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Ibiza Holiday


Love is a many Splendored thing.

Believe it or not, I was a virgin when I got married to Jennifer and I knew she was not! We had courted for two years. We had had many heavy petting sessions. She had even given me blowjobs, but we had not fucked and this it seems two years down the track is a problem. I say its not, she says it is. Things came to a head when we were planning a late holiday. Jennifer insisted on a holiday in Ibiza that sexy island in the Mediterranean. I had wanted Rome and Pompeii, culture and all that. She wanted Sun, Sea and Sand.

On our first night, we were seated at a table for 10 and all the other couples were in our age group. All from similar situations, all recently married, all without kids and here for a good time. The company was stimulating to say the least! The after dinner dance to music provided by a DJ was stimulating and as we bade our new found friends good night I got a surprise kiss from the gorgeous redhead who had been sat on my right. I tried to resist but the warm willing flesh was almost irresistible. I broke off the embrace and was sure I was blushing. "See you by the pool in the morning," said the redhead to Jennifer.

Our lovemaking that night was better than usual; I put it down to the booze and the holiday atmosphere. As we lay in each other's embrace afterwards I was aware that Jennifer had not drifted off to sleep, as was her usual post-coital response. I ventured a question. "What's up Doll", well she was a tiny 5 foot to my six foot two.

"Nothing Honey just thinking or rather fantasizing"

"Jesus about what?" I was instantly alert.

"Nothing really just drifting, the redhead is very nice and she sure likes you. I saw you wanted to kiss her back and I was just thinking...'

"Jennifer. She kissed me and short of punching her out I had to submit a little. Yes she is nice and yes I liked being kissed by a stranger, but I do not mean to make a habit out of it!"

"Oh Michael I was not being jealous, I actually liked how you reacted. It made me feel very secure and very much loved. You were obviously enjoying the kiss and did not want to hurt her feelings. You were really, really gentle with her and there is no way I could be offended by what you or she did. I was just drifting; you know thinking about us and then her and then us again."

"What do you mean dear?" I asked.

"Well it is a long while since you reacted to a kiss from me like that. I know she surprised you so perhaps that's what I mean, our relationship has gone a bit flat."

"Jennifer we have just made love and we both had a good climax how do you define FLAT."

"I do not know honey. I was just thinking about how you reacted to the redhead's kiss, what's her name?"

"Rebecca, I think."

"See you even remember her name. I know she touched a nerve and I wish I could."

"Jennifer sometimes you talk such rubbish. She surprised me and I broke the embrace as soon as I felt appropriate without hurting her feelings or yours. She was a little drunk and so was I. It did not mean anything to me, nothing at all. Can we go to sleep now pet?"

"Goodnight Honey."

My darling wife rolled over and we played spoons as we fell asleep.

We woke when the travel alarm buzzed and got ready for breakfast nothing was said about the previous evening, but after breakfast when we were getting our swimming costumes on for our first 30 minutes in the Mediterranean sun Jennifer said "Honey Do you think the Redhead will look as good as me?" I turned to look; I was just stepping into my trunks one leg in one out. Jennifer was stood the other side of the bed in the briefest bikini that ever was! Three, two inch, by two inch, triangles of almost flesh colored material! "Good God where did you get that and is it legal to go around like that?" I spluttered and fell over, fortunately landing on the bed. Jennifer laughed.

"Cause it is, this is Ibiza." There are lots of nude beaches where you are NOT allowed to wear anything! Any sort of cover is Ok over the rest of the island. I could go shop in this!"

"Where would you keep the money?" I got out as I regained my feet and pulled up my Speedos, which were I admit brief but at least covered my crack. I clocked Jennifer's as she turned to put a string of beads round her neck.

"Here is all we need for cash today I'm buying the drinks."

I remembered the string of popper beads we had received when we checked in at the hotel. They could be exchanged for just about anything at the resort complex.

"You did say nude and from the back that's exactly how you look now. All you have on looking from here is a few bits of string."

"Yes not much for a moth to feed on is there. There is a poolside bag with suntan lotion in the bathroom, hurry up lets go."

So Jennifer, in her almost nude look and I went out into the hotel corridor onto the lift and down across the pool basement exit. Several other couples were in the lift and no one raised an eyebrow, though I saw a few men nudge their female companions, as six couples joined the lift on its way down. Jennifer seemed oblivious at the second looks her costume extracted. We strolled round the pool and found a bunch of loungers with reserved on them.

