. He felt her hand on his cock, a quick squeeze and a firm grip. "Open your mouth," she told him.


Afterward she hugged him and rubbed herself against his thigh. He heard water running in the bathroom. "That was incredible," she told him. "I came twice while you were sucking him."

He didn't say anything.

"You have a choice to make now," she told him. "If you want, you can take off the blindfold."

He didn't answer.

"If you do, you'll see him. You'll know who he is. When I tell you about his cock, you'll imagine his face."

"No," he croaked.

"I could send you videos of his face when he comes inside me."

He didn't answer.

"Really no?"

"Really," he said. "No."

She nuzzled his shoulder. "I think you're right," she told him. "This way, whenever you see a man talking to me, you'll wonder. But the other way, you'd know for sure."

He heard the man come back into the bedroom, the sound of him getting dressed. She kissed him and then wriggled away.

"You're leaving?" he asked.

"I'll be back," she said. "I haven't given him his present yet. Don't you want me to fuck him with my bare cunt?"

"Yes," he said hoarsely.

"Yes what?" she asked him, teasingly.

"Yes," he said. "I want you to fuck him. With your bare pussy."

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