tagBDSMIbiza Holiday Ch. 04-05

Ibiza Holiday Ch. 04-05


Chapter 4

I woke to an empty bed there was a note on the bedside table.

'Room 1001 Wednesday 10:00pm.'

I had three days to prepare for the next adventure and there was only Kelly next. I was of course quite wrong.

I spent the days in a fog of alcohol and sun. I dressed and presented to room 1001 just a minute before the appointed time. I was shocked to see Jennifer open the door.

"Tonight is Brian's fantasy, just come in and video the action."

She handed me a video recorder. Spare tapes and batteries on the TV try not to miss anything."

She looked good, her flesh was smooth and without blemish as far as I could see. I would get to see a lot more later on!

I took the camera and entered the room. I barely remembered Brian I had only met him the first evening. There were at least twenty young women in the room all in various stages of undress.

"Ok people, action," said my wife.

I watched in amazement as the nubile females stripped off and began to fuck Brian. I did not react as Jennifer joined the naked romp and pleasured Brian. Brian had to be on some sort of stimulant as he fucked every single one of them including Jennifer!

He lasted for hours, erect all the time and coming with copious amounts of sperm. I was worn out well before he was and I was just watching.

I was ushered out the room by a naked Jennifer. "Ok Love just a few more to go. See you soon."

She kissed me and I wanted more, but was denied as she shut the door in my face.

Chapter 5.

Next morning there was another note.

'Sunday 10:00pm Room 1001.'

I relaxed a little, missing my wife, but complacent in the hot sun. I presented at the door and knocked, again a minute ahead of schedule. The door remained firmly shut. I hesitated and knocked again, still no response. I was about to knock again when it opened.

Bob stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him. He thrust a swipe card in my hand and without a word stomped off. I now knew that Kelly was next, just what was her fantasy. I shuddered to think given her husbands reaction.

I swiped the card and entered the room there was a mixed crowd about twenty people mostly men and the odious little man was there.

I kept silent as I made my way to the main bedroom.

This, being the top floor was quite a bit airier the ceiling was at least ten feet; I was to learn later that it was closer to twelve.

Kelly was dressed in a nice cocktail dress and obviously waiting for me.

"Michael my fantasy is rather extreme please let it proceed to its conclusion." She had a serious look on her face, a mixture if grimace and frown.

"I am going to be suspended in a rather novel way. No one has done this before. While I am suspended, the audience can have me any way they want. There is no safe word! They have totally free use of my body, as of course do you. Try to get the good bits on video, but do not worry there will be a complete video of the event recorded remotely." She managed a smile.

I digested this information.

"I am going to be suspended and fucked by all and sundry, you included. Please enjoy my fantasy." The smile was warmer this time.

I looked at her, a beautiful woman who was going to submit to the use of her body in a way that I could not imagine, by more than twenty people.

"You don't have to do this." I spluttered.

"This is nothing to do with you, ask Jennifer next time you see her!" was her response.

"Now go supervise my fantasy!"

I looked askance at her.

"I already told you. I am going to be suspended and the audience can have me any way they want. There is no safe word! They can fuck me until I loose consciousness if they can outlast me. You are not to intervene."

"I want and will have orgasm after orgasm, only when they and you cannot do it any more are you to release my body!"

I looked into her eyes and saw she meant every word.

"You should take me when ever you want, but it would be nice if you were the last!" She had a stern look that defied any argument.

"Ok Tell me what is to happen."

"I am going to be suspended and the audience can use me while I am suspended! Can you not understand plain English?"

I understood, but did not understand. I could not ask again.

"So what do I have to do?"

"There is a video camera you or someone else can take video of anything you find interesting. Just be first and last at my body."

"Ok but what does that mean?"

"Watch me get suspended and then fuck me first, then when they cannot do me any more fuck me one last time. What could be simpler?" She had a defiant look and was not smiling.

"Jesus what is he going to do to you?"

"What I agreed to let him do, just control the crowd, they could really hurt me. Then do me last and that's the end." A brief smile flashed across her beautiful face.

"So I introduce you as tonight's willing victim and let that odious little man suspend you. I suppose I have to strip you first?" She nodded. "Then he will suspend you. I then fuck you and invite the rest of them to do what they will to you. Then tell them to piss off when they are spent. Then fuck you one final time before he lets you down!"

"Yes that's about it." She gave me a wider smile. "Go tiger."

I returned to the lounge room.

"Ok Folks, tonight's entertainment is for the pleasure of Kelly. Now she is a little bit nervous and shy so please be quite when I present her to you." I opened the door and Kelly walked in, dressed in her high fashion number.

