I Wanted It


Cousin 1

"Honey, please come downstairs!"

I closed my laptop and composed myself in front of the mirror. Dark brown eyes looked at me as I stared at my reflection. I noticed that strand were growing on my chin and above my mouth. I guess it's time for me to shave again.

My footsteps bounced loudly inside the house as I stomped all the way downstairs. "What is it-." I shouted as I arrived on the doorway that led to the living room but stopped in my tracks. There he stood wearing a fitted dark blue shirt and jeans that hugged his legs. He was still scrolling through something on his IPhone so he didn't notice me, I slowly walked upstairs but stopped when my mom called out my name.

"Kyle, where are you going?" I glanced back and my mom stood in front of the stairs, her hand on her hips and eyes glaring.

"Nothing, I'm just on my way downstairs." I lamely lied and descended down. The jerk smirked at my discomfort and placed his phone at his back pockets.

"Your Aunt Cecil is inside the kitchen, greet her there and lead your cousin to your room. You two are gonna be sharing it until your Aunt goes back to her home next week." I groaned as I heard this. This can't be happening. "Stop groaning boy, it's just seven days."

The reason I groaned was so much different from my mother's. I walked towards the kitchen and saw my Aunt seeping coffee. "Hey Auntie!" I greeted as I hugged her tightly. From all of mom's sibling, I liked her the most. She took care of me when I got sick and protected me when my two devil cousins bullied me.

"There you are, boy. I'm sorry for the trouble but I'm just here for one week. You wouldn't even notice me here. I promise." I nodded at her request. "Now, why don't you lead your cousin to your room so he can rest, please?" I smiled but it didn't reach my eyes. This smile took so much effort.

Walking to the living room, the monster was standing there- smiling foolishly as he looked at me. I bowed to grab his thing but his arms stopped. "I got it." I rolled my eyes at his antics and proceeded to take the stairs, we arrived at my room and he placed his luggage inside my closet. He flopped down in my bed and put his arms behind his back.

"Aren't you gonna unpack."

"Later. Do you have air conditioning here?' He asked looking around the room. "Oh don't worry, I'm just gonna take my shirt off." I tried to stop him but he was already half naked. His muscled rippled as he took off his shirt and my mouth watered. I looked for something that would take my mind off his body and found my laptop.

"Make yourself at home." I muttered but got no reply. When I looked back at him, he was already asleep and I couldn't help but looked at his impressive upper body. "What are you doing to me Josh?"

DINNER ended and I was now washing the dished we used. "Honey, thank you for helping us wash. Your mom and I need to do something in town, and we're gonna leave you two here, okay?"

"No problem, you two have fun." I finished my chores and decided it was time to sleep. When I entered my room, no one was around so I laid on my bed and took a nap.

Minutes passed and I felt someone laying down beside me, his arms wrapping over my torso and his head going down on my neck. "You asleep?" His breath tickled my ear and I can't help but shiver from the pleasure.

Arms started hovering over my sleeping figure and the sheets was pulled from my body. "Stop." I mumbled in my half-dazed form. "Josh, stop it." I slapped him hard on the face but he only chuckled."

"Two years passed and now, you don't want me?" He brought my arm above my head with a tight grip. "Don't you want this?" And by this he meant the bulge that was pressing against mine and doing lots of things inside my. He humped my body restlessly and sucked on my neck. His lips darted outside and licked my skin full of sweat. I continued to struggle but it was useless. He spread his legs wide and I saw an opportunity, I brought my knee upwards and kicked him in his balls. He rolled off me, and I got up to run to the door.

Not knowing he locked the door from the outside, I found my escape useless. I glanced at him and found that he was now standing. He stood up and walked towards me, I thought he's just gonna grip my arm so I didn't expect the slap that landed on my cheek- it stung and brought tears to my eyes. "Josh, please?" He lifted me on his shoulders and walked towards the bed, I landed on it harshly and he was fast enough to take his place above. Tying my arms on the bed post with shoelace, I moved my hands erratically. "You can't."

"I can." His eyes were hooded with lust and he dipped his head lowering it in front of mine. He captured my lips with his and devoured me. The kiss wasn't as gentle as the last one we shared, it was hard and I think my lips will be full off bruises by the end of this. "Josh." I gasped as I caught my breath but it was taken again by his mouth.

Hand took hold of my shirt and it was ripped in half. My stomach and chest was now exposed and my nipples hardened from the cold. He took one in his mouth and bit it, I screamed from the pain and tears fell. Blood now adorned his mouth and I knew it was from my chest. I tried to kick him again but his weight was much heavier than mine. My shorts was next to go and I was now fully naked, my cock standing upright. He chuckled when he saw it.

"See," He started as he took it in his hands and pumped it up and down, "you say you don't want this but your body doesn't agree with you." His head lowered to my cock and he took it in his mouth. Warmth flooded inside my senses and I came from the sensations. He didn't take his mouth from my erupting erection and swallowed all my juices.

I looked away from the luscious sight and closed my eyes. "Please don't swallow it."

"Then open your eyes." I obeyed him and saw his throat bobbed as he swallowed my load whole. There was still some left on the side of his mouth and he scooped it with his finger, then licking it slowly- his tongue swirling around the finger.

He got up and stood beside the bed. He was just in his boxers and I could see the cock, that was much bigger than mine, tenting the cloth. He took the final clothe he wore and his erection sprung out, engorged and angry. "This," he took hold of it, making a show of pumping up and down, "this will be the only cock that goes inside your body from now on."

"Josh..." I tried to explain to him that this can't go on any longer but he returned to his position above me. He opened my legs and position his erection in front of my hole. He placed it so it touched my entrance and forcefully pushed it inside. I didn't try to loosen my hole so the penetration hurt, bringing me excruciating pain. He stopped his movements momentarily as I adjusted to his size, but I can't. It hurt so badly that my face froze, my mouth hand open and my eyes wide. "Hey, Kyle." I heard Josh's distant voice and I passed out.

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