tagErotic CouplingsI Was Sucking Santa

I Was Sucking Santa


'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house no one was stirring, that was great nog earlier was the thought that went through my head as I lay all snuggled up in my bed.

I heard a great clatter, sounded like someone had knocked over the tree. But how could that be, no one was here but me.

Jumping out of bed, forgotten was the thought that all I wore was a sexy red silk nightie in honor of it being Christmas Eve. Ran down the stairs to see what was the matter.

Before my eyes there stood Santa. With a bag of goodies for us good girls and boys. Only I thought he was at the wrong house, I hadn't been a very good girl this year.

I stood there speechless and staring at Santa, but Santa stood there staring at me and I could tell he was extremely turned on by what he was seeing.

Santa dropped his bag of goodies and held out his hands, a gesture of one who had come in peace. All I could think of to say was "What are you doing here?"

Santa let out a chuckle, no hearty HO HO. HE dropped to his knees and his eyes started twinkling. He still held out his hands but now somehow the gesture had turned sexual.

He came towards me, still on his knees.

"Give Santa a kiss" he whispered.

This couldn't be happening, Santa here. Santa wanting a kiss. Santa here. But I felt this strange attraction to Santa, as if drawn to him. My feet moved of their own violation, putting me in hands length of Santa.

Santa moved to the deep love seat and sat down. Patting his knee, he whispered "Come here and tell Santa what you want for Christmas."

In a daze I sit in Santa's lap and try to think of what I could possibly ask for Christmas from this man.

Without me saying a word, Santa chuckled again and whispered "Well young lady if that is what you want for Christmas then who am I do deny you what you want."

Santa kissing me softly on my parted lips as I close my eyes, one hand on the back of his head to bring him in closer to me. We kiss slowly and deeply. Soon the kisses grow deeper, mouths open, tongues doing an erotic dance with the other as we explore each others mouths, hungry for each other.

Santa reaches up to caress my big firm breasts as he feels my nipples grow under his touch. I respond by kissing Santa harder, my breathing coming faster as I feel Santa touching me. Kissing his way down my neck, his tongue tracing a wet line as Santa lowers his head to take a nipple into his mouth. I arch my back and gasp as I feel Santa's warm mouth on me, sucking my sensitive nipple into his mouth.

I'm kissing Santa, my mind keeps repeating over and over.

Santa is slowly bringing me to the point where he think I'm going to cum, his mouth going back and forth from one nipple to the other, making love to my breasts, making me want him.

Santa kisses his way down my body, down from my beautiful breasts, going lower, He breathes in my scent, the wonderful musky sweet smell.

Santa pushed me to my feet as he whispers "Go upstairs little one and wait for me."

Pouting a little, I run up the stairs as Santa had ordered. Santa followed me up shortly.

My eagerness must have shined on my face as Santa walked in the room. I was sitting on the floor of the bedroom, on the other side of the room from the bed. I sat with my legs crossed at the ankles. Slowly I reached up, leaning forward to stand.

"No, stay," I hear him say in a strong voice. Santa noticed the blindfold. I let out my held breath. If this freaked him, he'd be gone by now. Santa was intrigued, aroused.

I could sense him walk around me, each step of his feet on the plush carpet leading him closer to me. He reached down and with his fingertips brushed back my long blonde hair from my shoulder. He was behind me, unmoving, as he considers this unique situation he finds himself in. I begin to fidget. The deathly quiet is broken by the sound of his fly opening. I'm thrilled Santa is taking such a bold, definitive, erotic move. Already, he is introducing expectedness into the unexpected opportunity he's made for me. I turn my head towards the sound, but his hands on my head do not let me move.

I feel fingers play through my hair, and I realize that Santa has silently knelt in front of me. His hands slide my robe off of my shoulders, revealing another surprise for him. I am nude. As Santa's hands caress down my arms, he leans forward to brush his lips along the line of my ear. With a soft hum of satisfaction I lean my head to one side, exposing the line of my neck to his lips. Santa's arms snake down my arms, encircling me as his hands rub across my breasts. The robe gathers around my waist while Santa's lips kiss the skin of my neck and bare shoulder. He reaches up, around, to take me in his arms.

