tagInterracial LoveI WILL Have You Ch. 07

I WILL Have You Ch. 07


Sorry about the teaser but I couldn't help myself. If there's something you'd like to see happen or see more of let me know. Open to suggestions.


Damien continued to hold Chloe. Still a little upset about the events from earlier but felt now was the time to dish out punishment.

"Lay down at the head of the bed!" he told her in the sternest voice he could muster to cover up his lust for her. He knew it worked as she scrambled to the top of the bed to get in position for whatever he was going to do to her.

He got off the bed, all while watching her as she lay down on her back.

"No, on your stomach, ass in the air."

As she was turning over, she didn't see him pick up the flagger but her ass did as soon as she was in position.


"Hurry up next time," he said after he listened to her scream of surprise and whimper in pain. "Don't move. I know you have a hard time listening but hopefully this time it'll work out for you."

He then laid the flagger on the bed and picked up the scarves. He tied her left wrist first because it was right next to him. He definitely didn't want to hurt her so he tied two scarves together to lengthen them so they'd reach across his bed to his bed post. He then walked around and repeated everything for her right wrist. He left her ankles untied. Once he was finished he walked to the foot of the bed and admired his work. She was squirming all over the place, already in anticipation of what he was going to do next and oh were they both going to enjoy it!

He climbed up on the bed behind her and touched her ass. She shivered from his touch on her body. He caressed her ass, and up her back lost in his thoughts. "I think I'm in love with her and I know that sounds so cliché because of what we're doing and she'll probably think the same so I'll wait to tell her. I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together."

"Is this what you want Chloe? You want me to spank you? To FUCK you?" he said in the most deepest, lustful voice she had ever heard from him.

She nodded her head and the air was filled with a SLAP! He'd picked up the flagger and hit her ass.

"AHHH!" she screamed.

"I didn't hear that."


"Much better thank you." he smirked.

He again set the flagger back down, went into his bathroom and got the massage oil he kept there. He had a personal masseuse and liked this particular oil. He walked back to the bed, opened the bottle and squirted some on her ass. He heard her gasp but continued until it was dripping past her pussy on to the bed. He then took both his hands and started rubbing the oil in. He slapped her right ass cheek and watched as excess oil fell off on to the bed. He used the extra oil on his hands and rubbed it on his hard dick. He was harder than he'd ever been in his life. He slid an oily finger into her pussy, and watched as her pussy lips closed around it.

"Ohh," Chloe moaned. "Fuck me already Damien, PLEASE!" she begged him.

He slid his finger in and out for another minute and decided it was time to stop teasing her. Having been stroking himself the whole time, he used that same hand to guide his dick into her.

"Mmm," they moaned at the same time.

He only slid in half way, afraid he would cum from all the sensations her pussy was producing on his dick. After the much needed pause on both sides, he slid in all the way and they both exhaled when his pelvis met her ass. He slowly started thrusting, both of them simply enjoying the moment of two people being connected in the most intimate way. He continued this pace until he felt her start throwing it back on him. His hands had been on her hips the whole time. Watching her ass jiggle was doing a number on him.

"Ohhh...yes," Chloe moaned as Damien slapped her ass. She loved it. The slaps went straight to her pussy making it throb.

"Mm," Damien groaned as he felt her pussy spasm around him. He loved how tight and wet she was, and it was all his.

Damien sped up his thrust again until he was giving it to her like he already knew she loved. Hell who was he kidding he loved it too. He loved the noises her juicy pussy made. He could feel the juices running down his leg; and couldn't help himself. He pulled out and bent down until his face was at the same level as her pussy and his hands on her ass to keep her still. He groaned as he got a whiff of her, and then went in. He dragged his tongue from her Clit, over her lips and up to her asshole. He took these long drags with his tongue until he had her writhing as far as her bonds would allow her. He was done teasing himself so he plunged his tongue as far as his face would allow into her. He swirled it around and then withdrew to do it all over.

"Oh my... Damien," Chloe moaned out. She was ready for him to put her out her misery. As if reading her thoughts he did just that.

He thrusted back into her but this time there was no room for teasing. He was thrusting into her so fast she could barely breathe. All that was heard were the slaps of his pelvis meeting her ass.

"Oh FUCK you're gonna make me cum. Oh Yes!!"

"You gonna cum nasty girl? You gonna cum all over my dick?"

"YESS!!" Chloe managed to scream out just as her orgasm hit her, and cum she did. She had never squirted until Damien, and her juices were all over him and the bed. Her pussy was grabbing Damien so hard he had to pull out.

"Oh fuck, that tight juicy pussy," he said as he bent down and slurp up her cum that was still pouring out of her like a waterfall.

"Oohh. No more baby. No more," Chloe panted.

"Mm hm," Damien moaned into her pussy.

"DAMIEN!" Chloe scream as she had a second orgasm from Damien sucking on her sensitive Clit.

"Mmm... mmm" Damien moaned into her again. He took two more long licks from her Clit up to her asshole before he sat back and looked at her.

