tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Wasn't Supposed to See Her Naked

I Wasn't Supposed to See Her Naked


I wasn't supposed to see her naked.

Her bush was very sparse, her breasts small, but there were more curves to her usual stick-figure frame. This was not my favorite tackler in football, my ace hitter in softball. This...this soft, pink-nippled little thing...was unlike anything I'd ever seen before, and I had to know if she was real.

Stealthily, silently, I stretched my arm through the door and reached toward her, but was interrupted by a voice calling her from outside her room. It was her boyfriend! I flattened myself against the wall, but quickly discovered I had a good view of the room by way of her mirror. I watched breathlessly as she pulled down his shorts, revealing just how glad he was to see her.

She knelt before his throbbing young manhood. Over the years, I must have seen hundreds of cocks in locker rooms, but seldom had I seen one like this. It was long- she could barely hold it in both hands. It was so fat her fingers did not meet. And it was rigid as only a young man can be.

I watched mesmerized, my shame and fear of discovery overcome by my fascination at watching these two perfect looking youths. They clearly knew each other intimately. The way her tongue curled expertly along the flap of skin beneath the head of his cock suggested that she was a more than expert cocksucker. She obviously knew just how he liked it. I felt my own manhood throb wishing it was my cock she was licking. I tried to look away, but could not. Her nipples seemed to stare back at me, daring me to breathe.

I released my cock from my pants. Her eyes bulged in surprise at my girth. Her friend was still unaware I was watching. I hefted my meat in my hand, teasing myself by tickling the same spot she was licking.

Watching the girl now swallowing his testes one at a time, I allowed my fingers to play along my scrotum. Her eyes met mine. As she sucked her treats deeper, she tried to smile. Her fingers played across her nipples.

My nipples tingled in sympathy with her stimulation. I watched her talented tongue slurp around the rim of his cock head and started undoing the rest of my clothes.

Suddenly she stopped sucking her boyfriend (if indeed that's what he was) and said, to him but loud enough that I could hear "I think I hear someone coming. We better get dressed."

As he struggled to stiff his engorged meat into his pants, she smiled evilly and winked at me. They rushed off.

It was only then that I realized I was standing in front of a window overlooking the street. A crowd of dozens of people stood outside, staring at my nude body. One guy was pointing at my penis. A few were smirking. They had no idea what had lead me to this situation

"In for a penny in for a pound " I thought, slowly resuming purposefully stroking my cock.

"Hey, that's illegal," someone shouted from my left. I saw two cops rushing over.

"Yikes," I thought, dashing for an exit.

I ducked quickly into an open doorway, not knowing or caring what lay beyond. The dark little room might have been a janitor's closet. I gently closed the door, hoping my pursuers would rush on past.

I heard whispered noises behind me.

In the tiny glow from the vent slots in the transom high above the door, I could make out two figures that, well, were obviously making out. The girl had dress in a puddle around her ankles. A blond youngster cupped two pale reflective massive tits in his hands. His head was bent, lips mere inches above a first-rate set of perky nipples. They froze, awkward in my presence. I noticed that his zipper was open and one of her tiny hands was buried inside his pants. She tried to pull it free, but in the process extricated his shiny pale cock. The knob stuck shyly out the flap of his trousers, like some hibernating ferret aroused from sleep, sniffing the breeze to find prey, or to avoid becoming prey.

"Don't let me interrupt," I said. Where did that come from? Watching was nasty, compared to my normal existence. Encouraging crossed another line entirely. It reached almost the forbidden land of participation. These kids were barely legal, celebrating their high school graduation. I was a chaperone. This was plain wrong. So, why did it feel so right?

The girl turned, facing me. I discerned in the shadowy light that this was MaryLou Meek, my daughter's best friend. She had practically grown up in my house. When had she developed such fine pillowy breasts? How had I never noticed before? I rattled my brain, trying to stop thinking like that.

"Mister Woodman? Is that you? What are you doing in here?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that question? This room is out of bounds. Your parents expect better behaviour than this and I'm here to make sure you meet those expectations. Now, who is that with you?"

The boy lifted his head. "Dicky Cousins, sir," he squeaked.

"MaryLou, MaryLou. The waterboy? I would think a pretty girl like you ought to rate the quarterback, or at least a tight end."

"Well, sir, I do take it up my ass, so no tight ends here. Your daughter is with the quarterback. And last I saw," she giggled a bit, sounding tipsy; "they were headed to the boys showers to make out." Another giggling fit, as MaryLou turned full on towards me. I could not resist watching her mountains of flesh heaving as if moved by earthquakes.

"In fact," MaryLou continued her voice a girlish gossipy whisper, "Angie said she was going to finally break down and give him head."

"What do you mean- finally?"

"She turned eighteen months ago, but still won't blow boys." Again, a fit of giggles. "Most of us started more, much more, long ago. "Watch how good I am."

Without pausing, Marylou bobbed her head to Dicky's lap and smoothly swallowed his entire modest cock in a single gulp. I could she her tongue outlined in her cheek as she rolled it around his shaft from root to tip before spitting his cockhead free from her lips.

"How's that? World class, right? I know because last week the whole cheer team went down on the brass section of the band. I got both the tuba player and a French horn off before any other girl finished a trombone. And I won on style points too."

My head was aching. Blowjob contests? Style points? This was high school in the new century? In a moment, I realized my cock was aching more than my head. In my haste, I had not tucked it into my pants, and now it no longer lay flaccid in front of me. Instead, it was fully erect, excited by the circumstances and the chatter.

