tagLesbian SexI Will Take You There

I Will Take You There


Thank you, once again, to my editor graynsam.


We sit together and sip tea on her large garden terrace at a small round bistro table barely big enough for two on this beautiful warm sunny afternoon. So many flowering mini trees in their oversized ceramic pots line the glass covered railing. Up here on the balcony the scene is beautiful and private but you can still hear the bustle of the busy city below. Our conversation is light and relaxing enhanced with bit of tease and flirtation thrown in.

I watch how she daintily clasps the tiny handle of the delicate china tea cup in her white gloved hand, and how she takes quiet lady-like sips. She has the air of a shy proper lady, combined with an overt come-and-seduce-me attitude with her chin slightly lowered and her wide eyes staring up at me, as she studies my lips. She is turning me on as she watches me.

Amy loves to play dress up.

She is beautiful and elegant in her long sleeved, white lace blouse buttoned up high and skin-tight around her skinny neck. The chocker style top makes her look taller than she really is. Yet her petite bosom is noticeable. She is deliberately seducing me; her black ankle-buttoned booted foot is gently caressing its way up my leg under the metal garden table. I am absorbed by her beauty.

We enjoy acting out each other's fantasies on empty weekends like this when no other events demand our attention. Today is special because this fantasy belongs to both of us. Amy loves to play the virtuous, prim, reluctant Victorian lady; I love to seduce such ladies toward the bedroom, undress them, and see just how sexually repressed they really are. Today she is not as shy as she is on some days. Today, I know she will be extra naughty.

Amy smiles and replaces her pink-flowered white china tea cup down on its saucer on the white antique table. She pushes the cup away a sure sign it is time to move toward the bedroom. I lick my lips in anticipation. I can't wait to take her to heaven, to blissful enlightenment.

We enter through double frosted-glass French balcony doors, walk down the hall of her spacious, modern stark-white apartment. Like a time machine, the décor in the bedroom matches her obsession with the mid-Victorian age. Grey-green and pale yellow glow from the colours in this picturesque room is very warm and welcoming especially when touched by the sunlight beams that flow in through the tall skinny window. As if in a museum, a large mahogany canopy bed decorated with ornately hand-carved workmanship is on display as the centerpiece. Round, square and rectangular velvet covered pillows of all sizes and in mute colors that compliment the room crowd near the head of the bed. The old-fashioned tapestry covered lampshades on the night-tables hang with tassels and they colour match with the curtains and rug. This 1860's room is charming and romantic.

I enter the bedroom and draw the long heavy drapes shut to give us some privacy from the nearby highrises. Leaking some love juice onto my panties, I excitedly light the round vanilla candles on the dresser sitting beside the glass-vase filled with a bouquet of a dozen tall stemmed cream-coloured roses, ones I had delivered by courier to her earlier in the day. I love this bedroom and I love playing with Amy.

Foreplay from tea-time to undressing Amy is very erotic play for me. Amy's delicate little feathered hat perched on the front corner of her forehead is the first item of clothing I remove. Many of her "costumes" are grand and elaborate, detailed with beading, flower designs and lace. Skirts are full with tiny waists and sweep a good foot in diameter out onto the floor from where she stands. Some of her dresses are covered with ruffles and some have large bows in the lower back. Amy grooms her appearance with white gloves, walking-stick umbrellas, and dangling earrings. I slowly help her undress, easing her out of the bulk and many layers of this era's fashions. Then kicking off my own high heels and slipping off my black panties from underneath my skirt, I allow my own body to relax and get comfortable.

She now stands before me, naked. Amy's beauty is striking and she is as usual turning me on fast. Her rosy fragrant perfume is so fitting. It sings through the air like a melody in the background.

Amy's dark brown eyes are wide and hypnotic. Her long black lashes frame the windows to her gentle soul. She has, what some call, bedroom eyes.

My gaze flows down over her plump moist lips painted delicately with champagne-pink lipstick; they call out to me to lightly caress their silkiness with my own wet lips, I long to feel their sensitive nerve endings fire sparks between us. Patiently, I imagine licking her fleshy lips with my tongue. Amy's lips looking plump and puckered, ready to be kissed, even when her mouth is still closed and her lips are touching, wanting. I lust to plant my kisses on her hot and sensual, seductively swollen lips.

