tagGroup SexI Was The Third

I Was The Third


He was fucking her from behind. There would be bruises where his fingers gripped her hips so tight. Each time he rammed his cock into her, she shoved her ass back. I heard the smacking sound again and again. His body was covered with sweat. Her moans and screams only excited him more. The swaying of her tits, back and forth, as they fucked, was mesmerizing. He had been here often, but never without a shirt. Strong, muscular, his broad shoulders easily held his weight. The kind of body we all want our boyfriend to have. She was lucky.

All I could think of was touching that hot, silky skin. The taste of sweet lips and salty necks. Joining in. They didn't know I was watching. Couldn't see me as I stood hidden in the shadows. When I first came home, I had assumed no one would be here. Last night my roommate Kendra had told me she would be at work this afternoon. Then I heard the noises. The creaking of the bed frame. The mattress as someone thrashed around and around. It had drawn me in, called my name, to go see the two of them together. Led me to stumble upon this abandoned assault.

Changing positions, in sync with one another, I could clearly see his cock. It was huge. Thick, hard and shiny with her juices. Now flat on his back, it reached up proudly, confidently. She was sitting across his legs, her pussy spread wide. Lifting over him, both hands on his chest, she lowered her swollen lips near the head of his dick. Instantly his back arched, trying to get closer. Begging.

Her teasing grin, as she guided him, was enticing. His gasp as his cock was partially surrounded by her tightness, sent chills down my spine. No patience to wait, he pulled her down, impaling her on his cock. All 8 inches throbbing. So full. So hot. So wet. His eyes closed in a tortured look. Yet I could almost feel his pleasure.

Her head thrown back, his fingers were roughly twisting her nipples. The tips puckering, chest thrusting forward. Then lifting her as he fucked without thought. In and out. Groans and cries of ecstasy. Juices dripping from her pussy onto his sac, down his ass. Inciting his passion. His balls heavy, tight, so filled with cum.

And somehow, I was standing by the bed. He slowed down, then stopped at seeing me. She studied me. Then the silent message passing between them, as her grin invited me to join. His smirk was dark, sexy, cocky. Jeans, shirt, everything off in seconds, tossed in the corner, forgotten as I knelt next to the bed.

My first taste of her nipples almost had me cumming. Pulsing fingers shook as I held the weight of her creamy mound in my hand after only imagining it before. Taking turns, from one to the other, licking and sucking. Better than I had ever fantasized. I felt his hand then, massaging my ass, following the curves. His cock was still inside her pussy. Pulling me forward, she rubbed her nipples against mine, driving me insane.

Lost in the newness of touching her, I didn't pay attention to the shifting of bodies. Somehow we were all entwined. His tongue slid deep inside my pussy, mouth sucking hard on my clit. My body fell against hers, chest to chest. She took my mouth with hers. A hot, slow kiss, her tongue leading mine in a dance of passion. Each spot on fire, aching, wanting.

My body was eager for more, burning with need from all it was receiving. I felt his cock now ready to enter my pussy, above me, throbbing, drooling. Opening wide, making room for him. One thrust and that massive cock was pumping deep inside me. Gripping his ass with my legs, I drew him closer, needing more. I felt her body then, squatting over me, that hot box open and begging for my tongue. He fucked me hard, ramming again and again. Moans and gasps, my pussy tightening around his cock, while I nibbled and sucked her clit. All around was the smell of sex, driving me wild.

His cock was throbbing. Begging me. Heat flared. My cries were becoming tortured. His body assaulted mine. Hard, fast, furious. The explosion blasted his cum far inside me, my hole filling up. Her body was thrashing around, all the while he was pumping his seed deep inside me. Her final moans, the convulsions I felt in my mouth, the hot cum dripping out around his cock, set me off. Screaming out, rocking against him, grinding my cunt tighter to his balls.

Hot, sweaty, spent bodies, all collapsing together. Legs and arms tangled, fingers lightly brushing each other. Cum and juices mixed, dripping and oozing. My heart beating out of control yet, trying to fathom what had just gone on. Wondering if this could become addictive. Amazed at the intensity. Thankful that for today at least...

"I was the third."

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