tagIncest/TabooIan and Sally and Family

Ian and Sally and Family


Sally entered her son, Pete's, bedroom without bothering to knock, to be greeted by the sight of him naked on the bed, legs splayed and his seven inch cock pointing straight up into the air, left hand massaging his balls and his right hand slowly stroking up and down the veiny shaft.

"For God's sake, Pete, can't you leave that thing alone for more than ten minutes at a time?"

"I'm eighteen, mum! Wanking all day is pretty much my job! Why don't you come and 'give me a hand'?" he asked lasciviously, moving his hand more vigorously up and down. "Or, better still, a mouth?"

Sally shook her head, but licked her lips as she was doing so. It had to be said, he did have a beautiful cock and she liked nothing better than to wank him into her mouth so she could taste his heavenly, salty cum. Actually, what she liked even more was to have it rammed into her cunt and for him to shoot inside her so that her husband, Ian, could suck it all out of her and feed it to her in a big sloppy cum-kiss.

"I don't have time right now, I have to be away pretty soon."

"Oh come on, it won't take long. I'm practically there. Okay, then, what about a bit of visual stimulation?"

Sighing, Sally grasped the bottom of her skirt and lifted it to reveal her stockings and suspenders and no knickers. Her cunt was shaved and slightly moist and puffy.

Pete laughed. "You dirty fucker, you've already had a go at yourself haven't you?"

She grinned. "What can I say? I'm a horny bitch." So saying, she held the skirt up with her left hand and, spreading her legs, ran the middle finger of her right hand up and down the moist slit, before giving in to her rising passion and inserting it into her cunt. This was swiftly followed by another finger and she started to work them in and out in earnest.

Pete gazed at his mum avidly, hand virtually a blur as it worked up and down his cock.

"Getting pretty close, mum," he gasped after a couple of minutes.

She approached the bed and sat down beside him. Moving his hand out of the way, she grasped his cock and began to wank him energetically. She stuck the fingers that had been up her cunt into his mouth so that he could taste her juices. Then, leaning over, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, licking off the pre-cum then running her tongue around the head, before moving up and down on it.

"Keep going, keep going, I'm almost.............aaaaarrrrgggghhh"

This last coincided with a torrent of cum shooting out of his cock. It hit the back of his mum's throat and she swallowed. She continued to wank him as spurt after spurt hit the back of her throat. She pulled back slightly so that the final spurts went into her mouth, allowing her to run it around the inside of her mouth in order to taste it better. Finally, her son's cock softened. She lifted off of it, then grabbed the back of his neck and thrust her cum-coated tongue into his mouth. Pete suck the cum from her mouth then passed it back to her. Eventually they both swallowed, then Sally got off the bed.

"Right, now get up and get a shower. Oh, and no more wanking today. Your dad's back tonight so you need to have plenty available."

Amazingly, his cock twitched at the thought.

Sally shook her head and left the room to go to work.

Sally returned home that evening to find Pete sprawled out on the couch, naked as usual. He very rarely wore clothes around the house and his cock was always, at a minimum, semi-erect. At this moment it was fully erect as he ogled his mum when she entered the room. She approached him, bra-less tits jiggling and the permanently erect nipples poking at the front of her blouse. She bent down and gave him a kiss on the lips. Not the usual kiss between a mother and son, but one that was all tongues and spit. His cock got even harder, pre-cum flowing from the tip. Sally's hand moved down to his cock, the palm of her hand smearing the copious pre-cum around the head and up and down the shaft. She ended the kiss, then engulfed his cock with her mouth, licking the pre-cum off and savouring the tangy taste.

"Jesus, couldn't you wait?" came a voice from the doorway.

Sally turned to look and saw her husband, Ian. "Darling!" she squealed, then ran to embrace him, then kiss him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth so he could taste his son.

"Hmmm," he said when they finally broke the kiss. "I've missed that taste."

"Why not try if from the source?" his son said, holding his cock upright.

Ian approached and bent down to lick at the head, swirling his tongue around the piss-slit and gathering all the nectar that he could. Which was plenty. His son's cock seemed to be pretty much gushing pre-cum all the time.

Ian stood and loosened his trousers, pushing them down and freeing his cock. Like his wife, he wasn't a big fan of underwear. His nine inches thrust out, fully erect and veiny, the foreskin pulled back from the purple head and liberal amounts of pre-cum dribbling from the tip.