But before I do, I take a long moment to admire her beautifully curved body. What drives me crazy is a woman's neck line the way the collar bones protrude so prominently into a v-shape, creating deep dimples in her small neck. Amy's neck line and décolletage stands out making a strong statement because she is so lean. The second most erotic part of a woman's body is her slightly round belly just big enough to be sexy underneath a tiny sunken oval belly button. Amy has both of these attributes and she is an easy 10.

My lady's breasts are a perfect hand size, perfect to hold, perfect to suck. Her pointy teats are dark and square shaped standing erect over the round smooth dark skin below. She is definitely turned on for they are not wrinkled up hard as if too cold and they are not all smooth and swollen as if too hot. They are in between and very desirously tasty looking.

Meaty thighs also add to a woman's curviness. Not too fat though or manly muscled but just enough to give her seductiveness. Amy's smooth white skin is flawless; it radiates softness so velvety in this warmly lit bedroom. I want to bury myself inside her skin, to become her, to immerse myself within her beauty and sexiness, to feel and be her in every possible way.

The woman before me represents what I believe to be the most beautiful natural art form on earth.

I notice I'm stuck in the moment. She smiles at me. She loves to be admired.

I let down her long, full, wavy, dark brown hair. Taking both sides of her face in my hands, her soft hair woven between my fingers, I move in closer and I kiss her pale mouth passionately, deeply and slowly. Her kisses are sweet as rich dark chocolate. Her lips are as soft as a plump fluffy pillow. I caress my mouth over her cheek as I move lower to plant soft kisses on her exposed neck all the while swaying to an imaginary romantic melody in my head. But before long my lips return to her lustful sexy mouth.

I tickle my warm tongue inside her. We wiggle together around and around exploring the intense desire and sensation of touch inside our lips which brings me to an erection, my clit hardening and throbbing and my cunt leaking love juice soaking my outer lips. I'm sure her body is responding in the same erotic way.

Our lips slightly part at the same time. We turn and tilt our heads and pretend to touch again. Tongues reach but retract. I'm left wanting and I, loudly, breathe deeper. God, I want her so badly...like this, more. My tongue dives to reach into her mouth as she, in turn, kisses me with her upper lip pressed between mine. Pulling slightly away but not parting, I then kiss and nibble her lower lip.

Our flirtatious passes come together into so many, long seductive French kisses slowly, ever so slowly, rubbing our lips together over and over again. Teasing, touching, parting, touching...I begin to imagine the most erotic possible outcomes to our sexual dance of love. My pussy moistens more and my clit starts to pulsate even stronger.

Never parting lips we hug and slowly inch our way over to the side of the canopy bed. I lay her down on the soft tanned bedspread and begin to massage her, all over her body, where my hands lead; my tongue follows leaving little wet kisses where ever I go.

As I slowly tease and caress my way down to the center of her feminine soul, enjoying her breasts, sliding across her stomach and around her thighs, I feel myself leak more love juice from my own hungry wanting cunt. Amy's mound is plump, bald, as velvety soft as a new born baby. I run my hands over her mound again and again, back and forth, and she begins to wiggle in anticipation of where I will take her today. I hear her breathing as every cell in her body heats up, tingling, becoming aroused. Heals gently descend upon my shoulders as her knees open wide showing herself to me leaving no secrets left untold. Opening up her outer lips I take a peek at her puffy and ready clit.

Pointing my tongue out between my wet lips I ever so slowly caress the pink flesh of her inner plump pussy lips. The tiny textured bumps along their surface gently tease and tickle my tongue. I can smell her salty green apple scent wafting up from her open vagina, filling my nostrils with her perfume, as she gradually becomes more turned on which only increases my own excitement.

I pull back and smile as I lay my eyes on her exquisite sweetness in this soft candlelight. Her soft inner lips are slightly swollen and lay folded open to form a curve, a finger width wide, beside one another with a slight opening between them. They resemble two folded, velvet white lily petals on a young blooming bud, hanging upside down with the larger part of the petal opening wider near the bottom. At the narrow end of the lily petal flowers, the two sides meet near the top of her pussy under a round swollen clit of flesh partially eclipsed by its protective covering. This beautiful picture is framed by two very smooth, satiny plump, freshly shaven outer pussy lips, begging to be caressed with soft finger tips. The seductive beauty of her shy teasing clit attracts me as it lays waiting to be massaged and sent to paradise. Moisture glistens inside her delicate opening in anticipation of a visitor. I yearn to touch her with my mouth and wiggle my penetrating fingers inside her pussy. I am hungry to taste her, to lick her and to suck on her soft velvet lips. I try my best to hold back my burning urge to dive in. I want to take my time so I can enjoy her for as long as possible.