"These are ours." said Jennifer plunking down on the middle one of eight or nine sun loungers just opposite the pool steps from the deep end.

"How do you know that?" I enquired.

"I bribed the staff yesterday when we arrived, Honey."

"Who are the others for then?"

"Oh the redhead and the others at our table!" she gleefully laughed at my open mouth. Then I remembered Jennifer had just come back from an Ibiza holiday when I first met her. She had been here, probably to this very hotel before.

I put the hotel towels down and opened the beach bag. "Sun protection Jennifer. I will do you then you can do me." I had fun applying the slick fluid to Jennifer's compliant body and just as I had finished the redhead arrived in a stark white set of triangles even smaller than Jennifer's and plopped down on the lounger next to me. She was alone.

"Hi Michael. Hi Jennifer." she gave me a wide smile.

I was about to admit to forgetting her name when Jennifer piped up. "Hi Rebecca where is Brian?"

"Asleep, he had a heavy night in the casino. He came back with a huge pile of cash, told me to take what I wanted and wake him for lunch. She flipped open her beach bag and flashed a huge wad of Euros."

"Good god that's probably more that we have for the entire fortnight!" I blurted out.

"Help your self," said Rebecca, "this was just one handful; there was at least ten times this on the dresser." She calmly tossed about 300 Euros on to my lounger.

I took a better look and was struggling to reply when Jennifer said.

"Down boy your turn for the lotion." So I sat beside the money pile while Jennifer applied the sunscreen.

"Turn over." ordered my dear wife and so I was now facing Rebecca as she fussed around with her bag and began applying her sunscreen. She was sat facing me legs splayed wide one cocked in the air and I had to suffer in silence as Jennifer did my back. Rebecca was one of those. You know a redhead with translucent skin, looks like marble you can see blue veins here and there but the overall effect is pure sexy 'please touch me' skin. Jennifer finished my back as Rebecca finished her front.

She flipped round handed me the tube of 30+ and said, "Please do my back Michael or I will fry."

She lay on the lounger with just the strings of her Bikini virtually nude, I had only met her the evening before, and she had just invited me to rub sun lotion on her. I began at her shoulders and she squirmed beneath my hands. "Oh Michael what strong hands you have I will come to you rather often, please, please more and lower all the way down."

I looked helplessly at Jennifer who had a huge grin on her face.

"You had not better miss a bit or she will burn!" She said.

I took my job seriously but when I reached her buttocks, I was very aware that I had an erection that was just contained in my Speedos. Even worse Rebecca had her face turned towards me. I quickly moved down the lounger out of her direct sight and then stood astride her lounger and applied the 30+ to her buttocks and then down the back of her legs. I took a quick look at Jennifer who was grinning and pointedly looking at the bulge in my swimming trunks.

"What do you think of my choice of holiday location Michael?"

"Nice pool, the food is good and the sun is hot." I replied.

"How about the scenery?" Said the nubile Rebecca who was flexing and wriggling beneath my hands.

I forced a laugh "Great." I got out.

"You have not seen anything yet Honey." Said Jennifer.

I finished applying the lotion to Rebecca's alabaster skin. I put the top on the tube and handed it to her. She arched her back giving me a full on look at her cleavage. One nipple had become exposed. I am sure she knew, but she made no attempt to cover up. She took the lotion tossed it into the open bag and said.

"Piña Colada when the bar is open please." Lay back down and began to enjoy the sun.

I just had to lay face down to hide my erection but I knew Jennifer knew I had a boner. The next ten minuets was peaceful, then three couples came and joined us and we were all introduced again. I was determined to remember the names this time. James and Amanda, Keith and Shelly, Robert 'call me Bob' and his stunning wife Kelly. Amanda and Shelly were very easy on the eye but Rebecca and Kelly were beauties in any company.

Lotions were being applied to near nude bodies and I tried to relax. My erection had subsided and I was just about in control when Rebecca turned over, that nipple was still exposed she seemed totally un-aware and made no attempt to adjust the thin scraps of cloth. I felt I should say something. I coughed. "Rebecca what time does the bar open?"

