tagInterracial LoveI WILL Have You Ch. 03

I WILL Have You Ch. 03


The Next Morning

I woke up to find Damien still sleeping on his stomach with his head turned away from me. I'm still not believing what he said yesterday about this NOT being a one night stand. The man doesn't even know me!! I try to ease out of the bed to get my things together before he wakes-

"Where are you going?" Damien grumbled into his pillow.

"Um...I was...going to the bathroom."

"Hurry back."

"Will do."

Damien never turns around so when he hears a door close he doesn't realize it's the bedroom door and not the bathroom door. I race down the stairs with her clothes in her hands she'd scooped up as she ran out the bedroom and makes her way to find her bag. I frantically pull a sweat suit on as I look around for my purse and bag. Once those are found, a cab is called and shoes are on, I'm out the front door and running for the street. I'm pretty sure Damien has some elaborate alarm system in his house so I don't look back as I make the run to meet my cab a block away...

Later That Day

My phone has been ringing OFF THE HOOK since I made a run for it this morning...I knew he had a silent alarm. I look at the screen and "DAMIEN" is shining back at me. I've been at Eddie's ever since that morning. I couldn't go home knowing he knew where I lived.

"Girl just talk to that man," Eddie told me while he stood in front of the couch looking down on me with his hands on his hips.

"I can't Eddie! The man is very powerful; he'll know where I am as soon as I answer. I just need to get my mind right."

"Get your mind right on what???? He wants to be with you Chloe. Let the man treat you like you deserve because lord knows it's time for it."

I looked down at my phone as it continued to ring and thought to myself is Damien really someone I could be with. He's powerful, has BU-COO (TONS) of money, sexy, fine...everything combine in one package that scares me. Yes the sexual attraction is there but is that all?? I don't know this man!!

Take me, take take take me, wanna be your victim-

My voicemail tune and definitely a song that doesn't need to be heard right now as I hurriedly cut it short. I try to get back to my thoughts as my phone goes quit and the next thing I know...

BOOM BOOM BOOM Someone's knocking, rather breaking down the door.

"Don't answer it Eddie!" I anxiously say in a fit of hysteria as I jump up from the couch and he makes his way to the door with a sad look on his face, because we both know who it is.

"Please! Please don't!"

"I've got to Chloe. It's time to stop running and start loving. I don't know how but I know that man is going to be your husband and you're going to be his wife."

He's unlocking the locks as I'm experiencing déjà vu. I start frantically pulling my sneakers on and snatching up my purse and bag. I'm looking for a way out the apartment like there is one besides the front door because we're on the second floor. I'm not desperate enough to jump so I turn and face my fear.

I turn around to see Damien standing in the doorway. He hasn't crossed the threshold yet and he doesn't look too happy. Eddie turns from the door and heads down the hallway to his bedroom where he shuts the door and turns on his radio. Thanks for making sure I'll be ok Eddie.

"Why'd you leave? You for damn sure aren't still at MY HOUSE IN THE BATHROOM." Damien starts off in a calm voice but is definitely yelling by the time he finishes.

"I'm sorry Damien. Do you not understand how freaked out I am?? How freaked out YOU should be?? Do you really believe in love at first sight?? That's only in movies and books, this is the REAL WORLD! I'm not even your type, you-

"How the hell do you know what my type is and you've only been in my presence for TWO DAYS!" he states as he comes in the apartment and shuts the door.

"I don't know!! That's part of the problem; we don't KNOW anything about each other!"

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