tagGroup SexIbiza Summer Fun Ch. 01

Ibiza Summer Fun Ch. 01


A couple of years ago when I was on a bit of a backpacking trip around Europe, I went to the party crazy island of Ibiza. It was early July so the peak season was starting to kick off. Upon arriving at the small little hostel I had booked into, I bumped into a couple of Canadian girls that I had met in Barcelona the previous week. Both girls were in their early 20's and their names were Tori and Kim. They were also on a backpacking trip around Europe. Tori was a cute blonde with short hair medium height with a slim build, 32C breasts and a very nice ass. Kim, an exotic looking brunette with a deeply tanned olive complexion was taller yet slightly more curvy with a 36D (I think?) set of breasts which I was trying work out whether or not they were god given of augmented. I was hoping to find out sooner or later I though to myself.

We had a quick chat and decided that we would all get on the bus and go down to Salinas beach. When we arrived we walked along the length of the beach and I was in heaven as most of the girls of various European looks were sunning themselves and frolicking in the shallows and I was wondering if bikini tops were banned on this beach as most girls were topless. And a high percentage were wearing thongs.

We walked further and settled down near the Sa Trinxa beach bar in some beach chairs there. Tori and Kim removed their singlet tops and sarongs and settled down in their just their bikini bottoms. 'When in Rome...' they laughed as the started oiling their breast with sun cream. I had actually met them on the beach in Barcelona when they were both topless so it was no big deal it seemed. They both had no tan lines on their breasts so they were not strangers to topless sun baking. I did however find myself looking at Kim's pierced nipples which seemed quite a turn on and were a delicate feature on her big full breasts. We sat and talked for a couple of hours, the girls always trying to impersonate my Australian accent and laughing. We took it in turns to go for a swim and going to get beers from the bars whilst we people watched and listened to the good music being played from DJ in the bar. It was a really cool vibe with a good mix of people.

At one stage both of the girls came back from the water giggling and looking at me mysteriously. They were getting tipsy from drinking beers in the sun it seemed. Tori walked up to the bar (topless of course) to get another round of beers and Kim straddled my loins and lay on me, her large breasts pressing into my chest as she kissed my lips in more of a quick peck kind of way. She then leant down and kissed me again in a deep kiss and then said

"Tori and I are feeling horny. Watching all of these near naked hotties walking around in their thongs and teasing all of the guys has me feeling frisky" she was rubbing her pubic mound into my crotch as she was saying this. I was lost for words and Tori returned with the beers which kind of saved me.

But then they both told me that the 3 of us were going to walk further up towards the old light house/watch house where there many secluded coves. My mind was racing at a million miles an hour as we grabbed our towels and bags an started waking with our beers towards the small little coves. The girls remained topless and I just had my board shorts on but could still feel my cock starting to stir. Although most girls walked around in similar attire to Kim and Tori, the 3 of us were attracting plenty of looks.

As we found a secluded one we set up our towels and as we sat down, Kim and I immediately locked lips again and I began rubbing my hands up and down here biking clad ass. She smelt of coconut oil and her lips were warm and salty from the sea water. As we broke our kiss, I felt Tori's breasts rubbing against my back as she nibbled my neck. I turned my head and then kissed her passionately on the lips. I felt Kim's hands starting to pull my board shorts down as she started rubbing my cock. I was playing with her pierced nipples as I continued to kiss Tori who had now moved around to my side. Both girls had now started stroking my cock which had sprung out of my shorts and was now rock hard. I kicked off my board shorts and Tori lowered her head and very gently flickered her tongue up and down my 9" length. I groaned softly and then I pulled Kim towards me and started to rub her pussy through her bikini bottoms. She then untied them and they fell to the ground and I started to finger her moist pussy. I was pleasantly surprised to find that her clit was pierced as well as her nipples. She had a tiny landing strip of dark pubic hair.

Tori by now had engulfed my fully into her mouth and was making slurping noises as her mouth rose and fell down the length of my cock.

I turned around and saw that we were quite well sheltered from people passing by so was quite sure nobody could see us. Once I knew this I lay flat on my back and pulled Kim on top of me and told her to sit on face so I could lick her pussy. I tongued her clit and the little golden ring that was attached to it as my hands played with her beautiful tits (Which I had decided were in fact real!). I then bought my right hand down and inserted first one then two fingers into her pussy as I continued to lick her clit. Kim started to moan saying it felt good.

Tori had quickened her pace giving me head as she started to play with my balls. I moaned and told her that she was going to make me come. Kim then spun around so we were now in a 69'er and joined Tori in licking my shaft. They both were licking the head and jerking the shaft of my cock rapidly as I announced I was coming. I started to blow and Tori stuck my cock deep in her mouth and sucked my dry as I started to shake in the aftermath of my orgasm! I had quickened my own pace in fingering Kim and licking her clit and her breathing increased and she told me to keep going. She dug her finger nails into my thighs and then started to scream

"Ooohh fuck... fuck thats it, keep going... fuuuuckkkk" she started to shake in a violent orgasm as I was still plunging my fingers in and out of her juicy snatch. After her orgasm subsided she rolled off me onto her towel with a cute smile from ear to ear. She looked amazing, with her brown skin showing slight beads of sweat and her gold "jewellery" shining in the sun.

"Well I hope you two had fun, What about me now" said Tori.