MaryLou did not hesitate. She said nothing about my engorgement. Instead, she released Dicky and bent her head towards me. If I had time to react, I might have wanted to stop her. But, honestly, no man would really act on those instincts when a gorgeous half naked girl with a Monica Lewinsky look targeted his lap. This was no longer about the earlier voyeurism, or the possibility of arrest. For the next minutes, I was a man and she was a vacuum.

As MaryLou started my lifting my shaft with her fingers and running her tongue over the flap of skin under the head, I looked at Dicky. He was shivering from fear or embarrassment. His cock was still semi erect- as far as I knew, he had not ejaculated- but he looked uncomfortable.

"Leave, Dicky," I said in my best commanding parental tone, "and forget you ever saw me here, or you'll get suspended."

"Yeah, Dicky, tuck that pencil dick in and scram," MaryLou teased, "Even I have standards. But, don't worry, Ms. Kribbs will suck anybody. Last I saw, she was out in the parking lot with the nerdy guy from science fair."

My head was reeling again. "Ms. Kribbs? The geography teacher? I thought she was born again."

"Yeah, a born again virgin cocksucker. If the school board or you parents knew she spent half of health class lecturing us on abstinence and the other half demonstrating fellatio techniques on bananas, cukes and dildos, she'd get fired. Now, if I finish this bj, that won't happen. Will it? After all, she means well. Even if I could teach her a few tricks myself."

MaryLou ran her tongue around the entire head of my cock, sucking it gently into her cheeks. I could just grunt my agreement. I jerked a thumb at Dicky, who finally took the hint and brushed by me. As he left, a brief flash of light from the open door illuminated MaryLou, down on her knees at my feet. Her raven hair had fallen out of her expensive hairdo. Carefully applied makeup was smeared across her face. Her lips were fuller than I had ever appreciated before. Most impressively, her boobs were truly miraculous, more befitting a porn star than the girl next door.

She knew where I was looking. "You want to titfuck, don't you, Mr. W.? That's okay. Remember, I said I had tried lots more than oral sex? With tits like mine, all the old pervs like you want to fuck them." She leaned back, cupping them in her palms, pressing the mounds together. "Frankly, a hard cock reaching through this valley teasing my tongue is a lot more fun than some amateur like Dicky pawing me. Your choice. But I want to taste your cum, wherever you blow it. Cream is my thing. And I know you must blow sweet cream. Just looking at your cock in your bathing suit gets me damp. I almost can't believe I'm stroking it in my hands, wait till I tell Angie."

"Angie? No. You must not."

"Sure I will. We share everything." She giggled again, coating my cockhead wither spittle. "Well, maybe not your cock. But no secrets. That way, she can arrange for us to get together again, when we have more time. Now, hurry, we can't miss the last dance."

My hands joined hers on her breasts, silently answering her question about the focus of my desires. I squished her mounds together, kneading them between my fingers, eliciting a gentle sigh of joy in return. MaryLou arched her back up towards me. "Oh, Gawd, Mr. W. this is even better than I imagine when I lay in bed pretending my hands are yours."

I rotated my palms under the weight of her boobs, tenderly flicking each nipple with my thumbs. Marylou reached to the floor and dug inside her purse, retrieving a tiny tube of hand lotion. While I continued caressing her, she smeared long string of goop across the tops of her breast. As my hands moved, the moisture spread into the valley of her cleavage.

She took my cock in one hand, which also contained lotion. She quickly pumped the shaft firmly; stroking me as she blew air across the peehole. Her fingers traced each ride and vein, working my cock into a slippery excitement.

"I can't wait any more. Fuck me. Stick that pole inside my cleavage. Come all over my tits."

We leaned forward together, me flexing my knees as MaryLou rose off her haunches. My cock slid easily between her greased tits, as naturally as any pussy I had ever entered. Our four hands joined together to press her breasts tight around my shaft. I pumped my knees up and down, pistoning my cock in its fleshy prison.

"Yes, fuck me," MaryLou screamed. Although I knew the door might not be soundproof, I was unable to stop. I rammed my length higher, allowing her to bend her neck and bring her lips just close enough to kiss my tip on the upstrokes.

Marylou began bouncing up and down. Her hands were no longer trapping my cock in the valley of her tits. I sensed the movement of her fingers across her clit, as her fingers tickled my ankles. I felt my balls tighten towards my belly.

"I'm coming," I warned.

"Do It."

The first blast of goo caught Marylou under the chin, but she managed to tilt her head and catch the rest in her mouth. A tiny string ran from her teeth to her tits. Marylou freed one hand from her pussy and scooped the overspray to her lips, devouring my goo. She smeared some into her cleavage. As she did this, she sighed softly, suggesting a silent orgasm. I looked down and saw that her tiny fist was stiffed up her tightly clenched pussy.

Suddenly, she seemed to snap out of a trance. She quickly gathered her dress together and straightened up.

"There. Now, after the last dance, maybe Angie will lick me clean." She dashed out of the closet, leaving me with a dripping cock and the stunned feeling that I had just learned my daughter was not only learning to suck cock, but was bisexual to boot.

I checked in the hallway. No one was lurking. I stepped out. As I rounded the corner, I bumped into Angie.

"Hi Daddy," she bubbled, "Did you enjoy watching me blow my boyfriend? Thank goodness Ms. Kripps taught me how to suck like a pro the first time. If you'd like, I'll invite MaryLou over tomorrow to give me cocksucking pointers. Care to be the practice dummy? Maybe MaryLou will let you spank her for being so nasty."

She planted a peck on my cheek, and then swept off to dance the last dance, leaving me speechless. I wasn't supposed to see her naked. But now that I had, how could we ever go back? Or was it just a dream, as I dozed off chaperoning the high school prom?

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