tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Want You to Love Me Ch. 01

I Want You to Love Me Ch. 01


Ginger flipped her long purple hair as she strolled into the hospital. She had yet another stupid delivery quest to complete. The money was good, so she never could complain about that. What she did wonder about, was the location of the drop off. She wasn't aware there were hospitals in this universe.

Universes were funny like that, you never knew what to expect with them. What was weirder was that it seemed so modern for this world. The city was known as Shattrath, the section she was in was commonly known as "lower city". It was a slum full of refugees and such, a safe haven for horde and alliance alike. This hospital, if it was to be called that, was filled with sick or injured refugees.

Ginger dropped off the box of what she knew not, and received her coin from a nurse she didn't bother to catch the name of. She spun on her heels to leave and slammed directly into the side of a Tauren. She looked up to apologize and immediately inwardly groaned. It was Zale. The last person she enjoyed running into. Well there were a couple of people she'd rather not deal with, but this one, this one seemed hell bent on making her mad.

Ginger took a deep breath and gritted her teeth and stared Zale. Zale looked in amusement as he saw her jaw reset. A weird little tick crossed her cheek as she regained her composure.

"Oh I'm sorry; I wasn't watching where I was going." She beamed at him.

Zale sneered at her, his eyes gazing at her red robe. He laughed to himself. A druid in cloth, ridiculous; she was ridiculous. "Hmph, you should watch where you're going little night elf. I could have stepped on you."

"Maybe you should watch where you're going, I could have stabbed you." She glared him down.

A shrill cackle broke their thoughts. Ginger about jumped out of her skin and Zale clenched his eyes shut. He had forgotten about Grammy. Zale began pushing a wheelchair. Ginger finally fixed her eyes on what Zale had been doing. An old crone sat in the chair.

"Go away night elf. I haven't time for you."

Ginger blinked up at Zale and his retreating form. Escort quest? She thought to herself. She shook her head and flipped her hair. Good, she didn't want to deal with him anyway. Ginger started out of the hospital when a shrill squawk caught her attention. Wyverns were attacking. Ginger rushed to assist.

She began firing shots at the wyverns, she found herself back to back with Zale. She didn't care at this point. "Screw him" she thought to herself, "I don't care who he is, and I'll help with the damned escort." They stood there in tandem firing shots left and right, healing when needed. Ginger threw her trees and Zale did whatever the hell he was doing, Ginger wasn't paying attention, there was work to be done.

When the last wyvern fell, Ginger sat down for a drink. "Good lord that's some escort you got there." Ginger comment offhand.

"It's not an escort." Zale snorted.

"Wait, what?" Ginger looked behind her at the old crone in the wheelchair. She realized now that the crone was an elderly orc, looked to be a warlock.

"Why don't you help the lady up my boy?"

Zale grunted and held his hand out to Ginger. Ginger blinked stupidly at his hand. Zale let out another distasteful grunt and she took his hand. He felt her slender hand enter his and snorted. He started to yank her up, but something stopped him. She still had that dazed and confused look on her face. She stood up silently and kept looking at him and the old crone.

Ginger couldn't put her finger on what was going on here. She shook her head and blinked. She hated she her eyes glazed over, it was impossible to make them work right again instantly. Zale moved in front of her so her view of the old crone was blocked.

"That happens to be my Grammy." Zale started.

Ginger blinked up at Zale, her eyes finally coming into focus. "Wait, what? But she's..." Zale pulled her arm close to his chest; he didn't even realize the gesture. Ginger blinked at her hand and the sudden closeness of Zale to her. She was almost over powered by his earthy scent.

"Don't ask questions okay? I need to get her home and apparently, she wasn't kidding when she said the flight masters don't like her. So just shut up."

"Now wait just a minute..!" Ginger began to protest, but another shrill cackle shattered her attention.

"Zale my boy, aren't you going to introduce me to your pretty girlfriend there?" She cackled maniacally.

"I am not his..!" Zale put a large hand over her mouth. Ginger tried to wiggle free, but Zale had a tight grip on her hand. She was starting to get pissed.

Zale grinned to himself. Now this was amusing. "Listen, why don't we play it nice, it would make my poor dear old Grammy happy you see, she's so old and frail, it would make her just so happy if it were true..."

"WHAT?!" Ginger all but screeched. "Need I remind you how much you can't stand me?"

"What? I thought you would good at putting on a front..."

"Now, you listen here bucko, I like you just fine, you're the one who always expresses how much you can't stand me! Now let me go!" Ginger wriggled and wretched her hand, but Zale had a firm grip on it. Boy how she wished he'd flag so she could stab him.

Her reaction was too much fun to ignore. He had never seen her so unsettled; her hair was practically standing on end. "Aw, come on babe, for my dear old Grammy?" He released her hand but before she could pull back he swept his hand across her backside and pulled her close to him, his other hand at the base of her neck. He saw her eyes shoot wide as he bent down. He had to chase her a little, but he finally caught her lips to his. He heard Grammy let out another long cackle.

She wiggled and then to both of their amazements she relaxed. Somewhere between shock and indignity of it all, Ginger felt her mind snap and slip. What she was doing now was anyone guess and she found herself slipping into the moment. What happened to the animosity was beyond her grasp. She never truly hated him, but he claimed...

He was suddenly very glad she had taken to wearing cloth, she was soft and smooth in his arms, and warm, she smelt clean and yet vaguely earthly; like the druid she was. The communication between earth and the druid was deep seated. Somehow, he forgot all about her previous indiscretions, he almost forgot why he found her so damned annoying.

"That's my boy!" Shouted Grammy, followed by one of her all knowing cackles. Zale almost dropped Ginger as his thoughts were shattered. "What the hell am I doing?" he thought to himself.

Ginger's mind snapped clear and the anger and hatred in her mind made her want to stab him even more. Ginger shoved him hard and raked a claw at him.

"Don't touch me!" She shrieked. She popped her flight form and took off. Zale stared dumbfounded at her retreating form. Zale looked down at his hands. "What was that all about?"

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