I Won't Look


Ring, ring.


"Hi, Mrs. Martin, this is Bob next door."

"Bobby dear, good morning! How are you?"

"Just fine ma'am, and you?"

"Oh, that's enough with the 'ma'am' stuff, young man. I'm still in my 30's, and 'ma'am' makes me feel old. I've told you before: call me Cindy."

"Yes ma'am."

"Oh, ha ha, very funny. What can I do for you, dear?"

"Well... I just called to let you know that I'm planning to lay out by the pool and get some sun today."

"Oh my, a studly eighteen year old with no shirt! I might faint! Well, Bobby, you couldn't have picked a more glorious Saturday for it, so you have fun now. It's very warm and sunny, though, and it's only ten in the morning. Don't overdo it and get sunburned."

"No m... Cindy, I won't. I called because your second story windows look right into our backyard; no other house overlooks our yard but there's no place I can go around the pool or patio where you won't be able to see me."

"Well don't you worry about it Bobby, it won't bother me at all!"

"Cindy, you guys moved here during the winter so you don't know this... I like to tan in the nude."

Long pause.

"Nude. As in... naked?"

"Yes m... Cindy. I swear I'm not a pervert or anything, I just really love sunbathing naked. Always have, as far back as I can remember. I love laying on my stomach and feeling the sun on my bare backside, and getting all hot and sweaty, then skinny dipping in the pool to cool off, and then laying on my back and starting all over again."

Longer pause.

"Cindy? Are you still there?"

"Yes, dear." A little hoarse. "Your parents... your mother, she's okay with this? And what about your sisters?"

"My mom grew up in France in a Mediterranean beach town, so yeah, she's okay with it. She and my sisters have done it a few times with me, but right now nobody's home but me."

"I see."

"Anyway, I thought I'd better ask if it's okay with you. Especially since your daughter is only... what, sixteen?"

"Fifteen. But it's just me here today, dear. Mr. Martin is away on business and Kristy is at a friend's house in another town for a birthday and a slumber party. So, you go ahead and, ah... get naked."

"Are you sure it's okay with you?"

"Yes, Bobby, yes. I've seen it all before, heh heh. But I promise I won't look."

"I don't care if you look, Cindy. I just wanted to make sure you won't call the police. Have a good day."

"Goodbye, Bobby."


Cindy made it almost fifteen minutes before she went into her daughter's bedroom and crept up to the window, the best one in the house for viewing Bobby's backyard. The blinds were down and covering the window, but the slats were open to a 45 degree angle that kept the sun from streaming in but allowed her to look down on the yard. She walked up to the wall next to the window, then very slowly moved just her head to the side so she could see down without making it obvious that she was there.

Sure enough, there he was: lying on his stomach on an adjustable patio lounge right next to the pool, reading some kind of magazine (she couldn't quite make out which one) and as naked as the day he was born. He was positioned directly below her window, and since their lots were small he was actually quite close to her. She studied his body.

And what a body it was. Bobby played sports (she couldn't remember which ones) and it showed: his legs, arms, and back were well muscled and defined, and there was no fat on the boy at all that she could see. He's beautiful, she thought. And that ass... so hard and tight. She'd like to get her hands on

Her hand flew to her mouth. My god, she thought, did I really just think that? He's half my age, and that makes me a dirty old lady. He's just getting a little sun. At my age I should surely be able to separate nudity from sex. I'm leaving this window right now!

But she didn't.

His ass was as tanned as his back and legs; he had no tan lines anywhere that she could see. Maybe in the front, she thought, and immediately she felt her face flush and a slow burn begin to ignite down below. Although his legs had a very light covering of hair, there was no hair anywhere else on his backside that she could see. As she continued to stare she realized that sweat was already running down his back and collecting into a little puddle in the hollow where his back met his butt. I wonder if he's going into the pool soon, she thought.