"Hhhhhmmm, come hear, you!" Cooed Kim sexily. Tori pulled off her bikini bottoms and sat down and spread her legs in front of Kim. Kim began to gently lick her friends pussy which totally shaven. Kim inserted 1, then 2, and then 3 of her delicate fingers into Tori's slippery snatch, I moved around to behind Tori and straddled my self with my legs on either side of hers. This sexy sight in front of me had my cock was hardening again and was rubbing into Tori's lower back. I cupped her firm tits from behind and Kim licked her clit and continued fingering her pussy.

Then I reached further in front and pulled Tori's legs out wider with my hands under her thighs just above the knee. Tori as now motionless as I had her locked in this position as Kim continued bringing her closer to orgasm. Tori's hands were now pulling Kim's head into her pussy as she started to encourage her friend to make her come.

"That's it Kimmy, like that... hhhmmmm, fuck... yes keep going. Oh shit I'm coming... oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed as she started bucking her hips and rubbing her pussy up and down Kim's tongue.

When she had recovered we all disentangled ourselves and my cock was rock hard again by this stage. I reached into my bag and rolled a condom on and moved around behind Kim. I was so horny, I think I caught her off guard with the suddenness of my actions. Kim positioned herself in the doggy position as I rubbed my cock up and down the entrance to her pussy. I then inserted the first few inches for about a dozen strokes as we found our rhythm.

"Come on, fuck me. I want to feel you inside me" Kim started to say as I started thrusting the full length in and out of her tight moist snatch.

I started to increase my pace as I grabbed a hold of her hips and admired the tan line on her ass from her bikini. Tori was laying down beside Kim and the 2 of them were kissing and pulling on each others nipples. Tori reached under and started to play with my balls and also Kim's clit as we continued to increase our rhythm. By now the sound of flesh slapping flesh grew louder and louder and Kim's breaths grew shorter and shorter as she approached orgasm. I felt Tori slide in underneath us and started licking Kim's clit and fondle my balls. This sent Kim over the edge and she started to slam her hips back even harder to meet my thrusts. She started moaning again and she enjoyed her seconds orgasm which seemed to go on forever. She shook from the intensity of her orgasm and I could feel the pressure building inside myself so I quickly pulled out and flipped Kim over onto her back and pulled the condom off and started blow streams of come all over her brown breasts and stomach. She then sat up and stuck my cock in her mouth as she swallowed the last few drops of come and licked my cock clean.

The 3 of us then went for a swim and played around in the water, kissing and groping each other under the water before going back to the towels and drifting off to sleep in the sun for about half an hour.

We grabbed our stuff and headed back to Sa Trinxa bar for some food and a beer. As we walked past the group of beach chairs at the front of the bar I spotted this most stunning tall blonde adjusting her chair and putting her towel down. She was just wearing a tiny black Wicked Weasel type g-string bikini and no top. She had the most amazing figure with hardly an ounce of fat on her and had long toned muscles in a feminine way. She was obviously somebody who spent quite a bit of time in the gym. Her tits appeared to be augmented but they looked amazing. My guess is that she was in her late 20's. Her husband(?) with her appeared quite a bit older. My guess is that he was in his late 30's.

Tori, Kim and I grabbed a table on the sand and I was stoked when we still had a good view of this new friend of mine! The girls looked they enjoyed the view as well. It was now clear to me that Tori and Kim were both a bit bi-sexual. We sat and chilled for about an hour and had some food and beers as the sun began to get closer to setting. Some people were starting to dance around as the DJ gradually increased the beat of the house tunes he was spinning. I got up to go to the bathroom inside the bar and had to make my way between the gyrating young bodies of some very pretty girls dancing in matching little white bikinis. They were promoting one of the club evenings that was happening that night. As I got to the bathroom, I felt a tap on the shoulder and an American accent say

"Quite a show you put on back there...",

I spun around to see the stunning blonde in the black g-string smiling at me. She now had a bikini top on but it was so small and her big tits were spilling out either side. She placed on of her hands on my chest and leaned in closer and added

"I was hiding around the corner watching! Very hot!" She placed a soft kiss on my lips and turned to walk off, I quickly gave her a cheeky little slap on that well defined ass and said

"I will come and see you soon."

I wondered how much of Kim, Lori's and my sex on the beach session she had seen! I had sworn nobody could see us!

After going to the toilet, I went to the bar and grabbed 5 beers and went back to out table. I was shocked to see the girls were no longer there, but found them sitting down chatting and laughing with 'our' new friend and her husband.

They were from Florida and their names were Mel and her husband was Jim. Jim owned an IT company but had recently sold his share so he and Mel were travelling and enjoying themselves for a few months.

Mel retold the story to Jim about how she saw us having out little threesome in the cove. She had been going for a walk and stopped to go for a swim and she had stumbled across out little escapade just as Tori was coming and I was holding her from behind. She was saying it was really hot. Tori started to look a little embarrassed but Kim said "What the hell, we're in Ibiza! If you can't let your inhibitions go here then where can you!"

Mel agreed and gave both the girls a wink as she slid her hand up her husbands thigh. There was sexual tension in the air now for sure!

Jim and Mel had a hire car and offered us a lift back to Ibiza town which we gladly accepted instead of getting on the bus.

As they dropped us off, they told us they had a VIP booth in Pacha club that night and they wanted us to join them. We gladly accepted and we said we would meet them for dinner in Ibiza town at 10pm that evening. With that they drove off and left Tori, Kim and I thinking "What a day!"

It was now 7pm so we went upstairs and had a shower and got ready! I thought to myself that if the night ahead was anything as good as the day I just had, then it was going to be good!

Continued in Ibiza summer fun 2...

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