I Want You to Fuck Your Sister


On the way to the bed, I became aware of the horrified expression of my face, and I tried to change it to appear more in control. But as I was not in control, I could only make different terrified faces, and could not get rid of them.

He laid me on the edge of the bed, then slipped my panties off and crouched at the side of the bed between my legs. I knew what he was going to do, but I tried to make myself believe that I didn't. It was something I had purposely avoided all my life, and yet here, in the hands of my very own brother, I was genuinely intrigued at the thought of having a mouth on me between legs.

Troy kissed me high on my inner thigh, and my whole body responded. I coiled and thrust on the bed, tearing briefly at the comforter. At first my eyes were closed, and then they were on the ceiling, but as he kissed his way up my thigh, I decided that I wanted to see this. I wanted to see Troy lick my pussy.

I looked down toward him just as his eyes rose over the top of my bushy mound. He didn't look like a kid in a candy store. He looked scared, like I was, and like he wasn't doing this because he wanted to, but because of some inexplicable need.

When his tongue touched me, I shook, shuddered, and tightened. I went into tiny little spasms. I had no choice but to tightly shut my eyes, breathe long and deep, and concentrate to stop myself from having an orgasm right then.

I had played with myself down there before. I knew the right touch felt incredible. But I had no idea I could ever feel like I did at that moment as my brother licked and kissed my pussy. Every touch seemed like it was setting off fireworks inside my body. I shrieked out loud with every movement of his tongue against me. But as good as I felt, I was still sensing regret because I feared that now that I had tried this, I might not be able to stop. I had gotten this far by telling myself everything that happened was about today, and about the moment--that afterwards I would go back to my normal life--but now I wasn't so sure.

I put my hand on my brother's head and held him to me as I cried out while his tongue dipped inside of me.

"I've never done this before," I said between gasps. I wasn't sure what I wanted him to do with that information, but I felt he needed to know. Maybe he would make it better somehow. Maybe he would back off to help me last longer. Whatever he did, I trusted him to give me the best. I was shaking and sweating in anticipation.

He changed his technique, suddenly concentrating on my clitoris, and I don't know how I didn't explode right then. His touches were soft and slow, helping to build me up until I was intending to beg loudly for him to just finish me, but the only words I could form were unintelligible. When I thought I could take no more and I felt an orgasm fast approaching, he stopped.

"Have you ever given head before?" he asked me, his voice deep, husky. I didn't, nor could I, answer. I was panting on the bed, disappointed that I hadn't reached that peak, tortured by the intense pleasure still buzzing through me. He must have taken my non-response as a "no", because the next thing he said was, "Do you want to?"

I handled him rather than answered him, pulling him by guiding him with my hand on the back of his head. I wasn't even sure I wanted to do it, I just knew I had to do something, and, because he had suggested it, "giving head" was the only thing I could think of. It would be another first for me, and I wasn't confident I was even in the correct position to do it. Should I be on my back like I was, or should he be? Did it matter?

Fortunately Troy knew what he was doing, and he helped me off with my sweatshirt but left my bra on as he straddled me, letting me stay on my back as he brought his crotch up over my face. Seeing his penis like this up close was more than intimidating. I knew I couldn't fit it all in my mouth. He was at least nine inches--at least--and very thick, with bulging purple veins and a little drip of milky fluid dangling from his tip. When I didn't take him into my mouth right away, he rubbed his length against my face, ending with his hot, heavy balls rolling over my lips. It was there that he stopped, and so I took his offering, opening my mouth wide and letting his testicles drop in. They were so big that I couldn't even fit them both, but I sucked on what I could get, and his moaning told me I was doing all right.

I wasn't repulsed like I had expected, though I wasn't really sure what I ever thought sucking balls would be like, because I honestly hadn't given it much reflection. They were warm, they tasted clean, and the flesh felt great on my lips and tongue. And I wasn't just tolerating their presence in my face--I was enjoying it! The fact that my brother and I were doing this should have been more than enough to get me to stop and run away, but I couldn't help but realize that, as wrong as I knew it was, I wanted to do this. I stretched open my mouth until both testicles were in, and I sucked them and massaged them with my tongue. I even caught myself unconsciously trying to swallow them down, and I was glad such a thing was physically impossible, because if it weren't, by the time I discovered this, I would have suffocated.

I next noticed that I had placed my hands on my brother's butt, and I was squeezing and rubbing him and holding him to me. My fingers slipped into his crack, and I grabbed his firm cheeks as tightly as I could. My tongue become over-excited and accidentally pushed Troy's balls out of my mouth and they slipped up and plopped wetly onto my face, resting on either side of my nose. And then--even though it felt like an embarrassing thing to do, but I just had to do it--I lapped at his balls lick a child licks at big lollipop.

