tagIncest/TabooI was Locked In

I was Locked In


The day my life changed started out as normal as you could imagine. My husband of 3 months had kissed me goodbye and gone to work, he is high flying his way to the top in an investment banking business. He is one of those amazing people who can number crunch any kind of figures and get the right answer, even if it looks wrong. Please don't ask me what he does it goes right over my thick pretty head.

I am 22 he is 25 and we have money starting to pour out of our ears because of what he brings in, my own dad doesn't agree with his salary or 'bonus's as most people don't. He says they just rob ordinary people and we have to suffer the consequences, and I have to admit I think he is right too. But I love what the money he makes gives me in my life so I try and sit on the fence. But in general they get on quite well and don't discuss things of that nature if they can help it.

Me? I'm Kat or Kathleen if you like, but I've been Kat since I was able to talk because that was all I could say of my name when I was a child. As I said I am 22 and starting out on the road to a long and happy marriage, or so I thought, what happened was the furthest thing from my mind. It wasn't intentional, it wasn't asked for and it was sought after, but he got me, took me, and now here I am.

I am five feet four inches, cute and sexy as opposed to beautiful, people have told me I am beautiful but I prefer the cute and sexy tag instead. It's my smile, my cheeks dimple a little when my big toothy smile spreads. My teeth are a good size, and I've learned that my husband loves it when I fasten them around the end of his dick, it scares him to death but gives him enormous excitement too!

I have long silky chestnutty hair, I part it down the middle, in fact, since I grew it long from when I was about ten years old its always been like it, and if I'm honest I love it. It waves around me like a gossamer shroud.

My face is definitely sexy, I know it is. I attract men and boys when ever they look at me, there eyes always stay there, they don't roam over my body until they've seen my face from all angles. That's why I say I'm cute and sexy and not beautiful. Mark my husband says I am the best kisser on the planet, he loves me holding him down, cock in hand, lips locked on his, he would stay there all day if I let him.

Like just about any other young woman my age I love sex, I love everything about it, the whole nine yards. My body seems to be geared for the sensation of fingers, lips, tongues, cock (my husbands only!) I am sensitive every where, and super sensitive where it matters, that's for sure. My ears, my neck, my lips, shoulders, nipples, oh boy my nipples! My belly button, thighs, knees, feet, and lastly, my super hot pussy. I can explode in orgasm at the drop of a hat.

I have had boys hanging around me all my life it seems, carrying my books, waiting for me after class, wanting to take me out, walk me home. It has always been that way from as early as I can remember. My dad always was on guard, he knew what I had a long long time before I did.

I got used to it as I grew up I managed and controlled it, I actually never lost my virginity until my marriage day. My husband was the first and has been the only cock to gain access, and that led me to heaven. I had been sat golden volcano all my young adult life not really knowing what I was missing, but believe me; I am making up for lost time now.

My skin has a very light brown hue to it I know I am lucky too because my complexion is about flawless. In summer I turn a golden brown just by looking at the sun, my tan is perfect in everyway. We love to sunbathe, and I secretly adore the looks I get from all around me. It gives me a real sense of worth, knowing I can attract just about any one. I do get glares from some women but I can live with that. I've even had the odd 'come on' from a couple of the girls, but I don't go down that path thank you, cock is my thing and lots of it.

Now to the diversion in my marriage, I still can't believe I am here in my life. I was up quite early after Mark had left, I was going to have a day in town. I wanted to shop, I love shopping and so fortunate am I, which I can and do buy very expensive designer gear.

Like any woman worth her salt, I like to look good and make sure I do. I like the looks I get so I make sure I'm good to look at. I wore simple this day. It was a glorious warm summer morning, so I donned a light blue button down silk blouse with long flowing sleeves that finished on wavy cuffs. My skirt was a slightly darker blue than my top and was also a button down silk thing that continued the flow of my theme.

My hair was its usual long flowing self, the sun catching it, bare legs and backless heels completed my attire, one final check in the mirror to make sure miss perfect was just that, perfect, and off I went. I parked up and made my way down the high street, normally I go the other way so I end up with my bags near to my car, not this day for reasons still unknown to me, but it led me to my diversion.

