I Want You To Know I'm Watching


And then I amazed myself by actually TELLING him what I wanted. By somehow forming the words in my mouth and demanding it from him. The look on his face was priceless. Like, a did-she-really-just-say-that sort of look. I watched those naughty words rattle around in his brain until they finally lodged somewhere, briefly disturbing his motor skills.

But then I grinned. And he grinned. David finally sat up, propped my legs up, and with eyes as wide as saucers he pushed that thick cock of his inside me, inch by inch, until our bodies were one and the same.

We fucked. And when I say fucked, I mean we really went at it, body and soul. As I watched him thrusting into me, I couldn't help but recall the way he looked when he humped Lauren's pillow, imagining it to be a real woman, his eyes full of a desperation so fierce I might not have been surprised if it he managed to will a woman into existence right in that very moment.

He looked at me that way now, gazing down at my breasts as he caused them to bounce freely about. He clutched them gently but urgently, as if he was on the verge of crisis. I was that very crisis, which he had longed and dreamed for for so long. I smirked and thought, "Who needs pillows. I am one-hundred percent woman."

I felt sympathy and compassion, wanting to relieve him of his suffering, wanting us to relieve each other. So I bucked my hips and I milked his hard cock with the same urgency that he employed. I felt it moving inside my body, creamy with the results of my own passions, aching, throbbing, desperate to reach the deepest, most secret parts of my body.

I told him how badly I wanted him, how wet he made me, how good he felt inside me. I told him to fuck me, and I told him again and again. And he looked at me as if begging for a mercy that I could only refuse him. No, he needed to stay right there and own up to how fucking horny he'd made me, and DO something about.

And do something he did. We both did. Laughing and screaming together. Moaning and grinding. I must have left streaks in his back the way I dug my nails into his flesh. And as I looked down and marveled at the sloppy mess that I was, I felt compelled to tell him everything. To confess it all.

I told him how I accidentally started watching him. How I went to his bedroom naked, and tried to leave my scent there on the pillow for him. How it tore me up inside after I was caught and thought I'd ruined everything. He confessed too. How he thought I was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, the first time we met. How he struggled to hide an embarrassing erection while I, oblivious to his inconvenient arousal, laid nervous question upon nervous question on him. How all those times I watched him, he was imagining me. I was that imaginary woman he was dreaming of.

When that tension lifted, when everything was laid out on the table, and no secrets were left, it was as if the floodgates were opened. I came so hard, and so fast, knowing that we had been sharing the same thoughts of each other, that it took him by surprise. Our bodies collided. I erupted. I exploded into him.

I remember screaming his name. Loudly. I screamed it out of pleasure. I screamed it out of a pure release of anxiety and insecurity. I even screamed it out of spite, as if it was Lauren next door having to do the eavesdropping this time. As if she could hear me from all the way across the fucking Atlantic Ocean.

And then I saw that look of crisis return to his face. I knew David could not handle the thrill of my intimate suffering.

He frantically withdrew from my body. I embraced him. I felt his body falling limp and weak in my arms as I began to quickly pump his throbbing cock. His fate was mine, and mine completely. David moaned softly and nuzzled against me, breathing rapidly and softly gasping.

I felt the first warm spurt. Then another, and another, while he trembled in my arms, quaking with an agony of pleasure that he could no longer control. I wanted him to give it to me, all of it. To release every ounce of his pent-up loneliness, curiosity, affection, frustration, insecurity, just as I had done for him moments earlier.

And when he was done emptying himself for me we collapsed in each other's arms, neither of us caring about the mess we had made the other. We laid back on my pillow, side by side, exhausted, spent, falling toward each other with a soft smile.

We each slipped into a daydream. For some reason I both wanted Lauren to return and didn't. Really, I just wanted her to receive my gossip. To tell her how many times David had since visited me. How many times I had also visited him. How we had fucked in each other's beds; in her bed.

I broke the silence with an invitation, joking about how it might be nice to get a web cam of my own. We planned together, fantasized together, giddy about where this might lead. I buried my face in his chest and smiled, imagining how it all might play out, yet still bewildered that this was even happening to me.

That this was my actual life.

Anyway, David and I have cleaned up, and he's gone back to his own bed. Probably laying there with the same big goofy grin that I have. I'm about to try to sleep now. I say "try" because I'm frankly not sure that's even possible. But here's the thought I'm left with now:

Tomorrow's a new day. Seriously... a-new-fucking-day.

To hell with loneliness. To hell with karma. I'm gonna make my own damn karma.

And, in fact, I think I'm going to pause these diary entries for a while. I'm tired of reading them and dwelling on the past. I want to think more about the future for once. I think the future's going to be much more exciting. Scratch that. I KNOW that it will be. And for once in my life, I'm going to stop hiding from everything. There comes a time when it's time to put the journal down, and LIVE...


Thanks so much for supporting the authors in this contest! And thank you to everyone on the Literotica pillow-humping thread for the inspiration for this story. If you liked it, please don't forget to click a star rating to vote and check out the other April Fool's submissions!

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by Anonymous

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by Privates1stClass01/27/19

Getting caught being a voyeur is so embarrassing...

but being forgiven is so much better. I'm sure there's more to this story than has been told, and I expect their little sexual play will blaze into a full-blown adventure (pun intended).

Worthy of moremore...

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Wonderful story

I like your sense of humor

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by electric110/18/18

Wow. Very Hot!

You created great, convincing characters, and the story is really hot. Great job!

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by HectorBidon09/08/18

Terrific story

You're a great writer. You make the feelings of your characters come alive, not just lust, but frustration, guilt, embarrassment, hopefulness, and wonder. Your stories are a pleasure to read. Thanks.

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by JoyJoy4Me07/07/18

Mmm I enjoyed this story very much. I love watching and being watched. It's a real turn on.

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