tagIncest/TabooI Want You to Fuck My Sister

I Want You to Fuck My Sister


Claire jumped out of the bed and onto her feet, but she couldn't get herself to run anywhere. In her bedroom, with only a small adjoining bathroom to hide, there was really nowhere to go. She stood frozen, naked except for a film of sweat and her sister's saliva drying all over her body. Lana, her sister, sat up in the bed and fumbled with the sheets, pulling them up over her own naked form. Both of the women's eyes were wide, staring in shock and horror at the closed bedroom door as it swung open.

They had been caught, and even as their incestuous secret was abruptly exposed, they couldn't help but wonder how it had come to this. Lana and Claire were two very beautiful women. With Lana at 33, and Claire at 28, both were and looked young enough to inspire fantasies in men of any and all ages. They shared subtle differences; Lana was a bit smaller in size and had bigger breasts than her sister, and her straight hair was a sandy blonde (today in pigtails) compared to Claire's very curly brown locks, but both women were very cute and very sexy, and though they weren't twins, they both resembled Kate Hudson, who they felt was a pretty good celebrity to be mistaken for.

There was no reason either one of them should have become so bored with men that they turned to women. And even to do that, they still should have had enough female choices to seek pleasure with than be reduced to committing such a taboo act as having sex with each other.

That is how an outsider might have viewed it. How they feared Troy might be viewing it now as he looked upon them in amazement while standing, jaw agape, in the bedroom doorway. But the truth was that Claire and Lana didn't end up in the same bed because of a lack of options. They weren't even living out some long hidden lesbian fantasy. They were just so very attracted to each other, both inside and out, that they could no longer resist it.

Claire had just moments ago had sex with her fiancé, Troy, and his two very gifted brothers. At her request, they had left her covered and filled with cum. She felt so turned on even in their short absence from her apartment, that when Lana arrived unannounced, there was no getting around what she wanted. And Lana wanted it, too, and wasted no time in licking her sister clean of the warm jizz.

It marked the second time the siblings had played with each other; the first time they had shared a single man, and this time they shared the generous remnants of three. But there was no denying that the men involved only accounted for a portion of their overall lust.

But the men had come back, and now the door to the truth was open.

Troy tried to snap out of his shock. He was already inside the room, and didn't feel he had the time or the coordination to stumble back out, so he just closed the door, hoping he had been fast enough to keep his brothers in the next room from seeing this sight. While they had never met Lana, his would be sister-in-law, they would have to meet her eventually. That is, if this wedding was still going to happen. He had no idea Claire had a bi-streak, and to think that she was doing it with her own sister, well that was a lot to swallow. Even for a guy who had just fucked his bride-to-be with his very own brothers.

He tried to say 'what's going on', but no words came.

Claire was in panic mode. She knew Troy was the one. She loved him, and despite the feelings she had for her sister, she had no intention of letting those desires ruin her future with him. But as she looked at him now and saw how freaked out he was, she saw her once happy future becoming very grim. This wasn't sharing a loved one, as he had done with her and his brothers. No, sleeping with her own sister was on a whole new level, and she couldn't imagine it was something Troy could understand.

But it was that line of thinking that saved her. Claire was naked and beside the bed, but Lana was still in it. They hadn't been caught red-handed, and so Claire came up with the only thing she could to save herself.

"I want you to fuck my sister," she said as calmly as possible.

On the surface, it seemed like a great escape from an impossible situation. Claire had just fucked and sucked Troy's brothers, so offering Lana to him would be kind of like returning the favor. The timing of it all worked out perfectly. She watched Troy's face change from confusion to acceptance and warmth, and knew he had bought it. And Lana kept a straight face, adding to the charade rather than giving the lie away.

But that was the big problem with this lie. The reason the sisters had only recently become involved with each other was because they rarely got along before. They constantly fought over men, and it was Lana who had stolen every guy Claire had ever been with or interested it...until Troy. He was the only one who hadn't been drawn away, and Claire was, for obvious reasons, very possessive around him. And now she had just given him away to the worst person possible. She hoped that Lana's lust for her physically also included a deeper, newfound love for her feelings, because if Lana stole Troy away, Claire would lose both of them.