Almost as if he were reading her mind Bobby put the magazine down, stood up, and walked slowly toward the pool. Cindy delighted in the way his back, legs, and ass flexed as he walked away from her and then paused with his feet on the tile at the lip of the pool. Her breathing was shallow and a little ragged, but she didn't notice that. Oh yes, she thought, this boy is in shape. The kind of shape that my husband used to be in, long ago. What a thrill it would be to hug Bobby and reach down and

Once again, her hand flew to her mouth. Jesus Christ, she thought, what in the fuck is wrong with me? She moved her hand to her flushed forehead. I have a fever, she thought. I must be coming down with something. She watched as Bobby put his arms over his head, compressed, and then pushed off into an effortless arcing dive. He hit the water perfectly and barely caused a ripple. She watched as he swam underwater toward the other side of the pool, then broke the surface and started to hoist himself up out of the water.

He's going to walk all around the pool to get back to the lounge, she thought. I'll see his front side almost the whole way. I'm leaving the window right the hell now!

But she didn't.

Bobby had a long, thick penis that waggled from side to side as he walked around the corner of the pool and headed for the chaise lounge. Circumcised, she noted. Hmmm, still long and thick after his swim, she thought. I wonder how cold the pool is.

The phone rang but she ignored it.

Bobby shook his head and water flew from his hair. He laid down on his back without toweling off and picked up the magazine, opening it up to where she supposed he had left off when he got up to cool off. His penis, she noted, had flopped over onto his left leg when he laid down on the lounge. She watched in rapt attention as he absently reached down, grasped it, and moved it over to lie between his legs. That makes sense, she thought. Wouldn't want to get a penis tan line. She giggled, then realized that her own hand was cupping her crotch. She quickly moved it to her side.

Cindy watched as he flipped through the magazine and saw him pull out a folded page. She thought it might be a men's magazine but she couldn't see anything but the back of it so she couldn't be sure. Maybe I could tell if I had binoculars, she thought, or better still, the telephoto lens on Rick's digital camera. She started downstairs to get it, then realized that she'd have to raise the blinds in order to use it. If she did that, Bobby would see that she was spying, right? She decided to find out whether she could get away with it.

After making sure that Bobby wasn't looking, Cindy raised the blinds halfway up and moved a large floor lamp in front of the window. Then she left the house and walked around the corner so that she was looking up at her own window from Bobby's front yard, approximating the perspective that Bobby would have if he looked up at her. She looked for the floor lamp and was pleased to see that the angle of the sun meant that Bobby couldn't see a thing in the window other than the sun's reflection. She headed back home, grabbed the camera out of a downstairs closet, started upstairs, went back and grabbed a tripod, then headed back to Kristy's room.

Knowing that she was essentially invisible, Cindy raised the blinds all the way up. The phone began to ring, but again she ignored it. She set up the tripod and screwed it into the camera, turned the camera on, and focused in on Bobby.

"Oh my God," she whispered. She still couldn't see anything but the back of the magazine, but she guessed it was a men's magazine because Bobby now had a very large, very thick erection. Cindy felt a tingling in her nether regions as she zoomed the telephoto to maximum and focused on his penis. It was by far the biggest, most beautiful hard-on that she had ever seen -- not that she had had a vast amount of experience with different men. She had been married a long time and although her face and body attracted attention and propositions from men, she was faithful to her husband. Aside from Rick, Bobby's naked body and erect penis were the first that she had seen in a very long time.

She felt a flush of heat all over her body. I'm alone in the house, she thought, and quickly shucked off her clothes. The cool air felt good on her hot skin and her nipples quickly hardened.

She had planned to use the telephoto lens only to get a better view, but without really thinking about it she pressed the shutter actuator button and captured a close-up shot of Bobby's hard-on. As she studied it on the LCD screen, she realized that a small drop of pre-cum had formed on the tip of his penis. She left it zoomed in and took another still picture, then switched the camera to 'video' and filmed Bobby's penis as the drop grew in size and dripped onto his abdomen. "Jesus," she whispered. Then Bobby's hand came into the frame, first touching the droplet on his skin and rubbing it around on his fingers, then rubbing the pre-cum that was still on the head of his penis, and finally moving to the base of his erection and slowly squeezing along the shaft to force a large amount of pre-cum out of his slit. Cindy's breath caught in her throat as Bobby gathered the slick liquid onto his fingers and the palm of his hand and rubbed it all over his hard cock, then slowly began to masturbate. This is wrong, she thought. I've got to stop.