Troy moaned his approval, but then he started moving his body down, drawing his testicles over my chin and bringing to my lips his hard, smooth shaft. I sucked and licked and kissed it at as he slowly slid it by, and by the time his fat tip reached my lips, I knew just what to do, though I still couldn't believe I could bring myself to do it. I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked it.

I didn't expect to be good at this since I had no prior experience and never before had interest in sucking a dick. At first I concentrated just on the head, sucking it with just my lips as if it was a really big nipple and I was a starving infant. But then I realized how much of my brother's penis I was ignoring, so I gradually worked more into my mouth until I couldn't comfortably fit anymore. I had to start bobbing on him, and his moaning was telling me that I was getting the hang of it. I was glad I was pleasing him like he pleased me, but I was also very nervous about this position. I absolutely did not want him to ejaculate in my mouth, so I decided not to go too wild. I found a comfortable technique and just repeated, and from Troy's groans he seemed not to mind.

It wasn't long when I began to taste something that hadn't been there before. It was a sweet taste, and it was strange, and then I knew it must be pre-cum. This should have scared me off, because I knew if I was causing this, then the real thing might not be far behind, but I found myself suck harder and bob faster in spite of my desires. I even heard myself moan--loudly.

More than anything, the moan scared me. Terrified me. It confirmed to me that I wasn't just going through the motions. I wasn't even just enjoying this. I was actually into it! Despite all the things going through my head and all the years of happily avoiding this kind of thing with any man, much less my own brother, I was craving this. I was craving...cock. My pussy was aflame with need. I wrestled pre-cum out of my brother's cock head with the tip of my tongue and swallowed it down hungrily. God, I was hot. But I also knew this had to stop. Things had gone too far for too long.

"I don't want to do this," I said, beginning to gently sob from this emotional Hell as I finally found the strength to pull my brother's cock out of my mouth. But I needed no prodding from him to put that dick back between my lips just as quickly. In addition, I started jerking off the massive length that wouldn't fit in my mouth with my hand. First one hand, then both of them.

I tried telling myself there was a reason for jerking him with my hands, like that it took away from what my mouth was doing, and so it wasn't quite so bad. But I knew. I always knew. I was jerking him off because I wanted to feel him cum. And I wanted to taste it.

No sooner had I come upon this revelation when I heard Troy yell out, followed by the sensation of a hot, powerful gushing in my mouth. It was so unexpected that I had no choice but to swallow--swallow so I could clear my throat to scream. I called out to communicate so many things, among them fear, shame, surprise, but not the least of all was pleasure.

With that first surprise gush--which nearly filled my mouth before I swallowed it down--the rest of me froze in panic. I stopped jerking my hands and I stopped sucking; my mouth hung loose around Troy's dick. I knew I should have kept moving, but I left it up to him because I was just too overwhelmed. He pushed my hands away, replaced it with one of his own, and jerked himself off frantically. More and more cum poured into my mouth. This being my first oral experience and also my first sexual experience without a condom, this was the first time that a man's gooey, white sperm entered my body, and I nearly had an orgasm as that reality hit.

Even with my inexperience, I knew the amount that my brother was spilling into me was abnormally large. I only swallowed that first time, but the rest of the time my body reacted the way my mind had been all my life told to. I rejected the sperm, not out of disgust but just because I didn't know how to handle this immense moment. I closed off my throat, letting huge, churning spurts of cum collect in my mouth until I thrashed my tongue to lift it up and out of my mouth. It streamed down between the corners of my lips, then down across my cheeks. And Troy was still draining himself.

His jerking became more intense, and his dick moved out of my mouth and hovered over my face, even as more cum shot with surprising force. I twisted my head back and forth to try and dodge it, but all I succeeded in doing was letting cum plaster me from ear to ear, from my forehead to my chin. It was all hot, and as more splattered on, my gooey mask became increasingly heavy.

Strong blasts were still spewing out of him--this I could see with my half-opened left eye which hadn't yet been completely drizzled with sperm. I was still in panic mode, and I was scared this might go on forever, so I reached up and grabbed him, catching a string of sperm in my palm. I didn't jerk him; I just held his slippery cock head in my hand, waiting for it to be over. But as cum continued to pulse into my palm and dribble down my wrist and between my fingers, lust took over once again. Before I knew what was happening, I had that dick back in my mouth. It seemed less scary now, as the cum shots had finally slowed and the goo only dripped out. But I sucked on the cock hard, and I swallowed everything it gave me.

