tagInterracial LoveI WILL Have You Ch. 01

I WILL Have You Ch. 01



"I hope I do ok today. NO fuck ups Chloe. You got this."

I coached myself as I waited on my temporary boss to come around the corner. I had applied through ManPower while looking for a job and was called with a 3 month position as a personal assistant to the founder/owner of a development company while his regular assistant was finishing up maternity leave.

I was expecting Mr. older gentleman of about 50 to come around the corner when I heard footsteps but GOD was I mistaken. The fine specimen that stopped in front of my desk had not seen a day over 35. He was about 6'2; my eyes were level with his mouth at my height of 5'9. His hair was so black it looked blue. His eyes were a shade of grey that I had never seen and was getting lost in as I continued to gaze into them. The Armani suit he had on fit every dip and curve of his body and laid over his package so nice that it was very noticeable that he was well endowed.

I quickly looked backed up to his eyes as he cleared his throat to find him looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I presume that you are Chloe."

"Yes sir. I apologize. Hello, very nice to meet you sir."

"Likewise Chloe. Please call me Damien. Could you meet me in my office with a cup of black coffee please?"

"Yes sir, ah, Damien."


I watched as the finest woman I had ever seen turned and walked away. Her skin was flawless that it glowed, I just knew it would be as smooth as it looked once I touched her, because touch her I would, among other things. Her skin was the color of carmel. She had curves in ALL the right places. Her breast looked to be about a 38DD and her hips at least 42' and her 200 weight was DEFINITELY proportioned in all the right places. I just wanted to cup my hands are that juice ass...mmm mmm mmm.

Chloe returned with the coffee and set it on his desk. She then turned to walk out the door...

"Excuse me?" said Damien.

"Um yes sir, Damien?"

"Where are you going?"

"To my desk sir." Chloe didn't know what to think of his laid back pose in the chair but that she needed to get away from this man as fast as possible.

"I didn't excuse you yet Chloe and its Damien."

"I'm sorry Damien. What can I help you with?"

"Have lunch with me."


"It wasn't a question. You're excused." With that Damien took a sip of his coffee and turned his computer on. Chloe stood in the door with her mouth agape until he looked up at her with his raised eyebrow and then bolted out the door.


Every five minutes I found myself looking at the clock and it was only 9am. I still had at least 3 more hours before lunch with my handsome boss. I couldn't have lunch with him. There's no way an Italian stud like him was interested in me, a black woman. No way. I picked up the phone to call my Usher look-a-like best friend, Eddie to ask him to lunch. After the plans were finalized to grab something to eat with ddie I got to work doing some filing.


I could see her through my office door bending over in her skirt that rose to a dangerous high every time she bent over. She couldn't be wearing any panties underneath that skirt it was too form fitting. I can just image fucking her brains out on my desk with nothing but her stilettos and black rimmed glasses on screaming my name. She definitely wouldn't have a problem saying my name after that. Fuck thought Damien. Now my dicks all hard....


I looked up and 12:30 had arrived. Eddie should be...

"Hi love," said Eddie.

"Oh my god hi babes." I got up from behind my desk and hug the day lights out of my best friend.


Who the fuck is this with his hands all over my woman? She's not your woman. Voices in my head---Yes she is, she and this douche bag don't know it but they will soon enough.


"Oh my who is that fine ass man yelling your name?" asked Eddie. ---Eddie is Gay if you haven't picked up on it yet.

"Oh my god, that's my boss." said Chloe

"Well here he comes."

"Chloe, it is very unprofessional to have your boy toys come to your place of work." said Damien

"Ah sir, Damien, we were on our way to get something to eat and Eddie isn't-"

"Not anymore you aren't, I have some calls for you to make. There will be days where you won't have time to leave the office for lunch. Sorry...what is your name?"


"Well Eddie you're going to have to meet up with Chloe on her time, right now she's on mine. Have a nice day. Chloe in my office NOW." Chloe said goodbye to Eddie, promised to call him later tonight and went into Damien's office with her head down.

How can I be mad at her sexy ass with her looking all innocent? Damien thought to himself

"I specifically said that you were to have lunch with me and you call up that fuck-face-"


Chloe didn't have the chance to finish her sentence before Damien grabbed her and kissed her. He got turned on watching her get pissed. She froze. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her harder against his body and his well defined hard on. She gave up and gave into the kiss. She grabbed fist full's of his hair while he continued to grab her ass. He backed her up to his desk and lifted her unto it. He then took a hold of her blouse and ripped it open. Buttons flew every which way while Chloe looked on wide-eyed. Damien then took a nipple into his mouth while he pinched the other with the right amount of pressure like he already knew that Chloe likes it on the rough-side.

"ohh...mmm" moaned Chloe

Mmm hmm... Im bout to tear this pussy up. Damien didn't realize he had spoken out loud until he stumbled backwards and realized that he had been pushed by Chloe.

"I am not some hoe off the streets Mr. Gianni. It is clear that we are very attracted to each other but I can't handle this, and it's only the first day! I quit." Chloe stormed out, got her purse out of the desk and was in the elevator before Damien could look presentable and run after her....

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/12/18

Ok. Big girls don't cry...

But where irl has this scenario happened. No where, no way, no how to bad there's no tag #inyourdreams Girl you in fantasy land come on and keep it real. Honestly its a good start but it lost its flavormore...

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by Anonymous09/26/18

Racist Coward

Go crawl back under your rock, you prick.

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by Anonymous07/14/18

This is worst than fake FOX NEWS

Should have posted this in sci-fi. It reeks of nope, nada that'll never happen.

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