But she didn't.

As Cindy used one hand to zoom out and capture all of Bobby's body in the frame, her other hand moved to her pussy. God, she thought, I'm soaking wet down there. She plunged two fingers into her vagina and got them nicely lubricated, then pulled out and began rubbing her clitoris. Little tingly feelings spread out across her body as she stroked herself while watching Bobby stroke his big cock.

She wondered if he was masturbating without really thinking about it, or if he knew that she might see him and either didn't care or thought that she wouldn't mind. Oh, God, she thought, he had told her he didn't mind if she looked. Could he be putting on a show for her? That idea made her knees weak.

She continued to pleasure herself as she studied him. He was still reading the magazine, holding it with one hand and sort of absently stroking himself. But then he closed his eyes, put down the magazine, and began to jerk himself with a faster rhythm. She could imagine the slick wet sound of his stroking, and the jackhammer sound of his hand hitting his pubis, and she realized that she wanted to hear it. Had to hear it. She unlatched the window and slowly, carefully, slid it all the way open without making a sound, then immediately continued rubbing her clit.

Sure enough, she could hear the sounds of Bobby jacking off. Not only that, but every so often she could hear him moaning. That, and her own ministrations, brought her to the edge of what felt like a huge climax. She held herself in check, though, as she was now determined that she and Bobby would cum together.

Wait for it, she thought. She checked to make sure the video was still running. The picture she saw in the screen was excellent, as good as any porn film. Better still, it was hers: a diary of a thrilling, accidental erotic moment in her life that could not have been any better if she'd scripted it. She rubbed herself furiously as she thought about the next time Bobby would call -- maybe even tomorrow morning.

"Hello? Oh, hello, Bobby. What? Nude tanning again today? Absolutely no problem. It's a beautiful day, and your pool looks very inviting. Would you mind having an old lady join you for some sun?" Would she have the courage to do that? The thought of it, and of what might happen, brought her such pleasure that she nearly climaxed.

And then she saw that she could. Bobby started stroking hard and fast, and she watched as his legs tightened and his hips pushed up. She heard him cry out as the first jet of his cum shot all the way up over his head, some of it landing on his face. She bit her lip to stay quiet as she allowed herself to fall into her orgasm, cumming hard as she watched Bobby cum hard. Waves of pleasure made her want to collapse in a heap onto the floor, but she fought to remain standing so she could watch as Bobby's magnificent hard cock continued to pump streams of semen onto his shoulders, neck, chest, and stomach. She imagined that he was ejaculating onto her face, her hair, and her tits, and the pleasure she felt was so great that she could barely stand it.

Finally they both came down from the highs of their orgasms. She saw Bobby open his eyes and look down at himself as he squeezed the last little bubbles of cum from his erection. He was still hard, she saw. Could this get any more perfect?

"Mom! What are you doing in my room naked?"

Cindy spun around, and there was Kristy with her birthday girl friend Sandra.

"And what's the camera for? What are you looking at?"

When Cindy turned back and saw Bobby standing up and staring at her, his mouth open in a surprised 'O', the cum dripping from his chest and his still-hard cock, she realized a number of things in rapid succession:

He had heard Kristy's voice and looked up.

The shock on his face meant that he hadn't been putting on a show for her.

He couldn't see Cindy when the windows were closed, but with the window open he could see her just fine through the screen.

She was naked.

He could also see the camera with the big telephoto lens.

She should have answered the phone.

As the sound of Kristy's footsteps approached from behind her, she realized one more thing: she had to instantly come up with some reasonable explanation that she could form into a coherent lie that would explain all of this.

But she didn't.

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Perfect short story

No, no, it doesn't need more.......but if there is more, well the daughter needs to be 18 as well, right?

Frankly, I have a real short one like that I did for Erotic Fantascenes here on Lit about amore...

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