It was such a harrowing thought that Claire considered abandoning the lie and telling the truth, because at least then she would only lose Troy, at worst.

But it was too late, because Troy was very into this idea already, and his anticipation was evident as he approached the bed. With Claire still tingling from the fucking his brothers had just given her, Troy had no reason to think Lana was there for any other reason than to return the favor.

In the bed, Lana knew why Claire had lied, and played with the sheets, trying to use them to discretely clean the traces of cum off herself before Troy saw or felt it. Some jizz on her could be explained away by being in the bed where Claire had been fucked and cum on, but if Troy found much sperm on her, he would have to suspect the girls had been up to something else before he entered.

Lana watched eagerly as Troy took off his clothes. He was a tall, dark, and handsome man, but not traditional in any way. His styled black hair, short beard and moustache, and numerous tattoos made him look like a bad boy, but she knew those days were long behind him...except for the sexual deviance, apparently. But the least traditional, or average, of the 31 year old's hot, hard body was his gigantic cock, bigger than Lana had ever had both in length and girth, and it was still growing erect.

Troy looked to Claire once for a final approval, and all she could do was nod and hide her apprehension.

Lana had considered herself more sexually liberated than her younger sister until today. She hesitated taking Troy right away, instead guiding him to crawl into bed beside her. He palmed one of her full C-cup breasts, and she thrust her chest against him. Troy's other hand slipped between Lana's legs, cupping her pussy and teasing her clit with a big, long finger. Then he leaned in to kiss her, gently at first, but then he pushed his finger inside of her, and Lana opened her mouth to take his tongue. They kissed deeper with every second, and Troy's finger-fucking matched the intensity. Soon Lana was moaning non-stop.

She rolled on top of him and slid down between his thighs. His hands moved up along her back, finally resting on her shoulders as she came face to face with the biggest dick she'd ever seen. She sucked a testicle into her mouth and sucked it slowly as she even more slowly stroked Troy's throbbing pole with both hands. His dick was so big that, even with her mouth in his nuts, she knew his tip was easily sticking well up over the top of her head. Right then she decided that, no matter how long it took, she was going to get one of Troy's trademark massive cum loads, so she took her time, stroking him, building up his reserves.

Beside the bed, Claire didn't know how to react. Seeing her sister suck Troy was both devastating and a turn-on. She worried that she was actively watching her fiancé slip away in the hands--and mouth--of another woman. And yet, surprisingly, she felt the same thing about Lana. Claire tried to push away her incestuous feelings, knowing they jeopardized her relationship with Troy, but she couldn't help but fear he might be inadvertently drawing her sister away from her.

"Claire," a voice said.

Claire snapped out of her depressed trance and looked to Troy, who waited for her response with his eyes while his face responded to the attention his testicles were getting. He motioned for Claire to come in bed beside him, and her heart lifted.

Of course! Claire hadn't fucked Troy's brothers in front of him as he watched. She took them all three at once. So if the playing field was to be leveled, that meant Lana would have to share Troy rather than have him to herself. Claire climbed onto the bed, showing her excitement with a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. Claire's fears weren't gone yet--if Lana decided to embrace her mean streak and steal Troy, Claire knew she couldn't compete sexually, something that had been proven time and time again. But at least now she was in the game.

As Claire and Troy's kiss grew more passionate, Claire slid her hand down his hard chest to his dick. Lana was already stroking him, but the big dick left room for four hands that size, so there was plenty that Claire could do for him as well. As Lana continued sucking his balls and stroking the middle of his dick, Claire grabbed his base and began jerking him up and down. Troy moaned at the feeling and the realization that he was getting two hand jobs at once. And then Lana gripped the tip of his dick with her other hand, and suddenly it was like he was getting three.

Troy moaned and cried out and gasped, but nothing excited him more than when Lana moved her hands on his hips, replacing them with her mouth. She sucked on his hot, fat, cum-leaking tip, bobbing on him up and down, going down so deep that she gagged, and yet her lips never even met Claire's hand still pumping him. He groaned as loud as ever and kissed Claire with the greatest intensity yet, but it wasn't until she heard Lana moaning that Claire realized her sister had moved things up a notch.