As she looked at me and replied, I pantomimed her exposure. She glanced down and shrugged. "Ten am don't forget Piña Colada." And lay back in the sun! I then realized that there was no strap marks on the lustrous body. She was used to nude bathing; the costume was just to keep to the hotel rules for poolside dress. I took a quick look at Jennifer; she was now on her back giving me an opportunity to compare the curves. Jennifer also does not have white bits, but her tan was golden brown, her flesh glistening in the early morning sun. It was about 9:50, "You seem to be in charge of the drinks order," said Bob. He proceeded to tell me what the others wanted. I struggled to remember the list but accepted the responsibility. "Pay with those Euros," said the nipple exposed Rebecca.

"It's cheaper with the Poppers." I said.

"Just let us girls spend the poppers, use the Euros," she firmly replied.

I shrugged and saw Jennifer's wide happy smile. There was a small commotion and the poolside bar opened. I was rather slow and was fourth to be served. I was worried about ordering Jennifer's drink just how did one say 'Bitters Lime and Lemon' in Spanish, but the man who took my order knew what it was so I was much happier. The drinks were still very cheap in UK terms, but those paying with poppers got a much better deal. I paid with Rebecca's Euros and took the tray full of drinks to the assembled group.

I acted the waiter, just a little uncomfortable with these nearly nude men and women. Rebecca still had one nipple exposed. We toasted each other and conversation died down a little. I relaxed in the sun Happy with my scotch and dry. I think I drifted off because the next thing I knew Jennifer was shaking me.

"Come on Michael time for a swim." I was pulled to my feet and she plunged into the pool. I followed her and we did a few leisurely laps. Jennifer stole a kiss as we did a turn in the deep end, which rather took me by surprise. Next time we turned in the deep end she groped my crotch! After 20 laps, I swam to the pool steps followed by Jennifer. I indicated she should climb out first. She shook her head and made me go first. She had her face in my bum as I climbed out. I mover faster, she went faster still. I felt her face hit my behind at least three times. I felt her teeth nip my arse. I am sure I was blushing as I flopped down on the lounger and handed Jennifer a towel. She of course was grinning ear to ear.

I had just about got dry when Rebecca said. "Mind the cash Michael," and dived into the pool. All the others followed her so Jennifer and I were alone beside the pool.

"Go get another round Michael." I was unaccustomed to this pushy wife but did as I was told. I was just about back to the loungers with a tray of nine drinks when Rebecca climbed out of the pool right in front of me. Her bikini was totally transparent. I could see both nipples. I could clearly see the shape of the pudenda even the shape of her trimmed pubic hair. A heart shaped apology for pubic hair and obviously red. I almost dropped the tray. I recovered enough but had to follow Rebecca the few steps to her lounger. She bent over and picked up a towel giving me a clear view of her anus through the tiny wet triangle that was supposed to cover her. I quickly began putting drinks beside loungers doing anything other than look at Rebecca. Jennifer had her eyes closed but I was sure the wicked grin that she wore indicated she knew I had just had rather more than an eye full.

I began applying more lotion and told Jennifer she had better oil up. She did my back and wantonly let me do her all over. This left me a little uncomfortable I was not accustomed to handle my wife's body in public however pleasurable it was. I was aware that I had a partial erection when I finished. Rebecca was sat with the towel round her shoulders. She had been watching, but she said nothing.

As I finished rubbing the lotion into Jennifer's feet, she said. "Wonder what the rich people are doing."

Rebecca laughed. Picked up her 30+ lotion and said, "Me next please Michael." She turned on to her stomach and I fumbled to get the cap open then applied the slippery fluid to her back then lower and still lower.

"I think you missed a bit. Michael," she said as she pulled the string of her bikini top up and to the side. I re-visited the site. Her hand was now adjusting the strings of the bottom material. I groaned inwardly but did what was needed. I was getting quite roused. All this foreplay in public with a woman I had met less than 24 hours before. I was trying to take big deep calming breaths.

Rebecca turned over and smiled at me her arms spread wide her legs splayed and I knew she was not just inviting me to do her front. She was issuing an order. I made a hasty glance at Jennifer she seemed to be asleep. So I began to apply the lotion to Rebecca's neck and shoulders. As I was squeezing more lotion on to my hand, Rebecca pouted her lips and invited me to do her face. By the time I had done this I had a raging hard on. Rebecca lay back and I was now confronted with a lush pair of 'C' cup breasts in a tiny wet bikini. I gingerly applied the lotion.