You might guess I never bought anything this day, I never got the chance. I only saw the inside of one shop for about ten minutes before I was transported to my unknown diversion. I knew the destination, and I was quite happy to be going, the person that took me there was Marks dad, Jonathan.

He is a very good looking forty six year old, he has an antique shop in town, he's been there man and boy, he started it apparently with money left to him by his grand mother and built up a very successful nationally known business. People come from all, over the country and indeed he has international customers.

As I was passing his shop, I of course looked in to see if he was there, he was and I waved, I'm not really into antiques but I do like some of it. He waved back then hooked a finger to ask me to come in. I did, we had a cup of tea and chatted, he is a lovely man and we get on great. He was long divorced, his wife left him for a customer a long time ago leaving him with Mark and neither have seen her since. They both got over it, though I do know Mark still wonders why and where she is, but he's never had the urge to find her so it's left at that.

Jonathan started telling me about some new acquisitions he had bought from Arabia and was most excited, especially about one particular chair. He said he was closing the shop and going home to the warehouse type of thing on his land to scope it out, and asked me to go along. I agreed, it would make a nice change from shopping so off we went.

The chair had been placed in his large rear facing reception room; it was stood in the centre of what looked like and Arabian rug or carpet? It did look odd; he was walking around it animated. It was of an unusual shape, it had padded armrests, but they were inverted so your lower arms rested in them instead of on them. The arm rests were bulky to say the least. The seat was a green leather padded thing, as was the sloping back rest, but there was a funny looking top, a bit like a head rest that was also inverted so your head would rest in it.

The seating part was supported by big thick but beautifully carved legs, it was the oddest looking thing, but any one could see there was something special about it. It was obviously an aged item, and it looked inviting to sit in.

"Go on Kat, try it, make yourself comfortable, see what you think." He was excited, I was about to find out why! I sat, and settled in or on it. I shuffled about a bit. He told me to meld myself to it so I did. The back leaned slightly away to aid sitting; I found it extremely comforting to be in it.

He told me to rest my arms palm down and press my lower legs to the inward carved legs of the chair; I followed his instructions, and felt like I could actually sleep in it.

"Close your eyes Kat, relax let it take you there." He said. I did just that. The next thing I knew there was a slight whirring sound, I opened my eyes to see soft bands closing over my wrists, then felt the same thing on my lower legs just above my ankles. It took me a while to realise to realise I was sort of 'cuffed' to the chair somehow?

You the reader of my plight must remind yourself that this is all written and thought of in hindsight. From my battered memory of that day, and the resulting situation I found myself in after this initial misdirection my life took.

"Wow," Jonathan said, "would you look at that?"

"Jonathan what's this, what's happened?" I asked him with a little alarm. He smiled at me happily.

"Don't worry Kat, you are totally safe, not from me of course, but safe from harm from any one else."

"Safe, what do you mean safe, but not from you?" I just didn't understand what was going on.

He stepped in front of me, and knelt down between my wide spread feet. Put his hands on my knees and caressed them, thumb and fingers in circular motions. I watched as if fascinated by it, which as I said earlier in hindsight, I was! Then he leaned down to kiss each one, ran his tongue over them and smiled up at me. Now I knew what he was meaning, I was trapped, knees wide apart and held, arms on the chair rests and also held.

"Jonathan what are you doing, stop this right now, let me go or you will be in serious trouble!" I told him.

"Well Kat you may well be right about me being in trouble, but right now its you who has a problem, but I think we'll both get past that."

"What do you mean, get past it! Let me go Jonathan, and right now!" I shouted at him, he continued kissing my knees and began rubbing his hands up and down my shapely calves. As he was kissing and licking me, his hands slid up to my upper thighs, his touch was light and feathery, I wriggled as much as I could but I was stuck, I couldn't do anything to stop him.

I was worried, now I knew why I was here, and I was getting what I was here for too, there was no one around for me to call for, his house is on private land and no one nearby at all. He didn't speak or answer me, he just kissed and licked me, caressed me, his fingers fluttering around my soft toned thighs. I felt a sudden buzz from them, I looked down to see where it had come from and saw nothing but the buzz stayed.

