tagLoving WivesI Watched My Wife Being Fucked

I Watched My Wife Being Fucked


I watched my wife being fucked very roughly by a friend of mine. We had been drinking and I decided to prepare something to eat as my wife was slightly buzzed. My friend was in the Army and was on his way home but decided to stay a night at our house. My wife always had a crush on him and so did he. They would casually flirt but never took it very far. I called out and said that I would have to go out to the store to get some burgers. My wife was sitting in on the sofa while he was on the floor watching a movie and I saw that there was some kind of a sexual tension in the air. I went to the garage and found that I did not have to go to the store at all as the burgers were right there in the Refrigerator but when I entered the room, I saw that he had his hand on her foot and was massaging it.

I quietly crept back and went into the garage and started the car and drove off - but I turned the corner and parked the car there and went to the house by the side door. I was standing inside the high fence and nobody out side could see me but I had a clear view of the sitting room. I realized that Rahul was kissing my wife passionately - his tongue was deep inside her mouth and she was kissing him feverishly back. His hand reached over and he cupped her rounded breast and she moaned loudly. The window was open as it was summer time and the breeze was cool. I could hear everything crisply. She pushed him away and said - I don't think this is right. What if he finds out or comes back - Rahul said I know sweetheart but I have been fantasizing about you ever since I met you last year. I have been jacking off thinking of you all year. Please - I want you so bad. But I will stop if do not want me. She stood up to go up to her room and I felt a mixture of relief and anxiousness.

I was upset but I was incredibly aroused - my cock had never been so hard before. My heart was beating so hard and for a second I thought I could be heard inside. I also thought I would go inside and throw him out of the house and smack her. Then something happened that made me watch - she was crossing over to the other side of the room to reach the staircase to go up when she came close to him and he grabbed her playfully. She tried to avoid him but her loose shirt got caught in his hand the button tore open and the shirt was wide open and she had no bra - he rounded breasts tumbled out. Her breasts are round and firm and her nipples are large and get easily hard. Her nipples grew instantly hard and they became the size of a plug. To balance her, he caught her and grabbed her naked waist and she pushed him away but he kissed her on the lips. There was a little struggle and a squeal but she gave in as he was a great kisser and his hands were cupping and uncapping her aroused and swollen breast.

They were kissing like they would devour each other. She was totally in his hands as he kissed her deeply - his hands on her round naked breasts and pinching and fondling her round firm breasts. Her face was towards me but I was outside in the dark and she could not see me but I watched in awe as her eyes were glazed and arousal was so clear on her face. Her hair was a mess and her breasts were being fondled roughly while he was kissing and licking her face and soon he started to suck one breast and then the other. He pushed her long skirt down and she was nude under the long skirt -she had no panties on. Her black patch of pubic hair was visible and the creamy skin was driving Rahul crazy with lust. I looked down and realized that he was hard and his cock was straining hard to get out of his shorts.

He somehow managed to get his t-shirt of and had a fine muscular but lean body. He dropped his short and his cock - uncut and thick and 8 inch long was standing up, mushroom head purple and round like a cricket ball. His balls were hanging low but his nuts were thick and round. He licked her hairless stomach, navel and pushed her on the sofa and grabbed her ankles and spread her shapely rounded fleshy legs and teased her pussy - she was moaning loudly and pushing her hips up - mashing against his face – as he came up to get some breathe and his face was covered in her wetness. She was whimpering and begging him to fuck her - fuck her hard with his thick lund (cock) She had such a wanton look on her face, I was almost ready to shoot my cum. I let my shorts drop and was scared that if I touched my cock - I would blow my wad...

I was shaking in excitement as both Bindu and Rahul were fucking like animals.

He grabbed his cock that was leaking pre cum and he put it on her red swollen lips and she devoured his cock and gave it a few good licks and deep throated him. Then he rubbed his wet pre cuming cock on her firm round milky breasts. He spread her legs wide and put his cock on her cunt lips and teased her a bit. He had her pinned down on the sofa and she was not struggling any more - her hips were thrust up anticipating his thrust. He pushed hard and went in all the way - his pubic bone hitting hard against her pubic bone and she screamed - gasped and felt his thickness invade her tight pussy walls - well lubricated by her wetness and his precum. He settled for a while and then started to stroke short strokes and then vigorously started to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Her head was on the sofa and as he stroked her hard - her head would bang hard into the sofa cushion. She was being fucked and used like a rag doll but she was enjoying every bit of this rough hard fucking.

Then I heard her gasp hard and a loud moan escaped her lips as she orgasmed and I could see the white coat of cum on his cock as he was withdrew all the way out and then thrust hard - he started to rumble and his eyes were beginning to role and he groaned like his life was leaving his body. He was shooting hard and deep inside her and their bodies was wet with sweat and trembling and convulsing like they had been taken over by a seizure. He withdrew his thick purple head with a coating of white cum and as she gained her composure she swung around and her legs were trembling and I saw the wide opened pussy coated with white cum. He caught her and brought her face to him and kissed her deep and long. I had shot cum so hard that it went and hit the glass pane and my legs were trembling – my cock was as hard as if it had not discharged any cum.

I had to stroke hard and I was stunned to shoot another load into fence. I saw that Bindu had gone upstairs to change and Rahul was cleaning up. I tiptoed and went back to the car and drove around the block trying to clear my head and trying to suppress the extreme arousal and the embarrassment that I was so aroused watching my wife who had just being fucked by a friend. I came into the house and saw that Rahul was sitting on the floor exactly where I had seen him before I had gone out. Bindu came down the stairs - face glowing with the fucking she had just received - in a nice loose shirt and skirt. I was so aroused that I wanted to take her up into the bedroom and fuck the living daylight out of her.

I watched as they acted normal but I was imagining every act of their - the way their bodies were meshed and how they had trembled and cum and kissed. Everything was going through my head like a movie in fast forward. We finished dinner and Rahul said that he would clear up and sleep on the sofa. I went up and Bindu was naked in the bed with the lights off. I kissed her and she was in an extreme aroused state. She went down on me and sucked my cock like her life depended on it. I shot my load in seconds and she swallowed every drop of it. This was the first time she had done this. I was stunned. I kissed her well licked breasts and then I went between her legs - she was sensitive as she whispered - slow - gentle. I wondered gentle now - but half and hour back this pussy was fucking like a pussy possessed.

I gently licked and tongued her swollen pussy and she came hard - I thought she would pull my head off my neck - the orgasm was so strong. Then I entered her hard and fast and we both came trembling and convulsing. She moaned loudly as I groaned hard and came for the fourth time in less than an hour. Wow - I still get hard imagining the scenes of that night.

I later got a chance to fuck Sonia - Rahul's wife when she came to stay with me - Bindu had to go take care of her mom and Rahul insisted that Sonia should come over and take care of the house in Bindu's absence. Tit for tat. Only thing was that I fucked Sonia for the complete two weeks whereas Rahul only fucked Bindu once.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/03/18

Anon 01/30/18, ***** (5) EXCELLENT. EXCELLENT. EXCELLENT.

I agree with above anon. I *love* this story.

I should pity him but i envy him instead.

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by kaamasura04/11/18

well written

good story

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by Anonymous01/30/18

***** (5). Excellent. Excelent. Excellent.

You described a voyeur/cuck husband's reaction very well & very accurate.
This story is very very erotic... & then some! My cup of tea.

When my wife & i moved to Canada, i realized white men were attractedmore...

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by easyballs11/14/17


Best Desi wife sex story I have read! wonderful writing

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