That only managed to stave off my dread for about a minute though, because soon I was overwhelmed with alarm. I was drenched with my own brother's cum from the neck up. I could feel it, smell it, and taste it. After releasing his cock one more time, I dared not open my mouth again, or my eyes, or even move my head. I didn't know what I was afraid of; I just knew I was afraid. My breathing grew rapid and shallow. I was on the verge of a panic attack. And as I tried to mentally calm myself, I decided that cum was the least of my troubles. I had just blown my brother! My God!

I began to sob again, which was hard since I made sure to keep my mouth closed, but then I felt Troy climb off me. I couldn't think of anything he might do that would make this better. I almost wanted him to just leave me forever, because the last thing I wanted was to have to look at him through eyes whose lashes were loaded with his seed.

But then I felt him enter me, and all of my fear was instantly replaced with passion. He didn't enter me all the way, thank God, but he could have. I was so wet. I'd never been that wet before. I'd never been that full before. God, when he was in my mouth I knew he was huge, but I bet only a third of my brother's cock was in my pussy, and I hoped he didn't dare to put in more. The pleasure I was feeling was indescribable, and I instinctively sat up to clutch at him, to hold him to me as he fucked me. Even as I moved up, his hands unclasped my bra, freeing before his eyes my 34D breasts for the first time.

My thick mask of cum spilled off of me; some dripped from my ears and hair to my shoulders and down my back, but most fell in a single, slick sheet across my big breasts, drenching the hard nipples and dripping onward down my stomach toward the spot where out bodies met and pumped together.

It was just an instant before the stream of cum hit my pussy and I could hear it gush noisily as it joined our fucking that I finally hit orgasm. I hugged against my brother, burying my face in his chest, and he was actually holding me up in his arms, thrusting me against him. Cum dripped off my body from everywhere as I shook and snapped, all the while screaming like I didn't care who heard me. I couldn't control any part of my body or my mind for at least a minute, but as soon as I could I pushed my slippery, naked chest up against my brother, rising to meet him face to face, and I kissed him hard but quick, for this started up another orgasm. He kept fucking me until I was so worn out that I could neither scream nor even move. I never wanted him to stop.

There were two reasons I never wanted him to stop. One was because it felt so incredible. The other was because, the sooner it was all over, the sooner I'd have to face the reality of what had just happened. This was monumental. Even if, somehow, things between Troy and I became fine and normal, I, myself would still know, and that would be enough to destroy me. Already I was afraid to be alone. But I didn't want to be near any other people, either.

I don't know what I would've done if it had been up to me, so it was fortunate that Troy decided what to do with me after he finally pulled out just after my last orgasm. He was still hard, and he hadn't cum since unloading on my face, so I knew he could have continued, but he must have seen that I had had my fill, physically and mentally. He laid me in his bed, not seeming to care that I was getting sperm all over his sheets, comforter, and even pillows (then again, it was his sperm).

And then it dawned on me that I wasn't caring that I still had his sperm all over me.

He left the room without a word, shutting the door behind him.

I might have worried myself to death if I hadn't fallen asleep about three seconds later. Or did I pass out?

Which brings me to now.

I awoke to moonlight instead of sunlight coming in through the closed window shades. The bedroom door is still closed, but I can hear sounds coming from the other room. Voices. Troy's voice for sure...and Claire's. I can't believe what happened. I'd rather lay here until I die than face it. Maybe I should have never let it stop. After all, even though I know it was wrong, and even as I did it I knew I was doing wrong, I was also happy. Maybe I could have just kept on fucking my brother for the rest of life so I'd never give my head a chance to clear. That does seem like the better solution, because as things stand I have to face what happened; a terrible truth to realize, especially when, in the back of my head, I know it can never happen again...

Claire's presence confuses me. I thought she was leaving him. I tried to replay their conversation over in my mind, and I keep coming to that conclusion. And then I started to focus on the first thing I heard Troy say: "Are you crazy? I'm not going to do that!"

I hadn't heard what Claire had said to set him off, though it had seemed pretty clear at the time that she wanted him to apologize. But I had only heard a murmur of sounds coming from her. No clear words. I sounded out possibilities in my head, trying to match them up with the garbled sound I remembered hearing.

"I want you to apologize." No. Not it.

"I want you to say you're sorry." No. Still not it.

"I want you to talk with your sister." Closer. But not there.

I sighed. It seemed useless. And then it hit me like a brick wall...

"I want you to fuck your sister."

Yep. That was it.


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