My short silk skirt was riding higher as his hands disappeared and reappeared, fingers gently drumming my skin, hot breath on my knees, soft lips kissing and soft insistent tongue licking. I tried to hump my backside up and down to dislodge him but it was useless. I really was well and truly stuck. I think it was at that point somehow that I resigned myself to my fate, and that in turn allowed my body to accept its defeat.

I was at the mercy of my father in law, my husband's dad, and he had conned and tricked me into this, I had been captured just like that, and now he was having his way with me. Seduced if you want to argue the point about it, but legally he was doing something he shouldn't be, and if he managed to have sex with me, then that would definitely be rape.

I told him forcibly. Do you know what he did when I said that? He smiled sweetly, and said, "now now Kat, no need for that kind of talk, and anyway you won't be even thinking of that later, okay babes?"

'Hah,' I thought to myself, 'I am trapped yes, but in this position he can't rape or fuck me, and as soon as he lets me go, because he will have to, he'll have more than a fight on his hands!' I would have clapped my hands had I been able to.

That's when my predicament showed its ugly hand. He stood and walked behind me, reaching down he casually undid the five buttons on my blouse, slid his cool hands inside and found my nipples, if I could have jumped I would have hit the ceiling.

He squeezed them through my very thin lacy bra; I felt them harden in a heartbeat, if there's one thing that can get me going its having my nipples ravaged. He was doing just that!

"Stop it Jonathan, this is wrong, you will be in serious trouble, jail even, think about it!" I yelled through my up coming arousal. He just kept up his assault on them; he seemed to know my body was hard wired for sex, receptive to a mans touch, a mans manipulation, a man with the worlds knowledge of seducing a woman was undoing me.

I was too young still to know the why's and the wherefore's of non con sex, but not knowing it wouldn't be non con sex for making love.

I heard a grunt, I knew my eyes were tight shut against what he was doing, but they popped open when I heard that loud snort, and do you know where it came from? Yep, it came from me, right out of my gasping fucking mouth, the bastard made me do it. Then I Arrrrghed!

"Stop it Jonathan, please?" I begged. But he wouldn't and didn't, he knew didn't he, the bastard knew me somehow, he knew exactly what my body was for, he had read me, understood me, he was raiding me, I was being carried off to where, I was yet to find out, vanquished by my own father in law.

His hands left, and then another whirring sound, and slowly the chair back moved and I was being laid down on it,, the whirring continued, I was now flat on my back, then the arms of the chair moved, they went sideways, until my arms were at ninety degrees to my body. Then my legs lifted and went sideways too, after a few moments I was spread eagled on the chair and totally immobilised.

Jonathan appeared in my line of vision, straddled the chair, I was about two feet from the floor, I suppose I must have looked like a stranded star fish. He pulled my blouse to one side, snapped my bra in half, and collected my still rock hard nipples.

I looked up at him and whispered pleadingly.

"Please Jonathan stop this while you can, its not too late, please?" But I already knew the answer would fall on very deaf ears.

Two squeezes were all it took on my tender nipples and he forced the groan out of my mouth.

I could hear my breath being sucked in, and gasped out rapidly. "You say you want me to stop Kat, these aren't agreeing with you are they?" Before I could respond he squeezed and rolled them again, all I gave out was a long loud moan. If I could have seen myself from above I would have seen my eyes close in defeat, my nipples being rolled and tormented, my fanny would have already been glistening, getting wet, ready for the up coming intrusion of cock.

And if I could have read my mind, even though I was no where to be seen, I would have heard it say, 'oh yea, that's good, I like that, do it some more, go on fucking do it, don't stop not now!'

I felt something hot and warm on one nipple then the other, I managed to slit my eyes and I saw the top of his head going from one to the other. His hot breathy mouth taking one followed by the other, it was sheer heaven.

I heard myself moan, "Oh Jonathan, what are you doing to me?"

Here I was, twenty two years old, not long married, and being utterly and resoundingly made to love and adore, what the scoundrel was doing to me.