She had fell on to her right hip and her knees were bent towards her chest; but her breast were flat on the bed. She was still breathing heavy from the second orgasm, having not caught her breath from the first. Her curly hair was all over the place including her face and every time she took a breath wisps of it blew out and then fell back down. He sat back on his heels and started stroking his dick. Just knowing that he had pleasured his woman to near slumber had him turned on beyond belief.

Chloe heard his breathing changed and looked back to see what he was doing. His hand was stroking his dick at a fast pace, his head was thrown back and his mouth was slightly open. She got back up on her knees and turned her head as far as she could to get a better look. Damien heard her moved and opened his eyes. Once he saw her ass back in the air he was done. He hurriedly rose back up on his knees and barely made it back into her before he exploded.

"DAMIEN NO!!!" Chloe screamed as she tried to pull away from him. "O-M-G. We've already had this discussion from the last time. He knows I'm not on birth control!!!!!! " She screamed in her head.

All that could be heard were Damien's moans and groans as he had one of the biggest orgasms in his life. OH FUCK! He thought to himself as he tightened his hold on her hips to keep her in place.

"Oh FUCK," he exclaimed as he stopped moving and started to slowly com down from his high. "Chloe we've discussed this already. You're going to have my kids and we're going to get married. All a matter of time and if it happens to be sooner than later so be it."

"NO Damien" Chloe responded back. "How do you know that I don't have plans with my life pre-baby and pre-marriage? Did you stop to think to ask me that?"

"I know what your plans are pre-baby, it's pregnancy and pre-marriage is engagement," Damien said deciding to be a smart-ass.

"Ugh! Untie me. Now."


"Excuse me?!"

"N-O," he spelled out.

"No. I quite like you like this," he said as he massaged her ass cheeks.

"Dameinnn," Chloe moaned out. "Please," she whispered and regretted it 5 seconds later because that's all it took for Damien to get hard again after hearing her beg.

"Damien! NO! We don't...uh...oh yes baby harder!" Chloe said as she started throwing it back.

"Mmm hmm," Damien moaned as he picked up his pace and slapped her ass. She turned her head to look back at him, she'd see him with his head titled back, eyes closed and biting down on his bottom lip.

"YES!" Chloe screamed already feeling her orgasm creeping up on her.

Damien was glad they weren't at his penthouse downtown. Miss. Schueller would be all over his door with all the screams Chloe was producing. "She's gonna be pissed but oh well she'll get over it. We're getting married and she WILL have my babies." Damien thought to himself as he felt his orgasm coming. He continued to pump into her until Chloe's next words took him over the edge.

"FUCK....I'm cumming baby. I'm cumming all over that dick!"

"Oh FUCK," Damien groaned out as he felt her pussy spasm and tighten on his dick. He blew his load inside her again. He kept thrusting into her until she had drained everything from him which in turn prolonged her orgasm. He slowly pulled out of her, and as soon as he did their combined cum ran out and on to the bed.

He got up and untied her wrist and pulled her up into a hug. He breathed in their combined scent and relished just holding her in his arms.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No love, not at all. I wanted all of it!"

"Ok," he breathed into her neck before leaning back to take her hand, then guided her into the bathroom so they could take a hot shower.

Once they got out Chloe helped Damien make the bed after his many protest to her that he had it but she wanted him to hurry up, she was sleepy! He had worn her out! They got into the bed both on their right sides spooning ,and before either could finish "good night" they were both asleep.


Three weeks later...

Everything had been going great. Chloe was spending more time at Damien's house much to his delight. Their relationship couldn't get any better. Chloe was out to lunch with Eddie one afternoon when it hit her.

"OH MY GOD!!" Chloe yelled out as she held a menu for a café not too far from both their offices.

"Chloe what the fuck girl?!" Eddie said as he looked around to make sure she hadn't disturbed too many other patrons lunch with her outburst.

"I haven't had my period. I should've had it a week ago. I haven't even been thinking. I knew this was going to happen, I told-" Chloe panicked.

Eddie held his hands up to stop her rambling and to bring her back down to earth before she spazed out any further.

"Woo woo woo Chloe bring it back boo. Slow all that down, I haven't eaten yet. You throwing too much at me and you know without food I'm already a diva."

"Eddie!" Chloe whined. "I'm freaking pregnant!!"

"You don't know that, just calm down and we'll go get a test after we eat."

"I don't want to be pregnant yet."

"Guurrl...that's the easiest way to snatch him up!"

"Oh I don't need to do that, he's already attached. He snatched ME up or did you forget?"

"Oh I haven't forgotten anything involving him."

"What? Well you better because he's off limits!" Chloe said as she leaned over the table to make sure Eddie understood her.

"Mmm hmm."

"Mmm hmm my ass. Don't play Eddie, He doesn't swing that way anyway and you for damn sure know it."

"Oh how I wish," Eddie said as he dreamily looked up.

"Shut up and quit lusting after my man," Chloe said as they both shared a laugh...

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