Pete grasped the beautiful cock and squeezed so that his dad's cock became even harder. He poked his tongue out and gathered up the pre-cum, then took the head into his mouth, running his tongue around it.

Sally, meanwhile, had removed her shoes, blouse and skirt, leaving her clad in only black silk stockings and red suspender belt. She stood behind her husband and embraced him, erect nipples poking into his back. She removed his shirt, then had him lift each leg in turn so she could remove his trousers and socks, leaving him fully naked. She reached around him and grasped his cock, then pulled it from their son's mouth. She rubbed it around his face, leaving a glistening snail-trail of pre-cum before eventually allowing Pete to reclaim it into his mouth. She moved to the couch and sat down next to her son. "Come on, gimme a go," she said, nudging him aside.

Removing his dad's cock, Pete handed it off to his mum, who engulfed the head, then plunged down on it until it was at the back of her throat. She gulped several times, then drew back. The saliva coated cock popped free of her mouth and Pete took over once more.

While Pete was sucking Ian's cock, Sally reached between Pete's leg and grasped his cock and started to wank it slowly, running her thumb around the head and smearing his copious pre-cum.

Pete and his mum passed Ian's cock between them several times, until Ian said, "Right, I need to fuck someone now."

Sally pulled away and leaned back on the sofa, flinging her legs as wide apart as she could. Ian knelt on the floor and pulled her towards him until his cock was lined up with her cunt. He thrust forward until he was buried to the hilt, then bent to kiss his wife, their tongues lashing against each others. He reached up with one hand and grasped her left tit, squeezing and thumbing the erect nipple.

Not wanting to be left out of the action, Pete knelt at the side of them and introduced his cock to where their mouths met. Both tongues swirled around the head, licking up the pre-cum and sharing it between them when their tongues met. "Gonna cum pretty soon, I think," Pete gasped after a few minutes.

"Let your dad have it. I've already had a load from you today."

With that, Pete stood up with his legs astride his mum and sat on the back of the settee, his cock pointing directly at his dad's face. His dad reached out and grabbed hold then started to wank it vigorously. He bent forward and ran his tongue around the head then plunged his mouth onto it until it hit the back of his throat. With his other hand, he massaged his son's balls.

Pete started breathing more heavily, a flush spreading across his chest. Pulling out of his dad's mouth, he held his throbbing cock an inch from his lips and continued wanking.

His mum reached up and started to run a moistened finger up and down his arse crack, then started to massage his anus, pushing one finger in an inch or so. This was enough to set Pete off and a jet of spunk shot from his cock straight into his dad's mouth, hitting the back of his throat. He swallowed, then moved his head back slightly so that the next jet landed on his tongue. Several more jets followed until his mouth was awash.

Spent, Pete flopped back onto the settee and watched in delight as his dad positioned his mouth over his wife's and allowed a stream of cum to pour out of his mouth and into Sally's. He followed it down and stuck his cum-coated tongue into her mouth, where their tongues swirled against each others. All the while, he was still pounding into her and was now close to cumming.

Slowing slightly he said, "Okay son, you want me to spunk into your mum's cunt so you can suck it all out, or do you want it on her tits, or in your mouth?"

"You should know me by now, dad. In my mouth, of course."

So saying, he lay down next to his mum so that their heads were together. His dad pulled out of Sally and knelt on the settee between them, right hand wrapped around his engorged cock. He gave it a shake, causing beads of pre-cum to fly off the end, then started to wank energetically.

Sally and her son moved their heads closer until Ian's cock was only inches away.

Throwing his head back, Ian unleashed a torrent of spunk. It blasted into his son's face and mouth. He redirected it so that the next jet hit his wife's face. Alternating between his wife and son, he continued until both their faces were liberally covered. At which point, he bent down and licked their faces clean, sharing his cum with them both as he did so. Ian and his mum finished by kissing each other lasciviously, sharing Ian's cum between them.

The three of them sprawled on the couch, fully sated, slowly and gently caressing each other.

A few minutes later, the living room door opened and Nina, Ian and Sally's daughter, entered the room, her new boyfriend Nick behind her. "Oh, have I missed all the fun?" she asked, sounding slightly disappointed.