"Rub it in properly Michael or it wont work." Said Rebecca.

The top of her chest was easy, the middle was harder and the lower rib cage was easy. I was pondering what to do about the breasts when Rebecca pulled her left breast free of the bikini top and just lay back. I took a big gulp of air and rubbed the lotion into the delightful woman flesh. Her nipple rose to greet my palm. I just ached to take it in my fingers, but resisted the temptation.

Rebecca's hand adjusted the Bikini top and her other breast was exposed. I did my duty and anointed that globe. I was very hot, very bothered and as hard as a rock. Rebecca smiled at me and covered up, but I knew my ordeal was not over.

I moved to her taught tummy then skipped the pubic area and applied the lotion to her legs I was really enjoying the sensations afforded by the slick oils and a compliant woman. She looked me in the eye and held out her hand I applied just a little lotion to her fingers and she slid them down the front of the fabric of the bikini bottom.

I watched mouth agape as she rubbed the oil into her mound and then quite obviously into her labia. She gave a shudder and I saw her fingers flash in and out. Not knowing what to do I replaced the cap on the tube and dropped it into her beach bag then lay face down on the lounger. I was uncomfortable and then she turned on her front with her face to mine with a wicked grin and eyes looking, even staring, into mine. My discomfort was worse. I sat back up and found my drink. Anything to get away from such a blatant sexual situation in public.

I had the glass to my lips when Kelly began to climb out of the pool. I had thought that her one-piece costume looked demure when it was dry, but now it was wet! It was totally transparent. God what a place to have a holiday. I felt really guilty and unable to look away as she walked to her lounger and picked up a towel. I was afforded another view of a woman's behind. This was closely followed by another two as Amanda and Shelly were also in see through when wet costumes. I dreaded what was to happen next, as all the husbands were nowhere to be seen.

Amanda held out her bottle of sun lotion. "I hear you have nice strong hands and as my dearest seems to have gone please do me."

Rebecca figuratively stabbed me in the groin. "He sure has, he just did me all over!"

Amanda laughed. "That explains the bulge."

She lay back for me to apply the sunscreen to her. She also pulled her bikini top aside for me to apply the oil to her breasts. She pulled my hand to her crutch and pushed my slick hand beneath the fabric, not quite far enough to touch her labia, but close enough for me to find out that she was totally depilated. Shelly was watching with a wide grin on her face, her suntan lotion negligently in hand. I had soon done Amanda's legs, wiped my hands on a towel, and accepted Shelly's lotion.

Shelly gave me the same treatment and I had a third woman's breasts in my hand and another near miss at a wet cunt. I finished off Shelly's legs and saw Kelly with her sunscreen tube at the ready.

I was relieved; she was in a one piece. I did not think that applying sunscreen to her would be anywhere near as stressful. I was wrong. After I had done her face and neck, she slipped the straps of her costume off and down and lay on her back. She was very casual and I only got the merest glimpse of her 'D' cup breasts. I did her back and she adjusted the bottom of the costume while I did her buttocks. She then turned over and looking me full in the face smiled sweetly. I squeezed more out of the tube and applied the sunscreen to the warm and surprisingly firm breasts. I had always thought that large breasts were rather soft, but Kelly's were very firm. I moved on down.

"Just a moment," She said and lifting her bottom slipped the costume to mid thigh. I froze. She said. "Come on Michael or we will get thrown out." I quickly applied the sunscreen to her lower belly and across her nude pubic area. She grabbed my hand and gave me a quick feel at her wet labia then pulled the costume back up and covered her breasts. I did her legs and things returned to normal except Jennifer was turned towards me eyes wide open and a grin a mile wide plastered on her face. She did not speak.

I gave her a wan smile and sat astride the lounger. I knew they were all watching me adjust my erection. I was horrified to see that my Speedos had mostly dried, but there was an obvious wetter patch at the top of the bulge. I pulled a towel from the beach bag and made a big performance of wiping my hands. I just forgot to put it back in the bag and let it drape across my lap. I sipped my drink. There was the noise of people in the pool and another group chattering away in German. Our group was silent.

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