"I'm only doing what you like best in the world Kat, I have a lot to give you, I want you to have it, I want you to take it, share it back with me, and rejoice in it baby."

"But I'm married to Mark; he's your son for god's sake!"

"Yes that is a bit of a drawback I know," he said, a little regretfully but kindly, "but, hey ho, we can't have everything can we in life?"

"Jona...." I stopped dead, my voice died in my throat, my panties went in a tiny tear, I looked down and my skirt was up around my waist, my blouse wide open, my tits were pointing at the ceiling ready to blast into space.

He was now kneeling between my legs, he bent his head and simply kissed my pussy lips and off I went, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! His tongue dragged over my clit and I was a goner, no more able to challenge him, ready and willing, unable yes, but I was at the starting gate and more than ready for the off!

I was ready to be ridden now by my very own stable jockey in the shape of my very good looking sexy father in law, my husband's dad. Jonathan is about 6ft tall, as I said, very good looking, masculine in every way. I know he has lots of girlfriends and lovers. I have batted my eye lashes at him a few times, even swayed my hips enticingly for him. But I never intended this to happen, I never meant this, it was all for fun and him, not for taking action on.

It appears I have been the architect, or the layer of the bricks of the building that he was bringing down on my head.

He had noticed my innocent actions and decided that I was a sexy little thing, and given the opportunity he would have a 'go' at me. What I also didn't know, and it was this that gave him the nous to get me! My unintended teasing, and Mark had discussed parts of our sex life with him, discussed in the way of.

"Kat has a massive sex drive dad, I can't keep up with her sometimes, and I'm afraid to touch her in certain places because she goes bananas, she is just so sensitive in so many places she can nearly kill me in one night." He had said all of that in confidence, and he not knowing he was helping his dad bring me down. He told me at the end of my first day as his new lover, that that was all he had needed to know.

He kneeled back lowered his head and got his tongue right up and into me, my grateful pussy blew up, he tweaked at my nipples with his knowing expert finger tips, it made me gabble and stutter, he was driving from me any vestiges of resistance.

He drove me over the top of the mountain and then I was dropping down the other side in a helter skelter speed race.

"Please Jonathan," I heard from my side of the drop zone.

"Yes baby?" he replied softly, knowing I was done for, my father in law had seduced me completely and now I was ready to plead my case.

"Please don't tease me any more daddy," I heard myself whimper. I was actually telling him, 'please no more, I give in.' I wasn't aware of it right then but his pants were around his ankles and his prick was ready to go! And go he did.

He smashed himself into me with all the force of a fully loaded canon. The surprise was so great I thought I was being gutted at the fish market, then instantly his prick controlled my senses if that was at all possible.

He pulled it out and left me hanging, I tried to shove myself downwards on the chair hoping to find that life threatening missile he had just hit me with, and had just blown me right out of the water. I knew I was nudging it, I could feel it right in the little opening of my hot wet gash. He was looking down and smiling, knowing what he was doing and achieving.

"Dad," I whimpered softly, that was all it took, he knew right then I was ready and unable to say no any more. I wanted what he was offering, he was taking me where he wanted to, and he was having me. My position wasn't considered, my opinion not sought. He was the man in charge of the situation wholly designed by him and for him.

I felt him push himself back into me, the slowness of him sinking deep into me addled my mind.

"Please dad, hurry, don't tease me this way, please daddy?" He wasn't any bigger than Mark, but he certainly knew what to do with what he had. I lifted my head and looked down my defenceless body, he was staring intently at me, it was so intense I shivered. He had a hold of my outer thighs and was bit by agonisingly slow bit pushing in, I tried to urge him on, I was so desperate to get him in me I would have killed for it.

This was my first time ever being treated like this, Mark and I had a equal kind of set up, sometimes he was the 'boss,' and sometimes I was. But this was different, I was being dominated, used, abused, seduced and now being fucked by an older man, a man that was my husband's dad! And do you know what? I was already loving being like this, I loved being tied up, helpless, defenceless, knowing that the man who had me, held my life in his hands, my soul, my body, everything I had and was, belonged to him, it was all his.

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