"Nina, sweetie!" Sally exclaimed, jumping up from the settee and bouncing across the room to wrap her daughter in an embrace. She moulded her sweat-soaked body to Nina's and kissed her, open-mouthed and with lots of tongue.

She looked at Nick and noted the look of lust in his eyes. "Hello Nick, good to meet you at last," she said, then grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him towards her, pushing her tongue into his unresisting mouth. He returned the kiss, their tongues writhing together. He pulled her away from Nina and pulled her into him, grasping her buttocks and kneading them. Leaving one hand on her butt, he placed the other over her left tit and fondled it. Grabbing the nipple, he pulled at it, causing Sally to gasp into his mouth.

"Ooh, you like a bit of rough stuff do you?" she asked, pulling slightly away from him. "Why not have a bit of a chew on it," she said, grabbing her own tit and holding the thrusting nipple out to him.

Needing no second invitation, Nick bent down and took the nipple into his mouth, sucking on it then biting gently.

Sally reached down between Nick's legs and let out a gasp as she discovered the size of his cock. Pulling away from him, she knelt down in front of him and unfastened his chinos. She pulled them down and was rewarded with the sight of what looked to be a colossal cock pushing against his boxers. With trembling fingers, she pulled them down and Nick's magnificent eleven inches hove into view.

Not only was it long, it was also very fat, as she discovered when she tried to wrap a hand around it and found out that she couldn't. "Oh my fucking God!" she screeched. "I want that in me. Now!"

So saying, she lay back on the floor with her legs spread wide, pulling her cunt open.

Nick removed the rest of his clothes and joined her on the floor. First of all, he decided he wanted to taste her, so licked gently up and down her slut. Reaching up, he ran his hands over her tits, pulling on the erect nipples and rolling them between his fingers.

Nina, standing next to them, removed her clothes and stood watching, one hand between her legs rubbing her cunt and the other massaging her generous tits.

Ian and Pete, meanwhile, had recovered from their earlier orgasms and here slowly stroking each other's cocks, before Pete stood up and approached his sister from behind. Nestling his cock between her arse cheeks, he reached around and, while sucking and licking her neck, enfolded her tits with his hands.

Nina reached between her legs and grasped his cock, smearing his pre-cum around the head with her thumb.

Her dad stood in front of her and kissed her lasciviously, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and swirling it against hers. His now erect cock poked at the top of her cunt, so she reached down with her other hand and started to stroke it. She now had a cock in each hand, her brother's hands mauling her tits and her dad's tongue in her mouth. Did life get any better than this?

A screech from Sally caused the three of them to look down at her, just in time to see Nick's mammoth cock completing its journey into her cunt. She started gasping for breath as Nick started to move in and out, slowly at first, but increasing speed gradually. Sally grasped her jiggling tits and pulled at the nipples, waves of pleasure surging through her body until a mighty orgasm tore through her. Her face and upper chest went bright red and her aureoles crinkled and the nipples hardened even more as the pleasure peaked. Nick slowed his thrusting, sweat pouring from him, and allowed Sally to recover somewhat.

He started to increase speed again and almost immediately another orgasm coursed through her. Not as intense as the first, but mighty pleasurable just the same.

She pushed her hands against Nick's chest and he slowed down, then withdrew. His cock was bright red and almost pulsating, glistening with Sally's cunt juice and his own pre-cum. She pushed him onto his back and took hold of his cock as she squatted above him, then lowered herself onto it and started to move up and down.

Ian and Pete approached Sally from either side and wiped their cocks over her face. Nina lowered herself over Nick so he could stick his tongue up her cunt. She leant forward slightly and licked the pre-cum from her mum's face, then kissed her. Ian and Pete moved their cocks to where Sally and Nina's mouths met and thrust them into whichever mouth was available at any given time. Sometimes, both cocks ended up in Sally's mouth and sometimes in Nina's.

Nick continued to power into Sally, lifting her off the floor with every thrust, but needed more distance between them. Pushing Nina, somewhat reluctantly it had to be said, from his face, he grabbed Sally's thighs and attempted to lift her up. It was difficult to achieve but, luckily, both Ian and Pete could see what he intended, so each grabbed a thigh and lifted Sally up. Nick was then able to slam his entire eleven inches into Sally. The effect was to give Sally a shattering orgasm. She twitched and moaned as Nick continued to plough into her, chest flushed and nipples rock-hard. Sweat was running in rivulets over her face and body, making it a bit tricky for Ian and Pete to keep a hold of her.