Not to be outdone, Claire broke the kiss and left a quick trail of light kisses down Troy's chest and stomach on her way to his dick. The sight of Lana slurping the cock made her boiling with passion; she couldn't decide what made her hotter, the sight of the giant, throbbing erection or the obvious pleasure her sister was getting from it. Claire gently took each of Troy's balls in a hand and massaged them as she began to lick and suck at the base of his cock. She felt and tasted the streams of saliva pouring down his length from her sister's mouth, and hoped that Troy didn't realize that not only was she not avoiding it, but she was hungrily licking and slurping at it as it came.

Troy didn't know about the saliva, but Lana did, and the idea of it struck her with such excitement that she trembled all over. She pulled her mouth off the cock and grasped the same length of it that she'd been sucking with both hands. She jerked the end of his slippery dick while dipping down to lick at him at the same level as Claire's mouth was, their tongues millimeters from meeting.

This sensation proved to be too much, and Troy tensed and tightened, then began calling out warnings that he might soon cum. Both girls could tell he was conflicted about the need to release and the want to prolong this experience, so they decided for him. As much as they wanted to feel and taste his cum, they weren't nearly done yet, so they stopped stroking and sucking him, letting him catch his breath.

Troy took deep, long breaths as he fought back the orgasm, and as he did the sisters stared at each other, their glistening lips just inches a part with only a pulsing cock between them. The moment was just too perfect and so they kissed, a flicker of lips and tongue twirling into a wild motion of lust. They both tried to pull away before they got caught, but neither could do it. Despite their want to keep their love a secret, their need pulled them closer and closer. They swallowed at each other's tongues and sucked each other's lips until finally Claire had the sense to pull away. She was too on edge to simply give up and take a break--she had to transfer her lust to something equally satisfying--so she engulfed Troy's cock. He might have cum right then, but she squeezed his testicles tightly to help him back down.

As Claire held Troy's cock in her mouth, neither sucking nor bobbing, but just groaning like a woman gone mad, Lana slipped away and made her way to the head of the bed. She knew Troy's unit needed time to relax or it would shoot too soon, so she came up with something new to hold him off for a while.

On her knees with her back to the wall, Lana spread her legs and presented herself. Claire pulled off Troy and saw what her sister was up to. She and Troy moved around so that she was right next to Lana and in the same position. Troy knelt in front of them, two beautiful women, two wet, spread pussies, and four glistening, sweaty tits facing him. With the girls standing on their knees, they were in the perfect position not for eating, but for fingering. He cupped each of them, sliding a big middle finger into each pussy and finger-fucked them in unison.

He kissed Claire first, but as soon as he did he felt Lana licking and sucking on his left ear. So he kissed Lana, a deep, wet, passionate kiss that lasted for over a minute before he felt Claire licking at his face. Both girls were moaning and gasping intermittently as he fingered them, and as time went by they moved their hands from his back or pecs down to his ass and testicles. Eventually both girls had a hand on his cock and stroked him firmly but slowly as the trio continued to switch back and forth with kissing.

Claire loved kissing her man, but these kisses were even better than usual because they had the distinct flavor of her sister's mouth. She devoured Troy's tongue and lips for more of this taste, and as soon as it was gone, she would release him back to Lana to build it back up. She didn't know but she did suspect that Lana was doing the same thing, and in fact she was. But Lana's kisses lasted longer because she was better able to taste her sister on Troy's mouth.

Finally it became too much for the women, and both were about to quit for fear of losing control when, to their delight, Troy bent down to suck on their tits. He added a second finger into each of their pussies as he took first Lana's tits in his mouth, then Claire's, going back and forth hungrily.

As soon as he had busied himself at their chests, the girls planted a solid kiss on each other's lips, their desires in perfect coordination. They kissed wetly and messily, licking each other's faces, getting far too carried away far too soon. Lana took hold of Troy's head, making sure he kept at her and Claire's breasts, not wanting him to suddenly look up and catch them consuming each other. The girls' moans grew louder, partly from the two fingers fucking each of them faster and faster, but mainly because they just couldn't get enough of each other.