"Now Kelly has asked for a rather novel event, a first for this group. She has given her body to him, and us; to be suspended by our master in this art and then used..."

The odious man took the stage.

"But first she must be naked." He said.

I looked at Kelly and she just smiled so I removed her clothes.

Remembering what was to come this was an erectile event.

Kelly submitted to being stripped and I handed over to the odious man. I watched in shock as he revealed lots and lots of fishhooks. Most were small, but some were huge!

The only redeeming factor to the arrayed implements was that they were barb-less hooks.

"We are going to witness the first suspension by these things, and while she is suspended you can all have her body!" Said the Odious little man.

Kelly was told to turn her back to the audience and the odious man applied hook after hook to her back. There was a little blood. Her face was glistening with perspiration. Her eyes screwed tight as each needle was inserted. He had made a production of each, pinching her flesh and pushing the sharp points through her flesh. He had used about a hundred hooks.

"Now we can suspender like this!" He proceeded to attach lines to the hooks. Two ropes with rings fell from the ceiling. After he was satisfied that all the hooks were attached properly he pulled on a rope and Kelly was suspended from the hooks in her back. Her head fell forward and her feet were dangling about six inches from the floor. The hooks made an array of small steeples in serried ranks across her back.

"But that is easy and boring it's been done before. As this brave woman wants to experience sex while suspended I will fix her in an upright position with a first time experience for her and us!"

He produced two large barb less hooks and held one to Kelly's left breast. One through here the other through the other breast. I will get her lover to do this!"

He handed me the wicked hook! It was huge at least six inches long at the shank and quite thick. The point was honed to a fine needlepoint. He began to give me instructions!

"Put it just at the base of her breast. Lift it and let me see."

I took the hook, lifted the weight of her left breast, and positioned the point. "Yes there put push it up not into the ribs. Yes push it through its quite safe!"

The room was quiet. I felt Kelly's body tremble then flinch as the point of the hook entered her DD left breast. I looked into her eyes.

She smiled at me and said, "Do it! You know you want to do it!"

I pushed up and in then out and the wicked hook penetrated her flesh! From below to above. Her left breast overflowed each side of the hook and there was blood at entry and exit site.

I found that the odious man was putting another hook into my hand and impaling the other breast was easy. I stood back watching in awe as the odious man connected ropes to the eyes in the hooks. He was going to pull her erect by the hooks through Kelly's breasts!

"Now for the suspension proper," said the odious man and he pulled on ropes and Kelly was lifted upright her feet just off the floor by the hooks in her back balanced by the hooks through her breasts.

I watched in shock. I had just done that and now she was suspended. I remembered what she had said, but looked fixated by this naked woman suspended before us.

"Come fuck me Michael," and she spread her legs wide.

I almost tore my clothes off and released my rampant cock. I looked her in the eye as I guided my hard member into her hot wet cunt. I was lifting her from the suspension ropes then, letting her back down on them as I thrust, withdrew and thrust again. She was alternately grimacing and smiling and her eyes were fixed on mine. She made no attempt to hold on to me with hands or legs.

It did not take me long to reach the short strokes and I ejaculated into her hot climaxing cunt.

"Now ask if anyone else wants me!" She reminded me in a soft voice. Her mouth was close to my ear. She then kissed me hard.

"Any one else want to fuck her?" I said as I pulled out of her body. There was a flurry of clothes and people of both sexes descended upon Kelly's body. I kept a careful watch as cocks fucked her and ejaculated into her. I watched as women with dildo's fucked Kelly; some just wanted to suck the semen seeping from her used cunt. I watched as women used vibrators on her clitoris.

I realized no one had used her anus so positioned myself and penetrated her. I could feel the cock of the man in her cunt. We kept time together. I pulled out and another man replaced me. I had not come close to an orgasm that time.

I took a back seat and watched twenty men and four women abused Kelly's body. She did not once attempt of hold on to anyone. She responded to kisses, her face flushed, and she gasped many times as orgasm after orgasm flooded her body.

After they all had had their fill I told them, it was time to go. They wanted to watch her release so I fucked her with a violence I had not known I was capable of! Pushing up releasing the tension on the hooks then bending and pulling out quickly suspending Kelly from those vicious hooks. I had a massive climax and Kelly was with me all the way. I pulled out and let the odious man lower her to the floor and retrieve his hooks. I shooed the audience out. I took Kelly to the Bedroom.

"Fuck me again Michael." was all she said.

I woke up in an empty bed. I lay there a few seconds with cold comfort. I had become a sadist!

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