Momentarily exhausted, Nick ceased his thrusting and lay on the floor gasping for breath, slick cock pointing directly upwards. Ian replaced Nick's cock with four of his fingers while Pete sucked and chewed on her nipples.

Nina, overcome with lust, was in a world of her own, lying sprawled on the floor as she rammed as many fingers as she could into her cunt.

After a few minutes, Nick felt ready to continue. Ian and Pete lifted Sally up higher so she was level with Nick's waist. He stood up, on somewhat shaky legs and approached, cock in hand, and rubbed it up and down her cunt, lingering at her clit before he took pity on her and rammed into her. She screamed as another orgasm ripped through her. Ian thrust a finger into her sweat-soaked arsehole and Sally just about fainted.

Nick pounded away for a couple more minutes, then said, Okay, I think I'm about ready to cum," Nick gasped, slowing his thrusting, then pulling out.

Ian and Pete laid Sally on the floor, then looked on as Nick straddled her chest and started to wank. Nina stood between her brother and dad and started to wank them.

"I need to taste it," Sally gasped, having recovered from her near fainting. Nick sit back on his haunches and thrust his groin towards her. Sally got on all fours and crawled between his legs. She poked her tongue out and licked gently at the head, tasting her own cunt, a taste she never got tired of, and Nick's pre-cum all mixed together. She grasped his cock at the base, her hand going barely three quarters of the way round, and squeezed. His cock twitched, the veins bulging along its length. She lowered her mouth onto it and could get about half of it into her mouth before she could go no further.

Ian, Pete and Nina were watching, enraptured, their own pleasure forgotten for the moment, although Nina still had hold of their cocks, but was stroking only gently.

They watched as Sally bobbed up and down. The sight of her mum's pert arse stuck in the air, with her puffy cunt glistening below it was too tempting for Nina. She knelt behind Sally and licked up and down her cunt, before inserting a couple of fingers which she then started to work in and out, while rubbing the clit with her thumb.

Nina then had a brilliant idea. Standing up, she pulled her mum's head from her boyfriend's cock and said to him, "Why don't you show them your party trick?"

Sally frowned at her daughter. "Party trick?"

Nick grinned, then threw his legs over his head. Such was the length of his cock, he was able to get the head and the first couple of inches of the shaft in his mouth.

The family looked on in astonishment. "Shit, wish I could do that," Pete said.

His dad nudged him and, grinning hugely, said, "Well, ask him nicely and he might let you."

The others groaned at the feeble joke, but Nick was more than ready to have his cock engulfed in a mouth other than his own. Putting his legs back down, he grasped his cock and held it upright. "Help yourself," he said, starting to stroke it slowly.

Pete got down on his knees and breathed in the heady, musky aroma. He poked his tongue out and licked around the head. His dad knelt on the other side and did the same. Occasionally their tongues would meet and dance together, swapping the pre-cum between them.

The women looked on delightedly, both stroking their cunts. They turned to each other as one and kissed, tongues lashing and thrusting, their hands pawing at the others tits and cunts.

Pete and Ian continued to worship Nick's magnificent cock. Ian took the head in his mouth and started to bob up and down while his son licked Nick's balls.

After only a few minutes of this attention, Nick's breathing started to come in gasps and he said, "I'm gonna come pretty soon, where do you want it?"

Sally stopped momentarily and, looking into his eyes said, "On my face, so my family can lick it all off."

Ian and Pete pulled away from Nick's cock, somewhat reluctantly, and watched as it twitched and, without his even touching it, disgorged a huge wad of cum. Sally quickly bent forward so as to allow the cum to hit her face. Nick grabbed his cock and stroked as spurt after spurt shot out, each hitting his girlfriend's mum's face. Fuck me, he thought, this is by far the kinkiest thing I've ever done.

Eventually, he stopped cumming and looked up at the three family members. They gave him a round of applause, then got down on the floor around Sally. She had moved onto her back and lay with her face upturned and her eyes closed. They were closed because they were awash with cum, as was the rest of her face. The three of them then licked the cum from her face, occasionally thrusting a cum-coated tongue into her mouth, or one of the others' mouths, until her face was cleaned up.

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