tagSci-Fi & FantasyI was Milked for My Sperm

I was Milked for My Sperm


It was many years ago as I recall, when I was in college, and needed money for those ever present college expenses, when I saw an add in a local underground paper, looking for subjects to take part in fertility studies.

The money they were paying if accepted into the study seemed too good to be true, especially in my present state of poverty.

I decided to apply.

I went to the address stated in the add and entered what appeared to be a normal reception room that you might find in any medical clinic. I went up to the front desk, and told the receptionist that I was here to apply for acceptance into the fertility study they were having. "Yes," the lady said. "Please take a seat and someone will be with you presently". "There are a number of forms that need to be filled out in the meantime," she said, and handed me a folder and a pen. I sat down in the reception room and opened the folder. It seemed like a lot of boring questions. My name, age, height, weight, color of eyes, color of hair, you know the usual stuff. The also asked about my ethnicity, how many siblings I had, age of my parents, age of my grand parents so on and so forth. Along with all of the forms I had to fill out, I also had to sign a number of releases, one of which was to allow them to review my S.A.T. scores, and my academic records. What they needed those for, at the time I could not guess.

After about a half hour of filling out forms, a nurse came into the reception room and asked me to follow her, which I did. We went to a drawing room, in which the nurse asked me to sit down and to roll up my sleeve. The Nurse said that they needed to draw a blood sample for typing.

After a slight stick in the arm and a filling of a test tube I was led into another waiting room. I sat there for about another half hour perusing the various magazines when the nurse came back in and asked if I might like a cup of coffee while they were finishing up with the blood work. I said sure. In just a moment the Nurse brought me a nice hot cup of coffee in those typical Styrofoam cups. I took a sip and thought to myself, wow, I didn't need so much sugar in this.

Sometime later I awoke in a strange room. It was warm, but yet it still seemed somewhat drafty. For some reason I was unable to move. As my senses came back to me, I began to look around. I had regained consciousness in what appeared to be some sort of treatment, or gynecological exam room.

I was strapped down to an exam table, which is why I couldn't move, and my feet were secured into the stirrups normally reserved for a woman! I was totally nude, and my public region had been completely shaved. I called out for help but none came. after a short time a nurse cane in. I asked what was going on and she said that I had been accepted into the fertility study. "Why am I tied down like this" I asked. She responded by saying that it was all necessary for the study. just then another woman cam into the room, she was not dressed like the other but wore a white lab coat and I took her to be the doctor in charge. She asked the nurse if the subject was ready, to which the nurse said yes. Lets begin then.

The Nurse wheeled a covered cart over to the exam table and parked in next to me. Meanwhile the doctor took a seated position down at the foot of the table. The Nurse uncovered the cart next to me and I saw a mechanism with many tubes glass jars, hoses and other unfamiliar devices. The Nurse handed one such rubber covered device to the doctor along with a tube of KY jelly. I heard the Doctor open the tube of lubricant and I suddenly felt its cold application to my anus. I asked "What is going on?" and was told that it was all part of the study, and if I didn't remain quiet, that I would be gagged.

Sweat appeared upon my brow as the lubricant was applied, then I felt the invasion of my body by the device so recently handed to the doctor, I could fee my anus expand as the device was pressed into me then suddenly swallow it as it nestled in place. The Nurse then handed the Doctor a hose and I assumed that the doctor then attached the hose to the device imbedded in side of me.

After that the Doctor took a position next to me on the table . The Nurse handed the Doctor another device which I clearly. this was a teat cup and inflation I had seen so many times before on a dairy farm. "What are you going to do with that", I ask. "Don't be naïve", the Doctor said. we are going to withdraw your sperm for the fertility study. This cup will withdraw the sperm out of you and the device implanted inside of you will assure us that we get all of it.

With that, the nurse opened the draw in the cart and withdrew a tube of lubricant. she opened the tube and dispensing a sufficient quantity into her hand, began to liberally coat my cock with it. The Doctor smiled as my cock began to erect form this administration.

Once the nurse stepped aside the Doctor stepped in and placed the cup over my engorged cock. the cup fit well, and my hardening cock filled it.

Lets begin the Doctor said.

The nurse turned to the cart and threw several switches.

AT once, I could feel the device buried within me expand, and fill my rectum. It also began to vibrate in the most pleasant of ways. Shortly after that I could feel the suction begin to draw my cock even deeper into the cup. Not only that but I could feel the rubber walls of the cup expand and contract around my cock. As suddenly as the vacuum drew my cock into the cup, it released allowing my cock to slide out, and just as quickly renew, to draw my cock back inside. Just as I had seen so many summers ago on the dairy farm, I watched as the cup pulled and released my cock. sucked and relaxed, squeezed and released. No wonder they had me restrained!

The nurse turned a knob, and the vacuum pump began to run faster. The suck and pulling of my cock quickened as did my heart and my breath. I did not know how much more I could take of this! I could feel my cock swell, and the orgasm within me grow.

Another turn of a second knob, and I felt the vibrations within my rectum increase in violence, driving me ever closer to the orgasm the doctor was looking for. The Sensations were more than I could stand. I started to scream as my orgasm over powered me, and I began to ejaculate my sperm into the collection device. One two three, four five six, seven eight nine, times did my cock convulse, spewing my sperm into the glass collection jar. As my orgasm subsided, the nurse turned the knobs down and the switches off. I felt the vacuum relax on my cock and the devise in my rectum shrink. I laid exhausted, sweated and withered upon the exam table as the Nurse and the Doctor examined the amount of sperm I deposited into the collection jar. " Not Bad" I heard them say, "For a first time". Yes the Doctor said. "we can't expect as much this time".

What do you mean this time, as I watched the nurse smile and flick on the switches.

I felt the device in my rectum swell again and vibrate, as my cock was again sucked into the cup.....

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