Finally Lana felt Troy pushing against her hands, an indication that he wanted to move on beyond their breasts. He told them to lie down so he could eat them out back and forth as he had just sucked their tits.

But Claire didn't like that idea. She would've enjoyed it, but the problem was how much she would've enjoyed it. She had barely contained herself while he gave her chest attention with fingers fucking her. If he were to eat her out, there was no way she would be able to keep herself away from Lana.

"No," she said, hating what she was giving up, but knowing it was necessary. "I want you to fuck my sister."

Claire sat to the side as Lana and Troy got in position. Somehow they agreed on doggie style without saying a word to each other. Lana got on all fours on the bed, and Troy stood at the side of the bed. Knowing how big he was and correctly assuming Lana wouldn't be used to his size, he tried going in slow. But Lana was so hot and wet that she maneuvered to get him in faster. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth and let out a long, dead silent scream as he filled her more than she ever thought possible. Claire had to concentrate very hard to contain herself as she watched her sister's impossibly delicious expression of ecstasy. Even before he began stroking into her, Lana was swearing up a storm, begging and crying out how perfect it felt.

Troy slowly worked up a rhythm. Not only did he not want to hurt Lana, but he didn't want to shoot too soon, and with a pussy as good as this one, that would be hard work indeed. Holding Lana's tight little ass, he pumped into her, feeling her tight walls grip him and suck at him. Minutes went by, and he went faster and faster. Lana loved it, begging for more as she thrust her body back against him.

Claire couldn't imagine how hot Lana was at that moment. The combined lust for Troy's cock as well as each other had them dizzy with lust. Claire was so hot watching the scene that she herself had to concentrate on not climaxing. She was amazed Lana hadn't already.

Watching Troy fuck beautiful Lana was a Heavenly sight. Claire grew wetter still as she watched Lana's big, round breasts swinging beneath her. Lana also made little noises between her broken words and made the most irresistible faces as she fought back a premature orgasm. Finally Claire just couldn't take it. Her mind said no, but her body was moving on its own. She was terrified as she approached Lana, got down on all fours to meet her at eye level, and then took her sister's face in her hands and kissed her full on the mouth, hard and deep.

The hot, unexpected sight of this sent Troy into an instant orgasm. He lifted Lana up into his arms and fucked her against him aggressively. But Claire's lips never parted with that of her sister's. The two girls continued to kiss, even as Troy shoved so much thick cum into her body that she had an instantaneous orgasm just from the sensation of it. She screamed into Claire's mouth and thrashed against Troy, bucking and shaking and heaving in an unimaginable climax.

Only seconds went by before Lana's pussy had been filled with cum, and now it was spilling out of her. Troy fucked his cock into the soaking mess he'd made for two more strokes before pulling out and dropping Lana back on the bed. On their sides, the sisters embraced and hungrily kissed as he jerked the last half of his hot load all over them. Streaks of cum splashed over their faces, into their hair, and onto their necks, shoulders, tits, and ribs.

The last of the cum was still dripping out of him when he pushed his gooey cock head into Claire's pussy. He didn't have to pump her or even go in more than a couple inches before he set her off, and as she did, she sunk lower onto him, growled into Lana's mouth, and then rolled on top of her. Claire smothered her sister with her kisses and her body, and Lana welcomed it as she struggled to return the favor. Still reeling in orgasm, the women frantically grappled at each other, smearing cum and swapping spit as the bewildered Troy looked on. They behaved less like humans and more like animals, driven by a carnal lust impossible to satiate.

They were still dining on each other's mouths and faces minutes later, apparently having forgotten that Troy was even still there. When Claire finally looked up at him, she didn't have to ask if her incestuous relationship frightened him. She clearly saw the lust and approval on his face. She also saw it on his erection.

While tempted to make use of the hard cock and go for another, ever more uninhibited round, Claire stood up off the bed and smiled to each of her lovers. They could do this all night, she explained, but there was also the matter of the two well-hung brothers in the next room, who had no doubt heard the sounds of one man and two women, but had been patient enough to wait their turn.

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