"No," he whispers into my ear as he holds down my arms. I gently moan my desire to feel him, to taste him, to wrap my legs around his hips and feel him slip into me. Santa's control tortures me, but it is the gift of control I wanted to give him, so I revel in my torture.

Santa's hands cover my smooth skin, cupping my breast, and slipping down my stomach. Once again I feel his lips on my ear, down my neck and across my shoulder. A hand creeps down my stomach, chasing the gathering heat between my thighs.

Santa slips a hand under the gathered robe, fingertips lightly play with my mound. His other hand feels my hard nipples against his palm. He tastes the heat of my skin upon his lips.

Santa's fingers run along my thigh, tracing a line inwards till he has to feel my warmth, my moisture. He rubs the length of a finger down, then up again, repeating the motion making me grow hotter and wetter. A long pause of time, my senses reach out, strain for his next touch.

A finger slides into me. Santa strokes against my clit in time to the squeezing of my breast and the feel of his lips. I arch my back. My hips clamp against his hand as his finger thrusts in and out of me. Wrapped in his arms, I moan and squirm with pleasure.

My muscles spasm, followed by my bodies release, relaxing against him. Even when he controls, he first sees to my pleasure. Will he take the pleasure he deserves?

I lean forward against him as I feel his fingers trace a line up my torso. I take his hand and guide it across my nipples before lifting it to my mouth. I taste myself on Santa's fingers. He guides me to my hands and knees.

With one hand fondling my swaying breasts, his other hand gently touch, then penetrate my pussy's lips, Santa speaks his second command, telling me to use my own hand and touch him.

Reaching between his thighs I take him in hand, and holding his cock, I rub it against my face. I flick out my tongue to capture Santa's cock. I slip his cock into my mouth and gently suck the head. I hold him there, rolling my tongue around the head, slowly drawing him into my mouth. Then he thrusts into me, working up a rhythm. Fucking my mouth with his wicked fat cock. I'd yell if I could.

Santa's hand squeezes my breast, pinching my nipples. As his thrusts become stronger my lips tighten around his cock. Sliding his cock out I, take a lick of his balls before slowing sucking them into my mouth and gently rolling them over my tongue, sucking Santa's balls as I would his cock.

Reaching up, I gently run my finger between and under Santa's balls to his ass, then gently run my tongue up his cock teasing the head before sucking him back into my mouth. He thrusts, stronger, harder, rocking his cock in and out of my mouth.

Our moans mix in the room as he thrusts. My hands massage up and down Santa's back, until I'm gripping his hips. Santa's thrusts come rapidly now, each thrust pushing him deep into my mouth. His body is covered in sweat. Finally I feel the muscles clench in his ass, and his sperm fills my mouth, triggering my own unexpected orgasm.

Heat and moisture mix explosively until our release leaves us spent. He stands there for long sweet moments before stirring. With a soft sigh of desire Santa pulls his cock out of my mouth. Before I can stand he puts one hand on my hip.

Looking up I silently ask for permission. "Do it," he consents.

I lick my lips, wet with fucking Santa's cock. Sucking him hungrily, tasting, licking as I go. Even spent, he grows hard under my wonderful tongue, and my luscious lips. Once I've finished licking and sucking him clean, he sits down.

Eventually Santa pulls me up and leads me to bed, where he notices the ties on the bed.

While Santa dressed, I noticed him rubbing his wrists a bit. Serves him right. He had me lashed to that bed for hours as he ravaged every orifice repeatedly, to my utter delight. After wards he astonished me with an offer to tie him up. Perhaps I had been a bit tough on Santa.

He reaches out and removes my blind fold. He watches me. I watch him. Silent for long moments, before pulling our lips together.

"See you in the morning Santa after you finish your rounds" I whisper in Santa's ear.

Santa chuckled and said "I'll see you in 5 minutes honey, just as soon as I put your gift under the tree."

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by mommylovestoread12/26/17

Cute story

Nice work thanks for sharing. This story lifted my spirits when they needed a boost. God bless.

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