The palm of my hand tenderly covers her cunt; I feel the heat radiate underneath the contact of our skin. I catch a drop of milky love juice on my fingers as it drips out of her excited trembling pussy. I can wait no longer. Inserting my fingers inside her they are quickly and tenderly enveloped by moist mushy folds of hot skin sizzling with heated passion. I gradually start to rub and stroke her innards as I finally lower my mouth to kiss her aching clit. I moan lustfully as I feel her warm soft inner folds of skin on my lips.

I love this place.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath enjoying her natural perfume.

My tongue lazily dances in circles and tastes Amy's clit up and down making sure I don't miss an inch. With it being more sensitive on the bottom half I make a special point of licking up and across it. Again I repeat the pattern fondling her with as much variety as possible. Her soft breathing quickens getting slightly louder with growing excitement.

My own arousal is building ever higher especially after this long and dramatic foreplay. I begin to lap faster flicking my tongue over and up across her little bud a million times over. It pulsates and throbs against my friction. As I lick faster my sexual excitement continues to build. I'm getting even wetter my own pussy leaking thick white wetness down the inside of my thighs.

Amy starts to pant ending each quick breath with a moan as she nears the peak of no return. Her body trembles and her legs strain to open even wider for me as I continue to graze upon her swelling clit. Pushing upwards with my fingers deep inside her flesh I massage her sensitive g-spot hoping to increase her sexual excitement. I suck hard on her clit massaging it back and forth. I squeeze and tweak her tingling hardened nipples with my other hand. She is erotically brought to a quick climax under the control of my mouth and pumping fingers. Driven over the peak, I'm almost strangled between her shaking legs when her whole body twists and jumps in climatic excitement. I catch her when she screams and gasps for breath and we both ride the waves of her after-shock for almost a minute. I'm released only when she has regained consciousness returning from erotic paradise. Amy's screams eventually subside to loud moaning and then they become whispers inside her soft breathing.

We lie still and quiet for a few seconds. Then she raises her head and looks down at me with my head collapsed against her right thigh. Her orgasmic flushed cheeks are beginning to fade a bit. Reaching out with her hand she lovingly strokes my long dark brown hair. It feels soothing. She whispers, "Let me take you there."

We gently stretch out of our positions and Amy pulls my top over my head. She cups the underside of one of my naked breasts and licks my nipple. Her plump delicious lips reach up to embrace my mine. I close my eyes. Caressing my already excited sensitive nipples she rubs them between her fingers playing and stroking as we continue to kiss without interruption. They turn very hard and pointy. She pinches stronger in continuous response to my heightened breathing. My heart beats faster.

My thighs have become the backdrop for waterfall trickles of pussy juice hiding under my skirt. Amy's hand disappears up there and checks to see how wet I have become, whilst still kissing me. I'm so high I almost faint. My clit is throbbing strongly yearning to have her licking me accompanying me, taking me to sexual euphoria. I moan through the wiggle of our kisses and the caressing of our tongues. "Take me," I beg in a whisper still attached to her lips, my eyes closed, my cunt pumping against her hand.

As her lips leave mine, I'm left in a dreamy state. My lips remain open, wishful. My breathing is very deep, lustful. I moan as my pussy draws itself back and forth against her fingers. She must be watching me, anticipate the next time she will kiss me. I think she is smiling.

But I can't wait any longer. I reach for her.

I, kiss her. I need to feel our tongues embracing the insides of our soft moist mouths together.

I kiss her again. I fancy the gentle feel of the caress.

I kiss her more. I yearn to give her back the loving feeling....

...to lay my mouth on hers, to fondle my tongue with hers, to join with warmth at the lips, passionately.

How can I have her kiss me and lick my clit at the same time!? I desire the touch of her seductive lips, all the time, especially in those two places.

I collapse allowing myself to fall from grace giving all my emotions, feelings and control over to Amy...

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